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Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts Empty Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 13 Mar - 16:32:59

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, The Mad Hatter won the Power of Veto and naturally saved Captain Hook. This put a twist on things. Regina now had no choice but to nominate one of the girls. Would someone clue Regina into all the Red wrong doings or would someone else suffer the block?

Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts Large_tinkerbell_ifttt


There was a dark aura in the house.

Captain Hook: "Thanks so much for using the POV on me! If I ever get to return the favor, I will. "

The Mad Hatter: "You're welcome Hook! I'm serious about us as a final two deal and I hope we can make it there. It's just the how that has me stumped right now. Razz

I think Tink might be a good ticket to have around- she showed she can compete in challenges potentially and her on our side could work in our favor. Also, she won't get jury votes the way she's going. lol"

Elsewhere Tinkerbell was working on saving her own behind.

Tinkerbell: "Is there any way we can randomize it? Is that OK regina? im assuming we have the pledge from the other 3 that we will vote to keep whoever is nominated"

Belle French: "As long as Jiminy stays up there, yes. If he comes down because of a power, then I will give up on life

You ladies please decide who will go up. I cant do this, i love you all"

Red Riding Hood: "Absolutely. It'd be stupid to do otherwise."

Tinkerbell: "but regina, I know Sad Sad I feel like this is honestly all my fault. If only I had won"

Regina Mills: "I don't know who to put up. Can I just use random.org?"

Tinkerbell: "That's fine with me if it's fine with the others."

Red Riding Hood: "Go for it"

Belle French: "That's fine with me if it's fine with the others."

Regina hits the sort button on random.org and shows the ladies the result. With a grim look on her face was prepared to replace her nomination.

Regina Mills: "Hmm, interesting...

Replacement is:

Tinker Bell.

Sorry. I have a feeling we are not done here tho Laughing"

Tinkerbell: "It's OK regina, you had to do it. Good luck Jiminy."

Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts Tumblr_lth4o3UlVP1qbt0ru

Jiminy Cricket: "Same to you Tink"

Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts C68c872b4edbc617f2829b771933c01e

The nominations are set in stone

Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts 30hsWWg68Ta9vxL0aSI22p6si0SLXJ7nEW4EdLwjzhmFKE2BcfKPEOkhoBQ68DSwj3uAA1V1ZlS0H6MOlmxnXCBG6cDg9Jj1MYMAm9_hajbk6vCJW_wV8Dn2a-HwoSxVuUgcycUIjDXyrGc3GbE2Tql0JRnCwHDbzRg9nWEevjvVww=w426-h319-p

Tinkerbell & Jiminy Cricket you are both nominated for eviction tonight. Your peers now have until 6:00 p.m. EST tomorrow Tuesday to vote for one of you to be evicted in their Diary Room.

Emma Swan: "Sigh, these never get easier the deeper we get into the game. I love you all, I declare you all winners and we just spend the rest of the time on here talking about unicorn farts."

Neal Cassidy: "unicorn farts <3"

Emma Swan: "I actually typed that, it's not a censored post <3"

Tinkerbell sits by herself at the kitchen counter moving the spoon around in her cereal. The girls come over pretending they want cereal too but they really just want to comfort her.

Tinkerbell: " what a stressful night" . Blehhhh"

Belle French: "You'll be ok. It should be unanimous"

Tinkerbell: "God, I just feel like I sucked so hard tonight. WHY do I freeze up. It happens in real life too"

Red Riding Hood: "You did the best you could."

Belle French: "Yeah you did your best, we all know the guys are comp beasts. I barely made it through the first round."

Tinkerbell: "Time for tinkerbell to get some sleep. Goodnight ladies! We'll get 'em tomorrow."

Red Riding Hood: "Goodnight"

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

As expected, I got the 3 voters I thought telling me they will keep me.

Whether they do or not I am not sure.

This does not feel good though. Tink was my #2 and could have easily been my #1 had she and I spoken before Red.

But red is my true ride or die, and we both wanted that 3-way to work out.

It does not feel good whatsoever, but she and I will play to avenge our friend. Tink may hate us, but I hope she understands our final 2 was just too strong.

That is allllll, of course, if I stay. Btw, I think Hatter and Hook meant to post what they did in their own room lol

The Mad Hatter wrote:
Exactly. Plus... Regina wins things and we've always been loyal to Red. She's the one who strayed there, not us... I just wish we could've kept Tink too. lol

But you, me, and Red final 3 works too.

I need good people around tomorrow because I can't play for HOH or veto.

If so, they truly are dumb and dumber :p

Of course it was never goodnight for Red.

The Mad Hatter: "So, between Tink and Jiminy, what do we do?"

Red Riding Hood: "I was in my DR asking myself the same question... IDK. What do you guys want?"

The Mad Hatter: "I don't want to be left in the dark. If it ties, then Regina will send him home, so we have to be 100% honest with each other here...

He suggested a final 4 with you, me, him, and Hook, to combat the Belle/Regina issue. What do you think of that?

I just know I won't be voting by myself on this. It's you, me, and Hook agreeing together... Please not another Mulan vote, please"

Red Riding Hood: "I promise, no more Mulan votes. That was a moment of weakness. If you think he'd be able to help us combat double trouble... than let's do it."

The Mad Hatter: "Are you 100% willing to vote that way?

I want to do whatever you think is best for us. I am loyal to you and Hook. I promise you that. If I keep Jiminy and you don't, then I'm in a really tough spot."

Red Riding Hood: "The more numbers for us the better. That's the way I feel. I won't screw you over with this vote. That would just be silly, and unnecessary. No more Mulan votes."

The next morning, everyone was asked to vote.

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

I hope Red is not the one holding out the vote.

I don't think she would vote me out, but I do think she would penalty just to not have to actually vote Tink out.

tink would still leave but Red would not play for HOH.

On that note, thinking ahead if I can.... if we throw Hook the HOH, he will put up Regina and Belle and one of those ladies will leave.

This means next week, I would go after Hook/Hatter but only if Regina is the one to leave. Otherwise I would have to try for HOH next week to get her out (with Hatter as the back up because of his deals with Regina).

But right now, I do think it would be smartest to throw HOH to hook so that I can play next week and strike at Hook/Hatter before they do me.

All, of course, provided I stay this round. The hard part is just deciding between Hook and Hatter as the one to go. Hook is good, but Hatter may have been throwing most of these comps.

Tough choice, but I'm sure it will become clear when the time comes.

I cannot believe I have made it so deep with my Final 2. Maybe I am not as bad a BB player as I sometimes think?

Shout out to Tink! Potentially gone, but not forgotten.

Eviction Ceremony #12

HOH - Regina Mills
Nominees - Captain Hook and Jiminy Cricket
POV - The Mad Hatter (Used on Captain Hook)

Post-Veto Nominees - Tinkerbell and Jiminy Cricket

Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts Tumblr_inline_mxyo30qYCV1so1xk1

Once Upon A Time, there was 7 of you. Now, there will be 6......

Everyone voted.

By a vote of

It is with tears in my eyes that we say goodbye to
Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts Tink

This is so hard, your return into my life has been great and to see you be such a goddess in this game brought me real pleasure. I wish I was the rigging type you have no idea. We kept waiting for you to finally get your shining moment and stop getting 2nd in challenges. You were amazing, thank you so much for being part of this game.

Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts Tumblr_n2k1p6p9Jy1t8mvj8o1_250

Regina Mills: "The Jiminy Misting continues Laughing

Bye Tinker Sad"

Jiminy Cricket: "You were too good for me Tink. This doesn't feel like much of a victory at your expense; I will miss you. You are a gem."

Tinkerbell: "Oh wow... Bye yall! It's been fun. I can't wait to do the big reveal on finale night "
Captain Hook: "Bye Tink Sad"

The Mad Hatter's Diary Room

I'm choosing to trust her yet again. Gah, what is this girl doing to me?!

Either way this went, this vote would be tough. I've grown close to both Tink and Jiminy, making this hard for me. Sad I really do mean that too... It just has to be done for my game. <3

I have to keep Jiminy around as a shield against Regina and Belle...

This is going to be the game move that may bite me in the ass later, we'll see.

Red Riding Hood's Diary Room

Open Letter To Tinkerbell

Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts Tumblr_mg9yc0rTvh1qjccmko1_500

I'm really really really sorry about this blindside... I realize that you had my back in this game, and I assure you I tried to have yours to the best of my ability, but sadly when having to choose between you and Jiminy (my closest allies in this game)... It was a no brainer and I had to choose the person I was with from the very beginning... And that's Jiminy since Day 1. (HE BETTER NOT BE PLAYING ME). Since the day he gave me Sleepy, and since the day I told him there were a ton of wolves in sheep's clothing... it was the day I knew I'd be 100% loyal to him.

I meant it when I said I'd volunteer to go on the block BTW... Because I knew how tough of a decision this would be for me, and I knew I'd be too cowardly to do it, but thanks to Regina's oh so random.org, fate struck you... Though she probably did it herself (OF COURSE BELL ISN'T NOMMED)...

In a perfect world, we could have all gotten to the F3 (and that's what I really wanted... to make the finals with people I actually connected with and liked), and I would have been happy with either one of you winning the Amazon Gift Card, because the relationships I've built with you both meant more to me than money could buy... You don't always get someone as loyal as you, or funny or positive, and I'm really sorry that I did this to you. I hope that after this game is over you'll forgive this huge betrayal and you'll instead Skype me so we can talk about how sucky it was that I lost over Hook.

And yes, I forgive you for voting against me. If I were you.. I'd do the same thing to that sphincter. Wink

Ultimately, I didn't want to hurt anybody... And again, I'm sorry... It was nothing personal... It was just my loyalty extended a bit further with Jiminy. I hope you understand, and this is not a laughing matter to me.

After a gut wrenching ceremony, everyone was given the day off so production could get over the trauma. Who will leave next? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts Empty Re: Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 13 Mar - 16:38:15

Vote Breakdown

Eviction #12
HOH - Regina Mills
Pre Veto Nominees - Captain Hook and Jiminy Cricket
POV - The Mad Hatter (used on Captain Hook)
Nominees - Tinkerbell and Jiminy Cricket
Evicted: Tinkerbell (3-1)

Belle French: Jiminy Cricket
Captain Hook: Tinkerbell
Red Riding Hood: Tinkerbell
The Mad Hatter: Tinkerbell
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Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts Empty Re: Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts

Post by Regina Mills on Sun 13 Mar - 16:44:27

Maybe I am not as bad a BB player as I sometimes think?

Eww, I hope this doesnt mean what I think it means

Jiminy potentially being the person I am thinking of would make a lot of sense though

Hope I am wrong
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Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts Empty Re: Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 13 Mar - 18:48:28

Tinkerbell's Reveal

Heartbreak does not even begin to explain. Tinkerbell was quiet at first but she was always such a hoot and such a carefree presence in this game. I know I talk for most of us, she made us laugh, not cry. Outside of this game, this is another good friend who does not play many games anymore but is always a competitor when they play. We go way back and I hope to always have this person pop in for my games in the future.

Tinkerbell was played by


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Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts Empty Re: Episode #40 - Unicorn Farts

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