Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice

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Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Empty Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 13 Dec - 22:32:36

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, Dr.Whale met his end in the game. The peaceful Crazy Eight alliance was also starting to fracture. What would happen now?

Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Tumblr_nj9htbpBtc1u84p51o1_500


Maleficent, Jiminy and Regina talk on the way back inside.

Maleficent: "So a tie. Wow that means some of the eights voted Anna"

Jiminy Cricket: "Interesting.

So Me, Red, Belle, Maleficent, and ? voted Whale.

Everyone else voted Anna. Mulan admitted she voted Anna out, but no one else has yet. I guess it was a good call to put the hammer down on Whale, some of them clearly have a deal with him."

Maleficent: "Idk who else voted like us.
So that leaves Pan, hatter, hook, genie And tinker"

Jiminy Cricket: "Btw everyone, I guessed Hugh Jackman for the wolf thing (as I do believe Wolverine has a fear of flying).

So no one else waste a guess with him. As long as one of the 5 of us gets whatever that prize is, that is all I care about."

Regina Mills: "Well then I guess it was meant to happen sooner than later. Kind of annoyed though lol but now the line has been drawn."

Jiminy Cricket: "I want to think it was not a deceleration of war, but I guess I am being naive. I am trying to play it like I am not mad (which I'm not, it went how we wanted anyway) but who knows what their intention was.

Mulan admitted, and Hook is saying he voted Whale out. so who knows what really went down. "

It was time for the next Head of Household challenge with Mr. Neal Cassidy.

Head of Household #7 (The Glass Slipper)

Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Tumblr_mhgff9ZpAn1s2onc0o1_500

A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep. In dreams you will lose your heartaches. Whatever you wish for, you keep.

Please post in your Diary Room right now if you haven't done so already on whether you're playing for the Head of Household title or the ~Escape Storybrooke~ prize. You have 5 minutes from this post. Regina, as outgoing Head of Household, you may only play to escape from Storybrooke.

Cinderella has left her prince too soon! Not only that, but she left one of her glass slippers. The Prince has asked for your help to find the mystery woman in the beautiful dress. You must go from village to village, from house to house to find the foot that fits the slipper.

At 9:10, I will reveal four villages. They will be in a category right under the General Area. You will see it between the Royal Castle and your diary room. Each village has its houses (threads). Some of these houses will have Cinderella's glass slippers. Some will have an evil stepsister. You must claim a glass slipper in each of the villages in order. Do this by posting on it with "So this is love." Once you find a slipper in Village #1, move onto Village #2 and then #3 and so on. However, only one person can claim a slipper in each house. That means if someone beats you to a slipper, you need to find another one.

Village #1 will have 12 threads. 11 of them have slippers. 1 of them has a stepsister.
Village #2 will have 15 threads. 6 of them have slippers. 9 of them do not.
Village #3 will have 20 threads. Only 3 of them have slippers.
Village #4 will have 30 threads. There will only be one that has slippers.

The area will look like this:

Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Screen10

The first person to reach the house in Village #4 with the slippers and post "So this is love." will be the new Head of Household! However, if the first person to reach it chooses the ~Escape From Storybrooke~ option, the second person to post in the house, regardless of whether or not he/she chose to go for the Escape option will become the HOH. If you see someone post there before you and the challenge is not over, post anyway. They might not be in the running for Head of Household.

Before we get started, I will show you what the good pictures are and what the bad ones are.

Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Cinderellas-swarovski-slippers
This is what you want.

Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice ?format=1000w
This is what you don't.


-Only one person can claim a thread. If it is taken, look for another one.
-Once you claim a free thread, move onto the next village.
-You must complete Village #1 - Village #2 - Village #3 - Village #4.
-The first person to reach the slippers in Village #4 will win.

Here is what you need to post on a thread to claim it. I suggest you copy/paste because it needs to look exactly like this.

So this is love.

If there are no questions, we will start at 9:10. Do not wait for my signal. You may start as soon as you see Village #1. I will reveal them in reverse order (4-3-2-1) to not keep you waiting after you find it in Village #1, but remember that you must do them in order. Now who's ready to crown our new Head of Household?!

Mulan: "Fun! So after we post in 1 we post in 2 so we don't have to wait for you?"

Maleficent: "Same colr on the post?"

Neal Cassidy: "Time is up to indicate what you are playing for. If you did not make a post in your diary room saying if you're playing for HOH or Escape from Storybrooke, you are not eligible to compete.

Yes, after you find it in #1, you move onto #2 on your own.

Color doesn't matter, but it needs to be the same spelling and punctuation."

After a little while...

Neal Cassidy: "We have a new Head of Household!

Jiminy Cricket!
Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Tumblr_lvm443LkCy1qatq84o4_250

Congratulations! You may now nominate two houseguests for eviction."

Belle French: "Congrats Jiminy!"

Captain Hook: "Congrats, Jiminiy!! Smile

Really fun challenge!"

Tinkerbell: "Good job!"

Red Riding Hood: "Congrats Jiminy."

Emma Swan: "You guys were fast wow. Great challenge Neal <3"

Belle, Jiminy, Maleficent, Red and Regina all gather in the HOH room to talk about nominations.

Belle French: "Awesome!!! We need to make this one count."

Maleficent: " cheers cheers Congrats"

Jiminy Cricket: "I am conflicted right now. I am ready to take the shot, but what is the best move?

Is it really Hook/Pan?

Hook is claiming dumb, which I don't believe. But Mulan is acting a fool trying to say I did it wrong. Pan hasn't said anything since his last HOH, and voted to keep whale for sure.

Should I do Hook/Pan or Mulan/Pan? Either way, the thunder is going to be brought down on my little green head.

I do want to wait for Regina and Red too though."

Belle French: "Either one is good for me, if one of them comes down you can just put up the Hatter. But we should wait for them yes."

Maleficent: "Defintely wait for red and regina. I would do pan and hook if your ready to take the shot"

Jiminy Cricket: "Oh, they took the first shot by trying to flip the vote. They have no one to blame but themselves, and that will be my reasoning.

Crazy Eights is done (as is my game probably). But at least I will go out swinging for the fences.

I think now would be a good time to have my first chat with Genie and see if he has anything to say."

Regina Mills: "Hey Jiminy congrats on your win! I'm on my phone right now but I will get home soon. I think Pan and Hook sound good. If you already posted noms and I didn't see them then ignore this message lol"

Maleficent: "We will do everything we can to protect you jiminey"

Jiminy Cricket: "I just want to wait on Red.

And I want confirmation that Hook is lying and voted out Anna."

Maleficent: "Okay. I think hook or mulan was the anonymous"

Belle French: "Yeah, it's time to strike back"

Maleficent: "Tinker voted Anna"

Red Riding Hood: "Pan is super sketchy as I know he's been all over place. Hook seems dumb but it could be an act. I'm not sure what you all are referring to in regards to votes. With that being said, I will support you with whatever noms you choose. I haven't caught up fully so sorry... But I don't want to keep you guys waiting"

Maleficent: "There was a tie vote tonight. 5Anna and 5 whale. Regina had to break the tie. Pinocchio quit i think, hes gone. We are trying to figure out who voted anna to go"

Jiminy Cricket: "Yeah, so tinker, Genie, Pan, Mulan and either Hook or Hatter voted for Anna to go.

I would guess Hook is being honest, so I am being super tempted to go with Pan and Mulan as the noms. If hook wins veto and uses it, replace the person with Hatter.

I might just do Hook/Pan, but what would you all think of the above scenario?"

Maleficent: "Imfine with either way. Hook and pan have the best chance of winning veto so it maybe better to put them up together. I dont think hatter is as big of a threat as they are. If you put pan and mulan up and hook wins veto he saves peter will we have enough votes to be certain your replacemnet hatter goes home. Did you get to talk to genie"

Jiminy Cricket: "I'm going to PM hook and see what he has to say.

The alliance of the "crazy eights" is going to get blown up tonight,but Hook is the name least brought up within other side alliances.

Pan is #1 with Hatter #2. Idk, I'm just running through all the scenarios."

Maleficent: "Okay. I originally thought he was telling the truth about the vote. You do what you think is best. Im just afraid if you use a pawn like mulan it may back fire. Sounds like pan should be number 1 target"

Red Riding Hood: "Thanks for that!

I don't know guys. Either way I'm fine. Pan/Mulan or Pan/Hook

Pan and hook are stronger, but hook may be a bit more loyal than Mulan?"

Jiminy Cricket: "To me, if Hook is telling the truth, Pan shoots up to #1.

Hook is a beast, but Pan and Mulan have both shown to have the potential to win just as equally. No matter what, those are all formidable opponents who will be coming for me.

So I am trying t do the least damage, and Hook my be somewhat grateful (and angry) that those others are in so many other side alliances. Word is, Hook truly speaks to no one so who knows if he even knows all they are doing behind his back.

Hook still needs to go, but Mulan is a shady biznatch and Pan has always been #2 on my radar (with Hatter and Hook switching from #1 and #3)."

Red Riding Hood: "Sounds solid to me"

Maleficent: "Okay pan and mulan sound good. She is at all comps just like pan and hook. If you dont nominate hook i van pm him and act schocked and see whete his head is at. If he answers. I swear.I can spell even though it dont look like it in any of my posts.stupid phone. Lol."

Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Ee3a195897e5983edbeae39017a26139db5ec942ead993b9dbca7d987e6f7a4b

Jiminy Cricket: "Yes, I would appreciate knowing a raw true reaction from him. Thank you.

I just PMd him beating around the bush a bit, just waiting for him to get back. His response will dictate my noms."

Red Riding Hood: "Yeah... See his thoughts and go from there."

Maleficent: "Asked anna who she thought was the biggest threat in the game and she said mulan"

Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Giphy

Jiminy Cricket: "Hook said a lot to me, mostly how he was pulled into a room with Pan and Hatter (not by choice) and speaks to no one.

He says he just wanted to be a part of an alliance, but if they are being shady and making side deals like that, he is fine with Mulan and Peter (and Hatter) being the plan.

He said he wants to make a room with Regina, Red, Maleficent after to make it official.

He may be bull shitting, but it is a good enough reason to go with my plan. "

Red Riding Hood: "Woah Anna said that?? Surprising"

Would Jiminy follow through or was he just bullshitting them?

Jiminy Cricket: "This is the nomination Ceremony.

This was a pivotal HOH to win for many many reasons. While my rationale for thinking so has changed after actually winning, my eyes are open.

Too much information has been given to me tonight to sit by and continue to be a part of a facade. With as much information that has come to me, I know this decision tonight will cause much information to also be put out there now.

I have spoken with whom I feel I need to speak to, and those that chose not to speak to me only helped solidify my argument.

With all that jibber jabber being said, I choose to nominate

Peter Pan



for eviction.

Let the game officially being!"

Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice 1324596542030_7713053

Mulan: "Oh wow. OK thanks I guess."

Emma Swan: "Do you need me to get Ariel for you Mulan?"

Mulan: "Lol no I'm good lol."

Tinkerbell: "Thank you for the key"

Genie: "thanks jiminy for the key."

Mulan: "Could the people PM me who were nasty to me to Jiminy. I'm more upset I was set up with it. I got to say, you guys really hurt me, congrats. I've been nothing but nice to people unless they were horrible to others. I don't care about Jiminy but I care about why people felt the need to make out as bad."

Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Stand-back-shits-about-to-get-real

Neal Cassidy: "I need Jiminy, Mulan, and Peter Pan to pick one number between 1-9 for the veto. There will only be 6 players playing from now on."

Jiminy Cricket: "2"

Peter Pan: "5"

Mulan: "1"

Number 2 matches up to

Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Belle-means-beautiful-once-upon-a-time-30973905-500-500

Number 5 matches up to

Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Tumblr_n4f9vcTFJ11s9skgdo1_250

Number 1 matches up to

Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Tumblr_muq9r6xiTR1r5cmzuo2_250

Regina Mills: "Aww first veto that I can't play Sad

Good luck everyone!"

Jiminy Cricket won the Head of Household title and decided to start attacking within his own big alliance. Cracks were forming for some time now but now the first hit had been made. Would he back out of the plan after the veto? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Empty Re: Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice

Post by Jiminy Cricket on Thu 17 Dec - 18:37:42

Aww, I remember how worked up Mulan got.

I have not been saying it, but I LOVE the episodes Emma.
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Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Empty Re: Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice

Post by Emma Swan on Fri 18 Dec - 18:59:10

Thank you cricket. I will be posting a few soon
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Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice Empty Re: Episode #21 - I've Been Nothing But Nice

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