Time for an update!

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Time for an update!

Post by The Mad Hatter on Fri 18 Sep - 10:53:40

Soooo sorry I haven't updated my D.R. in forever. Sorry this post will be long, obviously. Razz

Ok, here goes:
I loosely have a final 3 with Pan/Hook.
I also loosely have a final 3 with Hook/Jiminy.

I've been getting along well with Tink too.

The only person I literally don't talk to is Belle.

Before Mal left, she offered me via PM, a final 4 deal with herself and her "already" final 3. I asked who? She said her, Belle, and Red.

That made me really nervous about Red's involvement. I finally asked Red yesterday about it. Here's what she had to say:
Red Riding Hood wrote:Yeah I was. I was pulled into it, so I couldn't decline, but that's irrelevant I suppose. Anyway, with the girls, you have to tell them exactly what they want to hear or they cut you off from information completely and therefore, I can help the Kingdom.

Being that I voted Maleficent out, I know that they hate me (game wise), but it is what it is. I chose you guys, because you, hook, Jiminy, and Peter have shown (in ways that they can't) that I can trust you and that you guys actually want to stick to our core alliance. It's a shame that the veto was used, and I would have preferred if the noms stayed the same, but... it's out of my hands.

Maleficent never told me she mentioned that to you, but if she did I would have clarified it right then and there (like I always do). I had no intention of sticking with them at all, it was just something that I didn't really have much control over, but when I had to make a "choice" (though I don't know if you could call it that, as I've always been loyal to those in the crazy eights) it was obvious... and I went with you guys. Hope that helps...

Red Riding Hood wrote:Yeah, I actually thought I told you about that, but realized I didn't (I mentioned a different room, almost the same one basically since Belle doesn't talk). Sorry about that, and thanks for asking. I'd rather you call me out on it and ask me than get nervous.

Belle doesn't talk much to anyone, if we're being honest... Just look at her Posting Quota.

I'm not happy about noms changing either. I really wanted to stick with the group (so, not too thrilled with potentially Pan going up), but I respect Jiminy's decision nonetheless, and hope the rest of us will stick together.

Red Riding Hood wrote:This kinda sucks if we're being honest. I really don't want to see Pan go.

So it gave me the idea of possibly trying to keep Pan in the game.

I know Hook and I told Jiminy that we'd follow his plans, HOWEVER, for Hook and my game, it's probably best to keep Pan around. I don't see Pan coming after us in the forseeable future. PLUS, I know for a fact that Regina/Mal/Belle were close when Regina first got evicted, so hearing that Mal/Belle/Red had a final 3, makes me believe that *possibly* Belle/Regina/Red have something going on now.

I messaged Tink about what her plans for the vote were and she said she promised Belle pre-renoms that she'd keep her. So now I'm like, even more paranoid about an all-girls alliance that I'm not a part of.

I pitched to Regina the idea that look, I don't think Pan is after you. Jiminy has nominated him TWICE now with the intent to get him out, so I don't see Pan coming after Regina. I told her this. We'll see what she responds. Hook, Red, and I are willing to keep Pan around if we can get one more vote. It has to be 4 votes to avoid a tie and Jiminy sending Pan packing...

Jiminy's thinking is that Pan is out to get him, blah blah. But thing is, here's the kicker:
Belle TOLD Jiminy that she knows about our big "Kingdom" room with me, Mulan, Hook, Pan, Red, and Jiminy. She told him that Pan told her about the room, with specific names and everything. Now, it's very plausible that he did, HOWEVER, that move on his part doesn't hurt my game (in my opinion)- it only creates more chaos aimed away from me and onto him and Jiminy I think. Jiminy for being so gung-ho about the room, and Pan for potentially spilling the beans about it.

Then, when Mal was evicted, she got two votes to keep her. There were 6 voters:
me, Mulan, Red, Belle, Jiminy, and Pan. I see no reason why Pan would keep Mal. I imagine one was from Belle, but it's the other vote that has me stumped. I know how Jiminy and I voted. So that leaves Mulan and Red. It's plausible that Red's "final 3" whatever with Mal was legit, HOWEVER, Red knew that she wouldn't have the votes to keep Mal, so my gut is telling me that Mulan kept Mal (for who knows what reason). But thing is, the night before the vote, Pan said this to me and Hook:

Peter Pan wrote:I am completely fine with Maleficent going, but I meant why not vote out Tink now (as in this round) while we have the chance.  

If Jiminy is going to turn on his alliances so quick, then why should we take out threats to him (Belle) and keep people who could potentially work with him (Tink).  'Ya know what I mean?

But really, I am fine with either one.  I just don't know where Tink stands.  She mighe be someone who would nominate one of us on behalf of Jiminy, and that would suck.

But the votes probably aren't there to take out Tink this round; I was just thinking out loud.

It was odd that he wanted to *keep* Mal in (his prior post said keep Belle in until we reminded him that she won veto) lol. Anyway, he wanted to evict Tink instead so we'd have someone around to target Jiminy later.

So either, he is/was working with Belle and did sell out the "Kingdom" alliance OR he really did like the idea of evicting Tink since he doesn't have a hold on her or whatever.

I'm messaging Tink now about keeping Pan. She decided to be straight-forward and just sent me this:
Tinker Bell wrote:Hatter, I want to be straight up with you so that if there is any discussion to be had, we can have it (as opposed to beating around the bush).

I feel like there's a boy's club and a girl's club in this game, and I think that originates from the crazy 8.  I was never included in any of that.  I don't know why I wasn't one of the lucky chosen few, but that's how it played out, and I can't be mad about that.

That said, I think it's in MY best interest to vote out Pan at this point.  I think he's more loyal to the boys than he ever will be to me.  In the same way the other girls will probably be more loyal to each other than to me, as well.  I just think Pan has a great shot to win this game, and I came here to win just like everybody else.

That's honestly where my head is at.  I trust you, so I hope that's not misplaced.  But tell me if I'm wrong about all this, Hatter.

First of all, I love her language sometimes. haha Like, she feels the need to repeat my name often in her messages to me, as if I have no idea who I am. lol

Anyway, here's what I sent back to her, and I hope it might possibly change her mind. *fingers crossed*
The Mad Hatter wrote:I greatly appreciate your response. You have no idea. Smile My opinion about this game is that there's a girls club that I'm not a part of, but I don't feel a strong allegiance to guys only. I really like you, Red, and Mulan a lot. My problem lies with Belle/Regina being a unit that I'm 100% sure of, with the possibility that they've pulled Red in as well (based on stuff Mal hinted at before she was evicted). I think Jiminy and Pan are at total odds with one another based on their weird as hell nominations for and against each other in the past. That's all a really confusing bit right there. Do you really think Belle is going to want to keep you around? That's what I'd consider. She's never implied as such to me and it's why I'm nervous to keep her around. I have no plans at all of ever voting you out- I want you to know that right now. I understand your reservations about the big group at the beginning of this game, but the only reason it fell into place was because of people being online and active at the start. But look where that's at now- Regina's on the outs, Mal is evicted, Mulan's been thrown up there too, Pan's been nominated twice by Jiminy. It's not a group anymore and will never be functional again. I honestly don't feel like Pan has any loyalty to any set person at this point, especially not to "the boys", since Jiminy's actively targeted him twice now. I know for a fact that Jiminy has no plans to keep Pan around long-term and it's why he keeps going after him. There are only 4 of us guys and 5 girls. That's not even and not enough for the "boys" to even really do anything. I don't have a set allegiance to Pan, but he's also shown me no reason to go after him. Belle, however, has been a part of a girl's alliance 100% that I know of- Mal told me her final 3 was with Belle and Red and that was before Regina even came back, so with Regina back again, I don't see how there isn't a new final 3 set in place there now. That's where my concern is at, whereas Pan is on the outs with Jiminy and Regina (who he sent home before). For me, it's all about keeping the balance and with keeping Pan, I feel like it evens out the field a bit and keeps people targeting each other and not looking at us.

I'm still talking to Regina as well. She said she would keep Pan, but she's still paranoid about him. And what would happen if he put Jiminy up and then Jiminy won HOH...
Regina Mills wrote:I would vote to keep him, but like I said, Pan worries me more than Belle. I mean, who is Pan going to nominate if he wins HOH next week and Jiminy somehow wins veto? I mean yea you're right, keeping Pan makes more sense for everybody since he's gunning for Jiminy now who apparently is public enemy #1 Laughing but I am too paranoid about keeping Pan too.

This is something I will definitely have to think about. :-/

If only I could get the votes to keep Pan and not have a decision made for me. I really feel in my gut that keeping Pan around helps my game more than having Belle here. Tink pointed out the glaring "girls" alliance and it's almost laughable at how predictable that is, plus how damaging that could be to my game... Pan has somewhat mock loyalty to Hook and myself and I'd like to hold onto that for a little while longer honestly...
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Re: Time for an update!

Post by The Mad Hatter on Sat 19 Sep - 21:11:46

Kind of worried- what if I win HOH, what do I do?

I'm thinking easy is to nominate Belle and Mulan- both have avoided me for over a week now.

And I have a sinking feeling that Mulan isn't loyal to me anymore, so I have no reason to protect her. I've basically told Regina/Tink/Hook/Jiminy that I won't nominate them, so I kind of have to nominate Belle and Mulan. I just hope others will understand why I didn't nominate Regina... :/

I'm so tired though- I really don't want to be on my computer anymore. Just gonna curl up and watch Friends or something whether or not I win HOH; I can't be on here much longer. Sad

I work at 6 a.m. tomorrow. :/
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Re: Time for an update!

Post by The Mad Hatter on Sun 20 Sep - 20:59:22

Quick update!

I kind of agreed to not nominate Regina or Tink, so I'm riding very heavily on this veto, for me, Red, or Hook to win it so noms can for sure stay the same. Smile I'd rather win it though, obviously. Wink
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Re: Time for an update!

Post by The Mad Hatter on Sun 20 Sep - 23:12:15

Red said that she's worried that Belle might have a power, to explain why she doesn't talk much.

I sure hope she doesn't all of a sudden keep her; that would really bother me. Sad

Ok, getting offline now. I was considering doing the "Escape to Storybrooke" option tomorrow (unless it's no longer available), but decided that giving up my vote next eviction AND not being able to play and help in the POV would be detrimental to me and my alliance. So I'll just stick around tomorrow and have a 6/7 shot of being in the veto. lol. Razz


Oh, I had pitched a F3 idea to Red about her and Hook and I. She liked it. I know we can't go to finals with Jiminy to have any sort of shot of winning. I could consider taking Tink to finals since she's done nothing this whole game that I know of. Her or Mulan. lol But we'll see how this week goes. Kind of glad I won't get to play Tuesday night, so I won't have to be the one to nominate Jiminy or Regina. haha.

Speaking of Regina- I DID NOT expect her to 100% keep noms the same. I figured most likely she would, but the fact that she did speaks volumes to me and really makes me happy. Maybe she does want to work with me after all? I had pitched that idea before and she was cordial.

Jiminy scares me more in this game than Regina does. He is so all over the place sometimes. I swear. It was honestly a relief to not have to converse with him yesterday and today... lol And knowing him, he'd get swayed by Belle's PM's and then vote to keep her. I could just see it now. Luckily he can't vote, so the worst case scenario is Red/Hook vote Belle and I do the tie breaker to send Belle packing...
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Re: Time for an update!

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