Episode #29 - Drink The Koolaid

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Episode #29 - Drink The Koolaid Empty Episode #29 - Drink The Koolaid

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 21 Feb - 19:04:25

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #29 - Drink The Koolaid

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time,Captain Hook won the title and nominated Maleficent and Belle French. Did he get manipulated by the grasshopper or did he solidify some allegiances? Only time would tell.

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The aftermath of the latest nominations was about to hit the house like a wave of excrement.

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

If Belle wins veto, I am going to try and get Hook to backdoor Pan.

I should keep my mouth shut as I have been talking and am being credited with way too much, but at this point... as I already said... my concern with winning is low.

I want to leave my mark. I don't know if I can do it, but I have a compelling argument for why Hook should do it. Let's see what I can do (if anything).

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The Mad Hatter: "Just thought I'd come here to double-check with you. Do you want me to keep noms the same if I win? Or do you have another idea for the veto?"

Captain Hook: "I think we should leave it the same and get rid of Belle. I don't trust her."

The Mad Hatter: "Ok. She nor Mal has PM'd me at all... Razz

And what has Belle been PM'ing you?"

Captain Hook: "I want to talk to you about Jiminy. I am starting to wonder if what they are saying about him wanting us up is true. Now that I have gotten to know him better, I see that he is so paranoid and wishy washy. Mal says that he wanted us up and was going to put me up with Pan, but then all of a sudden started saying how Mulan had side alliances. That just seems like something he would do...change his mind at last minute. ughh!

I do know that I don't want him getting to far in this game. Everyone would vote for him in the end. I don't think we need to take him out before Belle because she is a wildcard too, but he needs to go eventually. I don't want us going to F3 with him tbh."

The Mad Hatter: "I don't want Jiminy to go far either... This is a really tough call, because we know he has our back, however.... How long is too long to keep him in the game? I don't want Belle to go far because I know for sure she doesn't have my back, and she plays well in challenges, but I just hope we get a chance to get Jiminy out before he does the same to us. I can't believe I may not win this veto."

Captain Hook: "We need to talk with Pan and get his thoughts on Jiminy. I agree with Jiminy. I don't think Pan is over everything that happened. He is probably waiting for the right time...like we are. lol"

The Mad Hatter: "LOL.

And yeah, agree about Pan. Ideally, I want Belle/Mal out first, but use like, Mulan and Pan maybe to go against Jiminy?

We just have to agree to be on the same page and be honest with each other. Because if we do that, we'll have a lot more information that way to make these calls."

In another room, the hormones were flying high.

Red Riding Hood: "I have to win veto to save one of you"

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Maleficent: "I talked to me and told him no hard feelings and he is not my target. Reminded him of what jiminey has done. Yes red you have to win if not you will be the replacement"

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Maleficent: "Tinker would probaly use it but she disnt even play hoh. Well hell. Jim Jones might as well be playing"

Neal Cassidy: "The rapper or the mass suicide guy? Pretty big difference."

Belle French: "Mass suicide guy."

Neal Cassidy: "They're both terrible in their own way."

Maleficent: "Mass suicide. Thats jimineys new name since he is getting everyone to drink the koolaid"

Neal Cassidy: "Ohhhh, gotcha lol"

Where was that Koolaid maker?

Jiminy Cricket: "Good numbers in veto, good luck guys."

It was time for that special and very dramatic veto.

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Power of Veto #9 (Off With Their Heads)

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The Queen had only one way of settling all difficulties, great or small. 'Off with his head!' she said, without even looking round.

Tonight we will play a basic Big Brother challenge. We travelled through many fairy tales but there is also the Big Brother part of this game that we did not visit very often

Here is a link of Big Brother USA contestants but no one has a head. You must use their body language and figure out who each of them is.


- You post answers in your Diary Room
- You have 20 minutes from this post
- Spelling and capitalization of the names count
- I want first and last names
- You can only submit once

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I did try to colour over the hair colour so the blotches on some of them are normal. It doesn't alter the picture so you can't guess because of it so don't worry. I suck with paint so yeah, don't judge my collage.

Veto Players

- Captain Hook
- Maleficent
- Belle French
- Peter Pan
- Tinkerbell
- The Mad Hatter

(I did disable PM usage for those not playing to limit helping and give everyone a fair chance)

Any questions?

Here is the link: http://oi57.tinypic.com/2a95m6p.jpg

"Wow this is difficult"

Maleficent: "Yes it was"

The Mad Hatter: "That challenge had my heart racing!"


The Answers were

1. Pink tank top = Becky Burgess
2.  Dark blue with button shirt = Chima Simone
3. Plaid grey/yellow = Judd Daugherty
4. Lighter blue shirt = Keesha Smith
5. Brown, button down shirt, chest hair showing = Dustin Erikstrup
6. Brown no chest hair = Eric Ouellette

Most of you came close, 2 even got them all right, but only 1 got them all correct without any typos. That person has won the veto.

Episode #29 - Drink The Koolaid Once-Upon-a-Time5

Congratulations!!!! You have 1 hour to post your decision. I will heading off for a few hours so if Neal isn't on to set things in stone, you can still start voting once all is said and done.

[b]The Mad Hatter:
"Wow yay! That had my heart racing to find the last one. He was from a way older season people forget about"

Captain Hook: "Congrats Hatter!!"

Jiminy Cricket: "Well done Hatter. I would not have gotten Eric Ouellette."

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Emma Swan: "Hatter please wait a couple minutes before posting. I'm looking into something to make sure you're the rightful winner."

Peter Pan: "Eric Ouellette? That is random unicorn farts right there. I never would have got him. I only got Keesha, Judd and Chima"

The Mad Hatter: "K. Did I have a spelling error? Sad I know I clocked in right at :50, which was within the time limit."

Maleficent: "Wow I sucked I only got Becky"

Emma Swan: "No you did everything right. But someone had it before you but they made a typo in one name so by default, you were the next person to get them all right. But I just realized that wiki has Judd's name spelt wrong in one part


So anyone copying it from that list would have a "typo""

Episode #29 - Drink The Koolaid And-the-plot

Jiminy Cricket: "Wow, that is some bad luck for that person. Geez louise"

The Mad Hatter: "Woah.... That is bad luck.

I found and was using this site, because they had small thumbnails of each individual- that matched your pics. I found it really late into the challenge, so that's why I was right on the deadline.


That's really bad luck for them."

Emma Swan: "I don't know if I call it bad luck to be honest. We all use wiki for challenges and I could have easily used that list to get my names and would have the same typo. I'm talking to Neal about it right now but personally, I feel like this is something out of the player's control and not just because they decided to type out the word instead of copy/pasting. I feel like as a player, I would not take lightly to being punished over wikipedia being on crack. People have weird name spelling so I don't think most would have noticed. I really hate being in this position, not fun to make this call."

The Mad Hatter: "But that link doesn't even have his picture on it, so they found his pic somewhere, but then copied the name from Wikipedia? Or just knew it was Judd and went to Wikipedia then? Idk... I didn't pull from there, so I can't speak for Wikipedia."

Emma Swan: "It's a tough call. On one hand wiki is known to have these types of mistakes and shouldn't be ruled as the bible for getting answers, but at the same time I know that it is used like one for most and it sucks when the tool fails you."

The Mad Hatter: "Ok, sorry you're in this position Emma!"

Mulan: "Hatter, they may already know it but can't remember the name."

The Mad Hatter: "Very true. Smile I didn't think of it like that. I wanted to double-check because several guys have worn plaid through the years."

While Emma and Neal talked it out, people had their opinions floating around.

The Mad Hatter: "Emma's still making a call about the spelling. Sorry if it was you Pan, or Hook who is contesting it, but with spelling, that was part of the rules, so I hope she sticks with that. Hard call I guess. Sad I just want to know because I want to go to sleep."

Jiminy Cricket: "I am trying to put myself in the position of the person who got 2nd.

You are 100% right, the rules said the names had to be spelled correctly. That is all that matters. Wiki is not the only site on the planet with BB names and is notorious for spelling errors.

But, at the same time, I guess I can see the "its not fair" argument (I would be so upset if my life was on the line and I lost like that). But idk, comp rules are comp rules.

It is kind of like a catch 22. It would be kind of unfair for her to lose because she used a bad site, but it would be equally if not more unfair to strip you of a win considering you were the only one to get them all and spell them right.

Should be interesting no matter how the call is made. Gosh I love IMDb games."

The Mad Hatter: "It is a catch 22 for sure. I don't envy Emma of this call. And if my life were on the line, I'd probably argue it as well. But since spelling counts, I don't see how I should miss out because someone used a bad site... Sad It's a tough call either way. I just hope I can keep it, so Hook doesn't have to make a new nomination. Mal and Tink seemed to think it was too tough- so I bet it's Belle contesting."

Mulan: "Well you should get it. But I agree too that it happens. Tinker may of got it."

Jiminy Cricket: "Maybe tink did, but I don't feel like this would be such a big issue unless it was Belle.

Maybe I am wrong though. Who knows, Tink might use it on Belle and hence it being equally as big a deal?"

Captain Hook: "Emma is obviously rigging against us.

jk lol"

Episode #29 - Drink The Koolaid Polls_25302DG_You_Smell_Worse_Posters_2218_284942_poll_xlarge

WWE&ND? What will Emma & Neal do? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.

Red Riding Hood: "It's vital... this POV. It's tomorrow right?"

Neal Cassidy: "Who's gonna tell her?"

Belle French: "It finished an hour ago."

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