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Post by Emma Swan on Sun 13 Mar - 14:42:07

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #38 - M.otherfucker

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, Mulan was sent packing to the jury house. The house was full of bad blood and Jiminy was back from his trip outside the walls of Storybrook.

Episode #38 - M.otherfucker Not-you-again-doormat


The quest for the Head of Household title was on everyone's mind, it had such a use impact now.

Belle French's Diary Room

I'm doing this thing where I compliment each juror as they leave the game. Some of them I talked to extensively like Maleficent and I talked with Mulan a few times, but there are some like Genie and Pan that I should have probably socialized with more. I want the last thing they see of me to be a praise of their gameplay or personality so their last impression of me is positive.

Episode #38 - M.otherfucker 607467a115b1bac4de49a6c2daee036d464c4b2e708a50b5e64202b5f81bd6ad

The Mad Hatter: "So pissed... She kept Belle... Sad

Ok, so now you or Jiminy has to win HOH tonight or we're screwed. Jiminy and I were discussing how I could play in the HOH to "escape" or whatever, just to help knock out other people potentially, but if you or Jiminy got close to winning, then I can throw it. It just depends on what type of challenge the HOH is. I don't want to actually win it. Also, if I accidentally do win it or something, just know that I'm very suspicious of Red now and honestly have issues about keeping her around in this game if she's just working for Belle/Regina. Sad

Depending on the HOH, it could be something I could try to play in to keep Regina, Red, or Belle from winning it (Tink probably won't play. lol)."

Captain Hook: "ughhhh I am so annoyed!!!!

I agree, we have to get HOH!!"

The Mad Hatter: "It's really frustrating. Why did Red even bother to talk to me at all, if she was just going to go against me anyway?"

Captain Hook: "I know. So now we know why Regina didn't use it. She knew Belle was safe anyways."

Episode #38 - M.otherfucker 54326944

The Mad Hatter: "I guess so- Regina thought she'd get on my good side that way, I guess. Idk. Sad Makes me bummed out.

I messaged Belle earlier:

The Mad Hatter wrote:Although I guess this just means we'll continue not being able to talk to each other?
I don't understand what that's about honestly. Sad

She put:

Belle French wrote:To be honest I was told not long after the game started that you had a massive private room and I wasn't included in it. It made me feel like you were just buttering me up so I would vote with you but I wasn't actually an ally.

The Mad Hatter wrote:But why is that room just used against me? You've had "rooms" with plenty of people who were in the same one... Sad It's not all on my shoulders and that dismantled a long time ago anyway...

Belle French wrote:Well it wasn't just used against you, Hook and Pan were painted badly too. I don't actually have anything against you, but it's so far in the game now that I'm sure I wouldn't be your number one if you did propose something with me. Sorry, Jiminy really messed you guys up.

Hatter gets out of bed and decides to go for a run on the backyard treadmill. Of course Red was nearby lurking.

Episode #38 - M.otherfucker A9023328a15d2cf666b8088d90c4087e

The Mad Hatter: "Red! Hi."

Red Riding Hood: "Hey Hatter."

The Mad Hatter: "Not sure what I'm going to do... I want us all to be safe honestly"

Red Riding Hood: "At the end of the day, you have to do what you think is best. I know that by me voting out Mulan it set us all back times ten (my fault), but it was never my intentions to sabotage your game, or anyone's game for that matter. She strictly stroke an emotional chord with me, and I felt bad."

The Mad Hatter: "It really sucks. Sad Well, we need to stick together though, because Regina/Belle- I swear they're plowing through this game way too easily"

Red Riding Hood: "Well yeah! Do you really think I want to go to the end with Regina? Belle? Let's be explicit here... I can't beat them. They have way too many friends in the jury and I can't beat them in comps at all. For my game, I don't want to be rude, but I think I have a better shot against you and Hook comp wise... That's me being blatantly honest, so sorry if that offends you..."

The Mad Hatter: "Not offended!"

Episode #38 - M.otherfucker The-most-interesting-cat-in-the-world-not-so-secretly-hates-you-7049

Jiminy was back in the house and did all he could to gather his boys Hatter and Hook without anyone noticing.

The Mad Hatter's Diary Room

AT RED. Like, what was she thinking?

I just knew it, she has an alliance with the girls- Regina, her, and Bellle- probably Tink too. It makes perfect sense actually. Sucks I got played by her though...

The Mad Hatter: "Alright Jiminy- whenever you can communicate again. You or Hook has to win HOH tonight or we're screwed. Belle was supposed to go, but she didn't. Nobody's honest anymore in this game. It's so frustrating!"

Jiminy Cricket: "Why wouldn't you nominate Regina with Belle?

And why wouldn't regina use veto on Belle?

I've missed so much."

The Mad Hatter: "I didn't nominate Regina because she's actually taken the time to talk to me and we had a sort of agreement. I gave her one little break. And besides, Belle has constantly ignored me AND continuously avoids evictions. If I'm on the jury, I'm giving her my vote just out of principal. It's frustrating. I asked Regina not to use the veto, but then again, Idk why she didn't after all. Maybe she was being nice. Idk.

This from Tink pissed me off, because I've been nothing but nice to her and laying everything out there, and she said today:

Tinker Bell wrote:Hey Hatter.  I ended up voting out Mulan.  Not only is she inactive, but your nominations kind of surprised me, to be honest.

Um, surprised her how? I told her I wouldn't nominate her because I consider her to be nice. And all along I've told her I'm worried about Belle being in a group of girls. I don't see how that's shocking. Whatever. I'm so over this game and people being flaky. Not you and Hook, but literally everyone else..."

Jiminy Cricket: "Well technically, I have been all over the place... but you know I am loyal to this 2 and am going to try.

Hatter and I can do it. I've got a lot of pent up energy from escaping I am ready to make some nominations.

If Regina didn't use veto it is because she knew Belle would stay. There is a girls group, Regina had gtg."

The Mad Hatter: "And even if I had put Regina up, she would've won veto and then bam, I would've pissed off 3 people then.

I'm so mad at Red. She was going to vote Belle out as well and then apparently Mulan told people she wanted to leave. (Only told Red that I know of). And I think that's just Red's excuse to keep Belle.

I swear I was right about what Mal told me- her, Red, and Belle were F3. So... Red, Belle, and probably Regina are tight now and we have to break that up. Idc if Red goes as a result. I'm so beyond annoyed right now that she did that..."

Jiminy Cricket: "I would have been very interested to see what she would have said were I here.

I agree about Regina. If someone else had won the veto, you could have regret. But she won and would have won regardless... but honestly, idk how much it bought you.

If Regina wins HOH, she is going to nom hook and me, and if he or I win the veto, you are the only one who would go up now I would think.

Hook or I just got to win HOH. I would suggest trying to escape but from personal experience, it is just not worth it. I feel so out of the loop right now. But if you think that would be a good idea (like I did) it would 100% buy you a week."

The Mad Hatter: "I don't think it's a good idea for me to do... I want to be able to play in veto.

Only problem is, I can't play in tomorrow's veto... I have work, which really sucks. We got the Wednesday one moved, and I'm working on my schedule to switch with someone on Thursday so I can play.

I still don't know where Tink's head is at. She's basically just doing whatever the girls tell her I guess. It's annoying. And Red's playing right in the middle honestly...

Besides, if I did the "escape" thing, I can't vote or play in veto. Sad

Meaning, you, Hook, Red, Tink, Belle, and Regina would all for sure play veto... At least with me around, one person can't play, even if it ends up being me. lol"

Jiminy Cricket: "It is a tough spot. But the idea of you helping hook or I win the HOH then dropping could work.

Just got to see what it is.

I hope hook shows up lol, that would be very bad if he did not get the memo on the time change."

The Mad Hatter: "I definitely don't want to win it and then not be able to help in veto or get a vote. Sad

He's here. Smile The time for tonight's challenge didn't change."

Captain Hook: "I am here.

We have to win this!!!"

On the way to the backyard for the challenge, Tink and Red walk side by side and talk in low voices.

Tinkerbell: "Are you ready for this HOH"

Red Riding Hood: "I'm over this game to be honest... It was a lose lose situation. WE HAVE TO WIN."

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

Idk what is going to happen. But I will assure you this... if Red is up against me, I will tip my hat and bow out.

I think she is feeling guilty by possibly having "true" final 2s with Tink and myself. But if she actually volunteers.... I just don't have it in me to campaign against her.

I have no idea who she is, just my one guess in my thread, but I have grown too fond to let her do it.

I guess we'll see how this all turns out.

Regina Mills's Diary Room

Following Mulan's eviction:

Tonight is the first of many fast forwards this week. Regina is not comfortable under pressure, but with all these powers going around, I feel like the only way to guarantee your safety is to win a challenge. Should I win HOH and get blood on my hands, or veto just so that I am not a replacement nominee.

We shall see what kind of challenge it is.

It was not time for the Head of Household competition.

Head of Household #12 (The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up)

Episode #38 - M.otherfucker Giphy

Sometimes people just don't want to grow up. Let's immortalize youth and play a little guessing game.

I will post a link in 5 minutes to multiple pictures of actors/actresses/singers as a child . You are now tasked to tell me who they are.


- You have 20 minutes
- You must post answers in your Diary Room
- First and last names please
- Spelling counts
- You can only submit once
- ***Please use the names under BORN from IMDB***

For example Ryan Reynolds's IMDb page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005351/?ref_=nv_sr_1

You have 5 minutes from this post to decide if you're playing for Head of Household or to ~Escape Storybrooke~. This is the last round for ~Escape Storybrooke~. The Mad Hatter you cannot play for Head of Household but you can play to ~Escape Storybrooke~

Episode #38 - M.otherfucker 200_s

After some scrambling by the players to identify all the famous faces, we had a winner.

We have a Winner

The Answers

William Bradley Pitt
Natalie Hershlag
Samuel Leroy Jackson
Jennifer Michelle Goodwin
Justin Drew Bieber
Ryan Thomas Gosling
Robyn Rihanna Fenty
Robert John Downey Jr
Selena Marie Gomez
Gwen Renée Stefani

With a time of Today at 20:15:19

The new Head of Household is

Episode #38 - M.otherfucker Giphy

Congratulations!!!! You have 30 minutes to post your nominations.

Tinkerbell: "who is that? but congrats!"

Emma Swan: "Regina Mills, sorry"

Jiminy Cricket: "I'm guessing Regina?"

Belle French: "Dying"

Neal Cassidy: "That's Regina in a very flattering gif"

Episode #38 - M.otherfucker Screen-Shot-2014-12-21-at-3.03.37-PM

Emma Swan: "Lmao like Belle, dying <3"

The Mad Hatter: "Love the GIF! haha."

Captain Hook: "Congrats, Regina!!"

Neal Cassidy: "PS I could have sworn the L in Samuel L. Jackson stood for BOW BEFORE QUEEN MEL.....YO, HELL YEAH MY CENSORS. I MEANT M.OTHERFUCKER"

Emma Swan: "What lmao I don't get what you just said haha."

Jiminy Cricket: "I think he has been drinking again."

Captain Hook: "I did notice some of my Rum was missing."

Neal Cassidy: "Episode #38 - M.otherfucker Screen15

The Mad Hatter: "haha what a weird censor to have Neal! lol"

Red and Tink walk back inside together before the meet up with the other ladies.

Tinkerbell: "How can we subtly push that hook/hatter have a F2 deal and need to be nominated

so that Jiminy doesn't get nominated"

Red Riding Hood: "I'm thinking too... We need to push it hard... Say he can't play for veto! We need to convince her to target Hook/Hatter... Hook voted against her, and Hatter is a threat...

Jiminy is nothing without them... Can't even play for veto..."

Tinkerbell: "oh pooping good idea!!! good thinking."

The celebrations over Reginas win was echoed throughout the house. Surely this was the end of the Jiminy Revolution.

Regina Mills: "Well let the fireworks begin. If they have a power it will be played tonight. *is worried*"

Red Riding Hood: "Indeed. Thanks for pulling a win through!

I think Hatter has the Cyan power, 100%... They don't care about Jiminy at all... They'll vote him out. He's expendable to them, I wish he'd see that."

Hook, Hatter and Jiminy were a little less thrilled.

Jiminy Cricket: "Regina wins.

yay (sarcasm)"

The Mad Hatter: "So freakin fast!"

The Mad Hatter: "One of us is probably screwed tonight guys"

Captain Hook: "ugh this sucks Sad"

Jiminy Cricket: "To say the least. "

Would Regina shock anyone with her nominations? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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