Time to make a big move y'all

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Time to make a big move y'all

Post by Red Riding Hood on Wed 9 Sep - 22:54:12

I was not expecting a tie... Those sneaky sneaky people. It was interesting to see Regina not being able to play the middle with that vote... She picked a clear side and it's hysterical. I know she's probably pissed.

Also, pan is shady like I said. He's sitting here in the crazy eight alliance saying "congrats Jiminy". He won't be happy for long. When I'm done with my little crows... They'll be picking at pan's lifeless body as he tries to fly on out of that door.

I didn't show up for HOH today, but I will make sure my targets are on that block. Pans sketchy ass (who I wanted to backdoor but could not) and mulan's sketchy ass need to go ASAP... And the great part is I don't have to do it. Smile

Though I am concerned for Jiminy, I know that at the end of the day I'll be a bigger target than him, so he's good. I'm very proud of him and I'm glad he finally is in power. Go jiminy! <3

Btw... If Jiminy is Neil (though doubtful... Highly) just hand me the rope and ceiling right now...

I kinda think Jiminy maybe someone I don't know or either Javi... Idk...
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