Dedicated to tinkerbell

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Dedicated to tinkerbell

Post by Jiminy Cricket on Tue 22 Sep - 23:23:13

It goes without saying, I miss tink. Sad

I just re-read my DRs and I was so callous towards her and not expressive enough with how much I enjoyed speaking and aligning with her and how much I needed her in this game. Red was my #1, obviously, but Tink was always right there... unfortunately, the true trust didn't bloom until Red and I were a complete duo.

I wanted that final 3 so badly. I would have been happy to sit next to or lose to either one of them. Considering my naturally competitive nature, that is a rare thing from me.

Tink is an angel... halo, wings and all. Wit, charm and sass all rolled up into a tiny ball of pure fun.

I have said she reminds me of one of my only friends on the site Alexa and that is truly a compliment on my part. I just hope, as with Red, the chemistry and instant feeling of friendship carries over into the "real world" non gaming life.

I am not on too often to talk to anyone from IMDb these days... but I would like to know who those 2 are in particular and see how well we get along outside the context of this game.

I have a feeling none of us have ever really spoken before this game. I hope I am right, as I no longer think my guess for either is correct.

But shout outs to Tink. I am here thinking about you, so that should be an indication of the impact you had on me. <3

I play on in your honor. Kind of the best I can do for being the reason you are no longer here. Sad
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