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Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn Empty Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 15 Nov - 21:32:16

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, Henry was offended with the fact that he was nominated. The players anxiously waited for the Veto. Who would win? Find out now!

Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn Dun-dun-dun-o


Morning was upon everyone, the fake sun was shining bright inside the house windows. A few were gathered in the kitchen drinking their first cup of freshly brewed coffee when they were all called out to the backyard for their Power of Veto challenge.

Belle French's Diary Room

Apparently my name came up as a possible nomination, I don't know if it's because I'm quiet in regards to the Pan/Hook/Hatter trio or if they realize that I'm not going to just let them float to the final three together. But I don't like the sound of it. I was right, we do need to take a shot at them. But it can't be obvious we're all in a group together or they'll pit us against each other on the block. If we go up we need to go up against an outsider like Anna.

Power of Veto #4 (Missing Pages)

Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn Xk5juJQ

Some of the pages from the story book have gone missing! This could mean bad news if they're not found. The problem is, we're not sure which pages are missing!

I will be posting clues about characters from folklore. Folklore includes characters from fables, fairy tales, legends, myths, nursery rhymes, proverbs, superstitions, and tall tales. They can range from popular characters who have been featured in movies to obscure ones that may require you to do a bit of research.

At the start time, I will post a clue for the first character. After a random period of time passes, I will post a second clue and so on. You must guess on this thread. But be careful not to guess too early. You only get one guess per round. It is important that you are sure on your answer before you use up your guess! That said, you don't want to wait too long or someone else may swoop in and steal your answer. There is no set time that I will post clues. They will be posted randomly. It could be one right after the other or I could wait a while before giving you your next clue. Every correct answer earns you one point. The first person to reach three points will win the power of veto!

Rules Summed Up

-Post on this thread.
-You may only guess once per round.
-Every round is worth 1 point.
-You need 3 points to win.
-Spelling counts. I don't care about capitalization.
-Characters may go by different names with different spellings. If you can prove that your answer is correct even if it is different from the spelling I have, I will give you the point.

Veto Players

-Peter Pan
-Henry Mills
-Dr. Whale
-Regina Mills
-Captain Hook
-Jiminy Cricket
-Belle French

Now let's go find those pages!

If there are no questions, the first clue for round #1 will be posted at 8:05 EST.

Princess Anna: "Good luck!"

After a few rounds.

Neal Cassidy: "Peter Pan - 1
Belle French - 2
Genie - 1"

Neal Cassidy: "Round #5

I am a little boy."

Neal Cassidy: "Listen to me blow my horn."

Belle French: "Little Boy Blue"

Peter Pan: "little boy blue"

Neal Cassidy: "And with that Belle French wins the power of veto! Congratulations!

I actually thought that would go on longer, but it looks like you know your folklore. Please make your decision on whether or not you want to use it here."

Belle French: "I knew reading a lot of fairy tales would be useful one day."

Dr.Whale: "Great job belle!!!"

Princess Anna: "Wow! What a Face You're a winner! Congrats, Belle!"

Genie: "Congrats, Belle!"

Maleficent: "Congrats belle"

Belle walks away towards the bathroom to gather her thoughts before hosting her decision. Maleficent follows her.

Maleficent: "Good job"

Belle French: "I win a comp once a year "

Maleficent: "You did good. Lol"

She returns to the living room.

Belle French: "Thanks everyone. I've decided not to use the power of veto. No hard feelings."

Belle French's Diary Room

I knew that being a folklore nerd irl could help in one of the challenges in this game! I only wish that it had happened later for a more crucial Veto. Neither Henry or Whale are the biggest threats in the game so it's not as satisfying as if this led to a successful backdoor of the Hatter. But it's still pretty sweet since I can go whole games without coming close to winning anything. I'm pretty sure Whale is out at least in our group, but I told him I could vote to keep him. What I mean is I could...but I won't.

Dr.Whale: "I would really love to stay everyone I would really appreciate your vote."

Princess Anna: "How do we go about voting this time?"

Captain Hook: "Good job, Belle!"

Peter Pan: "Anna/Jafar like always, you vote in your diary room."

Princess Anna: "Who for? Why did Whale act like he was up over others?"

Belle French: "Because he is, he and Henry are the only ones you can vote to send home"

Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn Honey

The nominations are set in stone

Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn 30hsWWg68Ta9vxL0aSI22p6si0SLXJ7nEW4EdLwjzhmFKE2BcfKPEOkhoBQ68DSwj3uAA1V1ZlS0H6MOlmxnXCBG6cDg9Jj1MYMAm9_hajbk6vCJW_wV8Dn2a-HwoSxVuUgcycUIjDXyrGc3GbE2Tql0JRnCwHDbzRg9nWEevjvVww=w426-h319-p

Henry Mills & Dr. Whale you are both nominated for eviction tonight. Your peers now have until 6:00 p.m. EST on Friday to vote for one of you to be evicted in their Diary Room.

Good Luck!

Henry Mills: "Please keep me. I have a lot of fight left in me and think I deserve to stay over mr poopy pants"

Dr. Whale: "Where was this fight at the veto Henry? at least I showed up"

Both Whale and Henry fought behind the scenes to stay in. There was talks all over the house about the vote. Red decides to sneak in under the covers with Hatter.

Red Riding Hood: "Any idea who the target still is? Is it still Henry?"

The Mad Hatter: "I have no idea to be honest. I'm not hearing much either way. The thing about Henry is that he's more malleable than Whale is. ha. So he could be usable later on. What have you heard?"

Red Riding Hood: "Oh! I read the thread and he's pretty nuts. lol. Ultimately I'll do whatever you think is best. They both scare me to be honest. I hope they don't target us in the future! Whale reached out to me, but Henry hasn't."

In another bed nearby, the blooming affair between Regina and Genie continues.

Regina Mills: "Hey there! What are you thinking for the vote? I am hearing both names and I am so confused lol"

Genie: "lol, i'm not sure. dr. whale seems to be a bit more inactive. and henry mills be a bit more volatile. i might lean to vote henry for now since i've not really been told. what do u think?"

Regina Mills: "yea i would rather keep whale since i don't see him winning hoh but henry staying and going after peter wouldn't hurt us either llol.

i will probably vote henry then but i will wait to see what the HOH has to say"

Genie: "you do bring up a gd pt. haha. maybe if we save whale, he could work with us? i have not really talked much to either though"

In the backyard Maleficent smokes a cigarette while talking to Belle.

Maleficent: "I think im voting dr whale what about you"

Belle French: "99% sure that's the plan. Henry's pretty harmless, Whale could do some damage if he tried."

Maleficent: "The rest want henry cuz they say hes annoying"

Belle French: "The rest?"

Maleficent: "In the 8 person group. I havent talked to regina, red, or jiminy"

Belle French: "Well we don't have to vote out Whale, he just seems more competent than Henry."

Maleficent: "Thats what pan and hook want but that could be because they are afraid henry will come after them. Lets wait I guess until others can say what they want"

Belle French: "Yeah"

Red Riding Hood joins them.

Red Riding Hood: "I think Whale should go (as he seems a bit more sketchy to me), but... I'll ultimately do what's best for us girl. Regina, Maleficent, Belle, what are you all thinking? "

Maleficent: "Im thinking whale. He sent me a message that said "I hope I stay" and that was it. At least henry asked if I would vote for him to stay"

Red Riding Hood: "LOL I didn't get a message from Henry, but I still think he needs to stay. Whale wrote me the same thing. It's kinda ridiculous, and I'm pretty sure I know who he is, so...

Thing is, we can't blindside the boys... So we'd have to get them on board and keep up this strong eight facade. They'd use this as the perfect opportunity to put one of us up. How do we do this without putting us girls at risk?"

Maleficent: "Idk. Jiminey wanted to say something but I think if someone does they will be eyeballing whoever does"

Red Riding Hood: "This blows"

Maleficent: "Yes it does"

Red Riding Hood: "Well I won't vote yet. I'll wait until what everyone thinks"

Fast forward to the eviction ceremony.

Dr. Whale's Diary Room

I think the mad chatter is the biggest snake in the game cause he sent me a,message minutes in the game and God knows that he did the same to everyone else he is a charmer too I want him out really soon

Belle French's Diary Room

Ugh, and scratch what I had said before. Now it turns out the alliance has to keep Whale otherwise we risk exposing ourselves and blowing up the game. Unfortunately it's still too early to do that and we don't have enough power to survive it unscathed, plus the other side's proven they're great at competitions. So we're stuck voting the way they want us to for now, which sucks because I think Whale is far more dangerous late game than Henry could ever be. I hate this, but we have to be subtle and I can't ruin this for everyone else. I feel bad for Red, Regina, Maleficent and Jiminy though. They have it harder, they're actually in the Crazy 8's private room so they have to suck up to Hatter unlike me who he hasn't even talked to. Well, he's talked to me asking my colour preferences in hats but that's it. If I had to pretend to be nice to him constantly instead of just the few times a week he sends me a PM that means nothing and isn't about game at all I would probably go mad.

Eviction Ceremony #4

HOH - Peter Pan
Nominees - Henry Mills and Dr. Whale
POV - Belle French (not used)

Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn 4OGyil-HxwUMLNCtYrCBunQhCBybyx_NedL9uu09jf8

Once Upon a time, there was 16 of you, now, there will be 15.......

Snow White and Pinocchio failed to vote and therefore will not be able to participate in the next HOH challenge.

By a vote of

We say goodbye to the potty mouth

Henry Mills

Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn Precocious-gilmore1

Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn Peter-pan5

Thank you so much for joining.

Challenge in approx 2 hours.

Regina Mills: "Goodbye son. Congrats on staying whale."

Captain Hook: "Bye Henry!"

Belle French: "Bye Henry."

Dr. Whale: "Bye Henry
Thanks for keeping me everyone"

Henry Mills: "HELL YEAH you Pan!"

Genie: "Bye Henry"

TInkerbell: "Bye Henry. I honestly didn't know who you were, either"

Snow White: "Bye Henry"

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

Anyway, the thing I had with Pinocchio seems kind of dead. I don't know if he is playing me, or just been busy and inactive. But fact is, he is giving me no info and is being incredible aloof. This worries me on many levels, but for right now I have no choice but to keep trusting him.

It is late and I am sleepy, so this is very uneventful, but it is what is happening right now. My goal is to work with Red, Belle and Maleficent as long as I can.. but getting rid of Regina is a priority for me after Hook/Hatter/Pan.

If I win HOH, Genie and Whale are going up and I want to see what the "boys" have to say about it (as I have a gut feeling they have some sort of deal with them).

Pinocchio's Diary Room

Another day, another entry.

Things have been going well for myself thus far.

Got a solid alliance with Jiminy and Red Riding Hood. That's the core group I'm trying to stay loyal too. Especially J. He filled me in on my name being thrown out there by Mad Hatter so I messaged Peter right away to avoid the block. Mad Hatters been the most active in the game, he's who I feel is the biggest threat. Not so much in challenges but socially yes. He'll get his, just gotta be smart about my chipping away at his alliance so he doesn't have the numbers to keep safe. Only a matter of time.

Aside from my core alliance, I've managed to secure solid relationships with Mulan, Dr.Whale and Peter Pan. I know Peter is a part of Mad Hatters group, so I gotta be careful of what I say to him. I might be the only player in the game that knows about that big group while not being a part of it. I've dropped hints to Dr.Whale that it may exist. I gave him the pieces of the puzzle, it's on him to put them together. I like Mulan, but I don't know where her loyalties are.

I think we're at a point now, where everyone has their main alliance in place. Gotta move forward in the game with players already in my corner. Surprisingly, I've played a really honest game so far so there's no reason to nominate me aside from not being a part of someone's group. I guess that means my knife will cut deeper when it comes time to stab someone in the back.

Henry Mills's Reveal

Henry Mills was played by someone with a lot of spunk and sass and a true fan of mystery games, please welcome Sam for the reveal

Please watch here.


Four have now bit the dust. Who would claim the Head of Household title next? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn Empty Re: Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 15 Nov - 21:33:40

Eviction #4
HOH - Peter Pan
Pre Veto Nominees - Henry Mills and Dr. Whale
POV - Belle French
Nominees - Henry Mills and Dr. Whale
Evicted: Henry Mills

Anna: Henry Mills
Belle: Henry Mills
Hook: Henry Mills
Genie: Henry Mills
Jiminy: Henry Mills
Maleficent: Henry Mills
Mulan: Henry Mills
Pinocchio: Did not vote
Red Riding Hood: Henry Mills
Regina Mills: Henry Mills
Snow White: Did not vote
The Mad Hatter: Henry Mills
Tinker Bell: Henry Mills

Henry Mills was played by:
Emma Swan
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Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn Empty Re: Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn

Post by Red Riding Hood on Sun 15 Nov - 22:08:57

Another great episode. Thanks Emma.
Red Riding Hood
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Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn Empty Re: Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn

Post by Dr Whale on Wed 18 Nov - 4:21:34

Wow the entire episode made it look like I was leaving why was belle so upset that I was staying? I wanted to work with her same with red
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Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn Empty Re: Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn

Post by Jiminy Cricket on Wed 18 Nov - 19:16:32

Paranoia about your allegiances Whale., would be my guess.

Ps: love these damn episodes.
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Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn Empty Re: Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn

Post by Emma Swan on Mon 23 Nov - 21:12:13

I'm sorry for slowing down, been working more hours to save hours for my holiday vacation (I used up all my vacation time already). I am off from Dec 17th to 28th and then again for 4 days during New Years. I do plan to keep posting episodes until then but my ultimate goal is to have all this wrapped up in 2015.
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Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn Empty Re: Episode #14 - Listen to me Blow my Horn

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