Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now

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Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now Empty Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 13 Mar - 21:40:17

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, we said a last goodbye to Queen Regina. Tonight only 5 remain and 1 must go.

Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now Tumblr_n2cdyks61o1qlk8nxo1_500


Word got around that the Head of Household competition would happen fast after the eviction.

The Mad Hatter's Diary Room

Wondering if I should win HOH tonight?

Because then I can't play on Sunday... But then again, if I don't win, it'll be harder to get Jiminy out. And Belle could win it, resulting in me getting evicted. It just sucks that I have to try to win this one and then be vulnerable for the last round.

Red Riding Hood: "Thank you for voting for her. She deserved it."

Belle French: "She's amazing. And now the hard part."

Red Riding Hood: "We'll make it. Just have to keep positive. Okay so moving forward what's our gameplay? Are we targeting Jiminy or the hook/hatter duo?"

Belle French: "Ugh, they're all pretty dangerous. Hook and Hatter are a confirmed f2 though and they really need to be split up."

Red Riding Hood: "I'm giving it my all this competition. I'm okay at mental comps... but I will leave this open in case we can help each other."

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

Red Riding Hood wrote:
I agree. I also think it's hilarious that no one knows how close we are. It's to the point where they talk s*** about you to me and vice versa. It's like... Really? It's quite funny. Apparently they want me to target you next. So keep talking to belle and I will solidify that they go up if she wins... They're crazy if they think I'm going to convince belle of anything else and even crazier if they throw it to me thinking I'd put you up, when I'd actually put them up. Could you imagine???

True or not, if you've been keeping up with my DRs you know (if Regina left this round) I was going to go after dumb and dumber.

Maybe it is just because I speak to her everyday, but how do people not see Red and I as a pair?

I love it though. A secret Final 2 that has played both sides of the house right down to final 5. She and I have a great shot of being the final 2, but even more so than that... one of us (mostly her) have a great chance of making final 2 and winning.

Ideally, if Belle is not blowing smoke up my ass, I would want Belle to win HOH tomorrow. Then it is 100% one of the two boys leaves (preferably Hatter).

Then winning Final 4 HOH would be best case for Red and me. This way, whoever remains from Hatter/Hook would take her to final 3, as would Belle. Then it would only be a matter of she or I winning Final HOH.

The only thing stopping us right now is the potential of Hatter winning HOH. There still is a chance for me to win veto, but in the event I am up next to Belle (or if Belle wins veto) I very well may be gone. I just got to play as hard as I can... I have gotten lucky with a few comp wins, so maybe I got a wee bit of luck left.

Overall though, I am very pleased with how this game turns out. You can't ask for much more than a deserving winner and anyone left who wins deserves it imo.

Head of Household Time

Head of Household #14 (The Last Rose Petal Falls)

Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now Tumblr_mazphstYA61rgbtubo1_500

No, No! Please. Please... Please don't leave me.

Oh no!!!! Beast is about to die if you don't help Belle get the petals back before she tells him she loves him (yes, twisting the story a little, I know).

There are 20 petals out there. The first person to find 3 will become the new Head of Household.


- You will be presented with 50 Flower Vases.
- Each vase contains either something to help you, something to damage you, a petal or nothing at all.
- Each round I will ask a question. The first 3 people to post the right answer on this thread will get to pick a flower vase.
- You can only answer once per round
- Spelling and capitalization counts
- Each question will only last 90 seconds to help speed this up.

Captain Hook as outgoing Head of Household you are not eligible to play for this but come back for Veto at 10.

Questions? First question up at 8:05

Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now Disney-beauty-and-the-beast-book_20552_1?$prod-lg$&$label=Book

Jiminy Cricket: "So if 2 people answer incorrectly, then only 2 people get to pick right?

The 2 who answered incorrectly cannot try to get the 3rd spot?"

Emma Swan: "Yes it doesn't have to be 3 each round. If only 1 person gets it right in the 90 seconds, only one gets to look inside a vase."

After a few round, a winner was crowned and guaranteed final 4.

Red Riding Hood picked 7, inside she finds

Jiminy Cricket picked 26, inside he finds
Petal 11

Belle French picked 4, inside she finds
Lefou (lose a petal)

Which means that your new Head of Household is the
cockroach himself, Jiminy Cricket, oops I mean Cricket <3.
Congratulations. You have 30 minutes to post nominations

Jiminy Cricket: "Damn that's some serious shade.. I will take that as meaning I never die "

Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now 200_s

Emma Swan: "Lmao no it was just me bugging you."

Red Riding Hood: "I see what you did there. Congratulations Jiminy Cricket!"

Belle French: "Congrats Jiminy!"

Captain Hook: "Congrats Jiminy!"

The Mad Hatter: "Congrats Jiminy!

I enjoyed that pun Emma"

Hatter and Hook may have a  smile on their faces but it wasn't as such in private.

Captain Hook's Diary Room

Well Jiminy won HOH, which means there goes our plan to get rid of him.

Just gotta hope Belle does not win that POV or me, Red, or Hatter will be leaving and I don't want that.

The Mad Hatter: "NOOOO. My goodness."

Captain Hook: "This sucks. Sad ughhh"

The Mad Hatter: "It sucks so bad. Sad Wonder what he'll do though... We have to win veto now though... We just have to. At least he can't play in the HOH on Sunday... Ughhh"

Captain Hook: "I was thinking he would nominate Belle/Red, but who knows with him. I hope he doesn't take forever with his noms. I am getting off of here soon to take a shower before the veto comp. lol"

The Mad Hatter: "Is Jiminy being quiet with you too?"

Captain Hook: "I haven't tried PMing him, but he hasn't posted in our room and that worries me. I will be so pissed if he tries to pull a fast one on us. We were going to do that to him, but no one is allowed to do it to us. lmao"

Belle and Red were cooling off in the pool.

Red Riding Hood: "I'm really sorry. I really tried. Let's just hope he doesn't nom us. It'd be stupid if he did."

Belle French: "He's not going to, I've talked to him."

Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now Miracles

Red Riding Hood: "Wait what? What did he say?"

Belle French: "He said he agreed that one of Hook and Hatter needs to go this round. So even if you go up he should keep you in a tie, no matter what one of them should be leaving this round. He said he'd spare me a round from going up because I've been up so often lately, he really just wants Hook and Hatter gone."

Red Riding Hood: "THANK GOD"

Belle French: "Yeah, hopefully he doesn't do something weird and change his mind for some reason."

Red Riding Hood: "Guess we have to fight again for veto..."

Let's find out if Jiminy kept his word to Belle. He was ready to nominate.

Jiminy Cricket: "I am a man of my word, the cricket side of me though Evil or Very Mad

I nominate

Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now JXkxrSA

The Mad Hatter and Captain Hook

I love Big Brother so much. Sad"

Belle French: "Thanks for the key."

The Mad Hatter: "Ok, game face is on!"

Hook couldn't even compose himself to speak, he just stormed off, followed by Hatter.

The Mad Hatter: "He nominated you and I, so if we trust Red, we kind of have to let her win veto and hope she takes one of us down, so Belle can go up..."

Captain Hook: "I am praying she wins POV. If Belle or Jiminy wins it, I know I will be gone.

We really should have gotten him out a long time ago. I am regretting that now. lol"

Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now 45dd5ad1917fb1a3a4

They decide to confront him. On their way, they cross paths with Red.

Red Riding Hood: "I'm so flipping annoyed. I can't even concentrate! Like wtf? We had a deal? And he chooses to go against it???? We were suppose to be solid!!!"

Captain Hook: "I seriously want to squish that little cricket. ughhh

Red, please try your hardest to win. We will throw it to you if we can. I hate him so much right now!"

Red Riding Hood: "I promise. I will try even harder than I did for this HOH, and trust me... I tried incredibly hard.

This is the point in the game where I lose my patience. -_-"

The Mad Hatter: "I'm so mad! He's with Belle?!


I think if Hook or I win, he'll put Red up as the replacement, no lie. Sad And either way, he obviously wants either Hook or I gone.

So Red, you have to win veto."

Red Riding Hood: "He obviously cut a deal with Belle. I'm so over him. We should have gotten rid of him!"

The Mad Hatter: "I mean, those two have won comps and stuff, so you'd think they wouldn't want to be by each other in the finals, but whatever. Sad

They do realize it's a final 3 right? lol"

Red Riding Hood: "Fingers crossed guys..."

Captain Hook: "Good luck!!!"

They continued their pursuit for the roach.

The Mad Hatter: "So who exactly do you want out Jiminy? Just so we have some sort of idea."

Jiminy Cricket: "Either one of you tbh."

Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now 0512cb36444332657650db6ced2849524c10f6-wm

The Mad Hatter: "But why? Sad You do realize that Belle has friends in jury and has won a whole bunch of comps right?"

Jiminy Cricket: "You guys are a final 2. I have the chance right here to split it up.

There is a possibility you both stay, I am not stupid enough not to see it, but BB is about risks.

I am gambling, and now have to win the veto at Final 4."

The Mad Hatter: "Jiminy.... this game is final 3... us 3 were all going there together. Sad There is no final 2 in this group."

Captain Hook: "There is a very slim chance you beat Belle in finals. She has friends on the jury. Me and Hatter are not well liked, and people see us at your puppets so they have no respect for us. We knew people felt this way about us and we still stuck with you and even helped convince Red to keep you."

Jiminy Cricket: "I thought about it being final 3, but with 8 in jury voting I am not sold.

You guys posted the other night in the room when you didn't mean to that you wanted Red in the final 3 with you. Yes, I caught it (though I almost let it slip by me).

Good luck in veto guys."

The Mad Hatter: "Yeah... Just saying. All that is very true. You would've been gone against Tink if it weren't for us. If we wanted you out, you would be, but we were serious about this final 3.

Belle has Mal, Regina, Tink, and probably Mulan's votes on lock. Those girls were super tight and she's won a lot, plus survived multiple evictions...

Firstly, never said I wanted Red in a final 3, so please don't lie.

Secondly, with the last HOH comp being Sunday and veto on Monday, it has to be a final 3... They can do even voters in a final 3 you know. It's final 2 that doesn't have even # voters."

We would soon find out the outcome of this round, the veto challenge is here.

Power of Veto #14 (Three Wishes)

Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now AladdinDisney

Imagine if you had three wishes, three hopes, three dreams, and they all could come true

I, Emma Swan, have 3 wishes that you will now grant or you will not win this Power of Veto. This will show how good you can multi-task.

Wish #1

I want you to write me 300 words giving me your thoughts on this game since the start. It can be just about the hosts, the themes, the challenges, the other players, yourself, it can be a combination of all of the above, but it has to be about this game.

You will get 50 points for completing this task, but be careful to write 300 words precisely. You will lose 1 point for every 3 words you are under or over.

Wish #2

I want you to make a thread titled "Emma and Neal are a Whole New World of Hosting" (quotation marks not a must).

In that thread I want you to post words to describe Neal and I. 1 word per post.

You will get 1 point for every 3 words you post

Wish #3

Iraheto doesn't seem to want to update the Official Game Profile thread and it remains unfinished. You need to fix it.

Games In Progress:
>> Big Brother:
Big Brother Mystere: Once Upon A Time

>> Survivor:
switza survivor 2: Riau Islands
Survivor IMDb 59: Tiber Island
sphincter Survivor MYSTERY 22: Buffy VS. TVD

>> Idol:
Mas Idol 4
RTF's The Voice IMDB 3
Jimmy's Movie Idol Season 1: Grand Prix
Kyogre's 80s Nation IDOL
KJ Idol 19 - Dynamic Duets
90's Idol

^ Those are the games he still has as "In Progress" but most are done now. Your job is to post the winner in this format ***Winner: insert user id here*** beside each of the game that are over.

You will get 20 points for completing this task and having it all correct. If you miss a game or misspell a user id, you get nothing.


- Post answers in your Diary Room
- Most points in the end wins

Your hour starts at 9:30 p.m. EST

Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now Aladdin

The Mad Hatter: "Before you post results lovely Emma, to those wondering, this will be a final 3 season, correct? The challenges seem to line up accordingly for one."

Emma Swan: "Look at the schedule ladies and gents, it's pretty obvious how many people will leave before the finale."

Captain Hook: "Mhm"

Jiminy Cricket: "Jury of 8 though?"

The Mad Hatter: "Yes, with 3 people in finals, usually everyone gets at least one vote, so the likelihood of a tie is low. Plus, if there is a tie, the lone voter or voter(s) get to re-vote..."

Captain Hook's Diary Room

Jiminy is a dumb ass cricket sphincter. I seriously hate him right now. Yes, I was going to backstab him tonight, but how dare he do it to me. He thinks he can beat Belle in finals? lol she has so many friends on the jury and has played a good game too. Everyone hates me and Hatter, especially for keeping Jiminy around as long as we did...which I now realize was a mistake. I am just praying that Red wins POV and keeps her word and takes one of us off the block so that Jiminy has to put up Belle. I will die of happiness and he better not even try to talk to me for the rest of the game.

Red Riding Hood's Diary Room

If These Guys Throw Veto To Me

I'd die of laughter. Real talk...

Episode #43 - I Am Regretting That Now 2762877-1923096542-tumbl

Who will win this veto challenge and secure a spot in the last round? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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