Wish #3 (POV Challenge)

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Wish #3 (POV Challenge)

Post by Captain Hook on Thu 24 Sep - 22:03:52

>> Survivor:
switza survivor 2: Riau Islands ***Winner: alrmw31***
Survivor IMDb 59: Tiber Island ***Winner: alrmw31***
sphincter Survivor MYSTERY 22: Buffy VS. TVD ***Winner: alrmw31***

>> Idol:
Mas Idol 4 ***Winner: Marquis_Aurelius***
Kyogre's 80s Nation IDOL ***Winner: XCindyLennoxFanAlwaysX***
KJ Idol 19 - Dynamic Duets ***Winner: Straightloonz & XCindyLennoxFanAlwaysX***
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