Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood

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Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood Empty Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 25 Oct - 19:43:34

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, Ariel left and Red Riding Hood was crowned the new Head of Household. Now, we find out if Red Riding Hood will ride this HOH or if she will strike.

Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood 156838


Red Riding Hood had a lot of alliances and friendships going on. The house was nuts wanting her attention so they could bounce off nomination ideas on her. She just wanted to relax and be in her own thoughts, but it would not be so.

Belle French: "Good job Red, that was a mess for me."

Regina Mills: "lol at that challenge, but good job girl!"

Regina Mills: "Thanks guys!! We did it!"

Belle French: "Do we want to aim at the Hatter/Pan/Hook trio?"

Red Riding Hood: "I'm thinking of our options, as that's a really big move. lol"

Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood Chicken

Maleficent: "I think its to big of a move already plus us 3 are suppose to be in an allaince with them if one of us puts them up already then the rest will be after us"

Belle French: "Well you don't have to right now, I just don't want them to be around so long that it becomes impossible to get them out."

Regina Mills: "Yea seems like a big move to make this early. But I do agree they need to be taken out sooner than later. I don't think we want to piss off strong challenge players this early though, could be dangerous."

Maleficent: "Right. I know what you mean belle cant wait to long"

Belle French: "Yeah, we can stick with the inactives for now. It shouldn't make anyone mad."

Red Riding Hood: "You guys are awesome and are so helpful!

Yeah, they will have to be taken out sooner than later, but this is kinda early. I have no problem doing it, to protect us, but I don't want to make a big move this early in the game.

As of now I'm thinking Robin Hood (obviously) and another inactive...

Snow White/Anna are kinda annoying... Huntsman is nowhere to be found.. so one of those.. Any preference?"

They notice how shady it is to huddle over and talk just the 4 of us. They try to get rid of Belle so they can go meet up with the rest of Crazy Eights. Regina decides to ask Belle to spy on Tinkerbell who is off in the yard sprinkling fairy dust on her own.

Jiminy Cricket: "The randomness of this comp was causing me anxiety. "

Peter Pan: "Its crazy random, but kinda fun"

Jiminy Cricket: "We are going to steamroll through this thing folks. Steamroll"

Captain Hook: "Any idea on who you are putting up?"

Red Riding Hood: "No clue... Any suggestions?"

Mulan: "Robin Hood?"

Regina Mills: "People who didnt show up again? Not sure lol. It's your HOH girl we will support you."

Red Riding Hood: "Thanks for the support guys."

Jiminy Cricket: "Yeah, Robin Hood and who ever.

Unless someone wants to get frisky? I don't know who would be smart to get frisky with, but Robin is an easy choice for an initial nom at least."

Captain Hook: "Robin Hood would be a good choice. Also, Anna just rubs me the wrong way. It seems like she is just trying too hard to play dumb and act like she doesn't know what is going on. lol but whatever you decide, you have my support."

Peter Pan: "The benefit of getting rid of someone inactive means less blood on your hands and less likely for someone to be upset with your decision.

The benefit of taking the opportunity to get rid of someone more active means we are removing someone outside of our alliance that could potentially win an HoH later on and nominate one or two people from our alliance.

I support either decision you make and have no preference. I'm just thinking, err, typing, out loud."

Red Riding Hood feels the hosts glaring her down to get nominations rolling. She goes up to her room and starts getting the keys and box ready.

Red Riding Hood- Head of Household

Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood Tumblr_mdcr2eBbfw1qbz8aro12_r4_250

Hi guys. This is the nomination ceremony. The following please come get your keys...

Regina Mills
Peter Pan
The Mad Hatter
Tinker Bell
Captain Hook  
Belle French
The Huntsman
Henry Mills
Snow White
Dr. Whale
Jiminy Cricket

I have decided to nominate
Robin Hood
Princess Anna
for eviction. I know that it's so early on in this game to find two people to nominate, but please don't take this personally, as it's strictly a game move. I wish you both good luck in the veto.

This nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Regina Mills: "Thank you for the key!"

The Huntsman: "Thank you Red"

Jiminy Cricket: "Whew. Thank you Miss Hood."

Regina Mills's Diary Room

So Ariel leaves and I am relieved. That's one less person coming after me. I am not sure if I made any enemies in my HOH week, besides probably Huntsman, but I don't see him winning HOH anytime soon, so I am not worried Laughing

Anyway, it's time for the new Head of Household. The twist this season is that we can compete for either HOH or the Escape Storybrooke prize. I'm always going to compete for the HOH challenge, when I am eligible. But not sure if I want to do the Storybrooke challenge this early. It just makes the winner a big target and that's not something I want this early.

Anyway, so Red Riding Hood wins, and I am ok with that. We've been talking. She trusts me, I trust her, so I am not expecting to go up on the block. Plus we have that Crazy Eighths alliance so I don't see why she would want to mess that up. Belle suggested to put someone like Mad Hatter or Peter Pan or Hook on the block, and Maleficent shut that down immediately, and I helped. Belle says that those three are working together and need to be targeted ASAP. I agree with her, that they are a threat, but this early is too risky. Considering how strong in challenges they are, they could easily come after us.

So yea. Red ends up nominating Robin Hood for being irrelevant and not showing up, and Anna, for being an annoying sphincter. I don't see anyone winning veto and using it (certainly, I don't see a nominee winning it unless it's like, luck based or something lol) so if noms stay the same, I'd love for Anna to go. She's just really annoying.

I hope I get picked for veto.

Veto Player Selection

I will need Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood and Princess Anna to pick 2 numbers between 1-15. Each number is assigned to a player. Your selections will join you to compete in the next veto challenge. You must pick 2 numbers at this stage of the game.

You have until Monday at 5:00 p.m. EST to pick your numbers.

Dr.Whale: "Thanks for the key red!"

Snow White: "Thank you for my key Red!"

Genie: "Thank you for the key"

Tinkerbell: "Thank you. Good luck to the nominees."

Princess Anna: "4, 8"

Number 4 matches up to

Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood Tumblr_lylin5GK2q1r880b4o1_250

Number 8 matches up to

Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood Mad-Hatter-once-upon-a-time-30042901-245-212

Princess Anna: "1 is Jafar? Who is 2nd?"

Neal Cassidy: "Genie and Mad Hatter. Jafar is not in the game lol."

Red Riding Hood: "1 and 15"

Robin Hood: "6 and 13.

I would like to aplogize for my inactivity everyone! I should be more active starting now."

Regina Mills: "Anna, never change"

Princess Anna: "Aw, you are so sweet!"

Captain Hook's Diary Room

YESSSS the sexy Red Riding Hood won HOH. Robin Hood was one of her noms. I don't even know why his name was brought up, maybe something happened during the challenge...I didn't pay attention. lol but I said it was a good idea. He isn't an ally of mine so I don't care if he goes up. I suggested Anna because I find her "dumb" act annoying and just that...an act.

I will apologize to her after this is over if it turns out she really has no idea what she is doing in this game.

Number 1 matches up to

Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood Tumblr_munociAJNK1qal0zgo4_250

Number 15 matches up to

Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood Regina-the-evil-queen-regina-mills-32843925-500-281

Number 6 matches up to

Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood Tumblr_lvm443LkCy1qatq84o1_250

Number 13 matches up to

Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood 14d80210

Veto Players:
-Red Riding Hood
-Robin Hood
-The Mad Hatter
-Regina Mills
-Jiminy Cricket

Captain Hook: "Once again, I wanted to play, but didn't get picked. Sad

Good luck everyone!"

Mulan: "Me too.

Good luck you guys."

The Mad Hatter: "I'm excited to be playing in this veto. It will be fun indeed."

Snow White: "Good luck to everyone in the veto!!"

Belle French's Diary Room

I suggested putting up two of the Pan/Hook/Hatter trio with a third as a replacement if one of them because we can't let them turn into the Austwins and Vanessa like this current BB season. They have to go soon. But I backed off of it because I don't want to seem too controlling. I do want to call the shots this time because I'm known in most games for being too quiet and kind of passive, I want this to be one of my more dominant and come up and execute the big moves games. But I can't do that without other people's support and they're not interested just yet. So for now it's back to whittling out useless inactives, which is fine too. They just take up space and no one gets mad that they're up because they haven't talked to anyone.

Once again I don't have to play in Veto and it's highly unlikely Red puts me up as a replacement nominee so it looks like this will be another smooth easy week for me. But I know that it won't stay like that for too long, sooner or later someone will put me up and I'll have to rely on my social bonds with people. I know that it's not likely I'll win any competition sad to say.

Jiminy tells me in a PM that he's starting to feel left out of everything. I'll probably ask him for a private room and make him the unofficial fifth wheel of this alliance I have going now. I don't understand though why he told me that, if he feels that way why doesn't he do something about it on his own by reaching out to a few more people?

Will the nominations stay the same? A costly challenge is in store for our friends. Who will go the distance for the golden power? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood Empty Re: Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 25 Oct - 21:43:53

Veto and eviction tomorrow evening with a new video from our vlogger SAM. Good night everyone.
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Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood Empty Re: Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood

Post by Jiminy Cricket on Mon 26 Oct - 19:12:41

Love these. LOVE.

Can't wait for the new epi. bounce
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Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood Empty Re: Episode #6 - Steam-Rolling Through The Hood

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