Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy

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Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy Empty Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy

Post by Emma Swan on Sat 12 Mar - 19:45:08

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, Peter Pan got backdoored by the villain and devious Jiminy Cricket. The house was divided. What could happen now?

Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy Tumblr_mxvlpgae1i1sl6zsuo1_500


Some were happy with the outcome, others were not.

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

Red Riding Hood wrote:
No. Pan never outted the alliance as far as I know. Remember. You said we were going to lie to Hook/Hatter and say Pan outted the alliance to Belle to get them to distrust him. And then you mentioned they possibly won't ask Belle, because she doesn't like them.

Am I being played... or is my memory as to what Red said really that fucked up. I wish I had copy and pasted that particular PM.

But I specifically remember Red saying Pan HAD outed the alliance to Belle.

what the HELL YEAH

Red Riding Hood's Diary Room

Jiminy Completely Mixed Up My Words

I told Jiminy, that Peter told Belle that he voted to keep Maleficent. And therefore, voted against the Kingdom's wishes, but I said it didn't matter because I still wanted to work with him... He thought I told him that Peter outed the alliance to Belle?? I think he's mad at me for him confusing those two very different things.. Are we hitting a rough patch??

I even shared the PM he sent me (thank god I saved it), with him.

Jiminy Cricket wrote:
The best thing to do right now is (if you are 100% sure Mulan voted Mal out) is go to Hook and Hatter with this info. We 3 are under the assumption it was Mulan, if it was Peter... it institutes a modicum of doubt of him with them (and makes my paranoid plan the other night seem more like I know what I am talking about). We need Pete with us, but if he is trying to play with the girls (like I thought he could) than he needs to go asap.

He made a mistake with Mulan, but clarifies he means Peter later on... So it's not me. He clearly misconstrued the whole thing. I don't even know what to say anymore...

Regina Mills: "It was tempting, but everyone I asked told me they were voting him out so I just went alongg. wasnt expecting an unanimous vote though."

The Mad Hatter: "Don't be sorry! Razz

Yeah, nobody wants to be a lone vote. lol"

In the bathroom, Tink and Red are brushing their hair for the HOH challenge.

Tinkerbell (to Red Riding Hood): "Mission accomplished. We are powerhouses. They don't even know. And I think the boys are still going after the girls and vice-versa, with usbsomewhere in-between. I don't think this could be any better."

Red Riding Hood: "I'm so stoked. Sorry, I meant to ask you that other question in private. -_-

We are in a great position, however"

Tinkerbell: "hahahaha no worries! i was wondering, though Razz All these rooms can get confusing. I have to double-check where I am before I post anything.

Anyway, I think we should try to throw it, honestly (but don't make it too obvious). What are you thinking?"

Red Riding Hood: "Yeah, I definitely have to be more careful!

I'm thinking of throwing it too, but I will try hard... shoot for fourth place..."

Regina and Belle join them.

Regina Mills: "Well that was stressful..."

Belle French: "Oh wow, unanimous. I guess they realized they couldn't get the votes."

Red Riding Hood: "Those silly boys."

Regina and Belle head over the backyard to stretch as the challenge looms. Jiminy walks in to find Tink and Red brushing their teeth.

Jiminy Cricket: "lol at those boys trying to flip the vote... Make sure to tell Belle.

Hopefully that will get some heat off of me."

Red Riding Hood: "That was so five hours ago, Jiminy.


Tinkerbell: "hahaha

I also didn't know Red was a werewolf, but that's pooping awesome."

Red Riding Hood: "I thought I was a human. I've been living a lie."

Jiminy Cricket: "That red hood was always very suspicious."

Tinkerbell: "Jiminy, you should try to Escape Storybrooke if you can"

Red Riding Hood: "That's a great idea, Tinker Bell. I agree.

Are you throwing this HOH or no?"

Tinkerbell: "I'm going to try for it, unless it's something absolutely ridiculous like post 3,000 times or something."

Speaking of it, was the time for Head of Household.

Head of Household #11 (To infinity, and beyond!)

Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy 200_s

Listen, lightsnack, you stay away from Andy. He's mine, and no one is taking him away from me.

A famous toy that we still play with as adults are PUZZLES.

You will have 24 hours to do your best on this puzzle below.

Make a new thread for it and title it "Playing with my Toys". Your first post should be if you're playing to ~Escape Storybrooke~ or for HOH.


- You can submit more than once but your last submission is the one I will count
- You need to print/screen your finished puzzle with your timestamp
- I need you to have your Diary Room in the background or something that shows you're logged into this forum in the background. Like for me I have a Welcome Emma Swan at the top, that works too. I just need to see your user name showing me that you're indeed logged in here and that the print/screen is really yours.
- Do not mess with your time as I will scan your submission for any alterations and I have a program that will show me anything cropped.
- Post your submissions in your Diary Room.

The person with the best time will win.

Here is the puzzle and 24 hours starts now

Link: http://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=2ec6e2f86832

Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy Toy-Story

Belle French's Diary Room

I'll be blunt and say I don't know how to do these kind of puzzles, never have. When they come up I usually just throw the comp. I am messaging Jiminy though and trying to offer an olive branch because we could still use him now. He could vote the way I want and he's bound to be targeted over us now with that backdoor. The only issue is he can't win HOH so unless he escapes to Storybrooke almost everyone will put him up and I doubt I could get him the votes to stay against anyone. So this might be fruitless, but you never know.

Emma Swan: "Just to be clear, Jiminy as outgoing HOH can only play to ~Escape Storybrooke~."

Jiminy Cricket: "Wink"

Regina Mills: "lol at Jiminy going for immunity just so that he doesn't have to deal with the consequences of his actions.


Jiminy Cricket: ";p"

Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy 76f5d1fafde187390696ed70c044ec7763 Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy Born-Yesterday-Already-Having-Sex_o_97834

Emma Swan: "Results will be up in about an hour."

Jiminy Cricket: "Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy Tumblr_mjshqycJ3R1s4zjvuo1_500"


The winner comes in with an impressive time of 20 minutes and 43 seconds.

That person is

Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy Tumblr_m0zrfdncar1r47fg4o1_500

Which means that
Jiminy Cricket will be ~Escaping Storybrooke~ tonight

Which also means

The runner up will get to win Head of Household and that person is with a time of 23 minutes and 34 seconds

Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy Whereismymindfront

Congratulations, you are the new HOH. Exceptionally this time we are asking you to wait 12 hours to post your nominations. You can post them in your DR and we will announce them for you in the morning.

Tinkerbell: "Congrats to both of you, but why is Jiminy a man?"

Captain Hook: "Congrats, Hatter!!!"

Emma Swan: "In the show he is in man form but when he was in the Enchanted land he had been turned into a cricket."

The Mad Hatter: "So, I just post in my D.R. whenever I want and you guys will post them here in 12 hours?"

Regina Mills: "Congrats Mad Hatter. I had a time of 37 minutes, so I was definitely not winning this"

Emma Swan: "Yes"

Captain Hook's Diary Room

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY Hatter won HOH! I am so excited because I am safe for another round. Very Happy and Jiminy escaped Storybrooke which means I get a break from him for a few days. I am in Heaven right now.

Jiminy Escapes Storybrook

Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy JOoBDJL

After ~Escaping Storybrooke~, you take shelter in a misty and curious looking forest. You feel hungry but you're not about to start killing raccoons. You keep walking deeper into the forest until out of nowhere, you spot glowing red apples hanging from a tree. They look so juicy, pick one, but be careful as some of them are poisonous.

Please post a number between 1-30 (except 19) on this thread before your time outside Storybrooke ends.

Jiminy Cricket: "But I don't wanna be poisoned. Can I at least ask if the apple of the number is more significant?

Like, were the good/bad things randomly assigned a # or an apple?

Also, is it obvious I am stalling because I do not want to pick a bad one?"

Neal Cassidy: "What do you mean? Each apple is assigned a number. They're the same thing."

Emma Swan: "When I made the list of powers, I put them beside numbers randomly, in our host section. The apples themselves are not like strategically placed. I just had a friend make the tree with apples for visual effects."

Jiminy Cricket: "Thank you for getting me Emma, Neal if you had a sober head... you'd have likely understood what I meant. You need help bro.

Sooooooooo, I guess I pick 9."

Neal Cassidy: "Alls I'm saying is Anna got it just fine"

Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy 64720222

Emma Swan: "Neal <3"

Jiminy Cricket: "I was just asking pertinent questions. Smile

I'm just glad there is at least one host here with the ability to handle them."

The Enchanted Tree

You have reached up and picked apple #9. You take a bite and discover that it's

Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy 6a00e54eed10538833012876c75618970c-320wi

It's poisoned. I'm not sure if Karma got you for being mean to Neal or what but #9 means you cannot play at the next veto challenge.

Jiminy Cricket: "-_-"

Emma Swan: "lol I made the list weeks ago so it was obviously not on purpose. Neal can take it <3."

Jiminy Cricket: "I know, but I left a note to whoever might escape tonight.

That should have gotten me a pass -_____-"

Emma Swan: "I'm sorry I felt bad when I saw what you picked Sad.

BTW, it will not be mentioned that you're not playing as we don't want to publicly post about the tree."

As time passed, Jiminy was starting to go a little cookoo

Jiminy Cricket: "I don't know if I will ever be found, or if I will ever get to leave this dreadful place.

Episode #35 - That Was so Five Hours Ago, Jiminy D2c9521562ca2eba4d2f0308db3e9651

It takes a brave soul to travel into the unknown. The one who was here before me, her name escapes me though she may have been royalty, perished some time after returning from this place.

I was quite circumspect in my choosing of apples, though it may have all been but a clever rouse with the lot being poisoned. Only time will tell.

I grew hungry, and for fear of death avoided another apple instead resorting to hunting racoons. I fear the onset of the poisoned apple may have given me hallucinations as the racoon I captured began to speak. It said it's name was Meeko, and he was searching for his friend flit. I shook off this momentary mirage  Mad  and skinned it for it's hide  (as a gift for Peter when I see him in jury next round.. so that he may give it to one of his lost boys as a costume), lit a fire and then ate the racoon's tender meat as I warmed myself by the flame.

That is all for now. I grow lonely in this place and with only my thoughts as company, fear I may grow mad if left here any longer. I may have made a huge mistake in coming here. I don't know what is real anymore. What is life? What is the point of online games?! Why must we bicker and lie and backstab one another to claim an imaginary title that might was well read "I have too much free time on my hands and am good at being a trickster"?

Last one is a rhetorical question, we all do it for the bragging rights Razz

The Mad Hatter is in power and the nagging conscience is locked up outside of Storybrook. This could only end well, right? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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