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Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though Empty Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 24 Jan - 21:19:08

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, the Head of Household challenge had begun and the house was still in shambles over the chaotic eviction from the previous round. Who would be the new head of household?

Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though Tumblr_n3fbv3DqKO1txplyno1_500


The head of household challenge was about to end and a winner was about to be crowned.

Regina Mills: "I have never seen someone with 2000+ posts on a forumotion forum before"

36 hours are up

And with over 3000 posts, your new Head of Household is

Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though Peter+pan+never+fails

Please post your nominations by 7:00 p.m. EST

Mulan: "Well you deserve that Peter. Great job."

Regina Mills: "Congrats Peter Pan!"

Peter Pan: "3000+ may have been overkill!

Thanks guys. I will make my nominations later today"

Maleficent: "Congrats peter"

Red Riding Hood: "Definitely an earned win. Razz Congrats Peter Pan."

Captain Hook: "You definitely deserve that win. lol


Belle French: "Congrats Pan, I knew you had that by a mile."

Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though 47777-Rupaul-gif-I-cant-wait-to-see-czuJ

Most people had a good idea Peter would be crowned HOH due to his high activity over the weekend. Now that it was confirm, those who had wronged him had a lot of ass kissing to do.

Red Riding Hood's Diary Room

Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though Tumblr_m7bdzaCPO81romh6ko1_500

Well y'all... Now it's time to comp w.h.o.r.e. my way till finals... BUT First... Let's see who Peter nominates... I did do major damage control with him through personal PM.... I'll show them I guess...

The first message I asked him is if he hated me and then mentioned congrats on veto (I started working early...)

To which his response is that he feels like everyone targeted him and that no one is talking to him... and my personal fav...

Peter Pan wrote:I appreciate you reaching out to me though, because most people haven't. And I appreciate you saying that you won't come after me if you win HoH. I wouldn't come after you either.

I said...

It sucks when people treat you like you have the plague or better yet a scarlet A on your chest. Thing is, I understand why you did what you did... allegedly. I'm sure everyone has done the same thing if we're being honest (people just won't own it). Talking to other people does not mean you will be in an alliance with them, it just means you'll have pull with them to hopefully secure yourself (which is important, as this is an individual game), but also pull to help the alliance, so I get it.

Like I said before, I still want to stay loyal to the same group of people (for the most part), which is why I voted for Mulan to stay. We made a promise to stick it out with one another, and even if it gets me eliminated soon, as least I can say I was loyal and tried. Once again, congrats on HOH (assuming he won) and I respect your future decision either way, and if you need to talk to me about anything, my inbox is always open.

Anyway... that was the gist of it... I would actually be offended if he didn't put me up, because if he puts Jiminy up and I win veto... Jiminy is coming down 100%, which means we're both safe. If I'm not up, I'd fear that he would try to backdoor me, but like I told him... Getting rid of me isn't smart for his game... Getting rid of me saves him one week, but after he does Regina's/Mel's dirty work... His ass will be next, besides... He can't win HOH next week whereas I can.

Don't be stupid, Peter.

Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though Giphy

Peter Pan: "Do you guys have any thoughts on who should be nominated?

I want to nominate Jiminy, because a) he nominated me last week and b) he'll probably continue to come after me.

I was also of thinking of nominating Maleficent but I would like to hear what you guys think before I make any decisions. In other words, if there is anyone in the alliance of 8 that you don't trust and you want me to target them for you now would be the perfect time to use me to take them out for you. My nominations are gonna piss some people off no matter what I do because I am definitely nominating two people from the Crazy Eights, so I might as well go big while I'm at it.

My allegiance is to you two."

Captain Hook: "I am really glad to hear that because I was worried that you had turned against us as well because of your post in the chat where you said you didn't trust the crazy eights. I thought that meant us as well, but I am glad that your allegiance is still to us. Smile

Other than you two, I don't really know who I trust anymore out of that group. If you are going after any of them, I will just suggest you put up someone that you feel is a threat to win the game. It is time to take out a big player. So Jiminy wrote me and showed me a message from Regina where she is saying that he needs to try and get you to nominate me and Hatter. Evil or Very Mad

I don't get why she picked us out of everyone, but Jiminy did tell me last round about how he thought there was a girls alliance. I just thought he was being paranoid, like he usually is. lol I am starting to wonder though."

Peter Pan: "Hook,

After I was nominated I wasn't sure who of the Crazy 8s I could trust, and/or who still trusted me. But I am taking a leap of faith and am keeping my trust in you and Mad Hatter, and am hoping that you two had nothing to do with my nomination last week and that you both still trust me too.

Jiminy told me that Regina is the one who was in his ear telling him to nominate me last week. 'Tis interesting to say the least.

If I nominate Regina, who should I put up beside her to ensure she goes? Thoughts?"

Captain Hook: "No, I didn't have anything to do with your nomination. I didn't even find out until last minute that you were going up. Jiminy said that he "heard" you sold us out. I do believe it was not all Jiminy. It probably was coming from Regina. I do think she is the biggest threat out of the eight. She is physically strong and very convincing. She pretty much controlled that last round. She had me thinking everyone was voting Mulan so I did too. Then the votes tied and she stays. I was honest with Mulan about what happened. I think she did it because she loves to cause drama and get other people targeted while she flys under the radar. She got Jiminy to nominate you and Mulan, and you both are still in the game. You and Mulan will be after Jiminy, while she sits back and watches.

I heard Maleficent is really close with Regina so you could throw her up there with her so Regina doesn't have that vote."

The Mad Hatter: "Last round, I told Mulan I'd vote her to stay, and she was convinced she had Regina and Mal's votes, but both girls told me they were voting her out. So I guess Regina was trying to send Mulan packing, but convinced Mulan she was keeping her... That's a little scary.

It would make sense that she was the one going to Jiminy with false info about you, me, and Mulan. Like Hook said, if she could do all that and then sit back and watch us all go against each other, that was probably her intentions... Twisted Evil As far as Mal goes, I kind of just see her as Regina's number one ally, because for the most part, they tell me the same exact things.

Regina tried to messaged me after your nominations hinting that Jiminy wanted you, me, AND Hook out last round, but chickened out or something and "knew" that if Mulan went, then he'd be a target. So basically, she's trying to pin the whole thing on Jiminy still, even though he clearly didn't even put me or Hook up in replacement like Regina suggests he wanted to do... That's shady on her part and still gives me unanswered questions."

Peter has a lot to think about. He retreats to his new HOH room, while the other 2 secretly hold hands under the blankets and have another heart to heart.

Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though D131775335f62d95e5b914b5f722fe9006f263c75c17f6aecc73126489b05cf6

Captain Hook: "Did you see Pans post? I was so worried that he had turned against us, because I hadn't talked to him at all. He asked for our opinion and I don't trust him all that much so I wasn't going to come out and say names, so I was like just put up the ones that are a threat to win this game. I am hoping he will understand that is Regina. lol"

The Mad Hatter: "I was thinking of posting there. How's this before I post to Pan:

Hey Pan. I'm not sure where the cracks are in our original alliance, because clearly someone went to Jiminy with false "info" about us... I think Regina has been throwing my name under the bus for some unknown reason. She tried to get Mulan sent packing, but then told Mulan she kept her. That makes me a little wary of her. Mal would be a solid choice as well because she's a threat to go far I think..."

Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though 200_s

Jiminy Cricket: "Well for sure he is going to put me up, obviously.

Who he puts me up next to is the issue. Just try your hardest to make sure it is not any of you ladies."

Regina Mills: "I have a feeling it will be me. I have made the least effort I think, in being friendly towards him this entire game. Plus I have won a couple of HOHs, so the "huge challenge threat" excuse is also applicable Rolling Eyes lol"

Maleficent: "I think jiminey will be up not sure who will go up with him. Probaly Regina or Red because they have won the most."

Regina Mills: "There's always veto though"

Belle French: "Veto is the most important thing this round."

Red Riding Hood: "This really sucks!"

Jiminy Cricket: "I can't help but feel like this is my fault.

In retrospect, I should have just backdoored him."

Regina Mills: "Do you think that maybe we can convince him somehow to put Hatter and/or Hook on the block? Maybe tell him that rumors were going around of him working with those two and people will be targeting them if they stay in the game. Maybe offer some kind of deal or something, or ask him to prove he's not with them by putting at least one of them up?

Just thinking about ways to save this group this round. "

Jiminy Cricket: "It is a thought. I don't think he is going to be very receptive to anything I have to say.

That would be like strong arming him, and he would do the complete opposite of anything I suggest. I would have more luck asking him to at least keep Hook/Hatter off the block next to me, he would be more inclined then to put them up"

Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though 900x900px-LL-b1be58cd_824

Red Riding Hood's Diary Room

Wtf is taking this guy so long?? By the time he noms, we'll find out A's true motive in PLL.

Captain Hook's Diary Room

Pan won HOH. Not surprised, because he stayed awake for 36 hours to win that challenge. I really thought I would be one of the people going up, but he posted in our room and said that his allegiance is still to me and Hatter. I don't really trust him anymore, but of course I will act like my allegiance is to him too. I will say anything to stay off the block. He wants to put Jiminy up with somebody else from the crazy eights. Jiminy is probably blowing up Pans inbox to make sure he doesn't get nominated. Tbh, I kind of hope he doesn't put up Jiminy. Despite what I may have said in past DR's, I do feel like I can trust him. Yes,he acts paranoid a lot and I have to be careful what I say to him, but I don't think he would ever nominate me or try and get me nominated.

Then I see a message from Regina to Jiminy where she is trying to get him to talk to Pan about nominating me and Hatter. I knew she was kind of shady, but I didn't think she would try and target me so soon. I told Pan what Jiminy had shown me and I also mentioned that Jiminy believes there could be a girls alliance, and he could be right.

ugh I am so nervous! I hate when people take too long to nominate.

Peter Pan nervously walking up to the main room with his box filled with keys. It was time to announce the nominations and he knew crap would be flying around.

Peter Pan: "My first nomination is:

Regina - I don't have much of a relationship with you and as a result we have not built any trust with each other

My second nomination is:

Maleficent - Yesterday while I was playing for HoH you seemed to be the only other person who was actively competing, and I admire you for that!  I told you that if I won that you would not be my target, and that is true, you are not my target.

Tinkerbell: "Thanks Peter.

Good luck to both nominees."

Captain Hook: "Thanks Pan!

Good luck ladies."

Neal Cassidy: "everyone can play veto."

Jiminy Cricket: "Thank you so much Peter."

Belle French: "Thank you for the key Peter."

Belle French's Diary Room

And always let your conscience be your guide my foot. Not only does Pan not put up Jiminy, but he puts up Regina and Melificent, which was the worse case scenario besides if he put up Regina and Red. Then one of them would have to stay up and would probably be screwed. At least there's some possible wiggle room here, but still! I'm not mad at Pan because he just did what he thought was best for his game based on what he was told. But I am mad at Jiminy because it means that he wasn't as trustworthy as I had thought him to be, I feel like such a dummy.

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

So Regina was nominated for eviction, and I was not even put up next to her.


Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though Tumblr_inline_mrrke12d3E1qz4rgp

I still have a lot of work to do this round, but a new alliance may be forming of Me, Red, Hook, Hatter, and Mulan (with Pete and Tink on the side).

Did I seriously not get nom'd? Not to be too cocky, but even if I am after the veto... I have Red, Hook, Hatter and possibly Mulan 100% to keep me. But I still want to win veto jusssttt in case.

Red Riding Hood's Diary Room

Okay, so not only was I NOT nominated, but neither was Jiminy who put Peter up. Jiminy told Peter that Regina was responsible for him going up, when really it was all me.

*looks at Jiminy* *Jiminy looks at me*
Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though Tumblr_lrl1anhSmu1r1b9vqo1_400

These nominations are perfecttttt, because it allows one of the Regina/Maleficent duo to go without me having to lift a finger. These are the nominations I would have had to do, and I would have gotten a ton of blood on my hands doing so, but now I don't have to. It's great...

Thanks for doing my dirty work Pan. Wink

Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though Tumblr_mpwhsnBnKs1sayl3zo1_400

This makes the ride to the finals even smoother.

There's always a possibility I could be backdoored after the work I know Regina will put in towards saving her ass, but... Let me enjoy this moment right now... I'll worry later...

Another crazy nomination ceremony. How would the ladies react? How did Jiminy avoid the block? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though Empty Re: Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though

Post by Red Riding Hood on Sun 24 Jan - 23:31:26

Rofl. Those identical gifs Jiminy and I had were not planned at all. That's so funny. We were so in sync it's crazy.
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Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though Empty Re: Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though

Post by Jiminy Cricket on Sun 24 Jan - 23:46:48

I was just about to say this too.

Still finishing each other's thoughts and sentences, freaky stuff Red. <3
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Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though Empty Re: Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though

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Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though Empty Re: Episode #25 - There's Always Veto Though

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