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Special Episode - The Jury Empty Special Episode - The Jury

Post by Emma Swan on Mon 14 Mar - 20:49:40

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Special Episode - The Jury

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, we were now at a crucial part, the final 3 where a jury has to pick a winner. Before we dive in to the questions, comments and answers. Let's take a trip to the jury house and see with our eyes all the trash talking that happened.

Special Episode - The Jury Good-luck-when-you-go-into-court-you-are-putting-yourself-in-the-hands-of-12-people-who-weren-39-t-smart-enough-to-get-out-of-jury-duty


Now let's see what the jurors had to say in the jury section called ~Neverland~.

Special Episode - The Jury I3AQfpJ

Welcome to Neverland! Kept far away from Storybrooke, this is where you jurors will discuss who you think deserve to win the game. Your game may have ended, but you will still play a part in determining the eventual winner.

Maleficent: "Evil or Very Mad"

Genie: "oh, i'm a juror? did somebody quit or something? haha"

Peter Pan: "Hello fellow Jurors.

I'm here because: Jiminy won HoH. He nominated Regina and Belle. Regina won PoV and took herself off the block and Jiminy nominated me as the replacement. I was then evicted 6-0 Crying or Very sad . Apparently I was such a threat to Jiminy, yet I wasn't able to get a single vote to stay.

Genie - long time no see, how are ya?

Maleficant - I hate hearing "I told you so" so I'll say it for you, "you told me so". The round you were evicted I voted to keep you though, if that makes you hate me any less.

Are we allowed to reveal who we are now, or no?"

Neal Cassidy: "Not yet. Identities will revealed after the game is over. You played great though. Very sad the way you were voted out."

Peter Pan: "Thanks Neal.
I actually don't feel that I played very well at all.
But I had a lot of fun"

Emma Swan: "We had a lot of fun watching you and while I have many favourites, you were one of them for sure."

Maleficent: "Hey Pan. I was just getting ready to post that. Smile If you voted to keep me that just means the Bitches in Heat lied to me to. I dont hate you its just a game. I just hope jiminey doesnt win."

Peter Pan: "I did vote to keep you, yes.

The reason I voted to keep you was because I started realizing that I made a mistake not going after Jiminy when I had the chance, and I was hoping if you stayed you would help me try to take him out.

I think Jiminy has a lot of deals with a lot of people, including some of the "bitches in heat" (?) that you are suggesting lied to you. I have a feeling Tink and Red Riding Hood are working with Jiminy. But who knows?

Jiminy has played a decent game, but he has lied a lot (to me, anyway). I'm sure he will probably win if he makes it to the end, and I can live with that, but I don't think I would be able to vote for him. I guess it depends on his jury performance and whoever he is up against.

I'm glad you aren't mad at me"

Maleficent: "The "Bitches in Heat"(Emma named us) was red, me, regina and belle. So either red or belle voted me out."

Peter Pan: "my guess is red, but that's only based on suspicion, no facts."

Maleficent: "Thats my guess too. She hasnt been nominated yet, which I figured would have happened by now."

Genie: "hello peter pan. i think jiminy had laid low and booting me was just a start. the fact that he had to message me to ask me to save him the next round if i win hoh (and i would have) and then put me up as a replacement when i didn't do anything. anyway, guess he would be a force in the game. let's just see whether he would be taken out or not."

Maleficent: "I dont think he will, he layed low and talked to everyone. When he started turning against people everyone was already trusted him that they couldnt see what he was doing."

Mulan: "Hey guys.

Pan why were you so rude to me?"

Special Episode - The Jury How_dare_you_by_shadowiz

Maleficent: "Hey Mulan. Sorry Tink, I knew you be the one evicted. Everyone loves Jiminey."

Tinkerbell: "Hey yall! It was a total blindside. The bitches in heat assured me that whichever girl went up would be safe against Jiminy. So Belle must be working closely with him. I have to applaud the people remaining for playing really well so far."

Maleficent: "O dont think its belle. I agree with peter that its red. Sorry I thought they could be trusted"

Tinkerbell: "oh wow total total blindside in that case."

Peter Pan: "When?"

Maleficent: "Looks like Regina will be joining us"

Neal Cassidy: "
Peter Pan wrote:
Mulan wrote:Hey guys.

Pan why were you so rude to me?


Peter Pan wrote:Good game and good luck Regina
Good game and good luck Captain Hook
Good game and good luck Red Riding Hood
Good game and good luck Belle
Good game and good luck Tink
Good game and good luck Mad hatter

Did I forget anyone?  Nope, perfect.

Peter Pan: "Oh snap!
When I posted that goodbye message I was being a dick to Jiminy by making a point of not mentioning him in my goodbye. I meant to name everyone except him.
I didn't notice that I didn't include you Mulan; sorry.

Its just like that time I named the people who were safe during my first nomination ceremony and I forgot to give Hook and Pinocchio their keys. I try to do things by memory and then end up forgetting at least one person.

I wasn't trying to be rude Mulan, not to you anyway."

Maleficent: "Hi Regina. Looks like Belle will be next if shes on the block."

Regina Mills: "Yes, Red is...i dont know. Dumb? Clueless? She was my main sphincter, but when it was time to get Jiminy out, she decided to flip. I am pretty sure Hatter/Jiminy will win HOH next, put Belle and Red up, Belle wins veto, and Red will be eliminated.

I also feel like Hatter, Jiminy, and Belle have a strong case to win. Not so sure about Red and Hook."

Tinkerbell: "F_ck this sphincter regina tryna get my ass out and now look where she at"

Maleficent: "Lol. Jimineys a man of his word."

Regina Mills: "cant tell if serious or joking?"

Maleficent: "LOL not sure"

Tinkerbell: "It's drama for the cameras when they do a jury segment"

Special Episode - The Jury 60253605



Hatter and Hook...how gey."

Tinkerbell: "i saw them F_cking right before i left."

Special Episode - The Jury 1d8fc9b754fe26fcb2fa463514b63844

Regina Mills: "Meh...did you manage to catch Pinocchio and Hook going at it at some point tho?

*saves Jiminy when he's on the block*

*gets evicted by Jiminy two rounds later*

This game is so full of "I told you so's"

The Mad Hatter: "Hey B IT CH ES! Wink

All day I couldn't wait to get here to talk to you guys"

Regina Mills: "Hey Hatter! I have to agree with Neal in his bye speech, you were definitely a very positive and pleasant person to talk to and be around, I was hoping to see you make it far since you dominated the social aspect of the game. "

The Mad Hatter: "Thanks Regina! I really wanted to make the finals. Sad This sucks so bad, but I'm happy to be here with all of you. It sucks that all our private rooms are gone from view. lol

I had a sh!t ton of them. haha

Ugh, Jiminy- so cocky! lol"

Maleficent: "Yes he is cocky."

Neal Cassidy: "Who do you guys think is joining you tomorrow?"

The Mad Hatter: "Jiminy... The only who may potentially stop that from happening would be Jiminy winning veto. I'm pretty sure the girls don't want him in finals. Belle thought about it, but after our talks the other day, she might view him as a jury threat now. I kind of nailed that point home. I really don't want him in the finals! Lol. No offense Jiminy!"

Maleficent: "If he really meant his comment about ultimate betrayal, im not sure he has room to talk.
I hope jiminey will be joining us since he betrayed his deals but it seems others that are still in the game also betrayed people."

The Mad Hatter: "He was being sarcastic. Razz Because he broke our "final 3" deal first and he's got what was coming to him with those nominations..."

Regina Mills: "I feel like Belle is going to join us here soon. Every time there's a worst case scenario in this game, it happens. Laughing

And while I will be super annoyed that Jiminy played a very dirty and villainous game, I just can't see myself voting for Red and Hook if they are there with him. "

Maleficent: "I agree he has played good game. If he was in the final 3 with red and hook he would probaly get my vote"

Regina Mills: "OMG if Red evicted Belle....."

Maleficent: "She might. I believe she voted me which would have brought my vote to a tie."

Emma Swan: "I can feel the saliva dripping from all you mouths at the idea of Jiminy coming in here next. <3"

The Mad Hatter: "If she doesn't evict Jiminy, that's a major mistake!"

Maleficent: "Seen that coming. Hey Belle. That may have just sealed my vote."

Regina Mills: "^Same. Unless Hook kills it and Jiminy bombs. I know Red will pull the "omg im such a mastermind" card, but that sphincter is too basic. She was never going to get my vote, regardless of who was there with her. Red is an idiot"

Belle French: "I can't believe that just happened. I should have known they were together after she never publicly bashed him with the rest of us and all the shady votes. I didn't throw the Veto, but I still felt safe with Red. That sphincter."

Maleficent: "I didnt know she was against us till I was in jury but I truthfully didnt know she was with jiminey till last night. I even told mulan and tinker to talk to her about an allaince with the girls if I was evicted. She had everyone fooled."

Belle French: "Hook said he wanted to take me because I deserved it and he wanted Jiminy gone that bad. I wasn't sure whether to buy it, so if anyone was going to evict me (before he won HOH) I thought it'd be him making me let my guard down. Or Jiminy because you know, he'll flip on you out of nowhere. The last one I would have suspected was Red."

The Mad Hatter: "Belle- Hook would've knocked Jiminy out of there. This makes me so frustrated because Red had me convinced she was after Jiminy 100%. She definitely had me fooled... I think if Hook hadn't won HOH, he'd be gone and not you.

And yes, Jiminy will flip on everyone just like that.

What I don't understand is this- Red and Jiminy were tight, but when Jiminy offered a final 4 deal to me and Hook, along with Red, we said yes. What was his point for doing so if he was going to try to get us both gone anyway? Seems pointless to me...

He made enemies that weren't necessary, I'll tell you that much."

Belle French: "I know he would have, he wanted Jiminy out bad. But I guess he wasn't completely sure if I would evict him. If he'd taken me off I would've been the sole vote and Jiminy'd finally be out."

Tinkerbell: "I honestly think Red played us all. Can't be mad about it."

Regina Mills: "If *only* she had saved her little speech after she evicted Belle for her opening statement instead...

Her timing was really off and she came off as cocky and arrogant. I am more impressed at someone like Jiminy who was a target all season long but still managed to manipulate everyone (yes, even Red) to make it to the end."

Belle French: "This is torture. I don't want to reward Jiminy but for the sake of voting for the best game I may have to."

Will the jury act on their emotions or will they change their minds after the question/answer portion? Find out now by going to the now open "Storybrooke Town Hall" on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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Special Episode - The Jury Empty Re: Special Episode - The Jury

Post by Red Riding Hood on Mon 14 Mar - 23:13:34

I'm pretty sure I lost, but I cannot wait to see who you all are. The wheels in my mind are turning. See you on the other side. Wink
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