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Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies Empty Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies

Post by Emma Swan on Tue 5 Jan - 21:22:36

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, it was a huge week and the start of some commotion in the house. Would the major players manage to escape the heat or will they fully take over?

Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies Tumblr_ndgtvr1jmf1qlu8two2_500


There was a Wolf Amongst the house but no one really knew where it hid. Let's take a look back at a flashback scene to answer part of the question.

Flashback to a scene from The Wolf Amongst Us Twist

The Wolf Amongst Us

What a tender young creature! what a nice plump mouthful - she will be better to eat than the old woman. I must act craftily, so as to catch both.

Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies Little-red-riding-hood-and-the-wolf-nooo-girl-and-her-pet-dog-husky-1341089157_b

Oh no, a Wolf has come in to terrorize our lovely peaceful game.

Each day, The Wolf will come on this forum to post a clue to their Identity. Your task is to guess the person correctly.


- You can only guess once per clue
- You can only guess in your Diary Room
- The name must be exactly as it appears on their IMDb page.

The answer will be someone famous.

Clue #1: I'm a superhero with a fear of flying

Clue #2: My fifteen minutes of fame is far from over, what do you mean?

After many Justin Bieber guesses, the DR room opens and reveals


"Ryan Reynolds for 1st guess"

[i]Emma and Neal look at him with a smile

The Wolf Pack Power

Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies Wolf-pack-wolves-10113490-1024-768

Congratulations Mr. Genie, you have guessed correctly.

We will keep posting clues for a little while so that people don't know it's been won, but it is up to you to share the news with whom you want.

Wolves like to travel in packs and rely on one another for safety. This is exactly the purpose of this power.

Here is how it works.

- You have it until final 8
- You must post in this thread when you decide to use it with the names of the people you're using it on
- It must be used before the HOH challenge is posted for said round
- When used, we will not announce who used it but we will announce who it is used on.
- You are allowed to give this power away but it has to be done while you're in the game. If you sadly get evicted while its in your possession, it will leave with you.

The power gives you the chance to save yourself AND 2 of your friends for one entire round. As a pack, you will move straight to the next round and will not be able to be nominated pre and post veto of that round. You may all still play for that HOH challenge though.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Genie: "wow, i actually got it correct. lol. anyway, will i still get to vote if i use this?"

Emma Swan: "Yes. Business as usual for you and the 2 people you save."

Genie: "Okay. thanks. at last, i won something. lol guess this comes a little too late lol. i'm not sure i will be around next round so i'm toying with the idea of giving it to someone else. but alas, i don't really know who to trust so i need to think about this"

With Genie evicted shortly after, the power was back up for grabs.

The house was quiet but busy. There was sadness in the air, betrayal, aggravation and the aftermath of the first major move was still echoing.

Captain Hook: "I need to post here to vent. lol I don't know how close you are with Jiminy, but I hope this stays between me and you. He is really starting to annoy me. He makes this big move that stirs up so much drama in the game by targeting Pan or Mulan, and they are both still in the game. lollll wtf!! He is so paranoid and wishy washy. One minute he hates someone and is targeting them, then the next he is saying how much he trusts that person. I think he is very easily persuaded. He can hear one bad thing about you, no matter who it comes from, he will believe it and target you. I have started thinking about things and I do believe that Mulan was loyal to us. I think someone lied on her to Jiminy and he believed it."

The Mad Hatter: "OMG Everything you said, I agree with 100%! Ok, long ramble ahead, sorry. Razz

I think you and I are in an ok spot actually, because we personally haven't stirred up unicorn farts, but with Jiminy going after Mulan/Pan like that and both of them staying? Doesn't make any sense. Good thing I straight up lied to Mulan's face that I'd keep her or else I'd be not as good with her right now. Idk if she'll believe I kept her, but I just told her in our private room that I'm glad she stayed, and that numbers-wise I just don't see how Regina could've voted to keep her.

Mulan said to me yesterday that Red, Mal, and Regina said they'd keep her. And that she asked Tink too, and Tink said she would as well, and that with my vote, she should stay.

So... I think the 4 votes for Mulan to stay were those four people, but I'm gonna do my best to persuade her that I was one as well, and not Regina. I hope she believes me, but if she's really loyal to Regina, then I don't think it'll happen.

Look, about the whole Jiminy/Pan/Mulan THING, I don't think Mulan was ever disloyal to our group AT ALL. She's been nothing but nice to me and always on board about things. So... I think someone pinned some false info on her and (maybe Pan to an extent) to Jiminy, because let's face it- Jiminy himself told me during his HOH, that he "heard" that I was making side deals but that he trusts me and wouldn't put me up. I know for a FACT that I haven't made any side deals outside of our 8 and that I only talked cordially with others like Tink/Genie, etc. So, someone lied to him straight up about me. Who's to say they didn't about Mulan as well, to try to stir up and break our alliance?

THEN conveniently, Regina/Mal both tell us they're voting out Mulan and she says they said they would keep her and sure enough, the vote went to a tie. That had to have been thought-out by Regina/Mal- I'm almost 100% sure of that now. I'm glad Jiminy's seeing that, but for him to keep Mulan was a gamble. It might pay off if she chooses to trust us, but if she believes Regina and Mal, then we could be up unicorn farts creek. And also, I have no idea where Pan's head's at now that he's been nominated by our alliance like that... . Idk what to think of that. I think/hope you and I are safe if Pan wins HOH, because we didn't put him up or have a chance to vote against him or anything, but I think Jiminy's actions have put us in somewhat of a bad spot (maybe). Or maybe it just cleared the air on what the alliances really are, Idk.

At this point, I 100% only trust you to vent about the game to, because everyone else's actions have been SO shady lately... Mulan might be the only exception because as far as I know, she hasn't *actually* done anything against us, but was put in a tough spot by being blindly nominated by Jiminy like that...

To answer what you said at the beginning, I feel close to Jiminy (since day one when we included him in that big room of 8, he feels loyalty because of it), HOWEVER, I see completely where you're coming from, and I feel the most loyalty to you because our talks have been straight-forward and no b.s."

Captain Hook: "That was a long post. lol but I agree with everything you said.

I do trust Jiminy too and I don't think he would ever target us. I was just really pissed last night when I made my post, but now I have had time to cool off. I was just worried about Mulan staying, especially since I was one of the votes to evict her. I explained to her that I believe I was given false information to get me targeted. Jiminy told her the same thing and he said that he thinks she bought it and is talking about targeting Regina. So hopefully everything will work out. I think we are in a good position. I have been laying low and trying to stay out of the drama. lol Smile"

The Mad Hatter: "And same here, I'm laying low during this drama. You and I are kind of in the center of it without necessarily having targets on our backs, if that makes sense. Smile

I think we could easily work with Mulan after what happened with that vote. Obviously Regina/Mal were pulling some strings to blame us for the vote, so why not flip it back on them?"

Captain Hook's Diary Room

Talked with Regina today and she is on the same page as me when it comes to Jiminy. I really thought I was the only one who could see how paranoid he acts sometimes. She thinks we need to keep an eye on him because he is the type to nominate you if he gets the smallest hint that you are against him. I didn't tell Regina what he said about wanting her to be the next target after Pan. I don't want it getting back to him because then I would become his next target. I can't tell Jiminy what Regina said either, because I don't trust that he wouldn't go insane and tell that I told him and then I become Reginas target. My best bet is to lay low and let those 2 go after each other if they want. I also told Jiminy that I would put up Pan if I won HOH, but actually I don't even plan on winning it. lol.

The Mad Hatter: "I'm personally glad Mulan stayed. I wanted her to. I can't believe it went to a tie yet again! How are you? "

Red Riding Hood: "I am too, actually. I was not expecting a tie once again. Things are definitely weird in this game. I'm doing well. I just finally finished a show I've been trying to get through on Netflix.

I really want to win the next comp, but I don't think I have it in me.

How are you?"

The Mad Hatter: "I know... I kept Mulan, but who else did? It's getting confusing and someone's definitely being shady at this point. Which show? Smile I'm behind on some, but it's fun to watch a whole bunch of a series at once.

I'm good. Enjoying my weekend. overall, I'm great."

Red Riding Hood: "Oh I didn't know you kept her. I didn't know people were keeping her at all... I just gave her a sympathy vote because I felt bad she was leaving the way she did.

Secrets & Lies. So good. I highly recommend it."

The Mad Hatter: "Yep I did. Smile And you did, so who were the other two? Someone's majorly lying to her, because she seemed to think she was going to get like, 5 votes or so to stay. I honestly think someone lied about her to Jiminy, because I don't believe she would betray our group of 8 just like that. It doesn't make sense or add up.

I will have to check that show out. I've been meaning to start watching True Detective. A friend recommended it to me and I keep forgetting about it. I love Ryan Phillippe though! (from Secrets and Lies) "

Red Riding Hood: "Yeah after the vote came out, she said she was expecting 5 votes. Sucks, but we knew this day would come sometime. I hope she is able to figure it out, because we need to know who's lying so we can watch each others backs.

Ooooh. I have yet to watch it, but have heard good things. Yes, Ryan is in it, which is partially why I was attracted to the show lol, but, it is really well written. "

Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies TypingBla_zps17078424

In another room, Regina and Mulan are talking.

Regina Mills: "you going after him (Jiminy)?"

Mulan: "I'm not sure. He was the puppet, who was his master?"

Regina Mills: "What do you mean? He's been itching to make a big move since very early in the game, so now that he's HOH he got his chance lol"

Mulan: "He said the reason I was up was he was told I was very close to Peter which isn't true. Lol did he tell you I was the target?"

Regina Mills: "Yes, that's what he had been telling everybody :-/. I voted to keep you, but they were expecting me to vote you out. Jiminy eventually changed his mind though, and that's why he voted him out in the revote. I hope that you have no problems with me going forward, because you are only one of the few people I really trust in this game lol"

Mulan: "Why would I girl?

You kept me and that four who did helped me Smile.

Good luck in HOH girl."

They all thought they had time to sleep it off but production had something else in mind. It was time to throw an overnight Head of Household competition at them.

Head of Household #8 (A Thousand Pearls)

Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies 7693395_orig

This challenge is based around the Brother Grimm's Fairy Tale "The Queen Bee"


No no, this is not about to become cyanide.

Jiminy you many not play for the Head of Household but you can play to ~Escape Storybrooke~

There are 3 steps to a Big Brother round much like the 3 tasks from this story. You have the Head of Household/Nominations, you have the Power of Veto and you have the Eviction.

For your first part, Head of Household, you will complete the first task from the fairy tale and collect pearls.

From this post, you will have 36 hours to make a thread in your diary room and start posting in it as many times as you can. The person who collects the most pearls by the end of 36 hours will be the new Head of Household.

Please post if you're playing for HOH or ~Escape Storybrooke~ as your first post in your thread.


- You can start when you want. You can stop and come back later and post more.
- Other than the first post, the words you post for each post doesn't matter
- You thread must be titled "The Queen Bee" (quotations marks not necessary)

Does winning HOH or Escaping mean you're willing to spend some time on it? Things are all up to you.

Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies Queen-bee

Tinkerbell: "this is a death challenge"

Red Riding Hood: "Lol basically."

Neal Cassidy: "Fun times for everyone!"

Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies Stop

Belle French's Diary Room

Mulan ended up staying which I'm personally happy about because she seems to like me, but man was that a confusing HOH reign. I still like Jiminy though and trust that he wouldn't turn on me but I do wish he had been more certain of what he was doing. I would have rather just voted off Genie firsthand. With this new HOH I don't know what strategy I want to go for. Do I want to post nonstop and try hard to win or no? I've got a lot of decent relationships with cast members now and I was just added to a new room. It would be really awkward to put up one of them now, it might actually be better for me to lose and not show my hand.

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

So I tried to make a big move, and it blew up in my face.

It is not all so bad, but fact is I made enemies with people who were not at all coming directly after me for the sake of getting rid of someone I could have done via putting him up initially next to Anna. SMH.

I did this move to solidify trust with Belle, maleficent and most specifically Regina. What I realize now is that I was being used (as a number) against the boys. No matter what I did, Regina still mistrusts me and wants me out... eventually.

Some facts are: Hook/Hatter and Pan were not as close as we all thought. Hook and hatter are, but I think I may have legitimately infiltrated that camp as a 3rd member. I gave them just enough info that they see I could have went after them this week, but did not. While I don't necessarily trust them, there is no one left for them to be "side allying" with lol.

So this where I stand. I have to stick with a group of girls I no longer trust (Belle/Maleficent/Regina) or try and make a new alliance of Me, Red, Hook, Hatter and Mulan to run everyone out of the house.

I feel like I can trust Mulan now, as I walked her though this whole eviction (after she calmed down) and told her she was always a pawn and in the end broke the tie to keep her. She may not forget, but for now she has no reason to think I wanted her out.

I PM'd Pan thanking him for being so pro about the nom (not attacking me or rubbing his veto win in my face). Truth is, I really do respect that alot. It shows maturity on a level I don't think I am at yet Razz He replied saying he doesn't necessarily want to go against me or the 8. Idk if I believe him, but he is currently DECIMATING the HOH so I can only hope.

As of right now, if he wins HOH, I am going to try and form the super group of Red, Me, Hook, Hatter, Mulan. Have tink on the side, as she has said how much she thinks Regina is a threat, and try a tactic to get Regina out this round.

It is a long shot, but there is little difference between being the 1st one in Jury and the last. 1 more round to go and there is no more playing it kinda safe. Pan will win this HOH, and my only hope is to get him to go after Regina... so I will be breaking Jiminy's cardinal rule and lying my wings off.

Should be an interesting round. I will either get the boot, or secure my place deep deep deep into this game.

Hatter hears someone outside the room. He decides to investigate. In the hall, he sees Red pretending she wasn't trying to listen in.

With such a challenge, who would put in the time and come out with the title? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies Empty Re: Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies

Post by Red Riding Hood on Tue 5 Jan - 21:49:07

Good episode, Em.

** you didn't use my dr though, sphincter. It was amazeballs. <3

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Post by Genie on Tue 5 Jan - 22:06:19

Boo at me leaving last round. And yeah, my advantage came a little late. I ended up not using it because I couldn't trust anyone enough.

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Your many DR's for this round speak of the HOH winner so I have to wait and post them in the next episode. Calm your KATHY'S BOOBS sphincter <3
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Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies Empty Re: Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies

Post by Emma Swan on Wed 6 Jan - 13:43:32

Lol to ti ts being auto corrected to my boobs. Nat <3
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Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies Empty Re: Episode #24 - Secrets and Lies

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