Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson

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Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson Empty Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 8 Nov - 16:38:57

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, Mulan won the first fast forward Head of Household title and ultimately was the cause of The Huntsman biting the dust. A new King or Queen shall be crowned this week, a new game could certainly unfold.

Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson Shock


The house was a mess, who knew fairytale characters could be so unmagical and so messy? The production team had requested for everyone to get together and clean up. Many took this chance to form little cliques and talk game instead of properly cleaning.

Captain Hook: "Just realized it is now 8 vs. 8 lol. Hopefully one of us wins it."

Jiminy Cricket: "Just from a pure numbers stand point, we should rock it."

Near by, Anna and Belle are washing dishes.

Belle French: "Hey Anna. What are you thinking about this round? "

Princess Anna: "Very excited! Smile Very Happy I'm at my aunt's and grandma's now. How are you doing?"

Belle French: "Pretty good. If you need any advice about what to do or who would be better to send home I've played hundreds of these so I can tell you."

Princess Anna: "Wow! What a Face Thanks so much!

I just told my family about Beauty and the Beast, the movie coming out with Emma Watson and Emma Thompson.. the song was on from a CD."

Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson Genieee

Belle French: "That's sweet. I'm not sure how good of a movie it would be live action because of the Beast and how he's supposed to look, but the cast is stellar."

Jiminy had finished helping Hook out and was not on garbage duty with Red and Pinocchio.

Red Riding Hood: "Hi Pinocchio. Hey Jiminy! "

Jiminy Cricket: "About time, with everyone post count now so insane, I don't see the harm in joining the trend of private rooms.

This group of 3 is something I hope works out as much as I think it will. You 2 are by far the ones in the game I trust the most."

Pinocchio: "Same, it's actually better we didn't just rush into things on Day 1.

We made sure we're all comfortable with eachother and that no one will be hindrance on any one else's game.

I know we haven't really discussed votes but it shouldn't matter anyway, both aren't very inactive and neither even messaged me for my vote."

Jiminy Cricket: "Yes, luckily it has been inactives every round. So thus far, no need to really think about things.

But after this round, I think we've reached the point of having to consider who it is we are voting out (and try and decide who is going up).

I'm going to try my hardest in HOH again tonight. And, for the record, I voted out the Huntsman last round."

Pinocchio: "I also voted Huntsman"

Red Riding Hood: "I agree with you guys. I think this is a really solid group.

BTW, I also voted Huntsman."

Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson Kumbaya

Done with her chores, Maleficent decided it was due time to get the new group together with her bitches and Jiminy. She quietly went around gathering them in the pantry to talk.

Malficent's Crows

Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson Maleficent-crow-e1401942234420

Jiminy Cricket: "hi ladies! I got to thank Maleficent for the direct inclusion, but this particular group is something I can certainly get behind. Thank you all for the acceptance."

Regina Mills: "HAH!

And hey guys!"

Belle French: "Hey guys, loving this room."

Red Riding Hood: "LOL. Hi guys! Funny name!"

Now that all the cleaning had been completed, Neal and Emma called all players to the backyard to proceed with the Head of Household challenge.

Head of Household #4 (Fee-fi-fo-fum!)

Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson Seriable-00026-570x319

Mulan can play for ~Escape Storybrooke~ but not Head of Household. Everyone else can play.

I smell the blood of an Englishman,
Be he alive, or be he dead,
I'll grind his bones to make my bread.

This challenge is titled this way because we're going to put our Jack suit on and we will climb a "Beanstock".

Tonight your goal will be to go up the Magic Beanstock and retrieve the 3 items.

- Goose that lays Golden Eggs
- A Harp that plays by itself
- Gold coins

Each round I will post a simple question on this thread. The first 6 people to answer correctly will "Roll The Dice" to move up on the "Beanstock".

First person to get it right rolls a 6
Second person to get it right rolls a 5
Third person to get it right rolls a 4
Fourth person to get it right rolls a 3
Fifth person to get it right rolls a 2
Sixth person to get it right rolls a 1

- You reach the top of the "Beanstock" once you reach 10.
- Once at the top of the "Beastock" you need to roll

A 5 to get the Goose
A 3 to get the Harp
A 1 to get the coins

- Once you claim all 3 items, you must go back down which now requires 8 (since you can jump down once you're close enough)


- You must post in your Diary Room in the next 5 minutes if you're playing for HOH or the ~Escape Storybrooke~ power
- You can go OVER 10 and 8 when you go up and down
- You have to land on the right item number to claim it. If you do not once up the "Beanstock" you will have to try again the next round, etc.
- Spelling counts
- You can only answer once per round

Good luck on becoming expert treasure hunters!!!!

Ask questions, first round at 9:10 p.m.

Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson Ouat-gigante

Jiminy Cricket: "Once again, how fun."

Pinocchio: "Super lost so I'ma just answer questions and hope for the best LOL"

Emma Swan: "Pinocchio, the jyst of it is this.

You want to answer enough questions to score a total of 10 or more to get up the imaginary beanstock. Once you reach 10 or more, you will then want to get a 1 a 3 or a 5 by posting your answer at the right time (since the placement you get with answering questions determines what you roll on your dice). Once you get up the beanstock and roll a 1, a 3 and a 5, you want to go back down by reaching a total of 8 or more. The first person back down with the 3 items, wins."

Genie: "I think I get it? Let's see when we play. And is our Princess Anna back?"

Emma Swan: "Yes Anna is back and in the "Poop" group. "

Mulan: "How can I win?"

Emma Swan: "You can be the first up and down with her items. If that's the case, then the second person to come back down would be HOH and you would be heading out of Storybrooke.

Any other questions now?"

Mulan: "Yes. Is your hair out a bottle?"

Emma Swan: "Wtf Mulan go to bed."

Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson A35f6c75f13c1bf1a03bd1f7dc1b97de

After a while and many round, a close race ended with the new Head of Household crowned.


Peter Pan

Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson OnceUponaTimeRobbieKayasPeterPanLSABC

You have successfully returned home with your Magical Goose, Harp and your coins.

Which also means you are
Our new Head of Household

Please post your nominations, you have 2 hours.

Mulan: "Good job Peter."

Snow White: "Go Peter!!!!"

Emma Swan: "Thank you everyone for participating. Again, another fun hour in your company"

Pinocchio: "Congrats man, well earned!"

Captain Hook: "Congrats Peter!!!"

Maleficent: "Congrats peter"

Tinkerbell: "Congrats Pan!"

Dr. Whale: "Great job Peter!!!!!!"

Peter Pan: "Thank you everyone!"

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

I must start out this DR session by saying, this game has been a lot of fun. So thank you Hosts for putting up with us and coming up and putting in the time. If no one else says it sincerely, I really do appreciate it Kathy and Nat.

Sooooo, a lot has transpired (as you can probably see) from the last time I wrote in here.

My relationship with Red Riding Hood has been put on the fast track, and her sincerity and wit has pushed her right up to my #1. We made it official and have a final 2. bounce

This was an easy decision as Red was the first of those ladies to tell me about the girls club. Maleficent was someone I went out of my way to PM daily and it payed off when I mentioned how I thought Hook/Hatter/Pan were a problem (despite being a part of our Crazy Eights alliance). Because of this, she told the girls that she wanted me in the group.

From what I heard via Red, Regina was not too keen on this. My #1 goal right now is to gain the trust of Regina, as I think not doing so would come back to bite me sooner than later. But I do not trust her whatsoever.

The 3 Musketeers Peter, Hook and Hatter walk back inside together trying not to act so pleased about this outcome.

Captain Hook: "Yes, congrats again!! Smile That was a fun challenge, but I didn't do so great. It got so hard once you got to the top. I could never answer at the right time. lol"

with Peter Pan now in power, will he flip on the Crazy Eight alliance or will he follow suit with nominating the less active players? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson Empty Re: Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson

Post by Red Riding Hood on Mon 9 Nov - 9:02:58

To basically sum up this episode...

Everyone: Want to be in an alliance, Red?
Me: Sure, why not? *shrugs*

Episode #12 - Emma Watson and Emma Thompson JWxGE

Jiminy wrote:Red Riding Hood has been put on the fast track, and her sincerity and wit has pushed her right up to my #1. We made it official and have a final 2. bounce

- You are quite dashing yourself, mate. Wink
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