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Post by Red Riding Hood on Mon 28 Sep - 20:48:06

Woah. I never thought I'd make it this far in the game. Like seriously. If people knew who I was I'd be toast, but considering they don't... mission accomplished... Sure I knew I would at least make jury, but come on... I've been throwing comps... I've shown my cards multiple times... I've gotten people to THROW veto to me (AND THEN I SENT THEM HOME) and people still have taken me far... WTF? What are these people on crack??

If everything goes as planned... Hook, myself or Jiminy would win veto (thing is... I don't even have to win... I'm safe regardless).... and of course... Evict Belle... She's the underdog and has played a phenomenal game in that regard, so there's no way I'm taking her to finals if given the opportunity to do otherwise... She's gotta go... I can't believe that Hook is buying the I hate jiminy nonsense I've been selling... Silly boys... tricks are for kids...

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