Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge

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Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge Empty Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 1 Nov - 12:41:45

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, Mulan won the first fast forward Head of Household title and we are about to find out who she nominated.

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge I+m+scared+of+martial+mice_1ebde3_5379294


Everyone was in a frenzy trying to make sure Mulan didn't nominate them. They knew they didn't have much time to talk it over with her.

Jiminy Cricket: "And score one for the China National Cricket Team"

Mulan: "Yay!!

We are doing OK."

Jiminy Cricket: "More than ok. This little group of ours is dominating.

If you hadn't won, I think I would have. Sorry I didn't see your post of needing one, otherwise I would have given it to you. But I was in focus mode.

Lot of good that did me"

Crazy Eight scurries on over.

Captain Hook: "Good job, Mulan. You deserve a back rub after that challenge."

Mulan: "Thanks guys Smile.

Rapunzel was difficult but I got the hair lol.

I was thinking maybe Huntsman?"

Red Riding Hood: "I support whatever you want to do. He's been inactive so that's a fair reason."

Jiminy Cricket: "I'd be ok with that. Those semi active in actives are either buying time, or being lazy.

Either way, I won't mind seeing any of them go."

Captain Hook: "You could put up Snow White and the Huntsman together. Neither are really active."

Maleficent: "They both sound good will support you whichever way you go"

Peter Pan: "Yes, congrats on your win Mulan."

Jiminy Cricket: "When Anna is the only one in this game outside of this group to win something, I think that is a good sign.

Let's keep this thing rolling everyone."

Mulan - Head of Household

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge Tumblr_mb8l9lHazo1qhxd1ro1_250

Please post your 2 nominees

Mulan: "OK guys. Nothing fancy, it's fast forward.

Huntsman and Snow White.

Huntsman, you asked for my vote the first week but I don't think you are as active as you'd like to be. Snow, I also feel like you aren't active, but I would like to see you guys try the veto to show us you are here. Thanks.

Lol I saw Red made her one. Sorry."

Pinocchio: "Thanks Mulan!"

Red Riding Hood: "Thanks for the key, Mulan!"

Snow White: "I know it seems like I haven't been around... I've been working a lot..."

Captain Hook: "Thanks Mulan.

Does everyone play in POV?"

Genie: "Thanks, Mulan"

Veto Player Selection

I will need Mulan, Snow White and The Huntsman to pick 2 numbers between 1-13. Each number is assigned to a player. Your selections will join you to compete in the next veto challenge. You must pick 2 numbers at this stage of the game.

You have 15 minutes to pick your numbers.

Snow White: "1, 11"

Mulan: "2 and 10."

Number 1 matches up to

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge 2D7iUcx75mQ

Number 11 matches up to

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge 335px-Jiminy_Cricket_Concept_Art

Number 2 matches up to

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge Avatar

Number 10 matches up to

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge Peter-pan

The Huntsman did not pick on time so the random.org picks are 7 and 5

Number 7 matches up to

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge CEVWwXVUEAA-wZ1

Number 5 matches up to

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge Belle_199901617

Dr.Whale: "Thanks for the key"

Regina whispers over to Mulan on their way to the backyard for the Veto challenge.

Regina Mills: "Yay I got picked. I just want to make sure that if I win veto, you want me to keep nominations the same?"

Mulan: "Yes please."

Power of Veto #3 (I'll Huff & I'll Puff)

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge 3rd+-little-pigs

"Little pig, little Pig, let me come in."
"No, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin."
"Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in.."

For this challenge, you have to find the 3 little pigs and make sure you blow the house right off their chinny chin chin.

I will post a quote taken from IMDb Message Boards with a clue to what board it's under. You must search the board and find that post. Once you find it, be the first to come back to this thread and post the User ID that made said post. If you get it right first, you gain a pig. The first player to have 3 pigs in their possession will win the challenge.


- Only the 9 Veto players can play
- Post on this thread, not your Diary Room
- You can guess as many times as you want per round
- I need the exact User ID for it to count

If you don't have any questions, the first one will be posted at 9:35

Veto Players

- Mulan
- Snow White
- The Huntsman
- Regina Mills
- Jiminy Cricket
- Pinocchio
- Peter Pan
- Captain Hook
- Belle French

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge Tres-cochinitos

Jiminy Cricket: "Oh I love these challenges. I usually have a lot of luck with them."

Captain Hook: "I like these challenges too."

After a few rounds and many cute pigs given out...

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge 29eb22fac2cbe01b32d26fc8e596719b

Captain Hook is correct and gains 1

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge Cd063ae728525def8e087c18a5581fb6

Congratulations Captain Hook you have won the Power of Veto.

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge Large

Regina Mills: 1 pig
Captain Hook: 3 pigs
Jiminy Cricket: 2 pigs
Belle French: 2 pigs
Peter Pan: 1 pig

Pinocchio: "Congrats man, I wasn't built for this challenge haha"

Snow White: "Congrats Mr. Hook!!!"

Red Riding Hood: "Congratulations Captain Hook!"

Genie: "Yay Captain Hook"

Captain Hook: "Thanks everyone. Smile

I have chosen not to use the POV. I am going to respect the HOH's nominations and not change anything. Good luck to you both!"

Jiminy Cricket: "quickest veto ceremony ever."

Captain Hook: "Well this is a fast forward. lol"

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge Index

The nominations are set in stone

Episode #10 - I Wasn't Built for This Challenge 30hsWWg68Ta9vxL0aSI22p6si0SLXJ7nEW4EdLwjzhmFKE2BcfKPEOkhoBQ68DSwj3uAA1V1ZlS0H6MOlmxnXCBG6cDg9Jj1MYMAm9_hajbk6vCJW_wV8Dn2a-HwoSxVuUgcycUIjDXyrGc3GbE2Tql0JRnCwHDbzRg9nWEevjvVww=w426-h319-p

Snow White & The Huntsman you are both nominated for eviction tonight. Your peers now have until 6:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday to vote for one of you to be evicted in their Diary Room.

Good Luck!

Belle French's Diary Room

Jiminy Cricket wrote:
It is not something I think I would trust with her atm.

I want to tell you because I want to be able to trust you, and have you trust my intentions going forward.

But I just realized the veto doesn't start for 20 min.

So let's the bull bull and be straight up. Mad Hatter has his hand in everyones cookie jar. The guy has it so good, he doesn't need to win an HOH 1. because he has deals and a relationship with everyone and 2. he probably knows he has a lot of votes to keep him and attack whoever noms him.

Hook, I want to say, is his right hand man. Hook comes across very alpha male to me in the way he carries himself in the thread, and via conversation. I feel like those 2 definitely have a 3rd ad 4th and possibly fifth legit alliance members. Who they are, I do not know and can only speculate (pan being a gut guess as to a 3rd).

My thinking though is if we all allow too many of the people who are not them to leave, we will be royally screwed. It is not a groundbreaking or original thought, but I want to try and break those guys up before it is too late and they have everyone they need to take out any independent thinkers.

My only issue is on who to trust. Although I do not know identities, you can tell a lot by actions and how people write. I can tell how intelligent you are simply by how you express yourself to me. How close you are to the people I just mentioned I want to go after, I don't know. But I would be screwed either way if I didn't bring it up to someone.

So there is is. I put myself out there to you. I would obviously want to work close together with some group that does not include them, but I am so sure they have numbers with everyone.

Let me know what you think. I hope this is a risk that pays off and you have already noticed all of what I have lol.

Good luck in veto (if you are playing).

Jiminy is of course 100% right with what he's pieced together. The fact that he told me this in confidentiality though proves that he trusts me and that he is also anti-Hatter. This means that I can safely add him as a trusted fifth vote.

I replied to him with this:

Yes, I knew about the Hatter and Hook being his second man and you're right, Pan is the third. I would guess Whale or some other active male player would be a fourth or fifth wheel. They do have their hands in everyone's cookie jars, but you can trust me in that. I also have Melificent, Red and Regina who are pretending to be allied with him so that he doesn't suspect them, but we all know how he's involved with literally everyone (offering to make them hats, pfft) and know that he has to be taken care of sooner rather than later. I proposed that they not even bother BSing with inactives and just fire at them last week during Red's HOH, but they didn't want to declare war that fast and risk having his goons after them so early in the game. Which I can understand. But I'll tell you that what you've pieced together is 100% accurate and it has to be dealt with.

Hopefully we can pull something off mid-game because everyone is still afraid of making too many waves too early.

Nominations are now set in stone. Who would leave the house, Snow White or The Huntsman? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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