POV #14: Wish #1

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POV #14: Wish #1

Post by The Mad Hatter on Thu 24 Sep - 22:18:05

This game has been really interesting so far. I love the fairy tale theme. I chose the Mad Hatter character, because I wanted to go outside the box in this game. I also wanted to try playing as a male character. At the beginning of the game, I started talking to everyone right away to establish connections with people. I found many of the other players to be really nice. I sent messages to everyone in the game. Early on, I had an alliance formed with seven other people in the game. That was a great numbers advantage for me.
So far, the challenges have been really fun to participate in. They are always centered around Disney or fairytale themes, which is really creative. I have had to miss some of the challenges because of work, which bummed me out when it happened, but that is life I guess. I kind of wish I had won more challenges throughout this game, but even changing one thing might have changed my fate in this game. Who knows what would have happened had I won more challenges. I can only work with the game I have so far going into the finals.
I will make sure I make hats for everyone before the winner is revealed. I wish I would have had more time these past few weeks to make those, but so far I’ve been really busy. I trust my allies Hook and Red almost completely. I should have known Jiminy would betray me like he did. We were planning to do it to him and he struck first. I’m not sure what he meant by Hook and I mentioning a final three deal with Red. That never happened that I can recall. I really hope Red wins the veto tonight.
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