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NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, we were left on a cliffhanger when the veto winner was undetermined. We knew one of the nominees was about to win, but who?


Now, we find out who win the coveted prize.

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

I just had an epiphany. A clear road to final 2 with Red. It is what makes working with Hook and Hatter the perfect ideal scenario.

If Pan or Regina go this round, with the other leaving after (and then Belle after that) Red and I are in a perfect spot. That has to be a perfect 3 weeks, but if it happens it would be the best thing for us.

By showing loyalty to Hook/Hatter through those weeks, they would keep us safe and get rid of those 3 for sure.

At final 6, hook/hatter would go after tink and Mulan (who they both have now said is annoying how little she speaks). And then Red and I decide who to keep. Alternatively, if Tink or Mulan win they would put up Hatter and Hook. But that depends on how close I can get to Mulan (who distrusts me immensely at the moment).

So Red and I have to make 2 final 4 deals at some point soon. One with Hook/Hatter... and one with Tink and Mulan. That is what will get us to the Final 2 I think (our best chance).

I will work it very very very subtly with the boys... and have suggested to Red to start working Tink and Mulan about a final 3 (but go with tink as a final 2 and tell her she wants to bring in a 3rd and eventually a 4th). I think Mulan would go for that final 3/4 if Belle, Pan, and Regina are out and would listen to Red and Tink about a 4th because of how much those 2 ladies trust me.

That is the plan, but it all depends on how smoothly the next 3 rounds go. I still would like Pan out this round... because I know for sure 100% Hook/Hatter would go after Regina/Belle if they win next (not sure they would go after Pan).

Neal Cassidy: "
Neal Cassidy wrote:Okay, we have a winner for real this time.


Congratulations, Regina! You have won the power of veto! Let us know what you wish to do with it on this thread.

Sorry for the mix up, guys.

For real this time. Really sorry again for the confusion."

Emma Swan: "Awww poor Neal, BELLE RUINS EVERY VETO NOW. <3 xoxo joke hun."

Belle French: "Fire"

Captain Hook: "Good job, Regina....again. lol"

Regina Mills: "How long do I have to post?"

Belle French: "Ignore me.  Laughing Congrats Regina!"

Tinkerbell: "congrats Regina. Lol belle"

Neal Cassidy: "You have 2 hours from now."

Red Riding Hood: "Congratulations Regina!

What a fascinating challenge. You hosts are doing a great job!"

Emma Swan: "The time you guys all put it in inspire us to try and keep it fun."

While Regina was off thinking about it, Pan was worrying.

Peter Pan: "I haven't sold out our alliance at all. In what ways is Belle saying that I have? should i talk to jiminy about it or just leave it do you think?"

Captain Hook: "She told him that you told her about the kingdom alliance.

I am not sure if you need to talk to Jiminy about it. I don't want him to know that I told you about what he told me. He doesn't think we are that close so I don't want this putting an even bigger target on our backs.

I am hoping that because he didn't nominate you that means he didn't pay any attention to what Belle said. He wants Regina out bad though, but I am worried about what would happen if she came off the block. Maybe send him a PM just to talk because you haven't in a while and say you want to make sure things are still good between you two."

Peter Pan: "I never mentioned anything to Belle about the Kingdom alliance. If she's knows about it’s either because someone else told her, or Jiminy is making it up to fabricate a reason to nominate me.

I'm scared to send him a PM because I feel like anything I say will just come off as an admission of guilt or as if I'm trying to manipulate his decision.

I'm just gonna leave it be and whatever he decides he decides. Good luck in the PoV Hook lol."

The Mad Hatter: "Hey Pan. Do you think maybe someone else told Belle about the room and they're trying to place blame on you?"

Peter Pan: "i have no idea. all i know is I never told anyone about the Kingdom room.

if I had to guess I would guess that jiminy is making the whole thing up so that he has an excuse to try and take me out, but even that is just a guess, I reallly have no clue."

Elsewhere, the ladies were mingling and chilling.

Red Riding Hood: "I'll probably be up. Let's just hope not."

Belle French: "Oh yeah Sad"

Red Riding Hood: "Oh well. It's been a great ride with you ladies."

Tinkerbell: "congrats regina, let's hope one of the guys goes up"

Regina Mills: "Sad"

Belle French: "Oh Tink, Jiminy hates us all except you. It won't be one of the guys sad to say."

Red Riding Hood: "I"m going to have to talk some major bs game right now... Wish me luck!"

There was no real need to drag this out, production asked Regina to hurry it up.

Regina Mills: "Sorry everyone. I was thinking about stuff and things.

I have decided to use the power of veto on myself. "

Neal Cassidy: "Jiminy, please name a replacement nominee as soon as you can."

Jiminy Cricket: "Can I wait dramatically 2 hours too?"

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

Red Riding Hood wrote:
Apparently hook told Regina he was pulled into a room with you and hatter. And apparently hatter told Regina ...

Hatter talked to me last night and said he's starting to believe everything about Jiminy, and how he's playing everybody. He said he wants to "work together". I obviously don't trust him....

She's going to talk to you later btw. Act surprised. Lol

Why do I even try

Depending one what Hook said, I may just blow my own unicorn farts up to ensure Red has a chance of going deep. Make some deals with the enemy, and roll with it.

If both Hook and Hatter are saying this kind of stuff while I am HOH, I can only imagine what they would do when I am not only a potential nom, but not even able to play for HOH.

Just when I think I have my finger on the pulse of things.

Jiminy had a lot to think about, a lot to manipulate if he wanted to stay in his allies good graces while still getting his agenda through.

Captain Hook: "ugh at Regina winning!"

Jiminy Cricket: "Let's make this decision as a group.

You both know what I would like to do... and I truly believe he is going to side with them.

But what do you guys think, this is the time to be brutally honest about what you want."

Captain Hook: "I keep trying to think of the best scenario and I have no idea what to do. We keep Pan, you say you think he will side with them. We keep Belle, the Belle/Regina duo is still here and they have Tink and I worry about them pulling in the other 2 girls to start a girls alliance.

The bad thing about keeping Pan is that we have to compete against both Pan and Regina in the next HOH and both are huge threats.

ughh this is stressful."

Jiminy Cricket: "That.... right there. That is why I want pan out. Would you rather compete against Pan, or Belle? And not only that, but lets say we keep Pan.

If Regina wins HOH, we will all have a chance to be playing against Pan for the veto (worst case scenario).

Pan gone, it ups our chances of both HOH and Veto. Eliminates a person is straight up not with us. there is no communication with us (at least with me, or in the room). And Belle flat out said the room name and who was in it and how it came directly from him again.

I will wait for Hatter's input, but I hope I get more than "I support the decision"

Belle is a definite 100% ally of Regina. With pan, I just know he is also, but is trying to be slick. But all I kept thinking tonight was thank god Pan is not playing this, because he would have been done in 10 mins lol.

Tonight showed, as in previous comps, Regina and Belle are beatable when their asses are on the line. Pan made 3000 unnecessary posts not even for revenge, just to stay safe.

Ok, Ill stop. My side of the argument is obvious. If you have any other thoughts to help make this a clear cut decision, please speak your mind Hook. As well as hatter when you see this."

Captain Hook: "I get what you are saying. I don't want you to to think I am being shady and trying to keep Pan. I was just thinking about all the different scenarios and I am getting paranoid. lol

I am ok with him going if you really think this will help our game. I do agree, I think I would rather compete against Belle and Regina for next HOH, but then again it is an extended challenge which always makes me nervous because I can't do anything creative. Hopefully it's not that."

Jiminy Cricket: "Well lets think of it this way.

If I were the one to put up Pan, then I am the one who gets blamed for it. If yo won HOH next week or 3 weeks from now, you'd have to justify to him that you are doing it AND we have to hope he does not win veto.

He is sitting there, imo, waiting to take me out. He puts me up, and I win veto... who is the replacement or sitting next to me for that matter? Regina and Belle?"

The Mad Hatter: "Here now. I still have concerns that Regina/Belle/Red are a group. Maybe Belle is trying to get us to turn on Pan, when really it was Red who spilled about our room. You never know... That's my thoughts. But Pan is still a threat for sure."

Jiminy Cricket: "Seeee, this man just threw something at me I had not considered.

the thing is, why would she support Regina and Belle as my noms so implicitly? I do not get a vibe from that girl that she would go against us. Whether it was the first time Regina left, or this week Red has always been saying she is ok with it and voted the way she said she would (with Mal too).

I just do not want to regret not taking him out, have him win HOH next week, and then one of us 3 is gone (likely me).

So you both would rather I put up Tink? That is the feeling I am getting."

The Mad Hatter: "But what if:
Red *is* with Belle and told her about the Kingdom room, then Belle tells you it's Pan, and I have Red telling me that Pan was the vote to *keep* Mal (which makes no sense by the way). So now Red and Belle both have us worrying about Pan, when maybe they're the ones we should be worried about... That's my concern. If Pan goes, then we have Belle, Regina, and Red still in the game and possibly working together still.

I never mentioned Tink. I mentioned Red. lol"

Jiminy Cricket: "I thought about Red as the replacement nom, but also thought you 2 would not like that. I assumed if not pan, you would want tink. My mistake.

It is a definite he said, she said thing. No way to know for sure that it was Red, or Pan. But it had to have been one of them... otherwise how would Belle know the exact name?

Let me ask Red a few questions here while we have time. I'll be coy. And to add to that, say Mulan possibly too lol. You want to talk about someone who never says a word to people"

Captain Hook: "I never considered Red either, but now that you mention it, it does seem odd.

She did PM me out of the blue after Mal left to tell me it was not her that voted to keep Mal. She said she thought she knew who it was so I asked her who and she said she heard it was Pan. :/. OMG yes, Mulan. I keep forgetting she is even here. lol"

Jiminy Cricket: "My head is being pulled in two logically different directions.

On one hand I am envisioning an all girls alliance (including Tink, Mulan and Red).

But on the other hand, I see that as paranoia. Regina has already been voted out, as has Mal. One of them would have left had I won veto.

Early on, tink told me she didn't like or trust Regina. When I won HOH both times, she PMd me ASAP to ask me if I was going to just put her up already lol. Red I have never gotten a bad vibe from, or cross references that she is lying or in a group I didn't know about. It's possible, she is in more rooms than she says, but idk.

Personally, I am blinded by the fact of all facts that Pan will 100% eventually come for me. Dude has not said one word to me since I won HOH, and I even sent him a PM asking if he was cool with everything (as I did with Mulan). Pan said nothing, and Mulan wrote back typoed words.

My gut is telling me to just throw him up there. I feel like I am being logical and using as many facts as I can in this decision. It is possible there is a girls thing, but if there is not and I throw up Red, there will be after that.

But I do not want to put him up if you 2 are going to mistrust me for it."

Captain Hook: "That made me lol.

and no, I won't mistrust you for it. I feel the same way as you, like I am being pulled in two different directions. I start thinking about the possible girls alliance and then I get paranoid about Pan too.

Whatever you do, you will have my support. lol yes, I said it."

Jiminy Cricket: "Thank you hook. I stress out like crazy "who is best for us" but the watch you or Hatter dominate HOH.

I have said it before, if we combine our skills as a trio... we are unstoppable. If we all work together on the HOH, one of you 2 will win it, I have no doubt in that."

Hatter and Hook head to the pool and leave Jiminy with his conscience.

Red Riding Hood's Diary Room

All thanks to Jiminy. Hatter thinks (he's right) I've been playing both sides and thinks I outted the Kingdom alliance to Regina (I did) not peter (he didn't as far as I can tell.).

Anyway, he questioned me about the room with Belle (maleficent told him. I'm going to kill her. <3)

Jiminy knew what they wanted to hear me say, so I put on some chapstick and puckered up for that ass kissing I was about to do. Jiminy helped me and it was great... though he eventually told me I had to finish by myself, but in a nice way. LOL

Anyway, I think Hatter trusts me again now (and I"m glad he brought it to my attention, instead of lying to my face about it)... Though he lies too, he's lied to me twice... what a hypocrite!

He may believe me now... BUT... Now he's my number one target. Can't have someone in this game who's picking up on my strategy, basically trying to get Hook/Jiminy to double me. LOL He's going going gone next chance I get, but there there Hatter...

At least

Also, Hook showed his true colors by not telling me what Hatter said...

Captain Hook: "I feel like Pan is on our side (mine and yours) but not Jiminy's. Obviously I can't say that to Jiminy. lol

I have no idea if it was Red or Pan who told Belle. Remember Pan wanted to keep Belle in to go after Jiminy? That made me start wondering how close they are and if they do talk.

Or did Jiminy make the whole thing up to justify putting up Pan, like Pan says he did.

The only good thing about Pan going is that we won't have to be stuck between Pan and Jiminy anymore. It is hard playing both sides. lol"

The Mad Hatter: "I just think you and I benefit from Pan being around is all.

I decided to straight-up ask Red if she was in a final 3 with Mal. We'll see what she says.

If Pan is gone, then Belle/Red/Regina are up against us 3 with Tink and Mulan doing who knows what... That makes me nervous a little bit. I admit that Pan's a big threat, but for me personally, Belle and Regina pose a greater threat so this is tough. I don't want Tink put up because she is useful for #s. She and I get along. I need to talk to Mulan more. I keep forgetting. I just wish I knew how to feel about Red after what Mal told me. It's kind of difficult to forget."

Captain Hook: "Tink and I have been talking a lot in PMs lately. She seems really nice, but I always assume she is with Regina and Belle. She claims she isn't in any alliances though.

I have no idea what Mulan is up to either.

I agree, we do benefit more from having Pan here. ugh I don't think we are going to change his mind, and if we push too hard that just makes us look suspicious like we trust Pan more than him.

We could always try and get the votes to keep Pan, but if we do, Jiminy is for sure done with us. lmaooo"

The Mad Hatter: "Maybe we could still vote Belle out. Lol. And blame it on someone else"

Captain Hook: "But we would need 2 votes. Regina is obviously going to keep Belle. I don't think Mulan likes me so I don't trust asking her. We could talk to Red and Tink, but I am still nervous about  Red. If something happens and Pan leaves, and word got back to Jiminy that we tried to keep him, we would be screwed."

The Mad Hatter: "That's true. Man this sucks. Unless we purposely made it a tie. lol.

Or threw weird votes out there to mess people up. I don't know. That doesn't make sense. Never mind. This is confusing. I wish there was a way to keep Pan, but it might be inevitable"

It was time for the fat lady to sing, aka Jiminy had to make his replacement nomination.

Jiminy Cricket: "I choose


as the replacement nomination.

I have no fitting words for this other than it is just a game move. I have no idea who you are, so it is not personal.

I feel like I need to try and get you out before you come back at me for the other round. I wish it didn't have to be this early, but it was going to happen eventually. You or me, so I had to try and take this opportunity.

Good luck nominees."

The nominations are set in stone

Belle French & Peter Pan you are both nominated for eviction tonight. Your peers now have until 8:00 p.m. EST tomorrow Friday to vote for one of you to be evicted in their Diary Room since it is an extended deadline challenge.

Regina Mills: "https://i.imgur.com/davog6K.gif"

Peter Pan: "Suspect"

Tinkerbell's Diary Room

[Right after peter pan's nomination by Jiminy]

Tonight could not have gone any better.  

Originally, Jiminy told me that his #1 target was Regina, and his #2 target was Pan.  Peter is actually a much bigger threat in competitions and socially.  I knew this would be my chance to get him out.

When I missed the veto, I was worried, but when I saw that there was a tie between Regina and Belle, I knew I would be striking tonight.

When Regina won the POV, it gave me a legitimate reason (when talking to Jiminy) to go after Peter.  This was our chance to take Peter out -- his #2 target -- and next week we can go after Regina.

Of course, Jiminy was all over the place.  I had to make him feel secure by telling him to pull Red (my number one ally) into our alliance as a F3 deal.

I coached Red on what to say.  I coached Jiminy on what to say and do.  And after that new alliance was formed, Jiminy assured me he would be putting up Peter.

Against Belle, all the girls will surely be voting out Peter.  If we can get Peter out, we will be taking out a huge competition and social threat.  It also gives the girls the numbers advantage, especially going into the next HOH.

I really do need to protect Jiminy and Red if possible, however.  We can't let either the girls or the boys get too strong.  If one alliance begins decimating the other, there won't be a safe middle ground for me and Red to navigate.

Pan was feeling a little blue now

Peter Pan: "Any chance you guys are voting/voted for me to say, or...."

Captain Hook: "I haven't voted yet, but I want to keep you. Me and Hatter have tried talking to people. Obviously Regina is keeping Belle. Tink said she promised her vote to Belle also. Red is willing to keep you so that leaves Mulan. Hatter said he sent her a PM and he would let me know what she said, but he hasn't been on yet.

If she says she is keeping Belle then there is nothing we can do, except tie the votes, but then Jiminy would vote you out anyways. Sad

There is still an hour left so hopefully he gets on soon. I will send Mulan a PM too."

Peter Pan: "I appreciate the effort and your vote Hook! Red said she would consider voting for me to stay if the votes were there to keep me, but I'm gonna tell you what I just told her, and that is: there's not point in voting to keep me if the votes aren't going to be there anyway. Just do whatever you feel more comfortable with and I will respect your decision either way."

The Mad Hatter: "I never heard back from Mulan. And Regina said she'd think about it, but never responded. Sad

It'd just be us and Red and it would tie. I swear I tried today, even gave valid points to Regina and Tink for why they should keep you, but they didn't respond after saying they'd "think about it". Sad"

Meanwhile the girls were celebrating.

Red Riding Hood: "It worked!!! I could cry."

Regina Mills: "that face when this wouldnt have happened to Pan if only he had listened to me the first time...


I kind of feel sorry for him in a way."

Tinkerbell: "LOL REGINA. It's kind of poetic justice though in a way. He doesn't stand a chance against Belle <3"

Red Riding Hood: "I feel bad for Pan too, because he's always been honest with me 100%, but... I'm glad it's not me or any of you. Now we can save our girl!"

Tinkerbell: "Both boys just messaged me to see how I'm voting. I just straight up told them I am voting out Peter."

Regina Mills: "No one is sending me messages asking for my vote, I feel sad Sad


Tinkerbell: "Regina, how are you going to vote?


Red sees Hatter lurking in the distance. He signals her to come meet him. She excuses herself and tries to ninja her way to Hatter.

The Mad Hatter: "Were you in a final 3 with Mal? Before she left, she tried to offer me a deal and said that she'd pull me in with you and Belle to add to her "final 3"... That's been bugging me and I've been meaning to ask you about it."

Red Riding Hood: "Yeah I was. I was pulled into it, so I couldn't decline, but that's irrelevant I suppose. Anyway, with the girls, you have to tell them exactly what they want to hear or they cut you off from information completely and therefore, I can help the Kingdom.

Being that I voted Maleficent out, I know that they hate me (game wise), but it is what it is. I chose you guys, because you, hook, Jiminy, and Peter have shown (in ways that they can't) that I can trust you and that you guys actually want to stick to our core alliance. It's a shame that the veto was used, and I would have preferred if the noms stayed the same, but... it's out of my hands.

Maleficent never told me she mentioned that to you, but if she did I would have clarified it right then and there (like I always do). I had no intention of sticking with them at all, it was just something that I didn't really have much control over, but when I had to make a "choice" (though I don't know if you could call it that, as I've always been loyal to those in the crazy eights) it was obvious... and I went with you guys. Hope that helps..."

The Mad Hatter: "That makes sense. Smile See, Belle never even talks to me. That worries me a bit. And Mal did because she was going home, so I had a worry that you were in an all-girls thing and just paranoia because of what Mal said. I appreciate you responding back. I'm just upset now that the noms had to change. Makes things tough... What do you think of Pan going up?"

Red Riding Hood: "Yeah, I actually thought I told you about that, but realized I didn't (I mentioned a different room, almost the same one basically since Belle doesn't talk). Sorry about that, and thanks for asking. I'd rather you call me out on it and ask me than get nervous.

Belle doesn't talk much to anyone, if we're being honest... Just look at her Posting Quota.

I'm not happy about noms changing either. I really wanted to stick with the group (so, not too thrilled with Pan going up), but I respect Jiminy's decision nonetheless, and hope the rest of us will stick together. This kinda sucks if we're being honest. I really don't want to see Pan go."

The Mad Hatter: "Well, we don't have to vote him out... lo"

Red Riding Hood: "Lol. That's true."

The Mad Hatter: "I'm thinking, what if you, me, Hook, and Tink vote to keep him?

I'm still nervous about the pairing of Belle/Regina, so getting rid of Belle now makes sense for us.

Plus, keeping the vicious circle of Pan-Regina-Jiminy in the game could work well for us.

Think about it:
Jiminy nominated Pan, then Pan nominated Regina, and now Jiminy has nominated Regina AND Pan. That's a weird circle of mistrust there and maybe you and I can use that to our advantage by having them targeting each other instead of us. Razz

Plus, we haven't wronged Pan or Regina, so that's still a plus for us as well."

Red Riding Hood: "That's very true. I wonder what Tinkerbell thinks of that. Only thing I'd feel bad about is the fact that I told Jiminy I would respect and support his noms, but perhaps this is a golden opportunity?"

The Mad Hatter: "I feel bad too, but then I think about our games and if we're really after Regina/Belle, then leaving Pan in the game does more for us than getting rid of him.

We need one more vote. Tink said she promised her vote to Belle, pre-renom, but I'm going to try to convince her of this. We'll see. Smile

What do you think Mulan would do?"

Red Riding Hood: "I can't even argue against your points because they make sense. So much! Especially for our games. Hmmm... I don't know what Mulan will do. Try asking her maybe??"

The Mad Hatter: "I sent her a message, but I haven't heard back yet. I'll wait to vote obviously, and I'll let you know if I hear back. Still wondering if Tink might budge. lol"

Red Riding Hood: "What did she even say!? Weird."

The Mad Hatter: "She was worried about an all girls vs. all boys alliance. She also said she promised her vote to Belle before renoms..."

Red Riding Hood: "Geesh Louise. I wonder what Mulan will say. I'll be back later to find out. Though of I'm here before you I'll keep you updated."

While Red rejoined her group of bytches, Hatter and Hook were hard at work to save Pan.

Regina Mills's Diary Room

What the UNICORN FARTS is going on in this game, I have no idea. I am way too paranoid for this lol

Hatter is charming the panties off of me, but I know it's all BS.

I feel like the only person I can trust is Red, she seems to be very straight forward. Pan was too, but he got me out once already, and I dont think I can trust him anymore. Hook is sketchy as fack. I am still not convinced about Tinker and I think she could be a snitch.

Mulan is turning out to be the unreliable ally. She probably has stuff going on IRL so I dont want to be too harsh.

And don't get me started on Jiminy...

My goal next round is to get Jiminy or Hook out of the game. I NEED to win HOH, but if it's one of those post as many times as you can in 36 hours challenges again, I will rage so hard.
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Red was back in the backyard with her "crew"

Red Riding Hood: "They told me they can "rope" you those boys... Dumb. And why would I vote in their favor when they wanted me up???????!!!! They're cocky. I guess they think they don't need it. What are you thoughts. I've been talking so much and I didn't let you guys say anything. Sorry!!"

Tinkerbell: "has anyone reached out to Mulan?"

Red Riding Hood: "Lmfao.

I have but she hasn't responded. We need to get to her all first. They will work on her after they "work" on you and myself."

Regina Mills: "Mulan seems very inactive. I sent her a PM yesterday afternoon and no reply. She hasn't even read it.

I think it's no shock who I am voting for, Tinker. One of them sent me out the door already, one of them hasn't"

Tinkerbell: "Yeah where the HELL YEAH has Mulan been these past few days?"

Red Riding Hood: "Lmfaoo you guys."

Belle French: "I do feel bad for Pan, but of course this was going to happen. He should have never trusted Jiminy. I also PM'd Mulan before I knew who the new nom was going to be because I couldn't stay up any longer and she never responded. I'm not sure if I'll get that vote or not. I should message Hook"

Red Riding Hood: "Hook wants you gone btw. Him and Hatter."

Tinkerbell: "Yeah Hook and Hatter have been laying it on me hard today"

Red Riding Hood: "Same. It's hilarious."

Regina Mills: "Yea same here. He's telling me it's in my best interest to keep Pan because he'll be going after Jiminy now and not me. Laughing"

Red Riding Hood: "He told me that if we keep Pan we can use him to get rid of you. I can't even. We have to stick together. I'm serious about that."

Regina Mills: "HAHAHAH!

I swear these people. Dont they think people will be comparing notes at some point  Laughing

Can't even indeed "

Red Riding Hood: "I know right? Do they really think we won't stick together??? It's ridiculous."

Belle French: "They're insane. And I've been trying to get in decent terms with Jiminy again. I would never trust him over any of you girls, but if it did tie he would have to break it."

Red Riding Hood: "I agree completely. You gotta say whatever you have to."

The eviction was here, the votes were cast. How did the cookie crumble?

Eviction Ceremony #10

HOH - Jiminy Cricket
Nominees - Belle French and Regina Mills
POV - Regina Mills (Used on herself)

Post-Veto Nominees - Belle French and Peter Pan

Once Upon A Time, there was 9 of you. Now, there will be 8......

Everyone voted.

By a vote of

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to

Peter Pan

Very sorry to see you go. You were certainly a big presence in this game. It's never easy leaving the game through the back door, but you fought like hell and for that, I thank and commend you. You will now become the third member of our jury that will eventually determine the winner of this game. I will give you a moment to say goodbye and gather your things before sending you off.

Red Riding Hood: "Bye Peter!"

Belle French: "Goodbye Peter, you were a great player."

Tinkerbell: "Goodbye Pan"

Regina Mills: "Bye Peter!"

Captain Hook: "Bye Pan!!"

Peter Pan: "Good game and good luck Regina
Good game and good luck Captain Hook
Good game and good luck Red Riding Hood
Good game and good luck Belle
Good game and good luck Tink
Good game and good luck Mad hatter

Did I forget anyone? Nope, perfect."

Jiminy Cricket: "You forgot Mulan, pretty rude"

The Mad Hatter: "Bye Pan!"

Mulan: "Don't know why I was ignored. Lol he didn't speak to me.  So bye!"

Captain Hook's Diary Room

Regina ended up winning POV, which realllly sucks. Jiminy put up Pan...big shocker!!! Rolling Eyes

Me and Hatter really tried to get the votes to keep him. Me, Red, and Hatter were all willing to do it, but we could not get the other vote. I knew Regina wouldn't keep him because he is the one who put her up the first time she left. Tink said she promised to keep Belle and she wanted to keep her word. Both Hatter and I sent Mulan a PM, but she ignored us which is very annoying. In the end, we just voted with majority because there was no point in forcing a tie, that would just make us an even bigger target.

I also talked some with Regina. I am hoping that things are ok between us again and maybe I will be safe if she wins HOH.

Belle French's Diary Room

Apparently it's my job now to make Veto competitions more complicated, sorry all Laughing Jiminy though proved to Pan that he should have never trusted him by backdooring him. This will probably be what gets him out to be honest, now everyone will know he can't be trusted and both sides will be looking to put him up. I suppose he could Escape to Storybrooke next round and get himself another week. But if that doesn't work pretty much everyone should have him as one of their nominations.

This was a heavy week, one for the books. Would the Red/Jiminy alliance come to light? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.[/center]

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Post by Emma Swan on Sat 12 Mar - 15:48:43

Vote Breakdown

Eviction #10
HOH - Jiminy Cricket
Pre Veto Nominees - Regina Mills and Belle French
POV - Regina Mills
Nominees - Peter Pan and Belle French
Evicted: Peter Pan

Captain Hook: Peter Pan
Mulan: Peter Pan
Red Riding Hood: Peter Pan
Regina Mills: Peter Pan
The Mad Hatter: Peter Pan
Tinkerbell: Peter Pan
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Post by Emma Swan on Sat 12 Mar - 15:56:35

Peter Pan's Reveal

What a dimension this player brought to this game. When active, there's a lot of damage this person can do and an impact they sure make. We've had our ups and downs but lately it's been nothing but up <3, I was so happy they accepted to play and I was so sad to see them blindsided like this.

Peter Pan was played by


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Post by Regina Mills on Sat 12 Mar - 16:56:14

Bellisimo! Best episode of the season. Karma's a sphincter Very Happy
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Post by Emma Swan on Sat 12 Mar - 20:21:05

This DR belongs in this episode

The Mad Hatter's Diary Room

The Mad Hatter wrote:Soooo sorry I haven't updated my D.R. in forever. Sorry this post will be long, obviously. Razz

Ok, here goes:
I loosely have a final 3 with Pan/Hook.
I also loosely have a final 3 with Hook/Jiminy.

I've been getting along well with Tink too.

The only person I literally don't talk to is Belle.

Before Mal left, she offered me via PM, a final 4 deal with herself and her "already" final 3. I asked who? She said her, Belle, and Red.

That made me really nervous about Red's involvement. I finally asked Red yesterday about it. Here's what she had to say:

Red Riding Hood wrote:Yeah I was. I was pulled into it, so I couldn't decline, but that's irrelevant I suppose. Anyway, with the girls, you have to tell them exactly what they want to hear or they cut you off from information completely and therefore, I can help the Kingdom.

Being that I voted Maleficent out, I know that they hate me (game wise), but it is what it is. I chose you guys, because you, hook, Jiminy, and Peter have shown (in ways that they can't) that I can trust you and that you guys actually want to stick to our core alliance. It's a shame that the veto was used, and I would have preferred if the noms stayed the same, but... it's out of my hands.

Maleficent never told me she mentioned that to you, but if she did I would have clarified it right then and there (like I always do). I had no intention of sticking with them at all, it was just something that I didn't really have much control over, but when I had to make a "choice" (though I don't know if you could call it that, as I've always been loyal to those in the crazy eights) it was obvious... and I went with you guys. Hope that helps...


Red Riding Hood wrote:Yeah, I actually thought I told you about that, but realized I didn't (I mentioned a different room, almost the same one basically since Belle doesn't talk). Sorry about that, and thanks for asking. I'd rather you call me out on it and ask me than get nervous.

Belle doesn't talk much to anyone, if we're being honest... Just look at her Posting Quota.

I'm not happy about noms changing either. I really wanted to stick with the group (so, not too thrilled with potentially Pan going up), but I respect Jiminy's decision nonetheless, and hope the rest of us will stick together.

Red Riding Hood wrote:This kinda sucks if we're being honest. I really don't want to see Pan go.

So it gave me the idea of possibly trying to keep Pan in the game.

I know Hook and I told Jiminy that we'd follow his plans, HOWEVER, for Hook and my game, it's probably best to keep Pan around. I don't see Pan coming after us in the forseeable future. PLUS, I know for a fact that Regina/Mal/Belle were close when Regina first got evicted, so hearing that Mal/Belle/Red had a final 3, makes me believe that *possibly* Belle/Regina/Red have something going on now.

I messaged Tink about what her plans for the vote were and she said she promised Belle pre-renoms that she'd keep her. So now I'm like, even more paranoid about an all-girls alliance that I'm not a part of.

I pitched to Regina the idea that look, I don't think Pan is after you. Jiminy has nominated him TWICE now with the intent to get him out, so I don't see Pan coming after Regina. I told her this. We'll see what she responds. Hook, Red, and I are willing to keep Pan around if we can get one more vote. It has to be 4 votes to avoid a tie and Jiminy sending Pan packing...

Jiminy's thinking is that Pan is out to get him, blah blah. But thing is, here's the kicker:
Belle TOLD Jiminy that she knows about our big "Kingdom" room with me, Mulan, Hook, Pan, Red, and Jiminy. She told him that Pan told her about the room, with specific names and everything. Now, it's very plausible that he did, HOWEVER, that move on his part doesn't hurt my game (in my opinion)- it only creates more chaos aimed away from me and onto him and Jiminy I think. Jiminy for being so gung-ho about the room, and Pan for potentially spilling the beans about it.

Then, when Mal was evicted, she got two votes to keep her. There were 6 voters:
me, Mulan, Red, Belle, Jiminy, and Pan. I see no reason why Pan would keep Mal. I imagine one was from Belle, but it's the other vote that has me stumped. I know how Jiminy and I voted. So that leaves Mulan and Red. It's plausible that Red's "final 3" whatever with Mal was legit, HOWEVER, Red knew that she wouldn't have the votes to keep Mal, so my gut is telling me that Mulan kept Mal (for who knows what reason). But thing is, the night before the vote, Pan said this to me and Hook:

Peter Pan wrote:I am completely fine with Maleficent going, but I meant why not vote out Tink now (as in this round) while we have the chance.  

If Jiminy is going to turn on his alliances so quick, then why should we take out threats to him (Belle) and keep people who could potentially work with him (Tink).  'Ya know what I mean?

But really, I am fine with either one.  I just don't know where Tink stands.  She mighe be someone who would nominate one of us on behalf of Jiminy, and that would suck.

But the votes probably aren't there to take out Tink this round; I was just thinking out loud.

It was odd that he wanted to *keep* Mal in (his prior post said keep Belle in until we reminded him that she won veto) lol. Anyway, he wanted to evict Tink instead so we'd have someone around to target Jiminy later.

So either, he is/was working with Belle and did sell out the "Kingdom" alliance OR he really did like the idea of evicting Tink since he doesn't have a hold on her or whatever.

I'm messaging Tink now about keeping Pan. She decided to be straight-forward and just sent me this:

Tinker Bell wrote:Hatter, I want to be straight up with you so that if there is any discussion to be had, we can have it (as opposed to beating around the bush).

I feel like there's a boy's club and a girl's club in this game, and I think that originates from the crazy 8.  I was never included in any of that.  I don't know why I wasn't one of the lucky chosen few, but that's how it played out, and I can't be mad about that.

That said, I think it's in MY best interest to vote out Pan at this point.  I think he's more loyal to the boys than he ever will be to me.  In the same way the other girls will probably be more loyal to each other than to me, as well.  I just think Pan has a great shot to win this game, and I came here to win just like everybody else.

That's honestly where my head is at.  I trust you, so I hope that's not misplaced.  But tell me if I'm wrong about all this, Hatter.

First of all, I love her language sometimes. haha Like, she feels the need to repeat my name often in her messages to me, as if I have no idea who I am. lol

Anyway, here's what I sent back to her, and I hope it might possibly change her mind. *fingers crossed*

The Mad Hatter wrote:I greatly appreciate your response. You have no idea. Smile My opinion about this game is that there's a girls club that I'm not a part of, but I don't feel a strong allegiance to guys only. I really like you, Red, and Mulan a lot. My problem lies with Belle/Regina being a unit that I'm 100% sure of, with the possibility that they've pulled Red in as well (based on stuff Mal hinted at before she was evicted). I think Jiminy and Pan are at total odds with one another based on their weird as hell nominations for and against each other in the past. That's all a really confusing bit right there. Do you really think Belle is going to want to keep you around? That's what I'd consider. She's never implied as such to me and it's why I'm nervous to keep her around. I have no plans at all of ever voting you out- I want you to know that right now. I understand your reservations about the big group at the beginning of this game, but the only reason it fell into place was because of people being online and active at the start. But look where that's at now- Regina's on the outs, Mal is evicted, Mulan's been thrown up there too, Pan's been nominated twice by Jiminy. It's not a group anymore and will never be functional again. I honestly don't feel like Pan has any loyalty to any set person at this point, especially not to "the boys", since Jiminy's actively targeted him twice now. I know for a fact that Jiminy has no plans to keep Pan around long-term and it's why he keeps going after him. There are only 4 of us guys and 5 girls. That's not even and not enough for the "boys" to even really do anything. I don't have a set allegiance to Pan, but he's also shown me no reason to go after him. Belle, however, has been a part of a girl's alliance 100% that I know of- Mal told me her final 3 was with Belle and Red and that was before Regina even came back, so with Regina back again, I don't see how there isn't a new final 3 set in place there now. That's where my concern is at, whereas Pan is on the outs with Jiminy and Regina (who he sent home before). For me, it's all about keeping the balance and with keeping Pan, I feel like it evens out the field a bit and keeps people targeting each other and not looking at us.

I'm still talking to Regina as well. She said she would keep Pan, but she's still paranoid about him. And what would happen if he put Jiminy up and then Jiminy won HOH...

Regina Mills wrote:I would vote to keep him, but like I said, Pan worries me more than Belle. I mean, who is Pan going to nominate if he wins HOH next week and Jiminy somehow wins veto? I mean yea you're right, keeping Pan makes more sense for everybody since he's gunning for Jiminy now who apparently is public enemy #1 Laughing but I am too paranoid about keeping Pan too.

This is something I will definitely have to think about. :-/

If only I could get the votes to keep Pan and not have a decision made for me. I really feel in my gut that keeping Pan around helps my game more than having Belle here. Tink pointed out the glaring "girls" alliance and it's almost laughable at how predictable that is, plus how damaging that could be to my game... Pan has somewhat mock loyalty to Hook and myself and I'd like to hold onto that for a little while longer honestly...
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