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Episode #39 - Sneaky You Empty Episode #39 - Sneaky You

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 13 Mar - 15:43:38

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #39 - Sneaky You

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, Regina pulled out another win and was crowned Head of Household. She gave zero fvcks about people's opinions and just went ahead with her nominations.

Episode #39 - Sneaky You Gato-abofeteando-a-un-cocodrilo-dos-veces-en-la-cara-54c178280cfbb6d3038b989d


Regina was ready to nominate yall. Hatter tried to talk to her, but she just glanced at him and kept walking with her box of keys towards the kitchen.

The Mad Hatter: "Well, congrats on the win! I hope I'm safe obviously. Smile

What're you thinking of doing?"

Regina Mills: "Nominations:

Fast forward so nothing fancy

Hook and Jiminy.

Sorry, Hook, nothing personal, if it helps, you are not my target. Good luck in veto.  

Jiminy, hey bby."

Emma Swan: "No veto picks tonight, everyone that can play can play."

Tinkerbell: "Thank you Regina. Good luck to both of you."

Jiminy Cricket: "Episode #39 - Sneaky You X6WWvui

On her way to the bedroom to snatch her veto shoes, she decides to give some encouraging words to her friend Hatter who seems bummed about his boyfriend being nominated.

Regina Mills: "I posted. My target is Jiminy, let's just get through this round and get him out. He's too much trouble."

The Mad Hatter: "Ok I agree 100%. He's totally screwed up my game and made everything really troublesome. I really don't want to be put up in someone's place, though."

She smiles at him and leaves the room. Elsewhere, Tink and Red are a little peeved she never asked them for their opinions.

Episode #39 - Sneaky You RUDE

Red Riding Hood: "We're too late.. She didn't even talk to us. -_-

We gotta win veto..."

Tinkerbell: "wtf she knew that we would try to sway her."

Red Riding Hood: "So annoyed.... We have to win. Seriously.."

Tinkerbell: "I'm with you girl. We have to do this. Or we lose a huge competition person on our side :/"

Red Riding Hood: "They're going to throw me under the bus hardcore to Regina... So if veto is used, we have to secure this girls alliance thing... "

Tinkerbell: "God I'm so nervous. I'm trying to calm my nerves and relax so that I can win this thing."

Red Riding Hood: "Well I'm not going to go down without a fight Smile , and if she dares backdoor me because I was so vocal than screw her."

Tinkerbell: "let's try and win the POV and talk afterwards and see where everyone is at lol"

Captain Hook's Diary Room

Of course Red betrayed us and voted to keep Mulan. ugh Rolling Eyes

Regina won HOH and put up me and Jiminy. She says Jiminy is the target, but you can't trust anyone in this game. Hatter won POV and he says he will use it on me. I really hope he keeps his word.

The other ladies join them so they can walk out to the challenge together.

Red Riding Hood: "Ladies, if noms stay the same I'm just going to say it... I think our best bet is to cut the head off of the Hatter/Hook alliance. They're a very strong pair. Whereas they are not with Jiminy. In their old chats, they talked so much s.h.i.t. about him. I think we can use that to our advantage and get him to target someone else."

Belle French: "So you would consider that to be Hook? I was actually thinking the same thing. Hook will always be after us but Jiminy can be reasoned with."

Red Riding Hood: "Exactly where my head is."

Regina Mills: "Jiminy hates my guts though Laughing

He will try to get rid of me first before he gets rid of anyone else lol. But we will see what happens with veto. Good luck ladies!"

Tinkerbell: "That's a good point. Leaving a F2 deal into F6 scares me.

Regina, we can protect you"

Regina Mills: "*fingers crossed for Tink*"

Belle French's Diary Room

I told Hatter that I would try to keep him safe a few rounds, by that I mean him going last between him, Jiminy and Hook. I had also promised Jiminy though that I would try to work with him and now he's up for the first time since that promise. If he stays up then he's going to go unanimously guaranteed so I can't throw a vote his way for sympathy and risk looking shady. So if he can't get himself off then the deal has to be off too. It's probably best for me not to try too hard to win Veto because Jiminy would probably want me to use it to prove what I offered to him, but that would piss off all of the girls. It's actually best for me not to win competitions at this point on unless it's between my life in the game and my eviction.

The veto challenge was here.

Power of Veto #12 (Acting the Fuel)

Episode #39 - Sneaky You Msf_cars_ice_lst_characters

Life is a journey. Enjoy the trip

This is a really straight forward challenge and should be over quickly.

You will have to rev up your engine and make sure to make it to your pit stops as fast as you can and avoid coming in last.

(essentially this is like musical chairs)

I will post on this thread "It's drive time!" and you will have to reply on this thread with "Pit Stop". The last person to post each round will be eliminated until only one remains.


- Post on this thread
- Post "Pit Stop"

Be on your mark, get set and be ready to go as I will post the first round at any time now.

Episode #39 - Sneaky You Storymaker-top-10-movie-cars-1106240-514x268

Jiminy Cricket: "tease!"

After a few rounds, it came down to Tinkerbell and The Mad Hatter. Only 2 seconds separated them in the final round.

Emma Swan: "Congratulations
The Mad Hatter
, you have won the Power of Veto. You have 1 hour to post your decision on this thread. Tinkerbell, the curse continues Sad sorry."

Captain Hook: "Congrats, Hatter!!!"

Tinkerbell: "Well that was an embarrassing last round. Congrats Hatter!"

Belle French: "Congrats Hatter."

Regina Mills: "Good job Hatter!"

The Mad Hatter: "I'm sorry Tink."

Tinkerbell: "Thanks Hatter. I honestly choked so bad"

Regina rushes to Hatter's side before Hook has a chance to get to him.

Regina Mills: "Congrats! I'd appreciate if you kept noms the same Very Happy I know Jiminy has a power anyway so let's see what he decides to do with it."

The Mad Hatter: "He does for sure?"

Regina Mills: "Why else would he throw that veto? You really think he was the slowest?"

The Mad Hatter: "Yeah, so weird..."

Regina Mills: "Unless you have it, then sneaky you... Wink

Dont use the power to get rid of me"

The Mad Hatter: "I think I need to remove Hook from the block. I just don't trust that the girls will keep their word to vote Jiminy out... That's my gut feeling. They keep even using terms like, "the girls" this or "the girls" that, and it's not making me feel any better..."

Regina Mills: "I'd like for you not to use it, but I can't make you do what you don't want to do. Just guarantee me that if Jiminy stays on the block, you will vote him out. He needs to go.

And which girls are talking to you? That sounds strange."

The Mad Hatter: "I'm just legitimately worried I'm next. Sad I will vote however you want me to vote. I just don't want people telling me Jiminy's going and then flip things around on me...

The girls remaining in the game. lol"

Regina Mills: "Can I ask something? I will be straight forward with you and tell you that I don't have any deals with anyone as far as finals or whatever. But I am curious about you and Hook. Why were you worried about him leaving? If there's something going between you two, I dont care. I dont have a finals deal with you lol, but I just want to warn you though, because other people might see it as an obvious pair that needs to be split up. :-/"

The Mad Hatter: "I appreciate the straight-forward as well, but to be honest, there's the thought out there that you and Belle have a final 2 deal too... Why the hell does she keep avoiding every eviction? She talked to me, almost not at all until today...

That's where my concern steps in. I don't have a deal with anyone so my options are open at this point as well, but I'd rather kind of have a choice than to have it decided for me.

Besides, people have thought that was in place because of rumors that have circulated for awhile now, so it's nothing new for me and in fact, it almost puts us more together than otherwise, because there is the concern that the others in the game have a set agenda that I won't be invited to."

Regina Mills: "Belle is probably the coldest person left in the game, I'm surprised she talks to people Laughing but as far as that goes, no I don't have a deal with her.

well I see what you're saying. And it makes sense, you two are kind of forced together only because people think you are. Watch out I just might do that with Belle Razz kidding!

Well I hope the bug leaves so we can get back to playing haha. We are getting closer to the end so I'm anticipating a lot of crazy stuff to happen soon."

Hook sees this and walks over. Regina sees this as her cue to excuse herself.

The Mad Hatter: "I GOT IT!!!"

Captain Hook: "YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY *happy dance*"

The Mad Hatter: "So, I take you down and maybe Jiminy does have a power to save himself?! haha"

Captain Hook: "I kind of think he does. Maybe that is why he went out the first round. That just seemed odd. He is always so good at challenges. lol"

The Mad Hatter: "I just don't know how to sell my decision for taking you down. I'm doing it obviously. Smile But need to think of something to say. And maybe he does have a power. lol "

Captain Hook: "lol that is so true.

I know we talk crap about Jiminy, but we need him right now because of the girls alliance. So I really hope we are all here after tonight.

Red said that she is still with me Rolling Eyes that she voted Mulan out for personal reasons."

The Mad Hatter: "I know. Those girls are strong. I explained my nomination reasonings to Tink and then she said this:

Tinker Bell wrote:Oh wow, I wish we had talked that all out before. As soon as you made your nominations, I was immediately like "this guy is working with Regina hardcore." And then when Belle was still up on the block, I knew she was pissed at you, so I was like "If I keep Belle in...then regina won't be pissed at me...and Belle can take out Hatter (and I assumed you were with Regina)" ... Do you see why this was all very confusing for me lol.

Tinker Bell wrote:Oh god, you're making me feel awful.  This is my fault for not approaching you about all this.  But I was scared to even ASK you why you didn't nominate regina for fear that it would come off looking like I wanted you to, and you would run and tell her that.

Looks like we were kind of in similar positions .... again lol.  We have to stop meeting like this.  Can't we go back to the days of talking about hats and fairy dust Razz

So I really, really hope that she stays off the block and we can convince her to keep Jiminy maybe to combat Regina/Belle?"

Captain Hook: "Lets hope.

That wolf power I had would have come in handy this round. lol I am praying that Jiminy pulls out a power."

The Mad Hatter: "It's hard to save you without having a reason to post. A girl will have to go up in your place and that could make them wary.

Belle's telling me Regina will put Tink up in your place because Regina has no ties to her.

So my worry then is... if I take you off, Tink goes up. And then she'll probably be mad at me, HOWEVER, it keeps the girls from backpedalling and voting you out. But I really don't think they'd keep Jiminy around over you... But if he has a power, he could save himself, so my gut says to save you just in case. But you and I probably should work hard to make sure Tink stays over Jiminy. I trust that she's usable to us...

PLEASE win HOH tomorrow. I can't play. Sad lol"

Captain Hook: "I agree with you. She says I can trust her, but I don't. Her reasoning for keeping Belle didn't make any sense.

Maybe if we keep Tink, that will earn her trust even more. You have to convince her we don't have a f2 though. Maybe go as far as making a f2 with her, but if you don't want to lie to her like that then I understand."

Time was pressing, Hatter had to make his decision known.

Belle French's Diary Room

If I convince Hatter to leave his f2 on the block to be evicted that would not only split up a strong alliance from the very beginning, but it would be just plain hilarious.

The Mad Hatter: "I have decided:

unicorn farts:
To use the veto on:
Episode #39 - Sneaky You Captain-Hook-once-upon-a-time-32560223-500-280
Captain Hook

Episode #39 - Sneaky You Shocker

Captain Hook's Diary Room


Episode #39 - Sneaky You Tumblr_mg95j2FZBZ1qa56ewo3_250

Will Regina really replace Hook with Tinkerbell and break all our hearts? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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