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Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch Empty Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 18 Oct - 19:57:12

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, we crowned the first Head of Household, Regina Mills. It was a popularity contest so what did that mean? Was she being played or was she just that awesome and popular? Would it scare some people away from her? We know she nominated Ariel and Huntsman and now, we find out how the house reacted.

Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch Anigif_enhanced-buzz-17308-1405371951-12


The house sat in front of Regina Mills who had just finished delivering the nominations and handing out keys.

The Mad Hatter: "I love how you did the keys process. And hun, you're already on my speed dial. Wink"

Ariel: "What a sphincter."

Mulan: "Thank you Regina. Good luck you two."

Pinocchio: "No Regina, Call ME! LOL

Thanks for the key"

Captain Hook: "Thanks for the key."

Genie: "Thank you, my Queen. And good luck Ariel and Huntsman"

Red Riding Hood: "Thanks for the key!"

Emma Swan: "VETO PLAYER SELECTION I will need Regina, The Huntsman and Ariel to pick 2 numbers between 1-16. Each number is assigned to a player. Your selections will join you to compete in the next veto challenge. You must pick 2 numbers at this stage of the game."

Belle French: "Thank you for the key Regina."

Ariel: "7 and 3 please

guess the mermaid isn't so inactive..."

Regina Mills: "1 and 16.

I am sorry Ariel. Well you are active, so I hope you do well in the veto!"

Regina Mills's Diary Room

Is this sphincter Ariel giving me attitude? Well, excuse your majesty for putting you on the block. If you didnt want to go up, you probably should have made an effort to i don't know, suck less?


LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ the censor word being sphincter.

So I won the first HOH, which was a popularity contest. I normally would be ok with that, because I didn't do any campaigning, and Mad Hatter asked me if I wanted to be HOH and I was like, fine with me. But deep inside, I'm wondering if they made me HOH just so I could become a target right away.

I decided to play it safe and nominated Ariel and Huntsman for eviction. My reasoning was that they did not show up to the challenge and I had not spoken with either one of them. Turns out, Ariel is active, and kind of a sphincter. IF B***I***T***C***H TURNS INTO SPHINCTER I WILL CUT A SPHINCTER WHY IS B***I***T***C***H A CURSE WORD????

So yea, kind of annoyed at the attitude Ariel was giving, but Huntsman is useless, so I wouldn't mind either one of them leaving. I would prefer Ariel to leave though, since she's active, and probably hates me now.

Mulan: "Did she say you were inactive?"

Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch Xw1prYl

Tinkerbell: "Thank you Regina <3 Good luck Ariel and Huntsman <3"

Snow White: "Thank you Regina for my key! Good luck in the veto!!!"

Dr.Whale: "Thanks Regina!"

Emma Swan: "Ariel: You picked Dr. Whale and Tinker Bell
Regina: You picked Peter Pan and Genie"

Ariel: "Thank you, sir. No idea who Dr. Whale is, but I hope he doesn't let me down! WE'RE BOUND TOGETHER BY OCEAN!"

Tinkerbell: "Oh yay"

Peter Pan: "Dr. Whale's Enchanted Forest counterpart is Dr. Frankenstein. I don't think his cursed surname has anything to do with marine life, Ariel."

Jiminy Cricket: "Thank you so much Regina. I had a prior engagement tonight, but I wished upon a star I would not be nominated and sure enough I was not.

Good luck to everyone in veto. And for the record, I do not intend to make missing competitions a habit. "

Dr. Whale: "Wow nine people for the veto that's a record!"

Peter Pan: "I think 9 people playing for veto is reasonable considering the large cast we have.

I'm sure as the number of contestants dwindle down so will the veto participants."

Emma Swan: "Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch Srpthumb-p7940-150x150-no"


Robin Hood: "Thanks for the key, my dear sweet Regina! I will make sure to return the favor should I ever win a Head of Household."

Emma Swan: "Since The Huntsman failed to pick numbers on time, a random draw gave him #2 and #10 which are Henry Mills and Jiminy Cricket."

Captain Hook: "I wish I could have played. Good luck all!"

Peter Pan sits outside in their Enchanted Forest backyard trying to put twigs together to make a pan flute. The Mad Hatter notices him and decides to lay a hand.

Peter Pan: "I did not really have a preference HoH, but I'm glad that Regina seems to be targeting those who didn't participate. "

The Mad Hatter: "Yes. I am happy about that as well. And Pan, I'm making hats for everyone, that I promise will be both special and magical. Do you have any color preferences for yours Pan?"

Peter Pan: "A dark green, please!"

Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch Tumblr_lih6msYlB31qzi80do1_r1_500

Peter realizes that he will never be able to make sweet music with this twig flute so he throws them down to the ground and stomps away leaving Hatter behind looking dumbfounded, but he does't stay alone for long. There's a social piranha lurking around.

The Mad Hatter: "I'm very glad we're getting a chance to chat some. This cast seems pretty active so far. It's somewhat intimidating, but we can definitely fit in, I just know it!"

Red Riding Hood: "I agree that it's a bit overwhelming with so many people! It's kinda scary to be honest."

The Mad Hatter: "Red, we can do this. Just trust in my mad skills and I shall trust in your awesome hood and together we shall do great things."

Red Riding Hood: "I trust you!!"

In a living room far far away, her Majesty Regina Mills was sinking her dark cold nails in Genie's skin.

Genie: "Good job, Regina! I voted for you btw. Didn't realise you would get 3 more votes.. haha"

Regina Mills: "Aww thank you! Well, you are safe this round,"

Genie: "Who do you prefer to go between the two?"

Regina Mills: "Together forever, I even picked you by random draw lol.

And i dont care at this point which one goes but we will see. depends on how they react to the nominations"

Genie: "Yes, my Queen. I think it's in our destiny to be together."

Belle French's Diary Room

I wasn't put on the block and I'm also not in the Veto so it looks like it will be a quiet week. We're only in the first round and for the next few it will probably just be putting up inactives or people who missed on the first day alliance train. So I should be fine as long as I keep showing up and being friendly with most of the cast.

Pinocchio's Diary Room

Another Day, Another Season.

I chose my character of Pinocchio because well, lying is a huge part of his Mythos. Was even considering changing my avatar throughout the season based off how many lies I've told. The more lies told, the bigger my nose gets in the pictures. Think these monkeys will pick up on it?

I've never seen this show so when I chose my character from the cast list on IMDB, I had no idea he was the heartthrob of the group. Lucky me!

I haven't spoken to a lot of people yet, just wanted to do enough to not get nominated and lay low the first couple weeks. Me n Jiminey hit it off from the getgo and he's the only one I plan on staying loyal too. People might think because of our characters we're working together, but because it's too obvious people may also think we're not. So to pull off the triple swerve we are working together...allianception.

Mad Hatter, RRH & Maleficent also reached out to me. But the only one I like from the group is RRH. I know she's cool with Jiminey also, so we're gonna wait for her to bring up us 3 working together just she doesn't catch me n Jiminey already are and that way, she'll also think it was her idea Cool I also built some trust with RRH through HOH last night giving her my vote, and her giving me hers. She filled me in on Regina rallying for votes, so RRH is definitely someone I can work with moving forward.

As for myself, I only messaged Belle and Peter Pan. Not trying to get caught with my hand in everybody's cookie jar so I feel like that's enough of the cast to keep me safe for now.

I'm happy with the noms, 2 players I never bothered to messaged and they never bothered to message me. Don't really care who leaves of the 2, but Ariel is cuter so she'll probably get my vote to stay if nothing changes. Think that's all for now, Veto this weekend. I don't expect anything drastic to happen no matter who wins it. Smooth sailing thus far!

Later on that night, some people decided to retire early to get up for the upcoming veto challenge. Hatter had other plans in mind. He thought it was due time to get all his friends together in one big alliance that will soon be known as "The Crazy Eights".

Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch E8769436079409c49714e4596cf60719af360a42

Captain Hook: "Hello everyone."

Maleficent: "Hello"

Red Riding Hood: "Hi all!"

Regina Mills: "Hey everyone. Very Happy like the room."

Jiminy Cricket: "This is a good looking room, I am a "little" intimidated as well as a bit "green" with envy. "

Peter Pan: "Hello everyone!

Green is a nice color on you Jiminy, but I've always been partial to green."

The Mad Hatter: "Myself? I don't like green as much as you guys do. You can have it. Room name suggestions anyone?"

Jiminy Cricket: "The pumpkin patch!

Why? Idk, that is the first thing that came to my sleepy mind. "

Mulan: "Hey guys. Nice room of people here Smile.

I'm OK with any name. As long as it is fun lol."

Regina Mills: "We should be The Eighth Sense"

Captain Hook: "The Eighth sense reminds me too much of The Sixth Sense alliance from the current season of BB, and I can't stand them. lol"

Red Riding Hood: "Ditto! Can't stand them at all. Haha"

Mulan: "Aww Hook."

Maleficent: "Crazy eights?"

Peter Pan: "I like the Crazy Eights!"

Captain Hook: "I like the Crazy Eights as well."

Regina Mills: "Yea that sounds good! I am with you all, I hate the sixth sense. Well, what's left of it."

Red Riding Hood: "Cool name!"

Jiminy Cricket: "I like the Crazy Eights too.

Pumpkin Patch, what a dork I am"

Belle French's Diary Room

Maleficent tells me she was invited into a private room with 8 other people in it. While that's a good thing for her, it's never going to work. Alliances that big never last especially if they're founded this early, they'll probably hate half of the other members by week 4. But that's not the only problem. I wasn't invited to the private room so I should take that as a sign that I'm not part of the majority..

Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch Whoa-That-Was-Fast-Meme_620x350-300x170

The night came and went, some got more sleep than others, but in the end, it was morning and it was time for the Power of Veto challenge.

Power of Veto #1 (A Christmas Carol)

Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch Li-620-scrooge-cp-7608083

Welcome to your first Power of Veto of the season. In the spirit of starting this game light, we will play another light challenge that doesn't require too much effort.

Veto Players

- Ariel
- Dr. Whale
- Tinker Bell
- Regina Mills
- Peter Pan
- Genie
- The Huntsman
- Henry Mills
- Jiminy Cricket

"The cold within him froze his old features, nipped his pointed nose, made his eyes red, his thin lips blue, and spoke out shrewdly in his grating voice..."

You have to decide if you want to play like Scrooge in the following challenge.


- You are given 10 coins
- You have 24 hours to submit
- You will submit in your Diary Room (thread name doesn't matter)
- You can keep as many coins as you want or give them out by dividing them any way you want
- The goal of the challenge is to  get as close to 39 coins without going over
- You can only give them out to people that are eligible to play veto.

You can feel free to be greedy but it can turn out to bite you in the buttocks if you keep too much of it.

Princess Anna: "Good luck guys! I just got back from Disney World!"

Regina Mills: "Question: if someone doesn't participate, does that count as them keeping all their coins, or are they disqualified from winning?"

Emma Swan: "They are disqualified and all their coins are turned into fairy dust by Blue Fairy."

Genie's Diary Room

So, the Veto came and Regina picked my name for the Veto challenge. It seems we are definitely destined to be together haha.

The Veto is an interesting one asking you to have the most coins without going over 39 and letting you give away your coins as well. I definitely do not want veto as I think I would be safe anyway.

Ariel approached me and asked me to give her coins. But Regina doesn't seem want Ariel to stay as she thinks Ariel is gunning for her. I'm going to play it safe and not give Ariel the coins and let the noms stay. Let's see who wins veto and what would happen

Power of Veto #1 (A Christmas Carol)

Some of you were selfish. Others were generous. However, in this challenge, nice doesn't always pay as well as naughty. All of you participated and none of you went over! Let's take a look at how you all did.

Ariel - 10
Dr. Whale - 5
Tinker Bell - 11
Regina Mills - 13
Peter Pan - 12
Genie - 13
The Huntsman - 3
Henry Mills - 4
Jiminy Cricket - 19

That means that...

Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch Tumblr_lvm443LkCy1qatq84o4_250

Jiminy Cricket has won the power of veto! Congratulations! You now have the power to remove one of the nominees from the block or not use it at all. Please post on this thread what you want to do with it.

Princess Anna: "Yay!"

Ariel: "Wow, thanks for giving me nothing everyone xoxo."

Captain Hook: "Congrats Jiminy!"

Maleficent: "Congrats Jiminey"

Pinocchio: "Congrats on the Veto win, Jiminy!"

Mulan: "Good job Cricket.

Did you ask Ariel?"

Genie: "To be fair Ariel, you didn't give anyone anything too. haha. Anyway good job, Jiminy."

Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch Fe4957dd18045542dea0e80e4a9aaea87779178726c878a6895ba498e92f10ab

Ariel: "Um, because I'm nominated and wanted to win. Of course I kept them all.

And yes, Mulan, I did ask. Not every person because I didn't want too many. I'm really sick of you being a sphincter and picking at my posts. Go chop your hair off or something."

Mulan: "I was just asking lol. Don't be so rude."

Ariel: "And this is the second time you have asked me an obnoxious question. Maybe YOU shouldn't be so rude. Go pretend to be a man or something."

Mulan: "When did I? You went a bit rude to Regina who put you up as you didn't make the challenge. She didn't say you were inactive. She said she wouldn't put up anyone who did the challenge."

Ariel: "I wasn't rude. I'm not going to kiss someone's ass for nominating me though. Oh thank you so much! It is an honor!"

Mulan: "OK then. I'm going brush my hair."

Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch De7e652f509899cde0d0c83be4ca8259

Ariel: "Don't touch my dinglehopper."

Mulan: "Girl I won't, I'll use my own brush."

Ariel's Diary Room

Ariel's Mulan Hate Thread wrote:
sphincter I'll chop off your hair for you..

Tinkerbell: "Congrats Cricket!

Girls, calm it down. It's only week 1 lol"

Belle French: "I was under the impression mermaids were supposed to be friendly."

Regina Mills: "My goodness, people already arguing and week 1 is not even over yet. We are in for a wild ride I guess"

Jiminy Cricket: "Awww, this cricket is feeling the love. Thank you to whoever gave me points in the veto. I kept all 10 of mine just because I didn't think anyone would give me any.

With that said, I am going to respect the HOH's nominations and not use the PoV.

I am sorry to Huntsman who politely asked for me to, but Ariel I suppose you have surrendered to defeat as I got nothing from you about using it. scratch

Good luck to the both of you."

Ariel's Diary Room

Genie has joined my DEAD TO ME LIST. I asked him to give me some coins, and he got all fake ass "I will think about it, but I don't want to give you too many so you go over!" sphincter plz as if I was ever gonna go over. I would however have won if he gave them all to me. And I told him I'd be loyal to him and owe him a favor. But I guess "pleasing the house" is more important than mermaids in your pocket.

Dr. Whale's Diary Room

I love the little mermaid so I secretly hope Arial stays

Ariel was not a happy camper and Jiminy had just made these nominations final by not using the Power of Veto. How will this all end? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch Empty Re: Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch

Post by Red Riding Hood on Sun 18 Oct - 20:38:42

Ariel is love. <3
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Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch Empty Re: Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch

Post by Emma Swan on Mon 19 Oct - 21:34:05

I'm really sorry guys but I had some journey to vote tonight. It's elections here in Canada today and I just got home from having to run all over town figuring out where I vote. Fack my life.

Anyways, I don't know if I can tonight but I promise it will be up either in the next 2 hours or tomorrow when I get home from work. I promise I will pick up the pace soon.
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Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch Empty Re: Episode #3 - Crazy Eight Pumpkin Patch

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