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Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth Empty Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 6 Mar - 23:10:07

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, Regina won a chance to get back in the game. She came in wanting Jiminy's blood smeared all over the place, but he then won the Head of Household challenge. Would he spare her the chair or is she about to be on a revolving door?

Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth Giphy


Jiminy knew this was an important win and he had to celebrate a little.

Jiminy Cricket: "Yes!!!!!!!!!!

Great job everyone. I am elated right now. "

Captain Hook: "Good job, Jiminy!"

The Mad Hatter: "Nice job!"

Jiminy Cricket: "Meditation people. I will credit that win to the meditation. "

Peter Pan: "Namaste, bitches, namaste!"

The Mad Hatter: "I love namaste."

Red Riding Hood: "Good job guys"

Jiminy Cricket: "I hope we are all in agreement about me nominating Belle/Regina.

I should have done that last time, but look at me getting a second chance "

Captain Hook: "That sounds good to me. Smile

Is Regina the main target if noms stay the same?"

The Mad Hatter: "Sounds good to me Jiminy."

Jiminy Cricket: "I don't know what Belle was doing in that HOH, but she made it more than obvious (as if it wasn't already) who the bigger threat is between them.

Regina can be like Brendon BB13 and come back in and go right back out the next week.

Fingers crossed for veto."

Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth Tumblr_muhccxoIM61qavm2po1_250

The Mad Hatter: "Belle seemed to post the right answer a minute late each time or barely over the minute time frame. It was odd..."

Red knew she had some damage control to attend to. First up, Tinkerbell.


Red Riding Hood: "We need to work with belle too, because honestly things are probably getting hectic. Do you trust her?"

Tinkerbell: "Not particularly, because she voted to evict me I think and has not talked to me about it. Jiminy just told me that he's heard Peter and Belle voted against me."

Red Riding Hood: "Rather than Mulan?? That's interesting."

Tinkerbell: "Right. I know for sure one was Belle. I'm not going to do a witch hunt for the other vote. But I have started talking with Hook. He's going to be difficult to get out. I definitely get vibes that he came here to game and he's not messing around. We are on good terms and have talked about working together, but I really think he's positioning himself to win.

There's lots and lots of big competitors right now, but how do you think we should manuever moving forward? Gurl go jump on Regina! lol. wtf at her being back tho"

Red Riding Hood: "Tinkerbell.... Woah"

Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth Dairy_cows-300x199

Tinkerbell: "what?"

Red Riding Hood: "This is nuts. Lol. I think we'll be okay though."

Tinkerbell: "We definitely are riding in some sort of gray zone. I think if we can keep the tension between these different groups, we might be able to ride things out. I am just going to be dropping subtle hints when I can for these people to take each other out."

Red Riding Hood: "I love that we are on the same page"

Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth EGZpb2FnMTI=_o_rihanna-love-the-way-you-lie---part-2-lyrics-on-screen

Tinkerbell: "I'm gonna go out on a ledge and say we're good for this week lol"

Red Riding Hood: "This couldn't have worked out any better"

Tinkerbell: "seriously tho"

Red Riding Hood: "I'm so happy"

Tinkerbell: "Me too gurl. Jiminy tells me he's considering putting up Pan, which could be very good for us."

Red Riding Hood: "Really???"

Tinkerbell: "yes but we will see where it goes. he said he's about to post noms."

Red Riding Hood: "I wonder what he's thinking. I didn't speak to him much. Just said I was okay"

Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth Anigif_enhanced-buzz-19523-1424904728-25

Jiminy finds himself in Hook and Hatters bed, with them...

Jiminy Cricket: "Had an interesting back and forth with Belle a few min ago.

She is throwing a lot of people under the bus. I'm glad I trust you 2 as much as I do"

The Mad Hatter: "What'd she say? We need to know. And by the way- I haven't talked to Belle in probably over a week or so, so if she's mentioning me at all, it's false because we don't interact at all. I don't see the point."

Jiminy Cricket: "No she mentioned Hook telling her he was going to backdoor me last round, but I know he said what he had to to make her stop pestering him.

I know this 3 is solid as can be. But she is hinting at something now that I am trying to get her to spill so I can tell you and know how poorly she is lying."

Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth 54647925

Captain Hook: "hahah I knew she would come to you about that now that you are HOH. Is she pestering you too? lol she annoyed me so much last round, I was glad when the host disabled our PMs for the challenge because I got a break. She was throwing you under the bus when I was HOH, but now she wants to try and talk with yo"

The Mad Hatter: "Oh ok. Get her to spill! And Hook was transparent to Belle about what he said regarding you, because of course he'll have to tell Belle what she wants to hear. I want to know what else she'll come up with..."

Jiminy Cricket: "It is not surprising, but it is why I have not made noms yet.

I want as much info (true or false) as I can get from her. Then just throw her up there with her BFF. "

The Mad Hatter: "Her BFF. That's golden!"

Jiminy Cricket: "She went silent on me. "

Captain Hook: "I have some info for you Jiminy that I just thought of. Mal told me that her and Belle call you Jim Jones. I had no idea who that was so I googled and it is some psychotic cult leader that got his followers to kill themselves. I felt really insulted because they were trying to say we were your followers so part of me acting as if I was going to backdoor you was not only to get her to calm down, but also to annoy her. I did feel bad about it the next day and I wrote her to explain, but she ignored my PM. lol. She probably went silent because she is trying to think of lies to tell. lol"

The Mad Hatter: "I just typed a whole thing out and then accidentally backspaced, so one moment. First thing to what you said Hook:

That description of Jiminy is so insulting. I mean, to compare to that guy. Makes me upset. Sad

Secondly, I have info for you Jiminy. One moment"

Jiminy Cricket: "Jim Jones. Wow, the guy who made kids drink cyanide. Thats a brutal comparison.

And yeah that is more insulting to you guys to imply someone has power over your minds. How bitchy lol

Let me have it Hatter, I am ready for more info after this Belle convo."

Captain Hook: "I agree, that is terrible. I understand that we get mad at people in this game and we sometimes make insults, but I felt like that was going too far."

Jiminy Cricket: "They said in that room (Regina and Mal) that when I got Pete to not nominate me, I was a less endearing lamer version of Dan's mist. And that a boot needed to squish me"

The Mad Hatter: "The day of Mal's eviction, she asked me if we could make a deal. She said she had a three-person alliance (final 3) and was offering me into a final 4.

I asked who I'd have to protect (who's in it?), then she said it was her, Red, and Belle.

So now that makes me believe that with Mal gone, there's a chance that Red, Belle, and Regina have banded together in the wake of Mal's eviction. Red did admit to me about her room with you guys and Belle and Regina and Mal, so that's good at least, but still makes me just slightly wary of Red, but so far she's been pretty straight-forward Smile Anyway, that's all. I'm so distracted watching America's Got Talent. lol"

Captain Hook: "I can't believe we ever worked with Regina & Mal. They turned out to be really rude and annoying. Even though Belle is a threat, I thought she was nice, but she is just as bad."

Jiminy Cricket: "That is great info to know. I have always felt I could trust Red, since the Crazy 8 days, but she is definitely playing the middle.

When it comes down to it, I would like to think she would pick us over them, but it is impossible to say. What is for sure obvious is she will not strike at us (imo) but will probably et rid of someone like Tink if she won HOH again. Or at least try to. I can't fault her for that type of strategy, but it is frustrating... she will have to pick a side eventually. For now, she is not on my radar.

But Belle did tease something that I have been fishing for. She said she knows about the Kingdom. Someone in the group told her is what she tried to leave me with (and if I kept her off she would tell me who).

I didn't bite, so she spilled. Pan told her.

Pan told her everyone in it and how he was "pulled in" and doesn't actually intend to roll with us. He wants me out #1 is all she told me (so thank GOD I won HOH).

She wants me to nominate Hook and Pan (de ja vu) but said she could convince Pan that I had to for the sake of getting out Hook. Rolling Eyes

But that little weasel, I knew he could not be trusted. Belle also told me Pan was the one to vote to keep Mal that round she went out (not Mulan). "

Captain Hook's Diary Room

Jiminy won HOH. I was really rooting for Hatter because I trust him 100% and would have rather dealt with him being HOH than Jiminy because his paranoia really makes me nervous.

Jiminy said he is putting up Belle/Regina, but noms are still not up and he said he is talking with Belle trying to see what info she can give him, but he knows she is lying. ugh how annoying! He said Belle threw me under the bus and told about how I wanted to backdoor him last round. He said he knew about how I only told her that to get her to stop pestering me. Well, heres the thing...

I actually did go to Belle about voting Jiminy out if I were to put him up. I shouldn't have went to her until I had decided for sure, but that was a very stressful night and I was not thinking straight. Then I decided that it would be a mistake to get him out so I had to do some damage control. I went to Jiminy and told him that Belle was being so annoying and constantly PMing me so I pretended to consider backdooring him to ease her mind and get her to leave me alone.

I also told him that Belle and Mal were calling him Jim Jones. I know Mal called him that because she told me, but I don't know if Belle was involved in that, but I want him to dislike her so I told him she was. lol

After his eloquent soliloquise, Jiminy got out of bed and called for the house to meet, it was time for his nominations.

Jiminy Cricket: "Ok, no long speech. No sassy jabs. No snide remarks.

I am going to nominate 2 people who probably guessed they would go up were I to win.




Jaw dropping stuff, I know."

Tinkerbell: "*crickets*

get it??"

Regina Mills: "Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth PIS7OP6

jk, you know I love u bby"

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

I have a gut inclination if Pan wins, he might try to pull Regina or Belle down. The other would go in that instance, but if Regina wins the veto......

Pan is not going to forget what I did to him. Whether it is next week or 3 weeks from now, he will come for me. Belle showed tonight to not be able to compete on a level that is necessary when your tush is on the line.

If noms stay the same, I want Regina out. If Regina comes down by a her own hand, I want Pan up and out.

I will tell Hook and Hatter that Belle told me the info Red did (that Pan outed the alliance and wanted to work with her to take me out).

It is kind of risky only if Hatter and Hook go to Belle and Pan to compare notes. But if the mob mentality that has been in place continues, they may silently believe what I am saying and go for Pan this round without giving him the benefit of platform to defend himself.

But that only happens IF Regina wins veto. If Regina is up there, she has to go. Has to gooo

Neal Cassidy: "
Veto Player Selection

I will need Jiminy Cricket, Regina Mills and Belle French to pick 1 number between 1-6. Each number is randomly assigned to a player. Your selections will join you to compete in the next veto challenge.

You have until 5 p.m. EST Thursday to pick your numbers.

Belle French: "3"

Jiminy Cricket: "2"

Regina Mills: "1"

Number 3 matches up to

Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth Tumblr_mw2s8sRzM21rt5ctno3_250

Number 2 matches up to

Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth Red-Riding-Hood-once-upon-a-time-32493260-500-517

Number 1 matches up to

Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth Tumblr_mw3jzhbkyX1spszaao2_250

Regina Mills: "Ugh can I pick again?"

Regina knew she couldn't rely solely on her prowess to win challenges, the veto was not hers yet and she had a lot of enemies playing for it. She got to work on a new alliance. Sphincters In Heat consisted of Belle, Regina, Tinkerbell and Red

Regina Mills's Diary Room

Well at least I know I made jury. I dont want the same stress and headache that I got last time. I'll let them send me out the door and save the girls. They dont need to be sacrificed because of me, I will feel awful.

Fun game though

Belle French: "Sphincter lol"

Tinkerbell: "This name is winning my life right now"

Red Riding Hood: "Hey"

Tinkerbell: "YES! Girl power! <3

Regina, welcome back! How are you feeling about everything?"

Regina Mills: "Well, watch me leave again lol. At least you girls get another free round"

Tinkerbell: "lol the boys kicked our asses tonight ladies!"

Belle French: "I don't know about that, it might be me. I think I scared them last round. Ugh"

Tinkerbell: "LOL omg"

Belle French: "I think I killed the luck tree that started growing in our backyard last night."

Red Riding Hood: "Sorry guys this sucks"

Tinkerbell: "well stop peeing on it, damn"

Regina Mills: "Well I am not talking to any of them. Why make the effort, I knew I was going up.

I am talking about Mean Girls with Pan via PMs tho"

Red Riding Hood: "I hate this. I have to win veto"

Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth Yeah-right

Red Riding Hood: "Regina, I'm in love with you. Aside from that, thank GODDDD I'm playing. If *ahem* WHEN I win, I get to *ahem* WILL take someone down"

Regina Mills: "<33"

Red Riding Hood: "And then we'd be golden!! Time for a prayer circle."

Belle French: "We have a 4/6 shot of winning. Feeling good about this."

Red Riding Hood: "Me too! I'm stoked. I'm pumped. I'm going to play "eye of the tiger" all night."

Hmmmhmm, let's see all this drive to win from Red, it's time for veto.

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

That was a perfect veto draw.

Pan cannot play, and it is all on Regina to win. I am ok with her winning tbh.

I would rather Pan leave, but am pushing for Regina. Pan is the bigger comp threat and if he is going to come at me as hard as I now think, I would almost prefer Regina to win so I can backdoor him.

Got to think things through... but I may even throw it to Regina and cut a deal. But that just might be overplaying. Right now I just intend to let it play out. If I win, noms stay the same and Regina goes.

But it is perfect. No worse case scenario of Pan winning and taking one of them down.

So much luck tonight, you got to think it will come crashing down on me eventually. But for now:
Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth Giphy

Veto #10 (Steady Aim)

Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth Tumblr_inline_nacrsef2Tg1slyi0z

“Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.”

Tonight, we are honoring your fallen comrade Robin Hood for no other reason than me running out of fairy tales to base a challenge off of. This challenge is all about accuracy. It will test your ability to make posts at given times with sharp precision. Not only that, but you will also be required to hit the right target. At 8:10, I will post ten riddles. Get them right and you will steal from the rich. Get them wrong and you are robbing the poor. Don't rob the poor.

You must answer them in order and post them in your diary room (either an existing challenge thread or a new thread made for this challenge) at the right second mark. There will be ten riddles and the second marks that you will need to hit are :01, :02, :03, :04, :05, :06, :07, :08, :09, and :10 in order. The first riddle answer must be posted at the :01 mark, the second answer at the :02 and so on. If you get one wrong, all the ones after it will not count unless you redo it at the right second with the right answer.


-Answer in your diary room.
-Spelling counts. Capitalization doesn't matter.
-Do them in order. If you mess up at say the fifth question, you do not need to start over with the first question. Simply keep trying until you hit the five second mark.
-The forum only lets you post once every 10 seconds. If you post more than once in between that time, I will assume you're cheating somehow and disqualify you.
-Your answer must match mine. I don't care if you have a different answer that makes sense. Don't be a smartass. If I ask "What did the penguin say to the giraffe?", do not respond with "Nothing, penguins can't talk and there are none in Africa." There's no punchline to that. Just an example.
-After you have finished, come back to this thread and reply with the word "Fire". Once you do that, I will check to see if you are indeed correct. Do not forget this part.
-The first person with all ten riddles answered in the correct second marks will win.
-If for some reason, no one finishes by 10:00 pm, the winner will be the person with the most right in order.

If there are no questions, I will post your 10 riddles (each in order) at 8:10.

Jiminy Cricket: "Interesting!"

Red Riding Hood's Diary Room

Throwing comps is so hard...

Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth Tumblr_n1sssm9peu1qm6oc3o1_500

1. What is greater than God and more evil than the devil? The poor have it. The rich need it. If you eat it, you will die. Post at :01.

2. What appears once in every minute, twice in every moment, yet never in a thousand years? Post at :02.

3. Of the king, I am blue. Of the peasant, I am red. Of the frog, I am cold. Of the dog, I am hot instead. What am I? Post at :03.

4. All about but cannot be seen. Can be captured but cannot be held. No throat but can be heard. What am I? Post at :04.

5. I fly, yet I have no wings. I cry, yet I have no eyes. Darkness follows me. Lower light I never see. What am i? Post at :05.

6. I am weightless, but you can see me. Put me in a bucket, and I'll make it lighter. What am I? Post at :06.

7. I run, though I have no legs to be seen. I possess no heat, though I do have steam. I have no voice to let words out, but from far away you can still hear me shout. What am I? Post at :07.

8. I have two arms, but fingers none. I have two feet, but cannot run. I carry well, but I have found I carry best with my feet off the ground. What am I? Post at :08.

9. I am sometimes strong and sometimes weak, but I am nobody’s fool. For there is no language that I can’t speak, though I never went to school. What am I? Post at :09.

10. Maleficent, Genie, Snow White, and Whale all robbed a bank. However, one of them stole all of the money from the others after the heist. One of them is telling the truth. The other three are lying. Maleficent says Snow White stole the money. Genie says Maleficent stole the money. Snow White says Maleficent is lying. Whale says he didn't steal the money. Who stole the money? Post at :10.

You may start.

Ready. Aim.

Emma Swan: "Neal aims for my heart with these fantastic challenges"

After a lot of missed fires, a winner was crowned.

Okay, we have a winner for real this time.

Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth Tumblr_mfr4crfnCp1qe826to1_500
Congratulations, Regina! You have won the power of veto! Let us know what you wish to do with it on this thread.

Sorry for the mix up, guys.

Captain Hook: "So I am assuming the answer was Whale? lol

Good job, Regina!!

This was a fun challenge."

Regina Mills: "For real this time?"

Belle French: "Good job Regina!"

Jiminy Cricket: "I guess it was Maleficent then?"

Neal Cassidy: "Yes, for real. Sorry for the confusion.

Whale stole the money. Snow White was telling the truth."

Episode #33 - I Plead the Fifth But-wait-theres-more1

Neal Cassidy: "So this is a mess. I just noticed Belle said fire at the same time."

Belle French: "Oh wow Regina and I posted at the exact same time."

Regina Mills: "dying"

Tinkerbell: "So like, am I still in this?"

Neal Cassidy: "No, we will do a tiebreaker for Belle and Regina at 8:50. Stay tuned."

Jiminy Cricket: "I noticed, but figured Belle got it wrong.

Comp redo? I wouldn't mind going again!"

Belle French: "This is hilarious"

Regina Mills: "LOL this unicorn farts is funny "

Jiminy Cricket: "You been drinking tonight Neal?"

Neal Cassidy: "I plead the fifth."

In a cliffhanger, one of the nominees was about to win the Power of Veto. Which one would it be? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.[/center]
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Okay the Jim Jones thing may have been a little harsh, but yall did believe everything out of his mouth.

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I stole the money how could such a sweet doctor do such a thing Twisted Evil
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