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Post by Emma Swan on Sun 6 Mar - 17:20:18

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #32 - didnmnt

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, poor Maleficent was another victim of the Jiminy Cricket revolution. When would it end?

Episode #32 - didnmnt Tumblr_inline_my3xw1Bo791ro8qpo


Red Riding Hood had spent the night in the Diary Room trying to escape people who could start seeing through her shyt. She kept mumbling and being out of order with the material she was giving us.

Red Riding Hood's Diary Room

I forgot to do Part 2:

Here you go...

After hook questioned me about backdooring Jiminy, I tried to reason with him. I explained to him that it wasn't best for his game to put up Jiminy, as we are getting rid of one of our own. It is true that Jiminy can be a paranoid mess at times, but he's OUR mess, rather, MY paranoid mess. So he can't leave.

Why are we getting rid of someone who A) won't put me up (hook too maybe lol) and B) is a shield for the other alliance (that I'm also apart of). If Belle wins HOH she's putting up Jiminy as one nom... That means my chance of being nominated is not likely. Anyway, I didn't want to push the agenda so much, so after the second PM of him saying "I just hope you'll respect my move." I said "okay. Of course. I trust you completely"... and then I worked another angle: The Mad Hatter. Luckily, hatter approached me before I could approach him (because I don't want hatter telling hook I approached him first). He mentioned what we should do about Jiminy and I fed him the same spiel... Then I said something else. I told hatter that by evicting Jiminy, his target sky rockets as well as Hook's (as I know how close they are, I have to say the same things and talk highly about the other when talking to one of them). Anyway, I mentioned that I would be okay with whatever hook decided as I "trust him so much" but that I do think the boys targets will go up and we're doing belle's dirty work. Sort of like pan did my dirty work with evicting queen Regina. Thanks again for that Pan!!

Then I posted in the kingdom room something about being proud of the alliance and how tired I was. (All strategy). I wanted them to feel guilty about turning their backs on the new alliance... I even made a "mistake" and said "congrats again Pan" when it was Hook who won, which proves that I was "tired". I ultimately wanted them to doubt whatever thoughts they had about backdooring Jiminy and after my reasoning with both of them, I knew that if I went to "sleep" they wouldn't put him up unless they confirmed it with me one final time, and since I wasn't on... Oh well. Wink

I'm very happy that Jiminy is staying. Though I don't think I'll be able to save him a second time. It's time for this baby bird to flap his wings. He listened to me completely when I told him to back off and feign paranoia, so good. I should do a bit of damage control with the boys however... I truly hope he didn't make it obvious. I couldn't tell him much about what I was doing (didn't have time to explain) but he trusted me so I appreciate that. Obviously he wants to stay, but I need him to stay too. He's my #1 and he gives me information from the other side that I could never truly get by myself... Well I could, but I'd lose beauty sleep.

This scare of him leaving has made me realize I need to start getting closer with the Belle's and Peter's of this game. They are smart players so they'll catch onto my game soon, but hopefully when they're evicted. It's why I have to continue throwing HOH's and Veto's... At least until one side is completely gone, and then I can get rid of Peter, Hook, and Hatter. Smile

Disclaimer: I'm not a total witch. I'm not happy about tinkerbell being on the block... However, she is way safer on the block that Jiminy is. I will try to save her, and I will gather the votes for her, but I'm not going to lie...she is scaring me a bit... We'll see.

The house was still in shambles but there was another part of the forum getting more and more active. Let's check-in with our evicted folks.

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

Soooooo, no mention of Jury when we hit 9.

No special grouping for jury members.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Episode #32 - didnmnt 200_s

Emma Swan: "Things will soon get interesting. Keep checking in."

Dr.Whale: "Bring me back emma"

Snow White: "Me too!"

Dr.Whale: "I am ready just send me in"

Neal Cassidy: "No"

Regina Mills: "Eww. Is this a SPECIAL POWER to send someone out of the game? I vote to evict Blue Fairy. What a betch."

Emma Swan: "Nope, tomorrow you will all have a chance to get back in the game. Details will be posted tomorrow evening."

Episode #32 - didnmnt Giphy

Neal Cassidy: "Production question: What would you do if you did come back into the game?"

Dr.Whale: "Find cracks in alliances tell them I have no shot a winning so I can just be a number"

Emma Swan: "Neal that sounds like Zuchini asking questions to see who he should rig for <3"

Neal Cassidy: "Obviously rigging for Whale"

Emma Swan: "Obvi"

Regina Mills: "Well whoever goes back, watch out for Jiminy. He's the reason I left. I am sure you all saw why I left.

Don't trust him, Pan, Hook or Hatter. Tinker is their puppet so I wouldnt trust her either. "

Dr.Whale: "Peter told me about a 7 person alliance. I want to put Jim and hatter up."

Regina Mills: "Yea it was Pan, Jiminy, Hatter, Hook, Me, Mulan and Maleficent. But Jiminy was never happy with it and wanted to make a "big move" for a long time against that same alliance. When I was HOH the week before he was (when you, Whale, left) he wanted me to nominate Hook and Hatter. But I didn't. Because I thought I knew Hatter and Hook more than I knew you or Anna.

It's all very funny, so I really wish luck to whoever goes back. I can guarantee you now, that for every single person in this room, Jiminy was very happy to see evicted. He kept posting in that 7 person alliance group how things were going "our way" for the first few evictions, so if he says otherwise once you go back in, it's all BS."

Dr.Whale: "I thought red was part of the 7"

Regina Mills: "Belle or Red need to win the next HOH. I can't stand sausage fest seasons, and if Hatter or Jiminy win HOH next, that's exactly what's gonna happen.

Also, major lol at Hook nominating Tinker Bell. Hoping that S-P-H-I-N-C-T-E-R grows a pair now and realizes how unimportant she is to that alliance. She probably won't though."

Dr.Whale: "It's funny Regina I was talking to Emma on Skype about not a single person having any balls in the game it was silly for u to target me I wasn't a threat to you Regina"

Regina Mills: "Well, you never really made an effort to talk to me so I had no idea where your head was at. Other people did, they were lying to me, but at least they talked to me. I had no idea what your plans were, who you were working with, or what you would do if you won HOH"

Henry Mills: "Hi mom! Omg I hope I get to return. Who is one of our best chances to allign with Regina?"

Regina Mills: "If you go back, work with Belle, Red, and Mal if she stays. They are sweethearts and I trust them. The boys, especially Peter and Jiminy, have some kind of deal, so they are going to take each other to the end. I would say Mulan too, but she's very gullible so she'll believe everything the other side says unless you send her 20+ messages with proof they are lying. I thought she trusted me but then all it took was one PM from Jiminy and she was already accusing me of voting her out when I didn't."

Snow White: "Red seemed to have it weirdly out for me.. I couldn't figure out why. I know that people where being nominated for being inactive, but I was there for the comps. I had a horrible schedule the first two weeks for the game and missed really any chance of alliances.."

Neal Cassidy: "Please welcome the last person joining you before the challenge, Maleficent."

Maleficent: "Hello all. Only truat belle or red."

Snow White: "Hey Mal"

Maleficent: "Regina, I dont think Tinker is working with them. We had talked alot since the beginning, no allaince but she asked me what she should do on most votes. Thats the reason she voted to keep me as soon as we went up I tried to get her and mulan to do a girl allaince but it was to late. Jiminey made sure of it. Peter even told me he kept me but I knew I was going.

Please whoever goes back in take out jiminey, he had a helping hand in everyones eviction. They are blinded by him and believe everything he says even when you have proof. Hey snow. How you been"

Regina Mills: "Yea this is what's so impressive about all this. How does he do it?"

Maleficent: "Idk. Thats why I nicknamed him Jim Jones, he is a master brainwasher"

Henry Mills: "Is Vanessa playing In this game as Jiminy"

Back at the main house, the remaining players were being teased about something looming.

Ding Dong Ding Dong

The witch is dead.

Episode #32 - didnmnt Hqdefault

Or is she?

Jiminy Cricket: "I'm going to guess "she" is not. "

Tinkerbell: "LOL what's going on??"

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

....AND Snow White, Robin Hood, Henry and Whale just decide to pop in to visit today?


Come on, someone is coming back

Episode #32 - didnmnt Giphy
Episode #32 - didnmnt Giphy

Red Riding Hood's Diary Room

If There Is A Returning Player. . .
I'm going to flip my lid, because my game is over... OVER.

Episode #32 - didnmnt Latest?cb=20131213195238


I'll post it here in case I forget, because I really wanted to send this to someone. Maybe you guys can send it by owl post...

I don't know if you'll get this or not, but... (CLEARLY SHE DID NOT -_-)

I think there will be a twist to bring you and/or another evicted player back. (SPOILER ALERT. I'M ONTO YOU GUYS!! lol) Or maybe that's just wishful thinking... or maybe I'm crazy? I don't know... Something feels way off. Losing Regina, and then you really changed my perspective on things, and I don't even know what strings to pull. You guys were the foundation... and the only thing I can do now is play pretend with some of these people (with the exception of Belle).

I hope we get to talk after this game, however. Hopefully when I'm sent to then jury house we can be roomies.

The players had the day off and Hook used that to his advantage. He guessed the wolf hints and got a nice power.

Captain Hook: "I am so glad that we have the day off because we have something to think about.

I guessed the wolf riddle correctly and I won a power. Very Happy

The power gives you the chance to save yourself AND 2 of your friends for one entire round. As a pack, you will move straight to the next round and will not be able to be nominated pre and post veto of that round. You may all still play for that HOH challenge though.

I have until f8 to use it. That is next round, right?

I kind of feel like I am safe, unless Belle gets HOH. I think Jiminy would be her target, but if he were to win HOH...then I could be out. So I think I should use it. The question is, who would I save with it?

Obviously I am going to pick you, but who would be the third? I feel like saving Pan would be really sketchy. They don't reveal who used the power, but people already think we have a f3 and that would make us an even bigger target.

I could pick Red or Mulan as the 3rd person.

I don't want to pick Jiminy lol, because I don't want Pan to know how close we are with Jiminy.

I could pick Tinkerbelle, but nobody will believe she won this power so they will know it was me or you. If Jiminy finds out I had the power and didn't pick him, you know he will go crazy. lol

I could use it on Jiminy to ensure that Belle does leave next unless Belle wins HOH. If she does win it and we are all safe, who would she target? Pan? But after his post in our room...I wonder if they are close.

Jiminy would be happy that I used it on him, and we could tell anyone else that Jiminy must have won it and used it on us to gain our trust because of the rumors that he wanted us out. lmao"

The Mad Hatter: "Ooo that's a neat power! Lots to think about.

Let's see, there's Tink, Belle, You, Me, Mulan, Red, Jiminy, and Pan left. That's F8.

So, people will know who was safe, but not who actually used it? Could it potentially hurt our game to use it though? If Belle wins HOH, I definitely think we're targets, but we should be good with everyone else I would think.

Maybe, and this would be a crazy twist BUT... Just hear me out and don't think I'm crazy. Razz

But, what if you used the power on us and Belle, so if she won HOH, we'd be safe, and she'd have to take out one of our guys for us. And if someone else won HOH, they couldn't take out Belle (easy pick), and then they'd have to do the dirty work to take out one of our own (which we'll have to do down the line at some point anyway). But then would everyone know we made the pick, or could we blame that on Belle? Say that she picked it to create chaos or something...?

Or am I completely over-thinking it? If that's a crazy idea, then I say use it on Red, because she's someone I want to gain trust of. Then again, I don't really like the idea of us being clumped in as a group of 3, no matter who we pick, because that'll automatically make it look like a F3 thing...

Maybe if we chose Belle as the 3rd, then she would feel loyalty in a weird way, and we could convince others that she picked us to cause chaos? Idk I feel like that might make it look like I made the picks though, because why would you, since you wanted her out your HOH? This is tricky. Can you choose who gets it once you see who wins F8 HOH? Can you ask Emma that? Oh, just saw your post about Jiminy. You could use it on him and tell others that he did it to garner favor. That's up to you... But consider the Belle one for the moment and tell me if there's any good idea to doing that? Because I think... Pan/Jiminy are a definite threat to us getting to the finals, whether we like them or not. If we take out Belle for them, then what's to stop Mulan/Red and any of the guys from coming after us next? With Belle and us safe, it's almost a definite that Jiminy or Pan goes home that round and we wouldn't have to be the ones to necessarily do it... Heck, at that point, we could almost let Belle win the HOH, just to make sure it gets done, not by our hand.

Tell me if I'm over-thinking this and we can just pick Red or Mulan, but we have to have a thought out idea of what to tell others, because I think the way everyone talks to each other and stuff, they'll easily figure it out, no matter what you do...

Which wolf did you get, because Emma just posted another clue for the same wolf about an hour ago..."

Neal Cassidy: "Why do you assume Emma posted it? What am I, chopped liver?"

Episode #32 - didnmnt Tumblr_ncct40HtbD1syeot2o1_500

Captain Hook: "Also we need to take in consideration that someone is probably coming back into the game tonight."

It was time for the evicted players to participate in the special challenge.

Return To Storybrooke

Episode #32 - didnmnt 1442282_1a50e08f_m

Tonight you're given one last chance to improve your placement in this game and see if you can go back to make a difference.

The challenge is quite simple but has a couple twists to make it a bit less boring.

You can start at any point from now until 11:00 p.m. EST (3 hours from now). Let me rephrase that, you have to be DONE by 11:00 p.m. EST as nothing will count past 23:00:00 timestamp.


- In your Diary Room, make a thread titled "Return to Storybrooke" (quotation marks not a must)
- Make 50 posts in that thread
- The content of your posts doesn't matter

How to get points

It's all in the seconds.

If you post and your timestamp has the seconds of

:00 - you score 3 points
:01 - you lose 1 point
:02 - you get nothing and lose nothing
:03 - you gain 4 points
:04 - you get nothing and lose nothing
:05 - you gain 1 point
:06 - you lose 1 point
:07 - you get nothing and lose nothing
:08 - you lose 1 point
:09 - you get 2 points

The person with the most points with their 50 posts will win and return to the game tonight.

- You can take the entire 3 hours to do the challenge. Just as long as you post a total of 50 times in your thread between 20:00:00 and 22:59:59 p.m. EST

Questions ask now please as I won't be around much in the next 3 hours.

Snow White: "Done with mine! :-)"

Regina Mills's Diary Room

Why is this irrelevant sphincter Snow White trying to get back in the game? Ugh. I swear if she beats me and goes back in....

I don't have a perfect score though, so I can still be beaten by everybody UGH. Stupid computer clock....

The Return

Dr. Whale, Snow White, Maleficent and Regina Mills participated for a chance to return to the game. All of you gave it your best and did well, but someone almost got a perfect score.

The person with 184 points (perfect score is 200), the person returning to the game is

Episode #32 - didnmnt Latest?cb=20130406125721

Congratulations. Thanks again to everyone who participated. Wish I could have you all back.

As for our winner, your official return will happen in the morning. HOH is at 9:00 p.m. EST

Dr.Whale: "Congratulations Regina"

Snow White: "Congrats!! I only got 140 something"

Maleficent: "Congrats Regina. Now go take them down"

Episode #32 - didnmnt 94504-snow-white-bye-sphincter-gif-disne-pandawhale.com_

[i[The next morning, Regina was brought back to the main house and re-introduced to her old housemates.[/i]

"She's" Not Dead

Some of you already guessed but now it will be official. Last night the people you had a hand in voting out competed for a chance to come back. Who won is really the big question?

Was is Dr. Whale? Henry Mills? Snow White? Genie? ARIEL? Maleficent?, Regina Mills? Robin Hood? The Huntsman?

You are about to find out

The player returning to the game is none other than

Episode #32 - didnmnt OQd6YXPuEnA

This person is back and will be able to play for HOH tonight. The jury has officially started and comprises of Genie and Maleficent thus far.

Jiminy Cricket: "How exciting. The more the merrier!

You should just have everyone come back and we can play this game over and over for the rest of time. "

Episode #32 - didnmnt F4b53bb33ee6129efafa6c9301a21736

Belle French: "Welcome back Regina!"

Red Riding Hood: "Welcome back Regina."

Regina Mills: "Hey ladies!

Hey Pan and Jiminy "

Tinkerbell: "Welcome back!"

Captain Hook: "Welcome back, Regina!!"

Peter Pan: "Well, unicorn farts. Welcome back Regina."

The Mad Hatter: "Welcome back!"

Regina Mills: "I dont know if I can play for HOH tonight. I am VERY upset that Jiminy has not said "welcome back" to me yet.

I is sad. Sad Will probably cry all night."

The Mad Hatter: "Yeah, you can play Regina"

Jiminy Cricket: "If you did cry, it wouldn't be nearly as much as I did when you were voted out."

Episode #32 - didnmnt 445f5c9f137f670973c4bc017b36b95c

The tension was high, why not make it worse by crowning a new Head of Household and shake it up even more.

Belle French's Diary Room

Regina is back <3333 So happy. I messaged Tink before I knew Regina was coming back and suggested working with her, and I'm going to stick to that offer too. So we can be a group with the same numbers as with Maleficent, I just hope I can trust her as much as Maleficent. She claims to have no real friends in this game so hopefully she'll be loyal to us. Another good thing is that Regina was one of the strongest members of our alliance competitions wise, so she can help us win some HOH's or POV's. Also if I ended up making finals with her there would be some people who wouldn't feel like they would be able to vote for her because she had already been evicted once.

Captain Hook's Diary Room

Regina is back. ugh I hate returning players twists, but Regina was the last person I wanted back. She is a good player so I wanted her to stay gone, but I figured she would come back because the other evicted players suck at challenges so I knew they couldn't win it.

I also have a power that I won yesterday. If I use it I will be safe for the entire round, and I get to choose 2 friends to be safe as well. I am considering not using it at all. I feel like it would put a big target on me and the 2 people I choose because people would assume the 3 were close and were a possible f3 alliance. I think I am safe. There are bigger targets in this game...Regina, Pan, Jiminy, and Bell. They will be going after each other and hopefully I can fly under the radar

Episode #32 - didnmnt 50609963

Head of Household #10 (What's a conscience?)

Episode #32 - didnmnt Latest?cb=20130820151138

A lie keeps growing and growing until it's as plain as the nose on your face.

Let's see if the lot of you can spot the thruth easily enough to win this challenge.

Captain Hook, you may nto play for Head of Household but you can play for ~Escape Storybrooke~. The rest of you can play for either. You have 5 minutes from this post to post in your DR if you wan to play for HOH or the power to ~Escape Storybrooke~.

Each round I will post 3 statements. Two of them are lies and one of them is the truth. You will have 1 minute per round to post your answer on this thread to try and score a point.


- Answer on this thread
- Answer using the letter A, B or C
- You can only answer once per round
- Everyone who gets it right will get a point each round
- You have 60 seconds to clock in your answer
- Person with the most points after 7 rounds will win. (Tie Breaker question if there's a tie)

Note that I used this forum, IMDb and wikipedia as my sources.

Episode #32 - didnmnt Once-Upon-A-Time-S1x-Tony-Amendola-as-Gepetto-400x262

Tinkerbell: "coolio"

The Mad Hatter: "Neat challenge."

Regina Mills: "Can I have a SPECIAL POWER just for coming back into the game, pretty please?

Episode #32 - didnmnt Lawon-Big-Brother_320"


The answer was 19

Here are the time stamps

Today at 21:33:52

Today at 21:34:20

Today at 21:33:57

All of you got it right but who was fastest?

Episode #32 - didnmnt Oncesbarge_300111124173334

Congratulations, you earned it!!!!! You're the new Head of Household. You know the drill, you have 2 hours to post nominations.

Episode #32 - didnmnt Y5VYSA7

Tinkerbell: "Congrats Jiminy!"

Mulan: "Congrats"

The Mad Hatter: "Wow that was close Jiminy! Good job."

Regina Mills: "YOU GO JIMINY!!! GOOD JOB!!!! YAY!!!!"

Belle French: "Gj Jiminy."

Peter Pan: "congratulation mr. cricket"

Mulan: "didnmnt"

Emma Swan: "Are you swearing at me?"

Mulan: "Maybe"

Emma Swan: "I'm leaving this thread, there's too much animosity towards me."

Tinkerbell: "leave ho"

Belle French: "YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US."


Episode #32 - didnmnt Image

Jiminy is once again in power. Would there be any shock to his nominations or are Regina and Belle heading for the big chairs? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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Episode #32 - didnmnt Empty Re: Episode #32 - didnmnt

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 6 Mar - 17:24:04

This episode made me lol so much, especially the random hate for me in the HOH challenge. xoxo
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Post by Dr Whale on Sun 6 Mar - 18:01:46

Where is Mel's reveal?
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Post by Emma Swan on Sun 6 Mar - 18:09:45

Up your bum
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Post by Maleficent on Sun 6 Mar - 18:51:39

Could you make a thread that puts all the reveals. Just the names will work. I always forget then have to go back and look.

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Episode #32 - didnmnt Empty Re: Episode #32 - didnmnt

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 6 Mar - 19:10:30

I will just for you
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Episode #32 - didnmnt Empty Re: Episode #32 - didnmnt

Post by Maleficent on Sun 6 Mar - 19:53:38

Aww your so kind. Thank You

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