Really hope Hook wins HOH tonight!

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Really hope Hook wins HOH tonight!

Post by The Mad Hatter on Sun 27 Sep - 19:59:48

That's all. Watching something on tv in an hour, so we'll see how much of the competition I get to watch tonight. Smile

This is random, but Emma or Neal, you should tell people about this happening tonight. It's quite cool. Smile

I believe everyone playing the game (Canadians and Europeans too) will get to see this in some capacity- just have to look up the appropriate times for it.
"Observers in eastern and central regions of North America will get to see the whole eclipse; those farther west will see the moon rise already partially eclipsed. Observers in Europe and Africa will see the eclipse before dawn on Monday (Sept. 28)."

Won't happen again until 2033.

"To an astronaut standing on the moon during totality, the sun would be hidden behind a dark Earth outlined by a brilliant red ring of all of the world's sunrises and sunsets."

That's pretty neat. Smile
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