Episode #13 - Batting a Perfect Score

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Episode #13 - Batting a Perfect Score Empty Episode #13 - Batting a Perfect Score

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NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #13 - Batting a Perfect Score

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, the house was a mess but after a good clean up, Peter Pan rallied enough mustard to muster up a Head of Household win. Now, we were about to find out who would be the unlucky lads or ladies up for eviction.

Disclaimer: The writing team is under medication today (just gravol) so please do not pay attention if things don't make sense xoxo

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It was once again night time, a time when all the little rodents roamed around the house trying to find people to strategize with. Peter was up in his new HOH read, "Heyy yalll" and was letting people come to up to him, sort of a way to feel up the house and gage his decision.

Episode #13 - Batting a Perfect Score Dhp117933LARGE

Mulan: "Gooo Peter!!"

Captain Hook: "Good job Peter!! Smile

Maleficent: "Good job peter"

Pinocchio had me so nervous."

Peter Pan: "We are batting a perfect score in HoH wins team!!! LOL. Now, who do we nominate?"

Jiminy Cricket: "Up to you Peter. I'm ok with anything you want to do."

Mulan: "Want to go inactive again?"

The Mad Hatter: "Whatever you want Peter. Smile I would maybe suggest Pinocchio and Snow since they did well in the challenge? Or yeah, people who are inactive. There are still a few of those...."

Mulan: "Anna?"

Regina Mills: "Who is inactive? Anna and..."

The Mad Hatter: "Yeah, Anna sounds good to me."

Captain Hook: "Tinkerbell?"

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Jiminy Cricket: "Tinkerbell and whale seem to be pretty quiet."

The Mad Hatter: "I haven't seen Dr. Whale, Henry, or Tink around for awhile... Or Anna for that matter since last time. Playing challenges that is."

Captain Hook: "Yeah I was going to say Henry too. He only has 32 posts.

If you want to go for a bigger threat, I think Pinocchio and Genie would be good choices because they both did good tonight.

I am fine with whatever you decide though."

Regina Mills: "Oh my god i forgot Henry Mills was here, he's so irrelevant. Does he even post anywhere?

I feel like he could be a threat down the line you know, he's not playing too hard now but his plans might change later. He's one of those players to keep an eye on."

The Mad Hatter: "I agree 100% Regina..."

Captain Hook: "I agree about Henry. I feel like Belle and Dr. Whales are the same way. I keep forgetting they are even in the game. Those are usually the ones who usually just slide right on by until the end.

I am kind of glad I didn't win HOH. There is so much to consider. lol"

Regina leaves the room mumbling to herself and hoping she secured safety for her Genie love.

Regina Mills: "Oh I really hope he does nominate Whale, then we could get rid of him"

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Most were in bed, but not our Three Musketeers. Hatter and Hook made a point to drink lots of coffee and spend the night up with Peter in his new digs.

Captain Hook: "congrats again!! Smile That was a fun challenge, but I didn't do so great. It got so hard once you got to the top. I could never answer at the right time. lol"

Poor Peter could not keep up with them and passed out before he could even utter another full sentence. The two eventually left and went to bed as well. The house was clean, it was quiet, but morning was right around the corner and nominations needed to be announced.

Episode #13 - Batting a Perfect Score Wait

Peter Pan- Head of Household

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You all know how the nomination ceremony works, but just in case Princess Anna needs a refresher ( Razz ):  I will start by telling the first person they are safe and will continue to reveal who is safe until my two nominees are revealed.

Even though this is technically week 4 it is still very early in the game and I have no real reason to nominate anyone.  With that said I have to make a decision.  The people who are safe, in no particular order, are:

Tinker Bell. You are safe.

The Mad Hatter. You are safe.

Red Riding Hood. You are safe.

Snow White. You are safe.

Princess Anna. You are safe.

Mulan. You are safe.

Genie. You are safe.

Belle French. You are safe.

Regina Mills. You are safe.

Maleficent. You are safe.

Jiminy Cricket. You are safe.

Which means I have chosen to nominate:

Henry Mills and Dr. Whale

It is really nothing personal guys.  The theme over the last 3 weeks has been getting rid of the most inactive players, and I am just hopping on this bandwagon because like I said earlier, I have no other reason to nominate anyone.  You two of the lowest post counts, aside from Snow White.  Snow White has already done two stints on the block and has been more active lately so I didn't feel comfortable nominating her again.  

Even if you find my reasoning for nominating you a little silly I hope you both understand that I have nothing else to base my nominations off of.  Good luck in the Veto!

Captain Hook: "Am I also nominated? I didn't get a key. lmao"

The Mad Hatter: "ha- you forgot The Captain!"

Jiminy Cricket: "Yay, that means I technically wasn't last for once.

Thanks Peter."

Tinkerbell: "Thanks Pete! Good luck to both nominees"

Regina Mills: "Hook, i'd never forget you Wink

And thanks for the key!"

Peter Pan: "Oppsie.

Captain Hook. You are safe.

Sorry, so many people in this game!!"

Captain Hook: "lol it's ok. Smile Thanks for the key.

Good luck noms!"

Peter Pan: "Oppsie x2 I think I forgot someone else

Pinocchio. You are safe.

Anyone else?"

The Mad Hatter: "You got them all now Peter! ha"

Pinocchio: "LOL Thanks! I thought I was somehow banished from Storybrooke with no key, nomination or ride home."

Peter Pan: "I would give you a ride Pinocchio, if you know what I mean"

Episode #13 - Batting a Perfect Score 524a04a2e691b25ce6c4429e_736

Genie: "thanks for the key, peter pan!"

Pinocchio: "I set myself up for that one eh? Razz

Oh wait, did I just set myself up for another? Uh Oh, I'ma just stop talking and walk away slowly...haha"

Peter Pan: "For some reason I was thinking there were only 11 people voting this round, so when I got to 11 keys I just stopped listing people without reviewing my final list because I figured I must have named everyone. Sorry for the confusion."

Red Riding Hood: "Thank you for the key, Peter. Also, congrats again!"

Belle French: "Thank you for the key Pan."

Snow White: "Thank you for my key Peter!"

The Mad Hatter: "There Pan goes again with his boy lovin! "

Veto Player Selection

I will need Peter Pan, Henry Mills and Dr. Whale to pick 2 numbers between 1-13. Each number is assigned to a player. Your selections will join you to compete in the next veto challenge. You must pick 2 numbers at this stage of the game.

Peter Pan: "I choose numbers 4 and 7"

Henry Mills: "3 and 8

Excuse my language but I think it's absolute funky monkey that I've been nominated. I am very much active in this game and I've even talked to to via PM on occasion. I just don't get it."

Number 4 matches up to

Episode #13 - Batting a Perfect Score Tumblr_inline_mhuydeB5Je1qz4rgp

Number 7 matches up to

Episode #13 - Batting a Perfect Score Tumblr_mefrg0ah7J1qef4rxo1_500

Number 3 matches up to

Episode #13 - Batting a Perfect Score Tumblr_mhgfheAB8F1s2onc0o1_400

Number 8 matches up to

Episode #13 - Batting a Perfect Score Tumblr_m0bboygCeA1qgz7buo1_500

That's Regina, Hook, Maleficent, and Jiminy for those of you unfamiliar with the pictures. Whale has less than half an hour to choose his numbers.

Captain Hook's Diary Room

Really fun HOH challenge tonight, even though I lost. lol I am so glad Pan got it though. I was worried Genie or Pinocchio would win it. Pan nominated Dr. Whales and Henry. The alliance is worried about how they fly under the radar. SOOOO Excited to be safe another week. The Crazy Eights are dominating this game!!!

Dr.Whale: "1 and 2"

Number 1 matches up to

Episode #13 - Batting a Perfect Score Anigif_enhanced-buzz-7471-1430770996-17

Number 2 matches up to

Episode #13 - Batting a Perfect Score Tumblr_inline_no83ifyxlm1slrvm0_500

Dr.Whale: "I wish you all luck on the veto!"

Mulan: "Good luck."

Pinocchio: "These vetos are not showing me any love, haha.

Good luck everyone!"

Regina Mills: "I've been picked for all veto comps so far this season <3"

Tinkerbell: "Lol Regina Mills. What's your secret Wink

Good luck to the nominees."

Henry Mills: "Pan lets pooping talk right now. What do you have against me you ugly piece of unicorn farts?"

Episode #13 - Batting a Perfect Score A.baa-unicorn farts-Just-got-real

Belle French's Diary Room

Oh Jiminy. I love him, but every info bomb he tries to drop on me that's supposed to be shocking and help turn the game around on Hatter and crew is something I knew first game week. But I like that he trusts me enough to divulge the information. One thing he found out though that I didn't know was who Pan was putting up and targeting so I owe him a thank you for that. I was worried I might go up for not talking to him after the first day but it sounds like they're going after Whale, which I'm fine with. I thought they were closer with Whale than that, like as a fourth or fifth wheel for extra votes but I guess not. But he's not with me either so I don't care. He can go.

Dr.Whale's Diary Room

I talked to Peter after he nominated me about the reasons I don't have that Many posts he doesn't have that many posts either. Snow white wished me good luck in pov I know Peters close to her so not sure what to think of that. I hope I win the pov I hope Henry doesn't win it would probably mean I am going home

Peter Pan nominated Dr.Whale and Henry Mills. One was humble and the other was crumble. Will Henry's outburst light a fire under him or will it be his ultimate downfall? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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