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Episode #36 - 12 Hours Empty Episode #36 - 12 Hours

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NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #36 - 12 Hours

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time,The Mad Hatter won the Head of Household title and Jiminy escaped Storybrook. Tonight we find out who got put up on the block.

Episode #36 - 12 Hours Tumblr_lk6o62xanW1qztwte


Of course Hatter had to talk it out with his lover before making final decision.

The Mad Hatter: "Ok, I have kind of agreed to not nominate everyone, but Mulan and Belle.

Mulan has never responded to me since last Sunday- the eviction where Jiminy saved her from going and then she wondered about my vote...

So honestly, I'm thinking of nominating Belle and Mulan- with Belle being my target.

Everyone else in the game has given me a little something to go off of, but those two are completely useless to me. Then if someone comes down, that's when we have to consider a back door option..."

Captain Hook: "Those noms are ok with me. That is actually who I was thinking of putting up if by some miracle I won lol. Belle is sneaky and a challenge threat. Mulan doesn't talk to us ever."

The Mad Hatter: "Regina's talked back to me some, so I'd feel bad nominating her right away. And Tink I am trying to have good ground with because she's already wary of us being a final 2. I'd like to get on her good side."

Captain Hook: "Yeah I talked to Regina some too. Jiminy won't be able to communicate with anyone lol so at least you won't have to deal with him in your ear this round."

The Mad Hatter: "awesome. haha."

Captain Hook: " am so glad that we get to relax for a round...and a break from Jiminy too. This is great! lol Very Happy

Wonder why you have to wait 12 hours to make noms. :/"

The Mad Hatter: "Yes! The break will be nice. Razz

That's so odd. I'm guessing I can post to my D.R. and they will post for me in the morning. I won't be here to pick a # though for veto tomorrow morning because of work, so I guess I'll just PM Emma tonight and ask about that.

Hatter goes to the kitchen to grab a snack and there he sees Red.

Red Riding Hood: "Congratulations!

Did jiminy mention/ tell you he was escaping storybrook??"

The Mad Hatter: "Thanks!

He told me that he had tried twice and gotten 35 minutes or something. And that he *might* try some more. Looks like he did..."

Red Riding Hood: "Oh. Okay I guess."

The Mad Hatter: "Ok what?"

Red Riding Hood: "Sorry. I didn't mean for that to come off that way. I'm on mobile. Anyhow, I didn't know he was escaping. Lol. But I guess he needed it just in case the other side one. Good for him."

The Mad Hatter: "Yeah I didn't think he did either, but oh well. He did it. That's an impressive time. My head was spinning each time. I think what bothered me was the lack of board space to work with... There was more time spent on separating the pieces than in actually putting the puzzle together!"

Red Riding Hood: "I agree. I was separating them on my phone (corner pieces, same color pieces, etc.) and that took up a huge chunk of time.

I wonder how Mulan did. I think she mentioned once she's good at puzzles too. Anyway, congrats again on the win. It's been a long time coming."

The Mad Hatter: "Thanks Red. I really wanted this win- it's been close a few times, so this is nice! Smile

I'll be straight-forward because I want to go to sleep and hopefully rest off whatever this sinus issue is that I have going on today. Sad

I'm nominating Belle and Mulan because neither benefits my game in the slightest and neither talks to me at all. I have no idea what they're up to, and they're obviously not in my corner. Hope that sounds good to you?"

Red Riding Hood: "You're always straight forward with me, which is why I try my best to be the same with you. We've been in this game talking to each other way too long to not be. :p As far as nominations are concerned, isn't Mulan in our alliance? Though I'm assuming the alliance is done with poor Peter gone now. I guess you can explain to me tomorrow? If Mulan doesn't talk to you then I respect your decision and will vote the way you want, no matter what.

Now I'm wondering. What should I do if I win the next HOH then?"

The Mad Hatter: "Mulan hasn't messaged me back since last Sunday, so that's why I feel like she's not on my side. She voted Pan out too, but who did she talk over the vote with, because it certainly wasn't me. I tried asking her how she felt about the vote, but she ignored me.

My target is Belle, but I have no reason to feel any loyalty to Mulan anymore with the way she's been ignoring me."

Red Riding Hood: "Yeah I completely understand and support you 100%. She answers me, but with 2 word answers so I'm not sure why I felt bad about this. Ultimately, I'm loyal to hook and you mostly so I guess it doesn't matter. We'll have the votes so we can decide what's best for us."

On his way to bed, Hatter crosses Regina in the hall.

Regina Mills: "Congrats on the win! What are you thinking for nominations? If I am going up, just let me know"

The Mad Hatter: "Thanks! I'm not nominating you Regina. I know that's probably what will be expected, but I won't be doing that. I really do want to try to work with you this game if you're up for it. I think you got the raw end of the deal when you were evicted.

Regina Mills: "Well, that's good to know! And thank you Very Happy

I know, I felt so betrayed when I left, and now I am angry that the person responsible for me leaving chose the easy way out this round and got immunity ugh lol"

The Mad Hatter: "No problem! Very Happy

Yeah, he must've felt he really needed it, because that time he got is pretty impressive. I'm just kind of relieved his access to the forum is shut off so he can't try to sway my nominations by chattering my ear off."

Regina continues to the kitchen and Hatter goes to bed. Red is now sitting there with Tink and Belle.

Red Riding Hood: "Sorry guys. Once again I couldn't pull one through."

Tinkerbell: "I don't know how they did that."

Regina Mills: "They probably tried more than once. And are good with puzzles. I only tried twice and somehow did worse on my second try. Has he told any of you that he is nominating me? He just told me he isn't nominating me lol but I already know he's someone I probably shouldn't trust "

Tinkerbell: "I haven't heard anything :["

After some chits and some chats, everyone ended up calling it a night. The next morning, production came in and asked Hatter to now reveal his nominations.

Episode #36 - 12 Hours 15%2B-%2B1

The Mad Hatter: "Well, since there are less people in the game, I figure I can go back to handing out keys for the nominations.

Here are the people who get keys:


Jiminy Cricket

Red Riding Hood

Captain Hook


Regina Mills

Which means, I have nominated:
Mulan and Belle French for eviction.
Neither of you have talked to me in quite some time, so I have no reason to believe you're on my side. Good luck in the veto to whomever plays.

This nomination ceremony is adjourned."

Regina Mills: "thanks for the key!"

Belle French: "I still haven't got my blue hat Jefferson"

Emma Swan: "Please pick veto numbers between 1-4. Sorry I don't have time for the fancy post today. The Mad Hatter picked #1 and that aligns with Red Riding Hood."

Belle French: "4"

Tinkerbell: "Thanks Hatter."

Neal Cassidy: "
Sorry I don't have time for the fancy post today.

I gotchu, boo

Number 1 matches up to

Episode #36 - 12 Hours Tumblr_m3ts66vTaZ1rvt9cbo1_500

Number 4 matches up to

Episode #36 - 12 Hours Tumblr_my4cc6K2891qdj5jco2_500

Emma Swan: "Neal you're such a life saver. <3. The last veto player by randomizing is Captain Hook."

Mulan: "No problem. Good luck Belle"

Belle French's Diary Room

So Jiminy did manage to escape Storybrooke which means the obvious first target for everyone is gone and I'm up again. I'm really not surprised, but if I stay up against Mulan then I have a good shot cuz I'll have Red, Regina and Tink. I just hope they don't take her off and put up one of my ladies. I know that I've won multiple Veto's now, but I still attest that I'm not normally good at comps so I don't feel confident saying I'll have to win it. Most of the times I don't, I don't know what's happened this game

Regina Mills's Diary Room

So this round, Hatter wins the puzzle HOH challenge. I have never been good at puzzles, so once I saw the challenge, I knew I wasn't going to win it unless I spent all day trying and trying again. This sphincter has too much to do on weekends so I ain't got time for dat. The results were hilarious because just as I suspected, that tootsiefruitsy ass betch Jiminy went straight for immunity. He's probably one of the most cowardly people I have ever seen. That hoe can go anytime now. He's a good villain though, and I dont watch the show so not sure if he's playing character or not.

Anyway, Hatter wins, tells me I am not going to be nominated. I think he's telling the truth, but can't know with these people. He posts his nominations, and Belle and Mulan are nominated. Mulan has been kind of inactive-ish lately so if noms stay the same, not much I can do to keep her when Belle, who is a lot more active and useful to my game, is also nominated.

But at least I got picked for veto! I am thinking of throwing it, but if Belle wins and uses it, I could be a potential replacement nominee, so we will see how I feel by the time the challenge begins...

The Mad Hatter's Diary Room

Quick update!

I kind of agreed to not nominate Regina or Tink, so I'm riding very heavily on this veto, for me, Red, or Hook to win it so noms can for sure stay the same. Smile I'd rather win it though, obviously.

The nominations were posted and up goes Belle again. Can she go 3 for 3 with messing up veto? :p Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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