Updates during and post HOH #1

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Updates during and post HOH #1

Post by The Mad Hatter on Fri 28 Aug - 2:26:17

First, this:
Wait, are you a host or a player

When I asked her for a color preference for her hat. I guess hosts should be making us all special gifts? Wink

Anyway, during the HOH, I got on my private rooms with Hook, Pan (who didn't respond), Red, and Regina. And Mulan PM'd me asking me who I was going to vote. I need a private room with her! Anyway, I asked them all about their HOH preference. I got good vibes from Regina and then Hook kind of suggested her because she'd keep us all safe, so I went with Regina. I thought it was a good sign that a few people talked to me during the decision-making process. Smile I didn't really want the responsibility of the first HOH because I've literally talked to everyone in the cast so far. lol Speaking of, I just messaged Dr. Whale and Genie tonight because I haven't been on today. Be on the lookout for those messages in my other thread.

Also, Regina and someone else voted for me, so that made me feel good. Smile

I asked the four of them (Regina, Mulan, Hook, and Red) and included Pan too, if I could create a room with us and Jiminy. They said yes (Pan didn't respond though), but anyway, we have a room now. Smile And Jiminy was super grateful in his PM to me, that I included him. He guessed correctly that it was my doing. Ok, off to add to my other thread.

Goodnight lovelies!
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