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Episode #30 - Anyone Else but Judd Empty Episode #30 - Anyone Else but Judd

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 21 Feb - 21:06:56

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #30 - Anyone Else but Judd

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, a veto controversy stalled the game and left everyone in suspense. WWE&ND?

Episode #30 - Anyone Else but Judd Disney-Gif-Sadness


The hosts had to talk things out.

Episode #30 - Anyone Else but Judd GHe2FmzmvYI8ZAxgylpvpqTOeSwwLqKTbagZw4NEl8b0n-tFZ_QpWth5tT06eWAbB_A4Sydqqmkp9nToPlx55d-h8nw=w506-h285-n

Neal Cassidy: "Ugh I don't know. This is just a really tough call."

Emma Swan: "If I was a player, I would be livid since it's not as if we memorize these names and we trust wiki. Even I could have used that link for his name and have a typo and I wouldn't know any different."

Neal Cassidy: "Maybe have a do over for just the two of them or something if you don't have to leave right now?"

Emma Swan: "lol I don't know why but I don't feel right giving Hatter the win since Belle got the typo on something out of her control. That's my problem, there is no way I would let this pass as a player."

Neal Cassidy: "You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. I'd be pissed as a player too, but I don't know what the fair thing to do is."

Emma Swan: " I don't want to piss off anyone obviously."

Neal Cassidy: "It's going to piss someone off either way. I'm sure you'll make the right call. I don't know what I would do in this situation. You can make an argument for both sides."

Emma Swan: "I asked Javi since he is pretty fair even though a little emotionless. He says wiki is not the bible and the person should have checked their answers. I do agree, I just know from experience that I would have made the same mistake had I been looking for names on that thread. Names are not set in stone and many names have different spelling. It's not like wiki has the word Snow spelt like Snoe. I mean that we all know it's wrong."

Neal Cassidy: "There's no debating that it's wrong, but there's no way she could have known it was the wrong spelling. They rarely ever mention last names on the show. On the other hand, Wikipedia is not a reliable source at all."

Emma Swan: "Part of my struggle comes from the fact that had I mentioned to her the typo before I posted results and she had showed me the link, I would have accepted her answer without really questioning it."

Neal Cassidy: "What a mess. Damn it, Wikipedia. So sorry you had to deal with this lol. If only you picked literally anyone else but Judd."

Emma Swan: "Right? I'm too lazy to check but I feel that happened in RTFs game now that I think about it. I feel like Judd was a prblem answer in another game I was in but I wasn't playing the challenge so I didn't care. Or maybe I was just a viewer. Oh well, comes with the hosting gig but so far it was so seemless for us, no big mess ups or anything."

Neal Cassidy: "We've been doing a great job otherwise. This wasn't that big of a deal."

Emma Swan: "I just feel bad if someone gets backdoored over it. I'm almost hoping Hatter will still win so things won't be altered much but Belle would have gotten a fair chance."

Episode #30 - Anyone Else but Judd Tumblr_mnppiurspR1qf8jkho2_250

Emma and Neal join up with the players to render a final decision.

Final Decision

I talked with Neal, I even went on skype to talk with other hosts and there isn't really a BLACK or WHITE here. Both sides can be argued and would make for a good debate in debate class.

I will start with the "From now on"

I will be sure to only make challenges where I either say to use IMDb or I link you to a specific wiki page and whatever typos are on that page will count. I never want to be in this position again lol

I do 100% get that wiki is not the most reliable. I'm not here to defend that, but I do see how this was a trap easy to fall into.

Had the answer been the word snow and wiki had it spelt snoe, that's not even a debatable typo lol, but a last name can be spelt many ways and it's actually a miracle I didn't use that exact same link to get the names from. Only the fact that I was already looking at the BB17 noms made it that I didn't use that link. The person clearly knew it was Judd and they had submitted 7 minutes before so they would have won in a landslide had they been on the right wiki page, lol.

So while I hate the fact that this all happened after I announced a winner, I feel the fairest here is to

Do a tie-breaker between The Mad Hatter and Belle French

Both of you, please be back here at 11:15 for the tie breaker questions.

I'm sorry to all involved.

Tinkerbell: "Oh wow. This is like the sudden death round "

Jiminy Cricket: "The drama of this veto comp is almost too much to bear"

The Mad Hatter: "I understand completely Emma! I love you And sorry you were put in this position!

I was just about to post a poem about hats during the wait. lol."

Emma Swan: "It's no one's fault lol."

Neal Cassidy: "Please do that"

Belle French: "I would enjoy that."

Captain Hook: "This is the longest FF ever. I am tired and my back hurts."

Episode #30 - Anyone Else but Judd Which_4eac96_1820460

Tinkerbell: "lol Hook. What've you been doing to your back "

Captain Hook: "Sitting in this chair. lol I need Emma to give me a massage, but I might owe her one because of the stress she has been under tonight. I still give good massages, even with one hand."

The Mad Hatter: "While we wait, a poem about hats:

Top Hat

The Top Hat is the king of hats
The toppest of them all
And when you put one on your noggin
Even when you're jumping and joggin
The Top Hat won't fall

Don't be bowled over by the Bowler
Don't get in a flap about the Cap
Because I've seen it all with the Baseball
And you don't seem like a Ten Gallon chap

Don't get fed up with the Fedora
The Fez will just look like a mess
I'm not a fan-a-ma of the Panama
The Top Hat is the one that fits best

Don't mess up your hair cut with a helmet
Don't be a hero and wear a sombrero
Don't think you're urban by wearing a turban
Without a Top Hat you'll just be a zero

So spare a thought for your head and your hair
And sport some classy headwear
Choose the right hat
And don't come a'cropper
Because only a Top Hat
Will look more proper than proper."

Jiminy Cricket: "That was beautiful."

Tie Breaker

Using our lovely trouble-making thread


Post your answer on this thread. First between Belle and Mad Hatter to get it right wins veto. You can post more than once.

Please list the 16 Big Brother USA winners in alphabetical order USING LAST NAMES and going from A to Z.

The spelling of the names must match those on that link.

The Mad Hatter: "1 Eddie McGee
2 Will Kirby
3 Lisa Donahue
4 Jun Song
5 Drew Daniel
6 Maggie Ausburn
7 Mike "Boogie" Malin
8 Dick Donato
9 Adam Jasinski
10 Dan Gheesling
11 Jordan Lloyd
12 Hayden Moss
13 Rachel Reilly
14 Ian Terry
15 Andy Herren
16 Derrick Levasseur"

Belle French: "Maggie Ausburn
Drew Daniel
Lisa Donahue
Dick Donato
Dan Gheesling
Andy Herren
Adam Jasinski
Will Kirby
Derrick Levasseur
Jordan Lloyd
Mike Malin
Eddie McGee
Hayden Moss
Rachel Reilly
Jun Song
Ian Terry"


Belle French

You got the tie breaker correctly and are now the owner of the Veto.

I'm so sorry again for all the confusion and drama over tonight's challenge. I hope everyone understands the decision I made and that no one is mad.

You have 1 hour to post your veto decision.

The Mad Hatter: "Oh, lol Wasn't sure if we needed first names too. I suck. Razz I deleted those."

Belle French: "Oh my gosh that was stressful. I happily use the Veto to save myself."

Emma Swan: "Mister Hook, at your earliest convenience, please post your replacement."

Maleficent: "Congrats Belle"

This put a wrench in Captain Hook's plan. Would he continue going for the ladies?

Red Riding Hood: "I'm sorry hatter. I tried to help you, but I want fast enough. -_-"

The Mad Hatter: "I know Red. Sad Thanks though. I got flustered completely. I had all the names and then didn't sort them fast enough. Sad Really sorry everyone. I dropped the ball on that one."

Red Riding Hood: "Well we did our best tonight guys. I'm really proud of you all. I have to get some rest, but congrats again Pan. "

Episode #30 - Anyone Else but Judd Are-you-high

Red Riding Hood: "Hook*

Why did I think of Pan? Lol. I was very tired last night."

Mulan: "Lol well you did great Hatter so don't worry."

Hook and Hatter go back to their love nest.

Captain Hook: "I was thinking of using Pan/Red to go against Jiminy. She has told me that she doesn't really trust him and trusts me so I think I could get her on our side. I feel like Mulan is close with Jiminy. I will probably put up Tinkerbell"

The Mad Hatter: "Oh, good idea. I like Red a lot and she's been pretty straight-forward. Kind of bummed to find out she was in a room with Jiminy, Mal, Regina, and Belle, but it is what it is I guess. She's been forthcoming about it, however, and I believe we have her trust, so that's a plus."

Captain Hook: "I asked Red if Jiminy ever came to her and said anything about putting us up. She said that he started questioning the alliance during the first tied eviction (the one where Whale left) and that he was questioning everyones loyalty and being paranoid, but she doesn't recall him ever saying anything about targeting us."

The Mad Hatter: "Hmm good to know.

I'm sorry about the veto. I was so nervous. Sad That was tough... I messed up and I'm sorry about that."

Captain Hook: "It's ok. I figured that you got nervous and messed up. It has happened to me before too. lol maybe we can get her out next time."

The Mad Hatter: "Maleficent told me this while I was brushing my teeth.

We havent really talked since everything blew up but I just wanted to let you know a few things in case I leave tonight. I have been saying you pan and hook formed the 8s. I want to clarify that is what I was told. I know I put it on the boards but I think people think I said it. On the first night the 8s was formed I asked jiminey if he knew who started ot. I said it didnt matter because I didnt have an allaince so I was good with it. He said he talked to you and you told him it was you pan and hook so I believed him. Thats also when he started saying you all needed split up.

I would love it if you used the veto on me if you win but I understand if you dont. No pressure but I would be a fool not to say something. Would even be willing to do a deal.

I just wanted to let you know dont trust him, he has had his fingers in many cookie jars.

Have a good night

Just now. Maybe we should consider getting Jiminy out? Idk... I don't want to make an enemy of Tink for no reason. She's still usable, you know?"

Captain Hook: "OMG I was thinking the same thing. lollll this might be the time to do it.

I think we have the votes. Did you see in the other room he is trying to get me to backdoor Pan? He just made a new alliance with him and he is already throwing him under the bus...AGAIN. That shows you how shady he is. I am going to talk to Pan and Red before I do this."

The Mad Hatter: "Oh wow... You were thinking this as well?

I think now would be the time. We'd still have Red/Mulan/Pan on our side, didn't piss off them... And didn't piss off Tink that way.

Should you go to our room with Pan and tell him Jiminy wants him out, so you're going after Jiminy now?

It may gain Pan's trust and gain favor back with Mal... You could tell her that the plan was a backdoor Jiminy, but you didn't want him to have any suspicions going into the comp maybe?

Votes-wise, we'd have Pan, Mulan, Red, Tink I'm sure and me...."

Captain Hook: "As soon as he asked me to consider a different nominee, I started thinking about putting him up. That is shady as hell. He just formed this new alliance with Pan and is already throwing him under the bus. He knows Pan is coming after him so he wants me to take him out. He has no problem making deals and breaking them. What is stopping him from doing that to us?"

The Mad Hatter: "EXACTLY... That. He formed the room with us, and supposedly wanted us out. Then formed the room with Pan, and now wants HIM out...

Did you see what I showed you that Mal sent me?

She's warning about Jiminy too. My gut before I even read that or saw Jiminy's post about wanting Pan out, was that Mal doesn't seem to really be a threat to US personally. I think our biggest threats are Pan and Jiminy (and competition-wise, Belle). So, why take out Pan *for* Jiminy? But the same can be said about Pan- where's his loyalty at? I don't think he'd be against us though because we never put Pan up or anything..."

Captain Hook: "I think Pan is loyal to us and maybe he will trust us even more after this because I am not going to backdoor him.

So is the finale decision to put Jiminy up? I am going to make my post and log out before he writes me. lmao I haven't even showered yet and I want to relax."

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

I'm trying to plant seeds with Hook to backdoor Pan as you can see.

And by planting seeds, I mean grabbing a fistful and chucking them at him

Belle French's Diary Room


I knew I was gone. Hook had straight up told Mel that I was done and out and I have a history of winning a comp like once every two years so I figured I was done. I didn't feel confident in that tiebreaker at all, I figured unless it's Harry Potter trivia or something else ridiculously biased (which I really doubted) that I was going to be sipping sex on the beaches with Regina tomorrow night. But I actually survived.

The only bad thing about this is that it increases my threat level even more and I'll no doubt be put up again tomorrow if someone from that side wins again. Plus Hook is bound to put up Red and she'll probably be seen as more dangerous than Mel and leave over her because Mel hasn't won anything. That sucks because Red did have the best shot out of all of us of winning a comp despite my good luck. So while I feel pretty badass right now, I know that I'm still going to lose an ally unless Hook somehow snaps out of his mind control and realizes Jiminy is a snake.

Red Riding Hood's Diary Room

You had 1 job, Jiminy. 1 job... And that was to keep your mouth shut. . . Lay low... That's it and now Hook wants to backdoor you. I adore you, but you need to relax. Now I have to pull all these tricks out of my ass to make sure you're not backdoored (and even I'm not THAT good). Ughhhh

What was going on in that other room and would Jiminy finally meet his match? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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