My vote for the winner of OUAT Mystere Big Brother

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My vote for the winner of OUAT Mystere Big Brother

Post by The Mad Hatter on Mon 5 Oct - 22:59:41

Again, I must say that this is the most impressive finals I've seen. I'm so torn on who to vote for still. I just feel like the Jiminy's win these games way too often just for being over-the-top and "visibly active". I think Red and Hook did just as much, but on a more subtle scale.

My vote for the winner of OUAT Mystere Big Brother is:
Unicorn Farts:
Captain Hook
My BFF. Very Happy I feel like I can't go any other way with this. I think he has a shot of winning and I'd be remiss if I didn't send my vote his way. He was an awesome player and friend. Most importantly, he played this game hard and put a lot of time and precision into his game that I respect. I saw it first-hand by working with him and I feel like I need to honor that. He also played a relatively "clean" game, while still winning competitions and getting himself far with those wins. I respect that. He was in a clear F2 (from what everyone has said) and still managed to make it far in this game. That's respectable. He didn't callously handle the jury or haphazardly make some decisions like Red and Jiminy kind of did. Any way this goes, all 3 of them played stellar games and I can't wait for the episodes and winner reveal! Very Happy
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