Happy Dance Update Time!!!

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Happy Dance Update Time!!!

Post by The Mad Hatter on Wed 23 Sep - 3:13:18

So, it is 12:43 a.m. as I start this, and I'm all alone on the site right now. Time to update!!! *LONG ASS POST AHEAD!!!*

Firstly, *happy dance* at Hook winning HOH. Can you say beast?! In a guilty way, I'm happy that Belle won veto so that he had to nominate Red in her place.

Two reasons for this:
1) It *potentially* (and I use that word loosely), could cause a rift between Red and Hook, which if push comes to shove, can save me if I don't win HOH Thursday or Sunday and they have to decide who to keep or something. At this point, short of *maybe* if Belle gets HOH on Thursday, I really feel like I will make finals in this game. It's all about making sure it's next to Red and Hook, while making the jury think I've done the most to deserve the win...

I suggested this to Hook at 2:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon before work- see this small snippet here:
The Mad Hatter wrote:Good luck tonight Hook!

If it goes to plan and Jiminy stays, and you win HOH, if Belle or Regina win veto, then you'll have to find a replacement.

I can't advise you one way or the other on what to do in that scenario. It's really tough, and I'm having trouble thinking of the best option there. I would 100% vote out Belle or Regina that stays on the block. But you have to see what Red/Jiminy say to you. I hope I wouldn't be the replacement! Wink

My gut says to put Red up there, so they don't get any ideas again of evicting Jiminy, but that's just a gut feeling... And hopefully noms stay the same and that's not an issue.

Anyway, talk to you later Hook! pirat
To which he responded:
Captain Hook wrote:Thanks! Smile

I would never put you up as the replacement. It would for sure be Red or Jiminy. I would rather put Red up, but I am worried that she would be mad with us and I don't want her to turn on us. Maybe I could say that I was afraid to put up Jiminy because he would get suspicious that we were working together.
Great minds think alike. I was thinking the same thing, but I'll have it be known that I did suggest the Red thing. But then again, maybe Hook/Jiminy have a truer final 2? That I don't know. Razz

I then said:
The Mad Hatter wrote:I know exactly what you mean about Red but it's a good cover to tell her so she's not suspicious. To say we don't want Jiminy knowing about our final 3 agreement....

His reasoning to Red about Jiminy getting paranoid if he puts him up is very true. But the main thing was, we didn't want the girls swaying Red potentially into keeping Regina over Jiminy, so I'm glad Red was the replacement nominee. And Hook's explanation to her was FANTASTIC. Omgosh, I was so happy when I saw how he worded it to her. At this point, Hook and I have Red thinking we're in a final 3 with her and having Jiminy think we're in a final 3 with him.

2) The second reason I'm glad Hook had to renom with Red was that it puts Jiminy in a very comfortable spot. I want him thinking he's as safe as a bug in a rug. Wink

Here's my hopes going forward:
I kind of hope that I'll win HOH Thursday to take Jiminy out. That's my plan. I'll probably do either:
  • Put Jiminy and Belle on the block (and say to Jiminy that I don't want Red getting suspicious of our final 3 deal, and since she was the pawn against Regina, it's only fair it's his turn). If I win HOH Thursday, that's what I'm probably going to do.

  • Ideally then, Hook, myself, or Red wins veto and noms stay the same. Then Hook/Red are the votes and we send Jiminy home. Then I would be the HOH to do it, but not actually have to make the vote... If that makes sense. Idk if that makes the jury happy with me or more with Red/Hook for actually voting? So I'd have to think about it and maybe talk with Hook as well.

  • Maybe instead, I could nominate Hook/Belle (to thwart suspicion of Hook and I being in a final 2), and then if Red, Hook, or myself wins veto (or even Belle), then Jiminy goes up as a replacement and then we can send him packing... I'd have to talk to Hook about this because I know he wouldn't just want to go up on the block easily. But at this point, everyone plays veto all the time, so it's really always up to the veto win anyway in these situations...

Like, if two nominees go up, and a third wins veto and uses it, then the 4th and final person goes up as default anyway, so the way I see it, Hook and I for sure have 2/5 chance of winning veto and saving him regardless if he's on the block from the get-go or not... Maybe the pitch can be to Red and Hook that by Hook going on the block next to Belle, it makes Jiminy feel more comfortable going into the veto, and then we have a 4/5 shot of someone winning veto to take Hook (or Belle) down and replace with Jiminy... At that point though, if Belle comes down- I just thought of this- then Jiminy would go up next to Hook and Belle/Red would be the voters and that would be putting a lot of trust in Red to keep Hook over Jiminy...

But I don't see why she wouldn't? Jiminy is a way bigger jury threat than Hook at this point. Just my opinion.

The last thought I have is this:
What if Belle/Red/Hook/myself makes final 4... Then final HOH, if Belle wins, she'll put up me and Hook for sure.

If Hook or I win veto, then we're going to be the sole vote and send Red packing (I would think).

But if Belle or Red wins veto, then who would Red keep then? Me or Hook....?

That's something I need to think about. I need to butter up to her majorly then... Or if Red wins HOH, she'd put up whomever (doesn't matter really, the veto winner does). If Belle wins veto, out of Hook and I, who would she save?! I need to talk to her more too in the upcoming days. I might let her in on the Jiminy plan if I win HOH on Thursday. I know Hook can't play, so either me, Jiminy, Red, or Belle will win HOH... God, I hope she doesn't win it! But then again, the hope there is that Jiminy gets sent packing anyway, just by Belle's hand instead of mine. Which could actually work I guess? If say, Red and I are the votes against Jiminy, then that gives me something to add to my resume for the jury- that I helped vote him out... So much to think about! I can't decide if I want the HOH win on Thursday. lol. Cuz I think I'm safe with Jiminy winning. And if Belle wins she'll target Jiminy too I think (I would hope anyway)... So I still think I'm feeling good right now about this game. If I had to do odds, I'd say, I have like, a 75% chance of making final 3 at this point, with 5 of us left in the game.

It's why I wanted Tink gone over Jiminy.... Jiminy's loyalty is a 1,000x stronger than Tink's could or would've ever been. Plus, with him in, that keeps a shield over me still. Imagine if Jiminy were gone, then the only *real* targets for Belle and Tink, would be Hook and myself. And Red might've kept us safe, but Idk... With Jiminy still here, I'm safe if he wins HOH and I'm safe if Belle wins HOH too (I think anyway Razz). Red's still a wildcard. Has she even won an HOH since early on? I don't think so... I would love to keep it that way if possible... Hook has won now twice I think? And I've won HOH and veto at least once, maybe twice? Probably just once... I need to check that. Anyway, Hook and I have won two comps, with Red winning one. If they're going to be in the finals with me, I need to win at least two more comps (ideally that veto at final 4 would be nice), so I can send Belle (or Jiminy) packing then, giving me one more thing to add in my resume for the jury.

So glad I get to compete Thursday! Very Happy I switched stuff around at work, so I'm working the day instead. Smile Plus, Grey's Anatomy is on Thursday night and I'll end up watching that at like, 10 or 11 p.m. Very Happy

Actually, thinking about it though, I'd rather win veto on Thursday and not HOH, because then I can compete for the final HOH on Sunday. hehe Wink But trusting Belle or Red as HOH on Thursday still makes me nervous, and if Jiminy wins HOH, then he can't be voted out, so... I'll fight regardless. I think Hook won the perfect HOH, because he'll still be eligible for Sunday's HOH either way and I think that's the one the jury would love to see someone win. So maybe Belle winning HOH on Thursday wouldn't be so bad? It'd be the veto that matters then for me I think... So much damn thinking!

Another thing to discuss on:
People thinking that Hook and I have a final 2 agreement. Ok, firstly, I hope that we've done enough positive control with Red and with Jiminy separately that both individuals think that Hook and I are as equally tight with them as we are with each other... That's the key there. I also get the feeling that Jiminy thinks that we're like, super duper tight with him over Red. And the way Hook and I have been talking to Red, she should be feeling the same way in regards to our feelings about her. Secondly, the jury may then view Hook and I as more of a unit, and in that case, I think that actually helps me with votes at the end (as I'll explain below).

Ok, members of the jury:
Mal- She's talked to me pretty frequently enough in PMs. I think she'll respect whomever answers jury questions the best (but, she was tight with Red I think, so she may sway towards Red for the vote).
Genie- Loved me. I don't know that he even talked to Red and Hook? So that could work favors for me in getting his vote.
Mulan- NO IDEA. lol Seriously, she barely was on towards the end. She may respect Red for voting her out as she apparently asked her to do. SMH. Anyway, other than that, her and I talked early on. And she may or may not have believed I was a vote to keep her that first round she was up. Idk if my screenshot worked. She may just rely on jury answers to decide her vote...
Tink- She liked me- we talked in PMs quite frequently. She barely talked to Hook (and she said as such), so I think her vote would come down to Red vs. me and I think she'd sway towards me? But then again, she might be burned that I lied to her and didn't keep her. Anyway, I think with the right answers, I'd have her vote.
Pan- Don't think he'd vote for Red, unless she pulls out like, 2 or 3 wins or something coming up. lol He was tight with Hook and myself, so I think it comes down to that and our answers to his question.
Regina- I think she'll respect good answers as well. I don't think she'll lean any sort of way with the 3 of us, but her and I did chat and Idk how much she talked to the other 2... Scratch that, I know she talked to Hook earlier in the game. Idk about more recently.
Jiminy- He'd vote either Hook or myself (unless he's the bitter type). It's all about how we handle his eviction I think. Anyway, he's always had a soft spot for me, because (as he said a few times in PMs to me, before we got our room), he loves that I "pulled" him into the Crazy 8's room and included him in something. He and I have conspired and thought out stuff since even before his first HOH, when crazy, foul-mouthed Henry tried to create a final 4 with me, Jiminy, him, and Mulan. HAHA. Anyway, Jiminy and I go way back in that regard, and I'm super, duper hoping that he'd pick me over Hook for the win, but I think that could go either way depending on our answers and how we handle his eviction.
Belle- She's a major wildcard. I get the feeling that she doesn't talk much to ANYBODY, so she may decide her vote based on the finalist's answers as well. But I will try talking to her more in the upcoming days, because I do want her to feel some sort of connection to me before she's sent to the jury house. Razz

Another pitch I'll make to the jury is about the hats. jocolor Multiple people have told me they thought I was just doing it to gain social favor and that they were concerned I had a really good social game, yada yada. Um, that's why I did it! And to be silly of course! Wink But in all seriousness, it's how I got a feel for everyone early on in the game, and it's how it helped me decide who was biting and who wasn't taking the bait when I sent out my hello PMs and asking people what hat colors they wanted and so on. For example: Henry- he was odd and didn't really respond much. Neither did Mr. Whale or Belle, or Anna, or even Tink for that matter. That's why they weren't included in the original Crazy 8's room. Secondly... I will take credit for making that Crazy 8's room too... You know what? I'll post that in a different update thread. I want all that info in one place anyway, but I was mostly responsible for getting that room together, as well as the one for Pan/Hook/myself, and me/Hook/Red. Jiminy came up with the room for he, Hook, and I, as well as "The Kingdom" room. I will post proofs of that on another thread, because I think that could potentially come up later during the jury phase.

Ok, rambling over. Sorry about that and kind of hoping nobody wastes time reading over all this later. Razz This is just proof for later and reference for myself, that I *did* think things through and didn't just fly through this game without thinking. Razz

I had a late dinner while making this post and looked some things up in the forum, but damn I talked a lot. Omgosh. Sorry! Anyway, love and goodnight! I love you
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