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Episode #23 - I Was Told Empty Episode #23 - I Was Told

Post by Emma Swan on Sat 2 Jan - 23:47:45

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #23 - I Was Told

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, we were left on a cliffhanger for the winter break. Who won the veto and would it be used to make an impact on this week?

Episode #23 - I Was Told Tumblr_inline_nzbe0mODXE1rzu3i1_500


The veto winner was about to be announced, everyone was on their toes.

Neal Cassidy :The answer is too cold. There are 31,536,000 seconds in a year. Peter Pan's answer is not correct, but Jiminy's isn't either and he answered first. Which means,

Congratulations, Peter Pan! You have won the Power of Veto! Let us know what you want to do with it on this thread.

Mulan: "Well done Peter."

Peter Pan: "use it on myslef"

Neal Cassidy: "Jiminy, one of your nominations has been removed from the block. You must name a replacement nominee. Please do so tonight."

Captain Hook: "Good job, Pan!"

Mulan: "
Peter Pan wrote:use it on Mulan

Aww Smile."

Peter Pan: "If I had two of them, I would"

Mulan: "Thanks. I'll sit and wait now."

Maleficent: "Good job peter"

Genie: "congrats, peter"

Regina Mills: "Good job Peter!"

Belle French: "Good job Peter."

Everyone was now nervous. Jiminy's pre veto nominations had broken the chemistry with the crazy eight alliance, who knows what was about to happen now with a replacement nomination. Hatter and Hook felt nothing but stress.

The Mad Hatter: "But apparently he said he trusts me, but heard my name even and if so, that's supremely false and makes me upset, because I never betrayed our group of 8... "

Captain Hook: "I haven't heard your name. Just Pan, Mulan, and Genie. After talking with Jiminy, I think we are good this round."

The Mad Hatter: "Oh good. Yeah, he said he likes me a lot and (he and I are on good terms), but I think it's starting to sound like Genie might just be stirring up trouble, because maybe we all talk to him cordially, and he went telling Jiminy that we all made "deals" with him or something. I mean, the outsiders have to do something to infiltrate and it sounds like they're getting their way with those nominations. But I know I didn't make any side "deals", and I really trust you, so we better not be going up!"

Captain Hook: "I know. He takes too long to make up his mind and that makes me nervous. lol"

The Mad Hatter: "Me too. He said he kind of pitched the idea to put me up to people and you were the only one to say it's not a good idea, so I really appreciate that Hook. Very Happy

Then, it makes me nervous that I'm seemingly that expendable to so many other people. Sad Anyway, he's taking forever and a day to post his re-nom, so I'm going to go eat dinner. Talk to you later Hook! "

Captain Hook: "To be honest, I think Pan sold us out. When I talked to people last night, they would say how they thought me, you, and Pan were close. I told them that wasn't true though. lol I don't see how they just came up with this on their own. I think Pan told someone about the private room we had.

Enjoy your dinner. Smile We can talk later."

The Mad Hatter: "That's pretty frustrating and just might be the case then. Sad Because Jiminy hearing that I made "side deals" is simply not true... I barely talk to anyone outside of our 8 and usually it's a "save me" PM lol or someone asking how the vote's going.

Pan might've told someone about us. I've never mentioned our room to anyone this game and I know you wouldn't. So that's definitely frustrating. "

Captain Hook: "I thought we could trust Pan, but when he admitted to his side deals and how he didn't trust that alliance, that just rubbed me the wrong way. I don't get why he didn't trust us. Everything was going great and we were taking out that other group one by one. Of course someone had to screw it up.

I really think we are good with Jiminy. I have been talking with him and he is saying how he trusts you 100%."

The Mad Hatter: "I thought so too, but he hardly talks to me one-on-one, so I guess he's finding other people instead."

Episode #23 - I Was Told Disney-gif-haters-left

Hatter sees Pan in the kitchen.

The Mad Hatter: "So Jiminy told me that he heard my name as well somewhat and that's supremely false, so I'm wondering who infiltrated and is getting in people's heads, because I sure as hell never went outside of our 8 except to be cordial to people. Sad Glad you won veto though Pan!"

Peter Pan: "I think he's making stuff up so that he has an excuse to nominate people from our 8"

The Mad Hatter: "Maybe. Sad I have no idea what's happening. I know I sure as hell didn't make any other deals. I talk cordially to the outsiders, but I have loyalty just to our 8, so I was very confused by this as well. I'm sorry you got nominated."

Peter Pan: "Its all good, its a game. Thank you though!

I hope Jiminy doesn't make you the replacement nominee."

The Mad Hatter: "Thanks Pan. Ex-communication sounds so harsh though"

They both finish up making a sandwich and part ways. Mulan who was nearby intercepts Hatter.

Mulan: "Did you tell Jiminy I was making deals? I'm confused as I haven't."

The Mad Hatter: "No! I was just going to get online today to talk to you. The only time he and I ever talked about you was in regards to the weird final 4 thing that Henry came up with. But never once did we ever say something negative about you. And same goes for Pan as well. I haven't heard any negative things about him either. I trust you in this game and I wanted you to know that it was not me who spoke ill of you. I assure you of that."

Mulan: "I thought not Hatter Smile. Sorry I wasn't trying to say you did.

Lol I don't mind now. I still trust most of the alliance and feel maybe someone just said my name so they were safe I guess lol. What happens now that Peter won? Jiminy said I was a pawn but.... If Peter wins what happens."

The Mad Hatter: "I don't know. Sad Now Jiminy said that he trusts me and won't put me up, but that he heard I made side "deals" too, which is NOT the case. I'm just cordial to those outside our 8... So I hope he puts up Genie or something because I think the outsiders are trying to infiltrate our alliance and whatever they're doing is working, because they got Jiminy to put you guys up. Sad I want you in this game Mulan because I really like you, so I sure as hell hope someone outside our 8 goes up. They need to go home, not you."

Mulan: "He said someone said I was very close to Peter. Strange as I never spoke to him unless in that room.

Agreed, I'm hoping that person who was giving Jiminy false info goes up."

The Mad Hatter: "Wow... Yeah, the info about me is definitely false, so I think there's something fishy there."

Mulan: "Yes. Someone is really trying to get their way.

Can you try get who it is? Any ideas?

Jiminy said people are PMing him and I see Genie on."

The Mad Hatter: "I only see our group on right now. I think he's putting up Genie too, but I can't be sure til he actually does it."

In another room, Maleficent's Crows were gathered round to talk about the replacement. Regina, Belle and Maleficent all sat on Jiminy's HOH bed trying to make sure they were safe.

Regina Mills: "so whats the plan now?"

Episode #23 - I Was Told Tumblr_mqxyhno17f1rdpmczo1_500

Belle French: "Jiminy's considering putting up Genie and having Mulan leave because he thinks Pan isn't as close to Hook and Hatter as first thought. I don't know though."

Jiminy Cricket: "I don't know either. I truly need your honest thoughts on what to do ladies.

I want Genie up and Mulan out. going forward, I am the #1 target of Peter. Keeping Mulan is keeping a strong player who also wants me out now.

Genie is a joke so far, so him being mad at me is not something I am worried about.

Input ladies, please."

Maleficent: "That would probaly be the best way to go. Anna would probaly vote mulan not sure about wvwruone else"

Regina Mills: "Is there a risk of Genie possibly leaving over Mulan? Genie is lol but so irrelevant so I could see him being evicted if the votes are there to save her."

Jiminy Cricket: "All we need is 5.

Regina, Belle, Red, Maleficent and Anna said she thought Mulan was the biggest threat.

That is all we need. But I want to make sure it is what you ladies would be ok with.

I want to do what is best for my safety next week, but also what is good for our group in the following weeks."

Belle French: "I'd be okay with it."

Jiminy Cricket: "Ok, then I am going to go with Genie as the replacement as of this second.

I want to wait on Red and Maleficent's official blessing."

Belle French: "I'm just a little afraid that Anna might not actually follow through, she's a wildcard. I'd hate to have wasted this week on Genie."

Jiminy Cricket: "So you think I should nom hatter?"

Maleficent: "I am fine with whoever you nominate"

Jiminy Cricket: "Ok, I am not going to hold the show up anymore. If you ladies wanted a specific name, I would have been open to it if it was what you all wanted. I just put out there what I wanted, and wanted feedback. I hope you all are truly ok with this.

This is a move that helps me live next week when peter and who knows who else decides to come after me. "

It was now time for Jiminy to make his replacement nomination.

Episode #23 - I Was Told Disney-party

Jiminy Cricket: "I choose Genie as the replacement."

Genie: "is there any reason why i am up?"

Jiminy Cricket: "Mostly because Pan won veto."

Genie: "well, that reason will work for anyone. but why do you choose me as a replacement?"

The nominations are set in stone

Episode #23 - I Was Told 30hsWWg68Ta9vxL0aSI22p6si0SLXJ7nEW4EdLwjzhmFKE2BcfKPEOkhoBQ68DSwj3uAA1V1ZlS0H6MOlmxnXCBG6cDg9Jj1MYMAm9_hajbk6vCJW_wV8Dn2a-HwoSxVuUgcycUIjDXyrGc3GbE2Tql0JRnCwHDbzRg9nWEevjvVww=w426-h319-p

Mulan & Genie you are both nominated for eviction tonight. Your peers now have until 7:00 p.m. EST tomorrow Friday to vote for one of you to be evicted in their Diary Room.

Jiminy Cricket: "To be honest, because you sketch me out."

Genie: "oh ok. can u give me an example how i sketch you out? i will love to know and sorry if i didn't realise it"

*crickets* no pun intended.

Genie: "I guess I'm being ignored. and i thought we were good when we were conversing yesterday throughout."

Mulan: "I would love to stay in the game, I was put up on not true talk by someone who told Jiminy. Thank you."

The houseguests had the night to ponder over their vote, but in the morning, someone would be on their way out of Storybrooke.

Genie: "i would hope to ask u to save me but i heard you are part of a big alliance. kinda disappointed since you were the very first person i messaged and hoped to work with. but i guess it makes sense since we didn't have much interaction. anyway, good luck and i would appreciate if you allow me to stay. but not hoping for much since your apparent alliance member is up beside me haha"

Regina Mills: "well my big and powerful alliance is targeting Mulan as far as I know but if you want me to vote you out I will Rolling Eyes

You've been very quiet though I'm not sure if it's because you're busy IRL or something. You're not going anywhere this round as far as I'm concerned. Tonight some people in this game have been insufferable so I'm not in a very good mood so I apologize if that message comes across as bitchy."

Genie: "i was told mulan is part of your alliance so now i'm confused that the alliance is targeting mulan. and no worries, we all have our down days. i wasn't asking to be voted out, i was assuming you would evict me because i was told mulan will be out. anyway, i didn't talk too much cos i thought you didn't really reply me. so i didn't want to be like that person who keeps bugging someone. anyway, if you prefer me to leave you alone for tonight, i will. i understand how hard is to get cooped up. i live in a lamp, so i know."

Regina Mills: "Jiminy told me he put you up because he thinks you have a better shot at staying than everyone else. Jiminy is on some kind of power trip this round and wanted to make a "big move". Whatever.

I'll vote to keep you. I am close to Mulan, but she is a big threat."

Genie: "i'm not sure what is jiminy doing since we barely talk. i'm just a bit confused at everything. he was messaging me and asking me if i will not put him up if i win hoh because he think he will be targeted. and then he proceeded to put me up. so i'm just a bit wary now"

Regina excuses herself from Genie's bed and leave. At that same moment, Hatter comes in the room to get some shut eye.

Genie: "i was told that you were actually in one big alliance with didn't includes me. thanks anyway for talking to me. i'm not sure how much of that is strategy but i do appreciate it. i would hope for you to not cast for me but apparently since your alliance member is next to me, i have little hopes of that. thanks mad hatter and too bad, i might not be around to see that turban of yours to promise me. but seeing your alliance member jiminy ask me to save him if i was hoh next time but proceeded to put me up as a replacement nom, i should know better about putting up hopes, haha"

The Mad Hatter: "Aw Sad I have no idea honestly how this vote is going to go, but it will most likely be you, I'm afraid. I wanted someone else up in your place, so I'm sorry you're up there. Sad I enjoyed talking to you and never wanted you to go. I talked to you because I wanted to and because you are really nice. Smile

And, I'll work on that turban. I will try to get it to you later tonight or tomorrow. Nothing fancy, but I did want you to get it! I will be pulling for you to stay though Genie and working on your turban of course!"

Genie: "Even though you are pulling for me to stay, you are still voting to evict me right? haha"

The Mad Hatter: "No, I mean, I'll try to keep you from going home. Pulling for you to stay and not get votes."

Genie: "alrite. hopefully, that would be the case. thanks"

Hatter goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth before bed. He sees Mulan in there who just got out of the shower.

Mulan: "Hopefully I've got your vote to stay Hatter?"

The Mad Hatter: "I plan on it, but just so you know, I have no clue how the majority is going. I keep hearing conflicting things. Sad But I want you to stay!"

Mulan: "If you , Regina, Red and Mal vote to keep me then I should be safe. I asked Tinker bell and she too said she would."

The Mad Hatter: "Aw Tink! That's great."

Meanwhile Belle, Red, Regina and Maleficent sit in the backyard for a cup of tea before bed.

Episode #23 - I Was Told Giphy

Maleficent: "Okay im starting to second guess this eviction. Maybe its my paranoia but I think genie right now is a bigger threat. I javent voted yet how do you ladies feel."

Red Riding Hood: "I agree with you Mel. Unfortunately, the numbers just aren't on our side. I think we could have controlled Mulan way more than genie."

Belle French: "We could have, but I didn't want to be too pushy if that's not what anyone else wanted."

Belle French's Diary Room

I have no idea what we're going to do anymore. I'm stressed, I have a missing pet and I'm not sure if the alliance map I had made out in my head is even a little accurate anymore. I don't want Mulan to go because she's good on the side, but we're not technically allies so she would eventually put me up over other people. But I still think it's too early in the game before she does that, and I just promised her that I'd keep her safe this round. I assumed she would be up against one of the alpha guys so it would be a no brainer. Ugh.

Regina Mills's Diary Room

Tonight Cricket Face got on my last nerve and I wish i could tell why. Like B*ITCH it's your HOH, do whatever you want!!! Stop giving us attitude if we all just say, oh Jiminy we will support you no matter what!! BECAUSE WE WILL.

His target is Mulan even though she has done nothing wrong as far as I am concerned. If he wants to target a big threat he should be targeting Genie, who seems to be fllying so much under the radar, people would prefer to keep him over someone as harmless as Mulan. I was cool with Genie at the beginning of the game, but lately he's been acting kind of sketchy.

The next morning, everyone was asked to get out of bed and in the voting booth to cast their vote.

Eviction Ceremony #7

HOH - Jiminy Cricket
Nominees - Peter Pan and Mulan
POV - Peter Pan (Used on himself)

Post-Veto Nominees - Genie and Mulan

Episode #23 - I Was Told Tumblr_inline_n8ethdo4h61rsufew

Once Upon a time, there was 12 of you, now, there will be 10......

Anna failed to vote and because she has already failed to vote twice already, she will unfortunately be expelled from the game.

By a vote of

We have our second tie of the season.

As Head of Household, Jiminy Cricket is required to break the tie live on this thread before the next Head of Household challenge at 8. Failure will result in extreme punishment that will not be enjoyable.

Jiminy Cricket: "Lucky for everyone, this cricket is not a sadomasochist.

You will have my decision shortly."

A shocked filled the room and whispers started.

Red Riding Hood: "I was not expecting a tie at all."

Belle French: "I'm still not sure what was the best move out of those choices but good luck team."

Jiminy was not expecting this turn of event. He only had a few minutes to scramble his thoughts.

Jiminy Cricket: "Maybe it would be best to keep Mulan.

Genie could be someone flying under the radar, and holding back. He would 100% put up 2 people from the 8, while Mulan would put me up next to anna maybe.

I am so torn, but I guess maybe Genie would be better to leave????"

Regina Mills: "Hopefully one of us can win HOH next round and "finish the job", regardless of who stays this round. If Genie goes, Mulan goes next week. And vice versa."

He comes back to the living room to give his final verdict and seal the deal.

Jiminy Cricket: "Though my initial nominations were hard to do, and very thought out, this decision here is not very hard whatsoever.

I choose to evict


Mulan: "Thank you Jiminy. Wow. What a round lol.

Bye Genie."

Captain Hook: "This was a very hectic round.

Bye Genie and congrats on staying, Mulan!"

Emma Swan: "Is it safe to say now that the games have official begun?"

Regina Mills: "Another tie? O_o

Congrats Mulan and bye Genie!"

Mulan: "Thanks guys."

Tinkerbell: "congrats mulan. bye genie. but also bye to anna!"

The Mad Hatter: "Congrat's Mulan! "

Genie and Princess Anna's Reveal

Genie: I didn't see it coming when your turn came, I thought you were being lowkey and well connected without being in the giant mess of an alliance. You did try and it was a lot of fun seeing you active. You did the character justice <3.

Princess Anna: You're seriously a gem and I am always very entertained by you. Keep on keeping on girl!

Please watch here.


Nine have now bit the dust. Who would claim the Head of Household title next? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.

The Mad Hatter's Diary Room

I will be posting the completed hats here on this thread. Long overdue!

Genie's is done first.

For Genie, his turban:     Smile
Episode #23 - I Was Told FfDiuSC
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Episode #23 - I Was Told Empty Re: Episode #23 - I Was Told

Post by Emma Swan on Sat 2 Jan - 23:50:16

Eviction #7
HOH - Jiminy Cricket
Pre Veto Nominees - Peter Pan and Mulan
POV - Peter Pan
Nominees - Genie and Mulan
Evicted: Genie (4-4) (Jiminy evicts Genie in tie breaker vote)

Anna: Did not vote
Belle: Mulan
Hook: Mulan
Maleficent: Genie
Peter Pan: Mulan
Red Riding: Genie
Regina Mills: Genie
The Mad Hatter: Mulan
Tinker Bell: Genie

Princess Anna was expelled for failing to vote.

Genie was played by: mas_bond84
Princess Anna was played by: ChristinaBarrett-USA1986
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Episode #23 - I Was Told Empty Re: Episode #23 - I Was Told

Post by Jiminy Cricket on Mon 4 Jan - 1:02:44

This game is a learning experience for sure as a well written DR on my part around this time would have made things a lot less hectic seeming. Less PMs and more DRs would have been useful in these episodes.

Im just glad I accurately called that voting break down publicly at least.

What a fun game this was. bounce
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Episode #23 - I Was Told Empty Re: Episode #23 - I Was Told

Post by Emma Swan on Mon 4 Jan - 22:28:22

Neal is the DR collector, I'm not sure what your DR looks like lol. But I know there's a lot more DRs in general for episode 24. Which will commence tomorrow evening.
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Episode #23 - I Was Told Empty Re: Episode #23 - I Was Told

Post by Jiminy Cricket on Mon 4 Jan - 22:43:44

No I meant me personally. I should have actually written more DRs as this was a hectic, hectic period that could have used some 'true thoughts and intention' on my part.

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Episode #23 - I Was Told Empty Re: Episode #23 - I Was Told

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