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Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 2 Empty Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 2

Post by Emma Swan on Mon 14 Mar - 20:18:56

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 2

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, was a season high in activity all across the board. The host were no stranger to being active and chatty about the game. This is a special episode that will give you some inside look at conversations we had while yall were sleeping.

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 2 Good-time


Now let's blossom with Neal and Emma and see where it all began.

Emma Swan: "Neal <3 we have to put our thinking caps back on and try to remember if there was more to the Apple Tree Twist.

When do you want to start it, what prompts it? I also feel like we had another great twist. I'm thinking a twist where we hide prizes in announcements, challenges etc. Like we bold letters, we highlight words, etc."

Neal Cassidy: "I wish we saved it or something because I can't for the life in me remember. Apple tree, some people get good apples and some get poison ones. That's as far as I remember. If we were to do it, it should probably be halfway between now and jury? Or a little sooner, like when we're at 14 or something. Not all apples have to have prizes or punishments. Should we make it like a twist challenge or a veto challenge like the one where you get to pick a prize and the first one is a veto, but you get to switch.

I remember something about a wolf twist? Like a saboteur kind of deal?

I really like hiding prizes in announcements and stuff, but how would we do that while being subtle enough so you have to earn it, but not so much that no one gets it?"

Emma Swan: "Omg YAS it was the wolf thing. We were going to have a mole. For the hidden clues all over. I'm thinking we cam do something like bolding a word in random posts we make. For example the first thing would be to hide this sentence.

"Make a thread in your diary room titled Power Hungry"

So we make posts and one by one we bold the words from that sentence. So like I make a post and bold the word Make. You make a post and bold the letter a, and so on. Someone observant will try to piece it together. Once we notice someone make that thread, we continue with a new strategy. We can just bold scrambled letters."

Neal Cassidy: "Oh yes, that could work! What prizes should we have?"

Emma Swan: "Mel had a good idea and it would kind of go along the Survivor Mystere twist (The Shu and Solitary Confinement)

It would be an "Escape from Storybrooke" option. I was thinking about it on my way home and what we could do is give an option during HOH. You can play for HOH or you can play to "Escape Storybrooke" Only the person with the highest score can "Escape" and if they chose that option, HOH would go to the next person with the highest score, etc.

When they escape, they are safe for the week but they can't vote or anything.

Rob is also helping me by photoshopping the Apple Tree"

Neal Cassidy: "Ohhh yeah, that's really good. Would we give the next person the option to escape too, or is it just the first highest score every HOH? I like that a lot though. It fits into the whole theme."

Emma Swan: "I'm thinking just the first overal and they have to decide when submitting if they want HOH or the escape.

Before we forget again <3

[21:13:29] Kathy Rousseau: ok so for the wolf twist
[21:13:33] Kathy Rousseau: I as thinking this
[21:13:40] Kathy Rousseau: We find someone we trust, not in the game
[21:13:48] Kathy Rousseau: And we assign them the wolf role
[21:13:57] Kathy Rousseau: They have to come on, make random posts with vague clues to their ID
[21:14:13] Kathy Rousseau: people can guess once per post they make or once per day whichever one is the least amount of guesses
[21:14:27] Kathy Rousseau: And the first pwrson to guess their IMDb ID wins the power
[21:14:50] Natty Ice: I like that! Who do we know that’s not in the game though lmao
[21:15:08] Kathy Rousseau: And since the wolf is an animal that usually travels in packs. I thought about a Wolf Pack power where the person could give safety to like 3-4 people all at once
[21:15:13] Kathy Rousseau: lmao
[21:15:28] Kathy Rousseau: it needs to be someone we know won\t tell others who they are just so their friend gets a power
[21:16:02] Natty Ice: I like the pack thing a lot. It makes total sense
[21:16:10] Kathy Rousseau: Personally I would say Thanasis?
[21:16:27] Kathy Rousseau: I know he won't cross me and tell people about it
[21:16:32] Kathy Rousseau: but it can be someone else"

And now we reveal what was behind each apple

1- Empty
2- Strike vote against you
3- Empty
4- Sit out next HOH
5- Empty
6- Double vote
7- Empty
8- Double vote
9- Sit out next veto
10- Coup D'etat
11- Empty
12- Luck power
13- Double vote
14- Empty
15- Strike vote again
16- Empty
17- Sit out next HOH
18- One more round in ~Escape Storybrooke~
19- Vote nullifier
20- Empty
21- Lucky Power
22- Diamond POV
23- Empty
24- Double vote
25- Strike vote against
26- Vote nullifier
27- Empty
28- Give someone else immunity from the next nomination
29- Empty
30- Empty

Emma Swan: "Few things

1- John will be the wolf. He promised to take it seriously. Hope thats cool.

2- No one is getting my challenge hints lmao so lame. I even posted something about Survivor 31 having Idols hidden in challenges and no one seems to get it unless they do and are just waiting for more info."

Neal Cassidy: "1. That sounds great. I'm sure he'll do a good job at it.

2. lmao you've been posting challenge hints? I admit I hadn't realized you started that yet"

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 2 E4793ecde58bb3979be1a7175d268495

Emma Swan: "John never registered so I will just make an account and post clues. Who should we make them guess? If I do it, we can pick anyone from IMDb not in the game"

Neal Cassidy: "Would it be better if we had their permission though? I'm not sure who we can use. It has to be someone who is active enough so that everyone knows who they are."

Then we just changed it to someone famous because it was too complicated to involve 3rd parties.

The cyan words start driving Emma crazy.


Neal Cassidy: "

Mulan Fri 11 Sep - 20:35:50

Is that right? The cyan words mean something.



Neal Cassidy: "She did pm that. I almost wish I was playing this game because surely I would have gotten it by now lol."

Back to our thoughts about the game.

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 2 Opinions_Channel_Art_Crop1-300x82

Neal Cassidy: "This game is too much. By far the most fun I've had as a host/viewer. I have the football game on right now and I'm more interested in this. Will Hook put up Jiminy? Will he put up Tinkerbell? Very engaging stuff. I am thoroughly entertained. Red is playing the best game so far. She is playing exactly how I would play in a mystery game. She's a strong competitor, but doesn't want to win because she's aligned with everyone and no one would come after her. This is because she's smart and knows to leave big targets in the game. People always want to get the big threats out, but that's only because they themselves are big threats. Leave them in and she'll never be a target. I love that."

Emma Swan: "Lmao I know. I never follow even my games but I actually read rooms and DRs in this one sometimes because I wanna know whats up. Ewwww football :p.

unicorn farts IS ABOUT TO FLY ALL OVER.

I caught up on the dynamics and I think Regina coming back will throw things off. Especially since the other challenge threats are all with Jiminy and sucking is bum areola <3, Regina is someone else who can win a challenge when she tries and she's out for Jiminy's blood. I thought Red was owning this game and she is, but Jiminy is playing my kind of game. He's a sleezier Damon or something. Red is playing like Nat and Jiminy is playing like Mel and I. Jiminy is walking a fine line though and his future is crucial in the coming 1-2 rounds."

Neal Cassidy: "That's why I posted this in his diary room!

Neal Cassidy wrote:Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 2 730624504ff6988e490141e572694ded

This dog is his spirit animal. Hook has the wolf power though and Pan can pull off a veto win. Regina has a tough mountain to climb."

Emma Swan: "And by the way, I don't even know who I'm rooting for anymore lmao. I'm rooting for all of them, even people already out like Snow White and Maleficent and Genie and even Whale tried at least.

Peter Pan: I like his underdog HBIC type of game. It's very bi-polarish but it gets to me and warms my heart.

Belle: I like when Merriska tries in a game. While this performance doesn't match up to Sophie and Charlie, she's the sweet innocent type and you need those to balance off the HBICs.

Mulan: I mean she's the epitome of sweet and innocent but Tara has sass in her I never used to see in the old days that I see a lot more of lately. And correct me if I'm wrong, but people are not guessing her as easily in this game? I know her heart is in it and I'd like to see her make finals in one of my games. I feel like she never does.

Jiminy: I feel like he's playing the type of game I would play but I think I would have went about his HOH in a better way. That said, he managed to weasel his way back with people he betrayed, super impressive. I can see a jury being bitter towards him though. I mean, John isn't in the game but still :p.

Tinkerbell: An early favourite of mine mainly because he doesn't play games much anymore and I miss him. But Tinkerbell hasn't won and hasn't been at the top of any alliances but she keeps keeping on like a goddess.

Regina: I mean Henry kills it when he wants to. He has his bad games like Andrew in BS22 lmao, but then he has those games where he has the taste of blood and winning in his mouth and he goes all Pokemon. I think its about to happen.

Hook: Once again (this person) proves they are an all stars. What can I say about Hook. Charming, low key, threat, almost a guranteed winner if he makes finals.

The Mad Hatter: I mean it's nice to see Rachael somewhat active. She started off heading for trainwreck ville but somehow she managed to pull off some valuable allies and has been slowing down on the posting, pacing herself.

Red: everyone loves Red, its that simple. I can only see Red losing in finals against Hook and even then, maybe not. Even people voted out still trust and praise her when she has a hand in almost all the evictions so far."

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 2 56054764

Blue Fairy: "Rachael still being in is quite shocking after she had all of those rooms! But, the 3 of us (arguably the best mystery game players ever) aren't around to remove her lol.

Can you guys say who the main alliances are? I saw Jiminy/Red and Tinkerbell/Mulan? Or is that wrong?"

Emma Swan: "Hook/Pan/Hatter seem to be one too and Regina/Belle - Regina/Mulan

Its hard to keep track since one week Pan and Jiminy are after each other and the next they're not."

Neal Cassidy: "The strong pairs are Hook/Hatter, Jiminy/Red, and now that Regina is back Regina/Belle. I'd be happy if any of them wins at this point. In typical Jiminy fashion, he is taking forever and a day to post nominations. I think Regina has given up because she doesn't want her girls to go instead of her and that's terrible. Jiminy wants Pan as his back-up plan. She has to try for veto. It's such a waste if she doesn't."

Emma Swan: "Queen Regina prevails, I knew that little peat would not give up. But now poor Pan. Do you think Hatter and Hook can save him? Who the eff is that new account? I didn't make it."

Neal Cassidy: "No idea. Maybe just a rando? Whoever leaves this round depends on who Regina nominates next to Jiminy and she wants to random.org it. Red is too good like that. The only way Jiminy goes is if she goes up."

Emma Swan: "My heart is breaking right now. I love them both"

Neal Cassidy: "I think Jiminy is going to stay. Honestly, I think this isn't in Red's best interest. I understand the want to keep your Final 2, but Tinkerbell can easily fill that role. She would have to convince Hook and Hatter, which would not be hard at all. By doing that, she pisses off no one unless Jiminy throws her under the bus before he leaves. That can be avoided too with some carefully placed lies and Tinkerbell might do the same thing anyway. If I was in her position, that's what I would do. I wouldn't risk my game for one person (unless her name is Talisa). If Jiminy stays, Regina and Belle or screwed and any of the four can win."

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 2 Make-Love-to-Me-gif

Emma Swan: "Tinkerbell was such a champion and always getting 2nd all season. I was eagerly waiting for her to win when it mattered the most, so to see her leave before that, truly truly heartbreaking.

Regina Mills wrote:If Red flipped, I will have no words. That sphincter got me. I dont want to get too paranoid but this is starting to feel like the Saw movies, where the big twist is revealed and there's tons of flashbacks and the music is getting louder. I feel like I am realizing that I have been played by the least suspected person....


Neal Cassidy: "My heart is broken right now

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 2 Tumblr_inline_nuaugtNv6L1rat1by_500"

Emma Swan: "It's just one heartbreak after another.

Can you imagine if the final 3 ends up being Hook, Red and Jiminy? I mean it's rare you see 3 finalists like that where no one floated. I guess take away his attitude problem, the GoT finals was stacked. All 3 of us have proven we can win games."

Neal Cassidy: "I think that's the Final 3 we're going to get. Belle is likely to be voted out next unless she can pull off an HOH or veto win. Then, I see Hook winning HOH and either Jiminy or Red winning veto and voting Hatter out. You can make a case for any of them winning honestly. Regina's saying that she thinks Red is dumb, which could not be further from the truth and is a testament to how well she's playing. She still has everyone fooled. People still thought a power might have been played after she voted Tinkerbell out. Like, how do you think that? There were 4 votes. She obviously flipped. I expected people to be more mad and it amazes me that they weren't. Jiminy's made the biggest moves in the game. He's been public enemy #1 and somehow keeps surviving. More cockroach than cricket. He really is playing a pretty brilliant game. We all know what a triple threat Hook is and I think he could easily win. There's a case for Hatter too because he's been consistently social. People have caught on, but he keeps charming them. And if Belle makes it to finals, then she's a fighter and has the ultimate underdog story."

Emma Swan: "Come final 10 or so, they were all worthy which is so impressive.

I was secretly rooting for Belle to win HOH. I was yelling pls don't pick 4 pls don't pick 4 and then I see her post 4. lmao"

Neal Cassidy: "I was too Sad She hasn't been able to pull off an HOH win.

Red Riding Hood wrote:I'm so flipping annoyed. I can't even concentrate! Like wtf? We had a deal? And he chooses to go against it???? We were suppose to be solid!!!

Not the best at acting Razz

The Mad Hatter wrote:Sad
So who exactly do you want out Jiminy? Just so we have some sort of idea.

Jiminy Cricket wrote:Either one of you tbh.

Dying. Dying. Dead."

Emma Swan: "Lmao <3 he is so pretentious. I know I say this everyone now but sad to see either Hook or Hatter go this round."

Neal Cassidy: "His douchebaggery knows no limits lmao. Honestly, I don't want Hook or Hatter to go either but they kind of deserve it for trusting Red lmao. How anyone trusted her, I have no idea."

Emma Swan: "I don't either but they all did so we missed something lol"

And then there was 3

Emma Swan: "HAHAHA Red is in deep unicorn farts a bit. I mean she made finals so who cares but lmao I thought maybe her and Hook had agreed to take Jiminy but I read their room now and they didn't at all."

Neal Cassidy: "Oh no, she's been selling to both Hook and Belle that she's taking Jiminy out. She's obviously not, but I think she wins if she does. I think she's played the best game either way, but there might be more appeal to Jiminy's big moves. I thought she'd be quicker about it though. I always thought she was the type to cut throats and wear their blood as war paint."

Emma Swan: "I wonder what type of jury she'll face. Switza's type or S59 type."

Neal Cassidy: "Yeah, that'll be big. I have the worst luck with jurors. I played a social strategic game in GoT and people were like YOU DIDN'T WIN UNICORN FARTS, BRO. Then I went and won out in Tom's Survivor and people were like WHERE'S YOUR SOCIAL AND STRATEGIC GAME. Very frustrating."

Emma Swan: "It's a luxury to play mystery because you can be this badass. It's hard to play the game she played on IMDb exposed as who you are without making an enemy or two. This jury has the potential to be bitter but at the same time I feel like they're all pretty mature too."

Neal Cassidy: "If they were going to be bitter at anyone, it would be Jiminy. A few will vote personally. Mad Hatter will probably vote for Hook, but I'm not sure he gets any votes besides that if Red evicts Belle. I think this jury will vote based on gameplay for the most part. They're mature enough to vote for the person who got them out."

Emma Swan: "It's weird because to me, Hook played a great game too so I don't get why he would be so overlooked. I hope they all bring it. I feel like we have 3 strong personalities heading into finals. Just really sad for Belle, she really tried and just kept getting lied to."

Neal Cassidy: " feel bad for Belle too. Hook played great, but he really got played in the last few rounds. People think Hatter was the strong one in the pair because he was more social. I would definitely vote for Hook if Hook does a good job at the questioning, but he would need a lot when Red and Jiminy got him to keep them both safe. "

Final 3

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 2 1000w

Captain Hook: The cunning pirate. He played a great game. I had a feeling he would make finals and I'm glad to say that I was right. I would definitely call him an alpha male in this game and he was certainly a big competitive threat. He found a solid partner early and held a lot of people's fates in his hands on several occasions. The role of the captain suits him.

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 2 Tumblr_md19kvlont1qaagjio3_500

Red Riding Hood: I gave her the ultimate compliment coming from me. I compared her to myself. In my opinion, she played as close to a flawless game as anybody here. She fooled everyone until the very last minute. Unlike Jiminy, she did not show her cards because she never needed to. Completely underrated and it would be a damn shame if the jury's eyes aren't opened by the time this is over. Red needs to unleash her inner WOLF and bring this thing home. If I was in this game as a juror, I would vote for her.

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 2 Tumblr_inline_mnor6xouYQ1rctbk4

Jiminy Cricket: In my opinion, the undisputed MVP of this game. He was the complete opposite of his character. Instead of a conscience, he played the role of the devil on your shoulder. After he talks his way into your good graces, he cuts your throat. You could not ask for a better villain. I am amazed that someone with as much blood on his hands managed to make the finals, but the silver-tongued mastermind did it. By far played the most impactful game.

The bottom line is that we loved this game, this cast, this theme, hosting together and we were basically rooting for everyone to win. Moral of the Story, we love you all <3
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