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Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1 Empty Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1

Post by Emma Swan on Mon 25 Jan - 22:29:59

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, was a season high in activity all across the board. The host were no stranger to being active and chatty about the game. This is a special episode that will give you some inside look at conversations we had while yall were sleeping.

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1 7afec4dfd28fdcf776c7bafc2b98f569753ea9ce63ddb8ced0a03eadf407150f


Now let's blossom with Neal and Emma

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1 Hqdefault

The games begin

Neal Cassidy: "Yeah, Mad Hatter's been playing really hard already haha"

Emma Swan: "I almost feel like I need to warn them how high post counts are viewed."

Neal Cassidy: "Love this hosting team! I think things will run smoothly. It's a big cast, but I can't see most of them stirring up trouble.

I'll do my cast assessment later. I know I said that for Buffy vs TVD and never did, but I will this time lmao.

Initial thoughts:
Mad Hatter's going to be fun to watch unless he gets voted off early, which is very possible with the way he's overaligning and overposting.
I see Hook going far. They are a great player and people love to work with their favorite characters. Hook is probably the most popular.
Henry (RTF) has got a foul mouth on him. Good lord, I hope my future actual son doesn't talk like that. Tempted to censor curse words to "fairy" or something lmao."

Emma Swan: "NAT lmao, I was going to ask you what you wanted to make the F word. I always change it in the censor thing. Remember flowers in American Pie? Orange is the New Black I made it "My Balls are Saggy" that was hilarious."

Neal Cassidy: "LOL yes I do remember flowers! It's always RTF that has to be censored too hahaha. Let's do something like "My Balls are Saggy".

I saw this earlier and I want to do something like that except better lmao.

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1 Screen11"

Emma Swan: " I will leave you with the honours of picking it."

Blue Fairy: "LOL change it to HELL YEAH please...all the curse words.

Seeing how I am simply a guest host, I will not blog.

Unfortunately, The Mad Hatter is making a strong first impression and won't win =/ If I was in a room with them and I saw the post count, I'd assume he had rooms with everyone in the cast and that it wasn't confessional posting. Plus, I've never seen someone get a room SO FAST into the mystery game. If he pulls this off, it'll be impressive.

RTF aka Henry is a goddess in this.

Love my girl Regina and so glad to see Mas and ??? back playing!!

Mulan will also go far.

And now I just did what I said I wasn't going to do and blog a little -_-"

Emma Swan: "Blog and don't resits it. I will make a thread soon. I'm still laughing at my rule about over the top terrorism."

Neal Cassidy: "Yes, over the top terrorism is frowned upon haha.

Everyone's confessionals: "Mad Hatter's messaged me."

That's the strategy I use in mystery games, but you have to do a better job at hiding it if you do use it. I give it a week before he has a private room with everyone in the cast lol. Or is evicted. Either or. Very entertaining though."

Emma Swan: " Very Happy DEAD"

Blue Fairy: "My strategy is usually to wait on PMing but if it takes too long I find one or two people, and usually I have a good read then on if I can trust them with info! Very Happy

I refuse to post in a private room until after the first comp too b/c of post count. Hateeee when people force you to post there."

Emma Swan: "I really hope the cast stays this passionate.

So I guess Anna is Christina, she just talked about Disney World xoxo.


Neal Cassidy: "From Whale's diary room:
Red sent me a message she is obviously playing too hard to fast it's pretty shady to send messages so quickly

LOL I just found that hilarious for some reason. Okay, cast assessment coming tomorrow. Probably maybe."

Blue Fairy: "Sigh.....who wrote that? LOL"

Neal Cassidy: "Ariel did lmao. Look what Whale wrote too.

I think princess Anna is Christina cause I know she likes going to Disney world a lot

lmao oh boy"

Emma Swan: "I'm not sure if Peter Pan realizes it looks shady to hide yourself."

Neal Cassidy: "Oh that explains it. I was wondering why his name was italicized haha."

Emma Swan: "To us it still shows when he was last on for the member's list and we see his name in italics. Others don't see him and they see unknown as last time active."

Blue Fairy: "I told Katherine in BS22 to not hide herself rofl. I figured out the italics then. It's super shady.

Lol at us knowing all the mystery game tricks."

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1 Post-pros-already

Neal Cassidy: "We should really be coaching these people haha"

Emma Swan: "I'm done coaching people. Juries are unpredictable and sometimes too bitter to make it worth playing a solid game. I will just float from now on <3."

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1 Butthurt


Ariel - I've never seen her really try in a mystery game before, but she said she would here. It's too bad, but she's going to be the first boot. Honestly, it doesn't take much to survive the first eviction in a mystery game. Literally all you have to do is show up and be nice. Hoping that she stays just because it's entertaining.

Dr. Whale - I'm not Turner's biggest fan, although I haven't had a problem with him lately. I hope he does well. I predict he'll be evicted just before jury or he'll go far because there are bigger threats. His habit of making quick assumptions could get him into trouble.

Genie - Mas is awesome. I don't think I've seen him play except for when he was my twin in American Pie. He's in a pretty good position right now, so that should take him far. In a cast full of big personalities, I see him being carried relatively far.

Henry Mills - My foul-mouthed son. RTF is not afraid to make big moves, but I'm not sure he'll get the chance to do so. I like him and all, but I see him being an early boot. Just before jury or early jury.

Pinocchio - Geez, I haven't seen Mistah play in a while. He was Stifler in American Pie and he tried to make a big move way too early. If he knows what's good for him, he won't do it here because the big cast will eat him alive. He's also played Mystery Mortal Kombat, which I hosted and he made it far in that. I see him as more of a competitive player than a social one. If he can work on the social and strategic aspect of his game, he is set.

Princess Anna - She needs to stop talking about Disney World lol. I don't really know Christina, but she's a little bit clueless. I think she'll be in the minority unfortunately.

Robin Hood - I had hopes that he would be active, but he hasn't logged on in a couple of days. If he is active, he could sneak his way far. He's hit or miss though. Either most likely to penalty or most likely to viciously backstab someone with an arrow.

Snow White - Another person I don't know, but I think she did well in Javi's game? Hasn't logged on today, so could be inactive. The wrong Snow White picture doesn't help her any. I suspect second or third boot, but I hope she proves me wrong.

The Huntsman - I'm pretty sure I hosted his first game and he sure has come a long way. Unfortunately, I think his inactivity the first few days could cost him. Glad to see he dropped his habit of making alliances with everyone though."

Emma Swan: "Too bad we can't give Ariel a host save power lmao."

After a couple evictions

Neal Cassidy: "
He sent me a message that said "I hope I stay" and that was it. At least henry asked if I would vote for him to stay

LMAO. That is a terrible attempt at campaigning hahaha. I think someone mentioned how Whale would always message the HOH that week and ask them not to nominate him without even saying please. In my head, it goes a little something like "dont nominate me i want to stay" and that's just hilarious to me. How weird is it that Tay Tay and Tu Tu are nominated together and Tay Tay called Tu Tu a poopy pants. Epic.

I hope Henry stays, but I doubt he will. RTF, from what I've seen, always aligns with only a handful of people who he is more loyal to than they are to him. He's usually very much on the outside of any big or major alliances and it's the same situation here unfortunately. I want him to stay just so he'd trigger more of my censors.

On an unrelated note, I can't look at Tinkerbell without laughing. That's not even the funniest one, but it's just so random and unrelated and I know she doesn't like it lmao. My thought process was TinkerBELL, cow BELL, cow.

Oh also, I see the Hook, Hatter, and Pan being targeted very soon. Very unfortunate, especially for Hook. Oh, I also hope a little bit that Whale goes because it'll make Hook, Hatter, and Pan realize that there's an alliance going on behind their backs. Now is obviously not the right time to make a move against them to save Henry of all people, but if for some reason they do then that'll make for more entertainment. I like seeing opposing teams battle it out head to head rather than someone get blindsided. I don't think I've ever been blindsided that badly before, but that would really suck this early in the game. "

Red wins HOH

Emma Swan: "I'm sad if Red backdoors hook or Peter."

Neal Cassidy: "I hope she doesn't. It wouldn't be good for her game anyway. Just let someone else pull the trigger lol. Ugh, was rooting for Peter Pan to escape from Storybrooke. Regina's good too though"

Emma Swan: "I was too, poor Peter Sad I bet there's a blindside tonight."

Neal Cassidy: "Peter Pan asked me to make him a room and now he's pretending to those people that he didn't. I don't know what this guy is up to, but I like it."

Emma Swan: "Oh yikes he put Belle in there. Wonder if she will tell Regina and Red about it. I know we're not supposed to root for people as hosts and I would never do anything to help him, but I'm a bit rooting for him and Tinkerbell to at least make jury."

Neal Cassidy: "I feel like he just threw together 4 random people lmao"

Emma Swan: "Feeling desperation I guess. <3"

Neal Cassidy: "Poor Hook Sad I hope he doesn't get put up. He was actually telling the truth about voting Whale out."

Emma Swan: "
Asked anna who she thought was the biggest threat in the game and she said mulan

I mean, if you need to know whats up in this game, Anna seems like the best source."

Neal Cassidy: "LMAO I was just gonna mention that! Not the best person to talk game to, I don't think. Mulan's been messaging me and I feel really bad for her. I want to tell her she's not even his target and to not make a big deal out of it this week. Hoping she stays, but I want Peter Pan to stay too. Can't play favorites lol."

Emma Swan: "I know she's really sad about it Sad. I mean it's a compliment to us that we're hosting a good game but sad to see her upset. Probably the best thing for Jiminy now is to put up Anna and hope Red/Regina win the next HOH."

Neal Cassidy: "I think so too. It was a big mistake to put Mulan up just based on assumptions. Anna should have been up in the first place."

Emma Swan: "I don't even get where Mulan came from. She was barely active last week and isn't with anyone specific lol."

Neal Cassidy: "I don't think he does. Mulan's not a schemer and if you're in an alliance with her, she's not going to target you this early. This whole Mulan being sketchy thing came out of nowhere. He wants to make a big move so much, but there's still a LOT of game left to be played. Should have waited. Jiminy is really not making any friends this week lol. His alliance is getting sick of him and he keeps pissing people off. I can't see him lasting too much longer unfortunately. The deck is pretty stacked against him.

Genie's not really the strongest socially. Even though the plan is for Mulan to go, I could easily see them changing their minds if he keeps poking at people."

Emma Swan: "Do you really think Regina will go for Mulan? I wonder what will happen. So sad to lose Mulan but then again, sad to see Genie go right after winning the power."

Neal Cassidy: "I don't think Mulan can make a strong enough case for Regina to keep her unless she can get the girls on board. She told Genie that he's not going anywhere, so I can't imagine her telling him that without her at least leaning that way. It can go either way depending on how they campaign."

After Genie's Eviction/ The Maleficent - Regina nomination

Neal Cassidy: "I think Jiminy actually talked his way out of getting nominated... How do you even do that? Unfortunately, it looks like Regina and Maleficent are going up. I think this is a mistake, but well done on Hook, Hatter, and Jiminy's part. What's lost in all of this is that I think Red is playing the best game. Everyone trusts her. All she has to do is keep up this social game and successfully throw the competitions. Another thing is that everybody is telling everybody everything, including about the cyan words. Like what? Why would you do that lmao. Even if it's to your alliance mate, you keep it to yourself. Figure it out and win it for yourself. People are trusting people way too much and I'm not a fan. Knowledge is power and by telling people information about alliances and stuff, you're giving up your power. Maleficent told Jiminy about the Bitches In Heat room and now everyone knows."

Emma Swan: "It's funny that they talk about it but they can't figure it out. If they don't figure it out with this next one, I will put the following cyan words for HOH #9

You Are All Idiots TYVM.

Mulan told me today in a PM she thinks it's for veto. I literally hit my head on a wall. Dude, they can't be that blind. Cyan words are in most challenges.

Last thing, this season needs to be changed to

Big Brother Mystère Season 1: Once Upon A Cyan Word"

Neal Cassidy: "Lmfaoooo. You can put it in big bold letters right on top of the post and they still wouldn't get it.

Maleficent giving Mad Hatter her letter

Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1 QtFZ0PR"

Emma Swan: "My heart cries now. I love them all though so I would be sad regardless. I guess it just sucks for them since they were not the main ones who had Jiminy put Pan and Mulan up."

Neal Cassidy: "Jiminy is clearly the villain of the game, which is ironic because he's supposed to be the conscience. I don't know how he convinced Peter Pan not to put him up, but it's amazing. Mad Hatter just faked a screenshot to Mulan and maybe it's because I knew it would be fake, but that really does not look real at all lol.

I feel so bad for Regina. I feel so mad because my Giants lost. It's just been a bad day. Jiminy keeps getting himself out of messes, but I think it's just a matter of time before people turn on him. This game is too much. By far the most fun I've had as a host/viewer. I have the football game on right now and I'm more interested in this."

Until next time....

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Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1 Empty Re: Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1

Post by Neal Cassidy on Tue 26 Jan - 0:33:12

Aww this game was so much fun to talk about
Neal Cassidy
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Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1 Empty Re: Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1

Post by Maleficent on Tue 26 Jan - 0:56:34

I made many mistakes. Hindsight is 20/20

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Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1 Empty Re: Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1

Post by Red Riding Hood on Tue 26 Jan - 2:00:00

Lol. This is amazing. This may even be better than the episodes... Dare I say it. 
Neal Cassidy: "From Whale's diary room:
Red sent me a message she is obviously playing too hard to fast it's pretty shady to send messages so quickly

LOL I just found that hilarious for some reason.

Me too, Neal. Me too. 

Neal Cassidy: "What's lost in all of this is that I think Red is playing the best game. Everyone trusts her. All she has to do is keep up this social game and successfully throw the competitions.

Rofl. Thanks. At least I have 1 fan.
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Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1 Empty Re: Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1

Post by The Mad Hatter on Sat 13 Feb - 22:03:54

I'm a fan Red. You were very under-the-radar and played quite well I must say.
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Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1 Empty Re: Special Episode - Neal and Emma pt 1

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