Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who?

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Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? Empty Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who?

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 29 Nov - 22:23:15

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who?

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, Red Riding Hood won the Head of Household title and the Power of Veto which lead to us saying goodbye to the one and only Snow White. Tonight, a new Head of Household is crowned and an alliance faces adversity.

Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? Oh-no-you-didnt-grandpa-grandpa-sean-connery-you-not-demotivational-posters-1308451606


Peter Pan and Red Riding Hood were both very annoyed and very cranky, but were both trying to hide it as best they could. Production could not figure out what happened until the went through the tapes frame by frame and caught something they had missed before.


Dr.Whale: "Hey guys I thought this could be a cool alliance!"

Pinocchio: "I don't want to be a floater no more! Lol

Haven't been so social because of work latelly but after Monday, things should be back to normal.

It's a nice group, definitely unexpected. Because honestly, Dr. and Snow White are still being looked at as inactives. They could be our crews secret weapons.

I really think this could work!"

Snow White: "I'm like you Pinocchio... I've been working a lot lately! I'm showing up to the comps so I'm not sure why I'm getting a rep for being inactive..."

Dr.Whale: "I think there's people in several alliances and they all have privite rooms that's why there post count is up."

Snow White: "Anyone else gotten a PM from Red asking where their head is at?"

Dr.Whale: "I did everything I could not to get nominated we sent each other several pms last night and I am still up"

Peter Pan: "We need more people in our alliance. I know for a fact that there is an alliance of 6 people working together. The 6 people are:

Red Riding Hood

Obviously Red Riding Hood is NOT going to nominate one of those people cause she is in that alliance.

We need to bring in a few more people to counter this alliance, and maybe add these people to this group. Maybe Tinkerbell, maybe Genie ?? I dunno.

Hopefully we can win the veto, use it and try to get someone else on the block that isn't one of us."

Everyone looks at Peter with inquisitive eyes.

Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? Tumblr_mo6xnjso1U1s1k7bmo1_500

Peter Pan: "The Mad Hatter is also in that alliance. So, it is an alliance o 7, not 6."

Dr.Whale: "Genie yes he said he wanted to work with me where did u get this six person alliance from? Remember she put up princess Anna last time she could probably do that again. She says there's a back door plan she said someone is saying that I am playing both sides and I am a head a the big alliance and I want her out first
Lol I told her that people are lying to her which Is true I am not a mastermind in this at all."

Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? 5ded77fcf38e8f5d6b0f587a3affa9da


Peter Pan: "So far this alliance doesn't appear to be doing very well. Congrats on staying Dr. Whale.

I really think we should bring in some more people."

Dr.Whale: "No I am out."

Peter Pan seeing how his other attempt fell short, goes in the production room and asks them to make a special room for him, Tinkerbell, Pinocchio, Belle and Genie and to make sure no one finds out he asked to create the room. His last request was to put the name "Suicide Squad" on the inside of the door.

Belle French: "Interesting name."

Tinkerbell: "lol who made this and what's going on"

Peter Pan: "Does this mean that we are now all in an alliance? I am fine completely fine with that if so."

Tinkerbell: "I honestly have no idea."

Genie: "why are we the suicide squad? and we are in an alliance? lol. who created this?"

Belle French: "I have no idea. I figured it was one of you. Not that I'm against this room lol"

Genie: "haha, me too. i will admit i don't have much conversation. so it's nice to be included in an alliance."

Peter Pan: "I am definitely not against this room at all."

Tinkerbell: "I'm not opposed either. Nice to talk to you all"

They were all interrupted by Emma's voice on speaker.


Wooden In Time

I have a sad announcement to make. I just received word that one of your peers has died (in the context of the game) and has to be removed immediately.

Here at Big Brother Mystere, we understand life is more important but we are sad to say goodbye to


Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? Ouat-sleeping-man

Jiminy Cricket: "Poor Pinocchio.

Does this mean there is no one getting evicted this round? I would assume with how many people are still here, that is a no but I want to make sure."

Neal Cassidy: "The show will go on as normal. Pinocchio leaving has no impact on the round because he didn't vote last round anyway."

Belle French: "He looks so sad in that shot."

Genie: "RIP Pinocchio"

Regina Mills: "Bye bby"

Many left the room with a sombre look on their faces. They had to get over it and shake it off because the Head of Household challenge was literally just around the corner.

Tinkerbell: "Can yall believe Pinochhio got expelled?"

Belle French: "I see it now. That's such a sad picture. I'm glad August is back to normal in the show now."

Head of Household #6 (You're not Absolem, I'm Absolem)

Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? Tumblr_lkwkbtwila1qfueh7o1_500

"I am exactically three inches high, and it is a very good height indeed!"

I firmly believe that Absolem and the people behind this Fairytale were on Opium or some sort of crack.

Tonight, let's trip a bit and make your heads spin a little.

I will make a post on IMDb (The Games Board) at 8:10. The entire post will be emojis. You will have to decipher the message and follow the instructions it gives you. Once you're done, post a picture of Absolem on this thread to check in.

Clue: Use the first letter of each emojis name  Rolling Eyes = R

You have 5 minutes from this post to confirm in your Diary Room if you play for Head of Household or to ~Escape Storybrooke~.

Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? Tumblr_mezxvgRGaG1r8vxluo1_500


Randomly throughout the challenge, I will post on this thread. You will have 60 seconds to reply on this thread or you will be disqualified from the challenge.

Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? Tumblr_nsczm58Rz21uc5tcco1_400


- Once you have the message deciphered, please follow the instructions and post the message in your Diary Room as well.
- Spelling counts if anything is required to be spelt

Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? Tumblr_n4d7pbhL1o1txxlaqo1_250

Mulan: "What?"

Emma Swan: "In 8 minutes, go on the IMDb games board and you will see a new thread made by me with the title of this HOH. Inside, you will find a post made by me of just emojis. You have to look at the emojis and try to find their emoji name. Use the first letter of each emoji name to decipher the instructions.

So like when you want to post an emoji on IMDb that laughs, you post [laugh] and so L would be the first letter for that emoji.

While you're doing that, you also have to keep checking this thread because when I make a post, you have 60 seconds to post and check in or you're out."

Mulan: "Ah!!! Got it."

Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? Ill-slap-the-mcshit-out-of-you

Tinkerbell: "lol those gifs got us fucked up"

Emma Swan: "It was the point <3"

The challenge sounded really hard so production was shocked when they saw one of them come back with the answer so quickly.

Wow that was way faster than I ever anticipated

It actually took me 10 times longer finding all the emojis one by one lmao.

Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? 130911215451

You are the new HOH. You have 30 minutes to post your nominations.

Tinkerbell: "WAHHHHHHHHHH I can't pull a win Mad Congrats Regina!!!"

Captain Hook: "I have no idea how you got it so fast. lol but congrats lovely Regina."

Mulan: "Good work."

Jiminy Cricket: "Congratulations Regina. I bow at your feet with the quickness."

Regina Mills: "It wasn't that hard once you figured out the first two or three letters from each word Razz


Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? Thank+da+lawd+i+m+not+the+only+one+_ca8931c3b48c4739e97aa39afb65f3c3

Maleficent: "Omg. I only had like 20 found. Good job Regina"

Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? Late-to-the-party

Genie: "i thought the challenge was as 9. sad me. congrats though, regina!"

The Wolf Amongst Us

What a tender young creature! what a nice plump mouthful - she will be better to eat than the old woman. I must act craftily, so as to catch both.

Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? Little-red-riding-hood-and-the-wolf-nooo-girl-and-her-pet-dog-husky-1341089157_b

Regina Mills found herself at the head of the reigns this week as the new Head of Household. Who will she nominate and what is this wolf doing here? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? Empty Re: Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who?

Post by Red Riding Hood on Mon 30 Nov - 1:06:30

Peter Pan: "We need more people in our alliance. I know for a fact that there is an alliance of 6 people working together. The 6 people are:

Red Riding Hood

Obviously Red Riding Hood is NOT going to nominate one of those people cause she is in that alliance.

Episode #18 - Suicide Squad Who? Tumblr_inline_nylba42Vok1suazcy_500

Oh the hypocrisy! *eye roll*
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