Diary Room #13

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Diary Room #13

Post by Captain Hook on Wed 23 Sep - 1:08:39

OMG I can't believe I won HOH tonight. I thought I bombed that challenge, but it feels good to know I am in the f5. Very Happy I put up Belle/Regina because they are challenge threats and I know they are coming after me. I really wanted noms to stay the same, but Belle ended up winning. ughh I put Red up as the replacement. I told her earlier that she would be going up as a replacement if one of the noms came down. I claimed it was because I didn't want Jiminy to get suspicious of us, but the real reason was that I did not fully trust she would vote to keep Jiminy if I put him up. I know Jiminy acts whack sometimes and is a threat, but I know for sure that he has my back and I would rather him stay in the game over someone that I know will come after me.

I am praying that everything goes as planned and Regina leaves. I swear if she pulls out a power, I will kill myself. ugh
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