Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop!

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Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop! Empty Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop!

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 13 Mar - 17:41:42

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop!

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, Tinkerbell was sent packing in a shock eviction that saw Jiminy being saved by Red, Hatter and Hook. Would the veil finally lift?

Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop! Tumblr_mdggys0Wy21rqbde3o2_500


Regina was fuming and foaming out the mouth.

Belle French's Diary Room

I'm an idiot. Talking to Hatter and mentioning the girls like one complete unit obviously scared him and either he or Hook used some power and got Tink out. I feel like I've downgraded from Parvati to Shirin in one night.

Regina Mills: "Only one vote against Jiminy? Did one of you vote against Tinker or was it a vote nullifier?"

Belle French: "Wtf is going on?. This was supposed to be unanimous."

Regina Mills: "I always knew Hatter and Hook would not vote to keep her, but that still would have made it a tie. So at least one power was used."

Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop! RED-banner-graphic-for-LP

Belle French: "They seemed so dead set on getting rid of Jiminy. I guess the talk about "the girls" scared them. Are we sure it was a power? It still shows four votes."

Regina Mills: "Yea so thats why I am wondering if anyone flipped, it is a possibility."

Belle French's Diary Room

Or maybe it's not a power. All four votes still counted, but only I was counted as voting to keep Tink. Has Red turned rogue?

Regina goes on the hunt to find Red who seems to have vanished.

Regina Mills: "But did you vote her out? I want to believe a power was used, but I dont know lol. I dont care, like I said, I didnt really feel close to her but I want to know what the hell is going on in this game"

Red Riding Hood: "You're just going to have to trust me. I'll explain everything after the comp. This wasn't a move against you."

Regina Mills: "Wow ok, umm. Well I can't wait to hear it....."

Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop! Jacquis-story-15-728

The mood was different in the backyard with the boys.

Captain Hook: "YAYYYYYYY WE DID IT!!!"

Jiminy Cricket: "And I let out a big sighhhhhhhhh.

Poor tink, she really was a sweetheart. But game face on, it's time to hit em where it hurts and kill this HOH tonight."

Jiminy decides to go see if Red is ok or if she's getting her a-hole chewed out.

Red Riding Hood: "Congrats on staying, Partner. Wink

Also, how the f*** did you stay in a room with Dumb and Dumber?? It's draining, honestly... I've only been in it for like ten seconds, and I swear I lost brain cells.

Anyway... That's all I'll post in this room... Bet you wish you could read our DR's... Smile

All you have to do is hand over that Coup De Tat for Tinkerbell and they're all yours... Every single letter.

Consider it..."

Jiminy Cricket: "I second a coup for Tink.

Trade her for Belle. Do SOMETHING that will keep the big personalities in.

Just please tell me tink made DRs. If so, I predict the "Britney" of the season for sure."

Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop! 60102-that-doesnt-make-any-sense-gif-moqs

Red Riding Hood: "*cough* Neal *cough* Emma *cough*

I'll trade Tinkerbell for Hatter/Hook... anyone would do. Please reconsider. You can't pass up the PM offer. You just can't."

Neal Cassidy: "Make me a better offer and I'll think about it"

Red Riding Hood: "I'll throw in a lollipop!"

Neal Cassidy: "What flavor?"

Red Riding Hood: "Whichever you want. I'll throw in two!"

Neal Cassidy: "You make a compelling case. I'll bring Tinkerbell back along with your DPOV."

Red Riding Hood: " knew you'd eventually see my way of things. I promise... This is your best play..."

Jiminy Cricket: "I don't find your blatant insincerity and attempt to toy with Red or my emotion's the least bit humorous"

Neal Cassidy: "Bruh. Stop lollipop-blocking me."

Jiminy Cricket: "Sorry, I broke bro code.

Go set up a private room for you 2 then. This one has my and Red's name on it."

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Jiminy, this is Emma. I remember those <3 and ate a lot of them during my Space Girls fandom days.

Neal Cassidy: "I've never heard of Spice Girl lollipops, but wow. So that's a thing."

Red Riding Hood: "I knew we were BFF's!! I thought of those lollipops too! I was going to reference them but figured Neal wouldn't know what I was talking about. Oh Jiminy. <3"

No better time than to say....It's time for HOH.

Regina Mills's Diary Room

So with Tinker leaving this round, this could mean one of two things: Belle/Red is a two faced sphincter and they flipped, or two powers were used (but when thinking about it, using two is kind of wasteful unless that was the last round they could use them?)

If Red flipped, I will have no words. That sphincter got me. I dont want to get too paranoid but this is starting to feel like the Saw movies, where the big twist is revealed and there's tons of flashbacks and the music is getting louder. I feel like I am realizing that I have been played by the least suspected person....

Is this just my paranoia though?

Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop! Tumblr_m5000n9kEP1ro8pq1o1_500

Head of Household #13 (It's a Jungle Out There!)

Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop! Jungle-book-wallpapers-1

You don't scare me. I won't run from anyone

Regina Mills can't play tonight for Head of Household and ~Escape Storybrooke~ is over.

With the bear necessities, you will go on a wild hunt around the jungle that is IMDb.

Below is a list of things you must find on IMDb and please put a link for every answer.


- You have 45 minutes
- Answer in your Diary Room
- Your answers must be exactly how it is spelt on IMDb
- You must link me for every answer you provide
- I do want the answer AND the link, not just a link to your answer. If it's a post, I want you to post the post and the link to it beside. If it's a User name, you post the User name and the link to it, etc.
- You can only submit once
- None of your answers can be someone who has posted / something posted on the Games and Other Games Board
- When the answer is a User ID, the person has to be active and have at least 20 posts in their posting history. At least 1 post has to be made within the last 90 days. The account has to have been made before September 2015.
- None of your posts you find can have been made after this challenge started. Aka you can't use another IMDb account you may have to post things to get points.

Do you have any questions? The list of thing will be posted in 5 minutes

Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop! Disney-lining-up-live-action-jungle-book-remake-139603-a-1373438621-470-75

List of things to find using IMDb

- Movie with an IMDB rating of 8.7
- An IMDb user with a cat in their signature
- A thread with 72 posts
- An IMDb user ID with the word "Panther" in it
- A post containing the word "Jungle" in it
- Someone with a blue and green signature
- A User ID with the word "Tiger" in it
- Movie with an IMDB rating of 7.6
- A thread that has the word "Book" in the title
- A thread with 188 posts
- A User ID with the number 64 in it. Has to be 64 together and not a 6 and a 4.
- A User ID with the word "Monkey" in it
- Someone with the toilet bowl emoji in their signature
- An IMDb account with a jungle book character as their avatar
- A User ID with the word "Bear" in it
- A User ID with the word "Disney" in it

Jiminy Cricket: "Ahhh what's the point."

Emma Swan: "Try sphincter. Time is up, I'll be back with a winner"

Jiminy Cricket: "Congrats Belle and Regina. "

Belle French: "Regina couldn't play this HOH :p"

Jiminy Cricket: "I just like giving all credit where credit is due."

Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop! A448713fe0853404ff59b7840aabf8c3

We have a winner

Some of you didn't really follow the rules and gave me some weird answers. I did say I didn't want just links for an answer, I wanted the answer as well, etc.

With 6 points, the winner is

Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop! Latest?cb=20140205194510

Congratulations you are the new Head of Household. You have 20 minutes to post nominations.

Jiminy Cricket: "What a shocking turn of events.

Well done Hook.

So for like the "thread with 72 posts" we were suppose to write 72 posts and the link?

I thought about doing that, but then figured it didn't make sense considering the link itself was the direct answer?"

Belle French: "No, you had to find a thread with exactly 72 posts. Congrats Hook, this challenge was hard."

Emma Swan: "What Belle said. Then you would post the name of the thread and the link to it as your answer."

Jiminy Cricket: "Ahhh I see, for someone so small I am not so good with minute details."

Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop! 61214459

Everyone is locked in the house while production takes down the challenge. Hatter and Hook decide to go shower about it.

The Mad Hatter: "OMG My turn to do the happy dance!

I see you won HOH and you're simply amazing."

Captain Hook: "Thanks!!! Smile I am still shocked I won. I thought I did terrible in that challenge. lol"

The Mad Hatter: "I bet Belle wasn't correct in her format of the answers. How the heck did you guys find stuff like, "bear" in the IMDB name? haha That's so tough! Which ones did you get? What do you think is better for noms tonight? Belle and Jiminy or Belle and a pawn?"

Jiminy walks in and interrupts them

Jiminy Cricket: "What in the FUCKKKKKKKKK

I guess following the rules exactly worked out for you. Lol I bet Belle/Regina are raging right now....I definitely would be."

Red is not far behind.

Red Riding Hood: "Didn't get a chance to say congratulations."

Captain Hook: "Thanks. Smile I can't believe I won."

Hook didn't need much time to think this out. He was ready to nominate and dominate.

Captain Hook: "Going to make this real quick...

I nominate
Belle & Regina.

Both of you are threats and I know you would put me up if you won HOH.

Good luck in veto!"

Emma Swan: "Veto in 25 minutes. Everyone can play."

Regina Mills: "Well I already did"

Belle French: "That's fair, good luck."

Captain Hook: "I meant put me up again. lol"

While they waited for the veto challenge, Hook had to put a plan in motion in case one of them won the power.

Captain Hook: "Red, I need to talk to you about something. If one of the nominees comes off the block, would you be ok going up as a replacement? I know you will be safe. Hatter is obviously going to keep you and Jiminy hates Belle/Regina and wants them gone bad so I know he won't vote you out. I can't put up Hatter because he saved me with the veto and I wouldn't feel right using him as the pawn. I am worried that Jiminy would suspect we were close if I didn't put you up."

Red Riding Hood: "Sad Okay. I trust you so...I need to soften up to the girls. If one of them wins veto and let's say Regina stays I think I could get her to target Jiminy, if I am kind to her... She'll be alone and can't really pass it up. I will say what I have to, but if she brings it to your attention, it's because I'm trying to take the target off of you guys. None of it is true okay?? I just have to get the target on Jininy. I feel bad saying it but..."

Captain Hook: "I hate that I would have to choose, but I feel like I could reason with you. If I would tell Jiminy he is a pawn, he would probably start getting suspicious of me and you and get paranoid and start acting crazy. lol

I promise you are safe."

Red Riding Hood: "I'd like to hope so."

Red does good on her promise and goes back to the girls to try and soften things up.

Red Riding Hood: "You're going to have to try to win. If I go up I go up, but guarantee your safety. Speed isn't my thing. You can't throw it to me because I know I can't beat hater."

Belle French: "Oh god the tension."

Belle has no time for her shyt tonight, she walks away and signals Regina to come along. It's time for Veto anyway.

Red Riding Hood's Diary Room

Kissing so much butt my lips may fall off

This is what I sent to Regina in case she wins veto and then HOH next week... I have to cover my butt...

Okay, so I told the boys I was voting to keep Jiminy, though I wasn’t. They have the Cyan power, and I know they would have used it otherwise... I wanted to keep Tinkerbell. They asked me to screenshot my vote to prove I evicted Tinkerbell so I posted a gif of Tink and under it put something vague about it being the vote. They got smart and caught wind that I was essentially trying to "cheat" and counted it as the real vote. I just got too paranoid and didn't think it through. It's why I haven't been on all day... After she told me that was my vote I lost it. I will fight hard in veto. I wouldn't do that to you.

This is what I sent to Hook to cover my ass in case Regina tells him "what happened"....

I need to soften up to the girls. If one of them wins veto and let's say Regina stays I think I could get her to target Jiminy, if I am kind to her... She'll be alone and can't really pass it up. I will say what I have to, but if she brings it to your attention, it's because I'm trying to take the target off of you guys. None of it is true okay?? I just have to get the target on Jininy. I feel bad saying it but...

Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop! Deep-sigh-GIF-2015

Power of Veto #13 (This time, the Princess Saves the Prince)

Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop! Mulan1-e1428100262520

Go! The fate of the Fa family rests on your claws.

Now that Mulan is gone, who can replace her as Princess Warrior?

This is a basic challenge where you will duel with your peers to be the last one standing after the grand combat is over.

I will post a question here at 9:33. The first person to answer correctly will get to pick the first pair to face off.

The winner of each face off will move on and pick the next pair to duel, until one remains.


- You post answers on this thread
- You can answer more than once per round
- Spelling counts and capitalization, punctuation etc

Episode #41 - I'll Throw in a Lollipop! Mulan-soldier-angry

The current has shifted to one side while the other drowns. Who will win the crucial veto power? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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