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From Snow White To Emma Swan, Yesterday at 20:44:02

Colleen – heroine, hostage on island, beautiful, smart, can live off the land easily, ready for challenges, not scared of the unknown, would be ruler of a vast land – to be played by Juila Roberts
Maximus – villain, controlling, macho, able to speak to spiders and snakes, longs to be the ruler any kind of land – played by Rober Downey Junior

Maximus' "Land"
Once upon a time there was a beautiful woman named Colleen. She had been trapped on an island, but had always knew in her heart that she could rule the land that she could see so far away if she could only she could outwit the cunning Maximus who ruled the land that she wished to live on. Maximus was a lost soul who took pride in his control over animals like snakes and spiders and knew that he could use these animals against Colleen. Colleen had been curious of these small creatures but Maximus had warned her of the evil they possessed, not knowing it was he who was evil.
Colleen knew that there were ways to get off the island, but Maximus had made it very difficult to complete the challenges before her. The two best options for Colleen were to swim to a small boat that was tethered to a buoy in an inlet near her camp but run the risk of the big fish living in the water or trying to solve a riddle Maximus told her years ago when he first brought her to the island. She hoped that solving it would impress him enough that he would come to the island so Colleen would defeat him and take his land.
Colleen wrote down the riddle and she read it again even though she remembered all the words: A farmer had twenty cows. Twenty eight chicken. How many didn’t? This had stumped her but she started to think of different ways she could write the words. Many of the words couldn’t mean anything else except for eight… Eight = ate… Ate chicken? ATE CHICKEN! How simple is that? Ten!!! She finally solved the riddle.
Colleen started making all kinds of signs around the island all referring to the number ten. Maximus eventually saw these signs and was amused. He thought Colleen was thinking that he was a “10” and was lusting after him. He came to the island ready to be romanced by the woman he had held on the island after learning that she was the rightful heir to the land that he had stolen. Maximus swept down from the gangplank and with one swift blindside, Colleen chopped off his head and guided his boat back to the mainland. She was greeted by all the snakes and spiders waiting for Maximus. She was no longer scared, found friends among the creatures and they all lived happily ever after! The end.
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