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Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust Empty Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust

Post by Emma Swan on Wed 14 Oct - 22:21:34

NatKat's Big Brother Season 1
Once Upon a Time
Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 19 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 19 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Last time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time, you met the 19 players who will competing for the ultimate prize, you also got to see which Fairytale character they believe to be. Tonight, find out what happened when the first Head of Household was crowned......and.......when The Mad Hatter started making hats.

Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust Sebstan-ouat-mad-hatter


Robin Hood's Diary Room

So if all these people joining are actual players and not hosts/bloggers, then we have a cast of around 18 people and that could make for a long season (which I love, I hate having small quick casts tbh). I am curious to know what kind of twists we will be having throughout the game. I'm fully expecting a triple eviction and probably multiple fast forwards but I'm hoping that even those are kept to a minimum because I like it when games take more than a month to complete.

As for possible twists, I'm concerned because this is Kathy, one thing I've noticed is her twists are either duds (but at least you try <3) or they are great. With a cast this big I am wondering if we are going to have something similar to what Javi did in iBB where there are more than 2 nominees each round or the MVP like in BB 15. I also have not ruled out Battle of the Block, which while it doesn't really work out on the show, I think it could make the game far more interesting online.

I also have not ruled out the possibility that this will just be a straight Big Brother game and there will be very minimal twists which is also not something that I am completely against but it's Kathy hosting and that just wouldn't be right.

Note to Kathy, and any other hosts: I will be as active as humanly possible in this game and post diary rooms, which would mean that you won't end up doing episodes Razz. My goal is to be active during the day (when I'm not studying) at school because this game will be my main focus outside of school and work.

I'm looking forward to getting this show on the road!

The Mad Hatter and Captain Hook decide to part ways with the rest of the pack while everyone looks for a bed to claim. They both notice a tiny door by the kitchen cupboard. Hook signals Hatter to come over and check it out. Upon entering the tiny entrance, they notice a mysterious forest room with a couple beds suspended up in the air.

Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust Bed-enchanted-fog-forest-mystical-Favim.com-112470

Captain Hook: "would you be cool with us working together? Mad Hatter/Hook have to stick together. We are 2 of the best characters."

The Mad Hatter: "Not 2 of. The 2 best characters of course. I would love to work with you.
What shall we name ourselves?

Oh, silly me, I have forgotten to ask you your color preferences for the magical hat I'm going to make for you. Everyone's hat will be unique to that individual personally. What colors do you prefer? May I suggest a hint of silver for your hook?"

Captain Hook: "Oh yes you are correct, THE 2 BEST on the show. lol I am not sure what we should call ourselves. I am not good with coming up with names. Do you have any suggestions?

Black and silver are nice colors."

Hook climbs up to his bed and lays down looking up at the fake fog filled sky.

Captain Hook: "Obviously you are my #1, but I think we should get a few more people on our side. Any suggestions? Do you talk to anyone? I have talked with Pan some and I was thinking he could be one of our allies. How do you feel about him?"

The Mad Hatter: "I talk to Pan too Smile Red seems nice as well. A good # of people have responded kindly back. Regina is one of them. And Jiminy as well. Henry didn't seem keen on talking."

The tiny door opens and the rest of the house look around this weird forest like room and notice our two Romeos in their beds talking away. The festivities do not last as Emma and Neal walk in to ask everyone to the main room for their first challenge.

Genie's Diary Room

1st HOH is tonight! I am definitely not gonna try to win it if I can. The first week is always tricky. You don't know enough yet to know who to trust and being a HOH puts a target on their back from the people who they put up. I probably would still turn up though just to show that I'm active enough. I have contacted Regina and Mulan! I am not sure whether Regina knows I am supposed to be attracted to her in the show. But anyway, both of them have shown some friendliness and hopefully we can work something out.

Nobody else has contacted me except for Red Riding Hood. I will like to work with her although it also means that she's quite social and I will have to see how she works through this game.

The fact that nobody else has contacted me does concerns me but with a cast this big, I will just try not to make waves and see what happens.

Jiminy Cricket's Diary Room

I noticed the Mad Hatter sure is a social person. Makes you wonder just how quickly he will be PMing everyone on the cast.

Though I am tempted to win first HOH and target him, I won't be able to make the first HOH. As such, being equally social as him and getting on his good side will be my #1 priority as I suspect he very well may either be an early eviction (unlikely) or end up running this whole season.

Emma Swan: "Before we start off, I would like to hand everyone a pamphlet with our rules and regulations. Take a moment and read through them carefully."

Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust Tumblr_navbmfrrpy1spxuxno1_500

Don't be like the girls above or you may end up looking dumb like her. Do not break the following ~Cardinal Rules~

The following set of rules is to ensure that everyone has a pleasant time here in Storybrooke and to keep the integrity of the mystery alive.

Rule 1: Have fun!
Rule 2: Know the lines not to cross when in an argument. We all love drama but we will not accept bullying, intimidating and over the top terrorism.
Rules 3: Try you best, your very very best, to keep your identity a secret. We came up with the mystery concept years ago to avoid always playing with the same people. This way, it's the same people but you don't quite know who. It's fun, it's exciting, the reveal during the episodes is more thrilling and you can end up making new friends and getting to know people you wouldn't have in a normal context. Don't deprive yourself of that experience.
Rule 4: Us 3 hosts will dedicate our time to make this fresh, fun and exciting for everyone. We just ask a little respect in return. We're human beings and we all have lives that could cause some delays or whatnot. There's 3 of us so this should not even be an issue but just be respectful when you have a question and comment and you will be addressed with the same respect.
Rules 5: If you fail to vote at any point, you will not be able to play in the next HOH challenge.

There rules are not extreme so I hope you can all adhere. We're not going to play ID police, we're all grown ups but please try to keep it to yourselves.

Jiminy Cricket: "No chance of me breaking rule #1.

Part 3 of Rule #2 might be a little harder"

Emma winks his way and ends the reading session with the Head of Household instructions.

The first Head of Household challenge is about to get under way. In order to be elligible to win this coveted title, I will need you to post this precise word on this thread. You have 5 minutes from this post, not a second more.

The word is: Alakazam

Peter Pan: "Alakazam"

Dr.Whale: "Alakazam"

Captain Hook: "Alakazam"

Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust Cropped-so-forth-banner2

Head of Household #1 (Mirror Mirror on the Wall)

Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust OnceUponaTimeS01E07HDTVXviD-LOL0157

"Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who Is the Fairest of Them All?"

I can tell you right now, one of the following people will be crowned "The Fairest of Them All" tonight.

- Peter Pan
- Dr. Whale
- Captain Hook
- Tinker Bell
- Red Riding Hood
- Mulan
- Pinocchio
- The Mad Hatter
- Maleficent
- Genie
- Snow White
- Regina Mills
- Belle French

Only the people in the above list can win this challenge.


- You have 20 minutes from this post to vote for "The Fairest of Them All" from the people in the list above.
- The person with the most votes will be the new Head of Household.
- Make a challenge thread in your Diary Room (title is not important) and use it to cast your vote.

Snow White: "That picture is going to haunt my dreams tonight!!!!!"

Mulan: "Oh, good luck everyone."

Tinkerbell: "If you vote for me, I'll give you free FAIRy dust for 1 year ^_^"

Red Riding Hood: "Good luck guys!"

Pinocchio: "Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust Latest?cb=20150428030026"

Regina Mills: "Oh interesting..."

Mulan: "Whats fair about the dust?"

Tinkerbell: "It's pretty magical Wink Gives you wings"

Mulan: "I have a sword"

Dr.Whale: "Good luck everyone!!!!"

Regina Mills: "I think that's called acid."

Tinkerbell: "It may or may not be acid"

Belle French: "If I was elected HOH I would have everyone on this list that showed up safe."

Red Riding Hood: "I have a really nice hood! It keeps the wind from blowing off your mascara. Lol"

Regina Mills: "yea if i win, everyone on that list is safe with me.

and of course, i'm very pretty too"

Peter Pan: "I would do the same thing Bell."

Genie: "Lol. I would expect of course everyone on the list to be safe. But who knows."

Snow White: "I'll let you pet my little bird if you vote for me!"

Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust 3e5afd7ca613daaa396cc6a6bc64acdc

Snow White: "Oh, easy Snow."

Tinkerbell: "LOL SNOW WHITE!!!"

Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust Tumblr_inline_mlt9c51YrT1qz4rgp

The Mad Hatter: "Good luck everyone! This is a fun cast. "

Hatter takes this time to go around the room and ask people individually about their vote but he pretends he's talking about their hat colour choices.

The Mad Hatter: "Any preference on the HOH?"

Captain Hook: "To be honest, I don't want the first HOH. Do you want me to vote you? If not, I was thinking we vote Regina. She told me I was safe if she won because she needed to keep eye candy around. lol and since you talk to her, I don't think she would put you up.

An alliance with me/you/Pan/Red/Regina would be awesome!! What do you think?"

The Mad Hatter: "And add Jiminy- he's nice too"

Captain Hook: "Oh yeah him too. Lol I have also talked with him a bit. He seems cool. I am on my tablet right now. Once I get on a computer we can start writing them to make this alliance official."

He moves on...

The Mad Hatter: "Any preference on the HOH? "

Peter Pan goes to say something but just grins and walks away, so Hatter moves on.....

The Mad Hatter: "Any preference on the HOH? "

Red Riding Hood: "Not really. It's so hard. You?"

The Mad Hatter: "I don't know either. I don't know if I want it or not myself.

I've talked to a few nice people, such as Regina, Pan, Hook, Jiminy, yourself, and Maleficent. I'd be fine with any of those. But it's tough to decide!"

Red Riding Hood: "Regina just said if she wins everyone on the list is the safe. She seems nice.

It's very hard to decide, because I like the vibe of everyone who's posted so far. I haven't talked to each person, but ... I don't know."

He moves on....

The Mad Hatter: "Any preference on the HOH? "

Regina Mills: "I want to vote for you because you are like, the hottest here. But I dont know if you have a better idea Laughing

I havent talked to that many people."

The Mad Hatter: "Why thank you! See, I can't decide if I want first HOH or not lol. I've talked to a few people. There are some nice ones, like Pan, Red, and Hook are all lovely. And Jiminy. Maleficent is nice as well.

So maybe one of them or one of us?"

Belle French's Diary Room

I was approached by a villain in Maleficent. She wasn't the one to ask about an alliance first however, I took the plunge myself. Who would suspect the town librarian and the famed dragon who terrorized Briar Rose and Princess Aurora joining forces? I would guess no one. She hasn't replied to my offer yet, but I'm predicting it will be a yes since it's still so early. Who turns down an alliance?

They were asked to line up and head into the magical voting booth and cast their vote.

Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust Toilet+voting

Peter Pan walks in
My selection for the fairest of them all is: The Mad Hatter

Dr. Whale walks in
I vote for bell French

Captain Hook walks in
I vote for the lovely Regina

Tinkerbell walks in
I vote for Maleficent

Red Riding Hood walks in
My vote for HOH is for Pinnochio

Mulan walks in
I vote Regina.

Pinocchio walks in
I vote for Red Riding Hood as "The Fairest of Them All"

The Mad Hatter walks in

Maleficent walks in
My pick for the fairest of them all is fittingly:

Her Majesty, Queen Regina!!!

Genie walks in
Voting for Regina

Snow White walks in
Red Riding Hood

Regina Mills walks in
I vote for Mad Hatter.

Belle French walks in


Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust MIRROR-MIRROR-ON-THE-WALL-1

I have tallied all the votes. Everyone on the list manage to cast a vote so thank you for being active.

With 1 vote


Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust 325948

With 2 votes

Red Riding Hood

Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust 200_s



Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust Maleficent-once-upon-a-time-38173244-540-360


The Mad Hatter

Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust SebastianStanHatter


Belle French

Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust Belle-once-upon-a-time-33693813-487-473

Great job all of you but you did not win. The winner received 4 votes.

So who is the Fairest of them all?

Regina Mills

Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust A5262a88cab8a93a7dd631ec801ca5bc

I guess it's only natural that the Queen herself be crowned "The Fairest of Them All". Congratulations Regina Mills, you're the First Head of Household and you now have a great task at hand. Please head over to the Royal Castle and nominate 2 people for eviction.

Regina Mills: "damn that Pinocchio picture though, he is fiiiine.

And yay, thanks to the people who voted for me!"

Captain Hook: "Congrats"

Mulan: "Good job Regina. Also to.everyone else."

Red Riding Hood: "Congratulations Regina!"

Dr.Whale: "Great job Regina!!!!!!!"

Maleficent: "Congrats Regina"

Pinocchio: "Congrats Regina! Fun first night everyone!"

Tinkerbell: "Great job Regina. Also, I agree about Pinochio being FINE. Is he our resident hottie?"

Princess Anna: "Congratulations, Sister!"

Mulan: "Him, Mad Hatter, Hook... So many."

The Mad Hatter: "Congrats Regina. Great pictures Emma. Really shows off everyone's unique features."

Belle French: "Congrats Regina!"

Pinocchio: "In order for me to become a real man, I must win a HOH. Laughing

And thank you to my one vote I I love you you"

The Mad Hatter: "Thanks Mulan. Good to see I'm not totally ignored by the presence of the ever-fine Pinocchio."

Genie: "Congrats, my Queen!"

Regina Mills: "Thank you everyone. I have an idea of what i will do, so nominations up shortly."

Snow White: "Congrats Regina!"

Peter Pan: "Not to be too graphic or anything, but I instantly came in my pants when Emma posted that picture of Pinocchio."

Genie: "So is Peter Pan into guys? Make sense , I guess"

Regina Mills - Head of Household

Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust How-to-be-a-HBIC-A-guide-by-Regina-Mills-once-upon-a-time-31126781-245-224

Ok first of all, thank you everyone who voted for me. It is very much appreciated. Very Happy

Ok nomination ceremony!

Please come get your keys.

Pinocchio, you are safe. Call me

Mad Hatter, you are safe. Call me.

Maleficent, you are safe

Belle French, you are safe

Dr. Whale, you are safe

Genie, you are safe

Mulan, you are safe

Tinker Bell, you are safe

RRH, you are safe

Hook, you are safe. Call me.

Anna, you are safe

Snow White, you are safe

Peter Pan, you are safe

Robin Hood, you are safe

Henry Mills, you are safe

and last key...

Jiminy Cricket, you are safe.

I've decided to nominate

Ariel and Huntsman

for eviction. I promised not to nominate people who showed up, and I havent talked to either of you so, that's why I am putting you up. I'm sorry, and good luck with veto!

This nomination ceremony is adjourned.

Dr.Whale's Diary Room

So bell was the person I picked Regina was picked when I have watched the show Regina was my favorite and she kept me safe for now

How will the house react to these nominations? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 1 - Once Upon a Time.
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Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust Empty Re: Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust

Post by Red Riding Hood on Thu 15 Oct - 0:44:55

Awesome as always. Smile
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Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust Empty Re: Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust

Post by Jiminy Cricket on Thu 15 Oct - 14:10:14

For the record Hook and Hatter, I am a nice guy Smile

These should be incredibly interesting reads. Well done Emma.
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Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust Empty Re: Episode #2 - Acid Fairy Dust

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