My entire game/strategy up until this point...

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My entire game/strategy up until this point... Empty My entire game/strategy up until this point...

Post by Red Riding Hood on Thu 24 Sep - 17:56:36

Everyone keeps telling me that I can't bring Jiminy to the end because he'll win. And that perception is true for now. However I'm not going to turn my back on him. I'd rather he win over me than a Hook/Hatter. He's been with me this entire game, and I cannot deny that. People think he played a great game and that's true, but there's still a lot of great game for me to play too. Smile

People don't know that I've thrown 97% of comps. People don't know that the social game I have played has made a huge impact on their decision process. Ie. Peter being a target happened because I made him a target. I told everyone he outed the alliance to Micah (which he did), then told everyone he voted for maleficent to stay (which he also did). If it weren't for that information, he wouldn't have gone.

People don't know that I've been juggling between both sides and even though they kinda know that... They STILL trust me with information... Valuable information to use against them. How do I know this is true? Well... If they knew how close Jiminy and myself were... They wouldn't be telling him that I'm "wishy washy" and they wouldn't be telling me that they distrust him. You can't even argue that they're playing the game the same way I am because I tell both sides the same information... And just frame it differently... At the very end of the conversation I say... "They think I'm with them, so if you hear any weird things I said... It's because I'm trying to protect you." Which is BS. The only person I'm trying to protect is myself and obviously Jiminy.

People have failed to realize also that without me on multiple occasions, Jiminy would be gone and I'd be incredibly sad. For starters, Hatter/Hook wanted to backdoor Jiminy and not only was I able to talk them out of it (without much time), but they never figured out I was only doing that because he's my #1 in this game. I had to convince them it was bad for their game all the while convince Jiminy to cool it with the Peter Pan has to go nonsense. Secondly, when Regina won HOH... If I wanted him gone... He'd be gone, but I choose him, when I could have chose Tinkerbell who is the loveliest character in this game... My vote is what sealed his fate... Not the other way around.

start here hosts

As far as the hosts are concerned, I haven't really gotten into specifics about my game, so I'll happily share. Coming into my first mystery game, I knew I'd have to play extremely different or people would pick up on the fact that I'm Samantha... And when people hear that name it sends shivers down their spines.

First step, conceal my identity. I don't post on IMDB at all and when I do.... It's at s completely outrageous time, so that no one can link red and sailormoon together.

Aside from that I know that people know how good I am at comps... It's true. So I knew going into this game I had to throw as many comps as I could or else people would pick up on the fact that it's me.

Second step, build personal connections with people from the get go. That first round of dodging the block was something I thought should be extremely difficult. I knew that I needed to talk to a good amount of people (but not too many people), and hint at promises with a bit of non comital flirtin/vague wording... I'm great at that. I knew that if I could get people to think I made a deal with them without really ever doing it... I'd be golden.

Third, find two number one's....  Divide and conquer

We all know a lot of crap happens in this game, so if you have a F2 with someone, you better have another one just in case something out of your control happens to the other F2. Jiminy and Tink were that for me. Though Jiminy came first, and I connected with him on a completely different level... I also connected with Tinkerbell in a way I never imagined I would... Regardless, he was my first partner.

With the divide and conquer strategy (me with the girls) and jiminy with the boys... It allowed us to both have insight and information from opposite sides of the house and when we shared our thoughts we knew the full dynamics of the house...

Step 4, get into a powerhouse alliance.

At the beginning of the game, rooms were popping up all over the place, and I was in them. I credit this to my social game and people trusting me early on. Till this day the only room I've ever requested is the one with Jiminy and we don't even talk in it. We talk by PM. Suffice to say... I HAVE A LOT ACTIVE ROOMS... people spill information in them all the time.... So people trust me... Always have...

Step 5:  Roll With The Punches

What I mean by this is that I didn't want to win the first few HOH's... At all. I was trying to throw them without it looking suspicious... But... When Jiminy offered to let me win by giving me his sleepy, and let's be honest... I was bound to win anyway... Not only did it solidify a bond that we had, but it put me in a position of power. A position to make deals and cut the fat off of irreverent players. I figured it was a good time to win because I could target the inactives (people I knew wouldn't and couldn't come after me) all the while making sure in exchange for not putting others up.. They didn't put me up. They weren't going up anyway, but they didn't know that. Wink

Also Regina coming back was a huge setback. Now don't get me wrong, I legit adore Regina and respect her drive as a player, but her coming back put a huge wrench in my plans because it forced me to pick a side... Or so I thought... Instead, I continued playing both sides of the house and threw all comps to avoid showing people my cards. Whenever hook won it was go boys and whenever Regina/belle won it was go girls!!

Peter winning veto.
This was hugeeeee. I planted so many seeds to get him up that I did not want it to come back to me. I knew that if he won HOH he'd be out for blood. So after he won veto I told him congratulations, that I was so proud of him and explained that I didn't want him gone and said if I won HOH, I wouldn't target him... Though I did. I tried to connect with Peter on a human level and I knew that people were ignoring him, so I used it to my advantage. I did feel bad that people were treating him as if he was wearing a Scarlett A on his chest and explained to him that what he did wasn't all that bad. I told him that a lot of people were playing that way, but failed to admit it... I think that helped me tremendously, because when he won HOH I wasn't even an option.

Belle and Mulan on the block...
It was NOT suppose to happen this way... It was suppose to be Regina and belle on the block together (so that I wouldn't have to pick a side), but... That didn't happen. This was a hard vote for me because I needed to weigh my options and figure out who benefited my game the most. That was belle. I actually trusted the girls alliance way more than my hook/hatter thing, and I knew that by keeping her AND Regina... They'd target hook and hatter for me... Which led me to continue throwing challenges. If Mulan stayed I would have picked a side and I would have had to win... It just made sense...

Ie. Mulan did tell me to vote her out... That wasn't a lie.

Tinkerbell/Jiminy on the block...

This was a pivotal move for me, but one that I didn't give much thought abou as far as consequences are concerned. I knew I'd keep Jiminy, but felt awful going against the girls alliance and ultimately Tink. It's a game, however, so I won't apologize for that love. Had Regina put up hatter..: none of this would have happened, so I was pretty pissed she had her own brain. Lol

Step 6: throw comps

Throwing comps allows me to get blood on everyone else's hands, remain target free, and yet still get who I want out. The only time I failed at this is when Tinkerbell was on that clock. Had Regina waited to post Noms none of this would have happened.

At this point of the game... Everyone trusts me. Everyone is willing to take me to the finals because they think they can beat me, and rightfully so... They don't know what a powerhouse I will be in the finals. And they don't know that whenever I do decide to stop throwing comps... I'll probably kick their asses. Wink

I love how people have forgotten that I've won 2 HOH's and 1 veto. Keep sleeping people...

If you took the time to read this... Good job.
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