Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best

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Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best Empty Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 13 Mar - 22:04:56

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, Crap had really hit the fan with this latest blindside. Hatter and Hook had everything to lose.

Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best B7N1A0lIgAEhwV_


Let's find out who won the Power of Veto

Red Riding Hood's Diary Room

I don't get it. WHY DO THEY TRUST ME????? They shouldn't. OMG... This is so bad.... But it's hilarious.

Hmmm wondering if I should try or not.... Can I get some DR interference up in here??

If I win it and don't use it, whoever stays will know for sure I'm working with Jiminy, and will target me if they win next time... If I "lose" whoever stays will want to work with me, and won't put me up... it's kind of a win win... Why did I ever resort to winning comps in my previous games? Throwing comps is so much better!l

Time for the Winner

Jiminy Cricket, you had a cool score of 126, but I noticed something

KJ Idol 19 - Dynamic Duets ***Winner: Straightloonz & XCindyLennoxFanAlwaysX***
Mas Idol 4 ***Winner: Marquis_Aurelius***
Kyogre's 80s Nation IDOL ***Winner:XCindyLennoxFanAlwaysX***
Survivor IMDb 59: Tiber Island ***Winner: alrmw31***
switza survivor 2: Riau Islands ***Winner: alrmw31***
sphincter Survivor MYSTERY 22: Buffy VS. TVD ***Winner: alrmw31***

See how you forgot the space between Tara's name and the :? Well no 20 points for you. That format is wrong.

Did Jiminy still manage to win even without Wish #3's points?

The winner of tonight's veto

With 106 points

Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best 4c964068cb7c6c63410235a13229b8df

You have 1 hour to post your decisions. Congratulations and goodnight everyone

Belle French: "Congrats Jiminy."

Jiminy Cricket: "I choose not to use the Power of Veto."

The Mad Hatter: "Sad"

The Mad Hatter's Diary Room

And... I never factored in the crazy man named Jiminy...

I really thought this would be the game I would FINALLY win. Finals would be now for the almost 5th straight time for me, and I could pull out this win. So disappointed in myself, I swear. The little things like, that last HOH comp--- the question about how many replies to the one thread, I stupidly counted them instead of looking at the IMDB-given reply number that's literally right there.

My flower vase pick or whatever would've yielded a petal for me and Jiminy and I would've had a tie breaker... Him winning even, I thought I'd be fine, truly.

I can honestly say I did not see that coming.

Firstly,if he really is just that stupid, like, oh, it's a final 3, what?! And oh, you had a final 2 with Hook, no way, so I must split you up! If he's really that stupid, then I'm over it. I've wasted my whole game with an actual idiot... I hope it's not a gamer I like because I will have choice words once this is done.

If he's had some master plan that Idk, to get Hook or I out, and he's using this dumb stance as his ploy to keep us from being angry, then he's failed at that majorly, because him being "stupid" like this only makes me angrier to be honest...

I appreciate his game move because one veto win not in his favor on Sunday, and he'd be out of the finals. It's the way he's going about it like he has no clue what game he's playing. That's the frustrating part...

He's really done poor jury management with Hook and myself. Like, even if I voted him out, I would've handled it better than that, my god...

I think I know who Hook is and actually who Red might be, so I'm excited for the finale reveal. That'll be fun. Very Happy

And I'll still make the hats and I was thinking of making a Once Upon a Time YouTube vid because I've never made a cast vid before and I love the show anyway, so I might do that to honor this game.  jocolor  Smile

It's been fun and if I leave, then I leave. If I stay, then I'll fight really hard Sunday night to evict Jiminy because to be honest, I think this game deserves a wickedly awesome finals session and jury questioning and I just feel like, Jiminy in finals is too much of a shoe-in for him to win. Even though I honestly feel all 5 of us have a really strong case for the win, I'm afraid the jury may not see it that way...

Hook, Red, Regina, Pan, and myself ALL put just as much time and effort into this game and the challenges as Jiminy did, and I won't let him just sit there and take all the credit for it. I'm just worried that he'll have all the jury's praise and the other 3 won't stand a chance. So I hope and pray he's not in finals, because this game is deserving of an interesting finals session for sure...

Ok, rant over. :p

The nominations are set in stone

Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best 30hsWWg68Ta9vxL0aSI22p6si0SLXJ7nEW4EdLwjzhmFKE2BcfKPEOkhoBQ68DSwj3uAA1V1ZlS0H6MOlmxnXCBG6cDg9Jj1MYMAm9_hajbk6vCJW_wV8Dn2a-HwoSxVuUgcycUIjDXyrGc3GbE2Tql0JRnCwHDbzRg9nWEevjvVww=w426-h319-p

The Mad Hatter & Captain Hook you are both nominated for eviction tonight. Your peers now have until 6:00 p.m. EST today Friday to vote for one of you to be evicted in their Diary Room.

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

Who knows if I would have won that veto if I threw HOH. I think those boys def did throw it to Red. But no regrets, I have to roll with it.

At the moment, things actually are not looking too bad for me.

I told Red to PM Hook right now and tell him she is going to try and get him to stay. This is suppose to ensure that he will keep her safe until the end. So... if he wins HOH and veto next round, he will keep her off and let her cast the vote Wink

Alternatively, if Belle wins Final 4 HOH... Red or I HAVE to win veto. If not, I have to take pleasure in knowing Hook will take Red.

If Red wins HOH, I think Belle would keep me. But an angry motivated and beastly hook would likely take Final 4 veto like an alpha.

So considering Red and I now want Hook with us in Final 3.. just because of the friends Belle does have (and how little hook spoke to people, and how much we played him) she and I have a better chance of one of us winning if we go with Hook.

So hook winning Final 4 HOH is kind of what I want just so he cannot cast a vote, and would keep Red off the block if he won veto.

More to come as things become more clear, but that is the plan atm.

The Mad Hatter: "It hurts even more seeing this now.

Here’s my hat.
It holds my head,
the thoughts I’ve had
and the things I’ve read.

It keeps out the wind.
It keeps off the rain.
It hugs my hair
and warms my brain.

There’s me below it,
the sky above it.
It’s my lid.
And I love it."

Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best 76b35717d60771c2029a4796f49cd28c9d20a6827ff6f7c3dd81d5a6597c24e5

^ The story of Jiminy

The Mad Hatter's Diary Room

Sad to think this may be my last DR in the game


I did PM Belle a lot to try to get her vote and you'll be able to see my conversations with Red and Jiminy.

Jiminy thinks I'll win in the end (which I can't argue with- I think I'll make a great case), so I won't be getting his vote if it ties. Sad

So I'm working on Red and Belle but I can't say that I'm optimistic. I am going out to dinner in a half hour, so I won't be here for the big reveal unfortunately.

It's been a fun game. I assume we can still do DR posts from jury?

I sure hope so! Smile

It's been fun folks. If I leave, I want to say a huge thanks to Emma and Neal (Kathy and Nat) for including me in this fun game! I'm happy I made final 5. Very Happy

The big question- would I do anything differently? Yes, I would evict Jiminy when we had the chance because I don't think Tink would've strayed from me, and I also realize now how loyal Red really was. I shouldn't have worried so much about her keeping/not keeping her loyalty to Hook and myself. It was and is still there (to my knowledge). We should've evicted Jiminy and worked from there to get Belle and Regina out. Sad And just maybe, we could've looked at an easier final 3, like me, Tink, and Red? Or me, Tink, and Hook? Hmm... Sucks we didn't do that.

Hatter went to his room to start packing. Hook followed to do the same. Red came in behind them to offer some comfort.

Red Riding Hood: "I'm so disappointed. I don't know how I didn't win. I really wanted this for us guys. I'm sorry I let you both down."

The Mad Hatter: "That sucks. Please vote me out guys. I usually am like, fight, fight, fight in games, but in jury at least I know I can vote for one of you to win. I can't stand him, I really can't. He's so irrational and quick to do stupid unicorn farts. You know what? I want to know how Belle's gonna vote. Let it go to a tie and Jiminy can be the one to stab the knife because that's what he should have to do... I'm so beyond mad right now.

Red, he's basing it off of the fact that he thought this was a final 2. And he thought Hook and I were final 2 without him... All that because he can't do freakin math. It's ridiculous. He said he wants to split Hook and I up now, while it's possible... Dumb, dumb dumb."

Red Riding Hood: "BUT HE CAN'T WIN AGAINST BELLE!!! I don't get it!!"

The Mad Hatter: "That's why I asked for clarification from Emma about the finals...I know. He's challenged, I swear. Sad But not in a legit way. In a gaming way...

He thought Hook, he, and I had a final 3 (that's what we've told him) and then said he wants to split up our final 2 while he has the chance. He's got the right idea to go against us I guess? But stupidly poor logic... So I guess he's up against either Hook or me, and then you in the final 3? That'll still be a tough battle...Or he's thinking you and Belle in the finals?! Idk..."

Captain Hook: "He has to know that he can't beat Belle, but then again he is stupid and can't do math so he probably isn't thinking of the jury votes she already has...Mal, Pan, Regina, Tink.

I really don't want you to just give up Hatter. I know this is frustrating, but lets just see how it plays out. We have outlasted so many people in a big cast. We have to keep fighting."

Red Riding Hood: "This is so frustrating. I'm literally at a loss for words. Everything was going so smoothly."

The Mad Hatter: "Ok Red, Belle said she was told Jiminy wants me out and you do as well. She wants Hook out though.

So I guess ciao and let Jiminy vote me out himself. He's not getting my vote. I simply can't give it to him. He's been too stupid to deserve it. I swear. I think you, me, Hook, and Belle all have just as deserving of pleas to make for the win as Jiminy does and whether I'm in final 3 or jury, I'll make that known. I just hope Jiminy doesn't make finals because I think that'll make for a boring final TC. Everyone will feel like they have to just hand him the vote, when in fact, we're all 5 deserving of a win in different ways, to be honest."

Red Riding Hood: "I don't even want to play this game anymore. I'm over it."

The Mad Hatter: "It's been fun guys...

Please make finals with Belle! Pretty please. Don't let Jiminy make you guys think he is "hated" by the jury, because I'm pretty sure he's not hated at all...


Red Riding Hood: "I'm going to miss working with both of you guys, and mostly the personal conversations we've had. Those were always the most important ones for me, truly"

Captain Hook: "Bye Hatter. Sad This might be the last time I get to talk to you.

It might also be the last time I talk to you as well Red. I enjoyed playing this game with you and I hope we can still be friends and keep in touch when this is all over with."

Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best 902341700_d4486de6d0_n

Well, let's not drag this tear jerker on longer. It was time for eviction.

Eviction Ceremony #14

HOH - Jiminy Cricket
Nominees - Captain Hook and The Mad Hatter
POV - Jiminy Crickey (Did not use)

Post-Veto Nominees -Captain Hook and The Mad Hatter

Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best Tumblr_lxeh3wmsLC1qhdp7v

Once Upon A Time, there was 5 of you. Now, there will be 4......

Everyone voted.

By a vote of

We have another tie. Jiminy, as the Head of Household, you must cast the tiebreaker vote to evict either Captain Hook or The Mad Hatter. Please make your decision on this thread.

Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best Tumblr_m35xd7YSSH1qhlufho1_500

Captain Hook: "Interesting.

Good luck to my bff Hatter."

The Mad Hatter: "Good luck to you too BFF! Smile I kind of can't wait to be a bitter juror. haha"

Captain Hook: "Bitter jurors are the best. The game just wouldn't be the same without them. "
The Mad Hatter: "Haha yeah... I just have a lot of questions now... Jiminy- you don't want me in the game huh? Well, you shouldn't want me on jury either. Same goes for Red and Belle as well. The buck doesn't just end with Jiminy. Razz There's more to this game than that..."

Captain Hook: "You say he wants you gone, but I am prepared for a last second wishy washy decision. I have my bags packed and shoes on. I am not going out like Austin."

The Mad Hatter: "Haha you can't forget your shoes! I packed up all my hats and sewing materials as well. Just to be on the safe side"

Belle French: "Should I go to Granny's and get goodbye cocktails and pancakes while we wait?"

The Mad Hatter: "Yes! You really, really should. And find Henry while you're there. haha. He once said something to me about being stuck at Granny's because his two moms were out getting drunk. haha. So see if he's still stuck there. I wouldn't mind having pancakes with the foul-mouthed child. Razz

Hook, I hope Neal stole some of your rum and gave it to the jury house, because I sure could use some when I get there! How else will I be able to sit back and tell horror stories about you guys to the jury?! It is going to be so much fun... Spilling dirt and secrets. I can't wait."

Jiminy Cricket: "I'm shaking in my little cricket boots. Odds are staked against me to make finals anyway.

I vote to evict
The Mad Hatter.

Belle French: "Bye Hatter. You still owe me a blue hat "

Captain Hook: "I never got my hat either lol.

Bye Hatter! Sad I will miss you. Have fun trash talkin' at the jury house. See you soon probably."

The Mad Hatter: "Oh Belle- I'll get it to you, rest assured! Smile And everyone else as well"

Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best Tumblr_mbk3q3UMUr1qimfrko2_250

I'm sorry, Mad Hatter. You are evicted from Storybrooke. I'd be sad if anyone left in this game leaves, but it is particularly sad with you. You were quite a character and certainly brought a lot of positivity here. Thank you so much for signing up! You will the seventh juror that will determine the winner of this game. I'll give you a few moments to say your goodbyes and gather your things before I send you off.

Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best Tumblr_m1imijT0GW1qholvu

The Mad Hatter: "Thanks for the kind words Neal. You and Emma are truly the best. Smile

I've had an amazingly fun time this game and I'm happy I get to go to the jury and share my craziness there. Wink

Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best Mad-Hatter-once-upon-a-time-37081108-500-348

Red Riding Hood: "Goodbye Hatter. You played an outstanding game. Stay fabulous."

Emma Swan: "I agree with what Neal posted 100%. You were not someone we saw making it this far due to your incredibly high post count on day 1 but you charmed your way into all our hearts and I was super impressed with your game."

Red Riding Hood's Diary Room

A Final 3??

WTF Emma I thought we were friends!! lol[/img]

With The Mad Hatter gone, could Hook stand a chance? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best Empty Re: Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 13 Mar - 22:13:33

Vote Breakdown

Eviction #14
HOH - Jiminy Cricket
Pre Veto Nominees - The Mad Hatter and Captain Hook
POV - Jiminy Cricket (not used)
Nominees - The Mad Hatter and Captain Hook
Evicted: The Mad Hatter (1-1) HOH Breaks Tie

Belle French: Captain Hook
Red Riding Hood: The Mad Hatter
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Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best Empty Re: Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best

Post by Dr Whale on Sun 13 Mar - 22:14:57

Where's mad hatters reveal
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Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best Empty Re: Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 13 Mar - 22:16:39

The Mad Hatter Reveal

Hatter came into this game like a little Road Runner posting about hats everywhere. I think he hit 100 posts the first hour <3 bless your heart. Nat and I never thought they would make the jury phase, let alone have such a big impact on the game. Hatter helped shape this game, even if it didn't end well for him. A present like his was a great asset to the cast and the hosts. I am blown away because this person is not usually this into things. I appreciate the effort and I appreciate you <3 the more I get to know you.

The Mad Hatter was played by


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Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best Empty Re: Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best

Post by Dr Whale on Sun 13 Mar - 22:17:52

I knew she was in this she loves the show I thought for sure she was red
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Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best Empty Re: Episode #44 - Bitter Jurors Are the Best

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