Sad to think this may be my last DR in the game

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Sad to think this may be my last DR in the game

Post by The Mad Hatter on Fri 25 Sep - 16:53:13


I did PM Belle a lot to try to get her vote and you'll be able to see my conversations with Red and Jiminy.

Jiminy thinks I'll win in the end (which I can't argue with- I think I'll make a great case), so I won't be getting his vote if it ties. Sad

So I'm working on Red and Belle but I can't say that I'm optimistic. I am going out to dinner in a half hour, so I won't be here for the big reveal unfortunately.

It's been a fun game. I assume we can still do DR posts from jury?

I sure hope so! Smile

It's been fun folks. If I leave, I want to say a huge thanks to Emma and Neal (Kathy and Nat) for including me in this fun game! I'm happy I made final 5. Very Happy

The big question- would I do anything differently? Yes, I would evict Jiminy when we had the chance because I don't think Tink would've strayed from me, and I also realize now how loyal Red really was. I shouldn't have worried so much about her keeping/not keeping her loyalty to Hook and myself. It was and is still there (to my knowledge). We should've evicted Jiminy and worked from there to get Belle and Regina out. Sad And just maybe, we could've looked at an easier final 3, like me, Tink, and Red? Or me, Tink, and Hook? Hmm... Sucks we didn't do that. Sad
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