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Open Letter To Tinkerbell Empty Open Letter To Tinkerbell

Post by Red Riding Hood on Tue 22 Sep - 0:23:36

Open Letter To Tinkerbell Tumblr_mg9yc0rTvh1qjccmko1_500

I'm really really really sorry about this blindside... I realize that you had my back in this game, and I assure you I tried to have yours to the best of my ability, but sadly when having to choose between you and Jiminy (my closest allies in this game)... It was a no brainer and I had to choose the person I was with from the very beginning... And that's Jiminy since Day 1. (HE BETTER NOT BE PLAYING ME). Since the day he gave me Sleepy, and since the day I told him there were a ton of wolves in sheep's clothing... it was the day I knew I'd be 100% loyal to him.

I meant it when I said I'd volunteer to go on the block BTW... Because I knew how tough of a decision this would be for me, and I knew I'd be too cowardly to do it, but thanks to Regina's oh so, fate struck you... Though she probably did it herself (OF COURSE BELL ISN'T NOMMED)...

In a perfect world, we could have all gotten to the F3 (and that's what I really wanted... to make the finals with people I actually connected with and liked), and I would have been happy with either one of you winning the Amazon Gift Card, because the relationships I've built with you both meant more to me than money could buy... You don't always get someone as loyal as you, or funny or positive, and I'm really sorry that I did this to you. I hope that after this game is over you'll forgive this huge betrayal and you'll instead Skype me so we can talk about how sucky it was that I lost over Hook.

And yes, I forgive you for voting against me. If I were you.. I'd do the same thing to that sphincter. Wink

Ultimately, I didn't want to hurt anybody... And again, I'm sorry... It was nothing personal... It was just my loyalty extended a bit further with Jiminy. I hope you understand, and this is not a laughing matter to me.
Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood

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Open Letter To Tinkerbell Empty Re: Open Letter To Tinkerbell

Post by Emma Swan on Tue 22 Sep - 16:59:57

Is this the vote girl? I was waiting for one in your main thread.
Emma Swan
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