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A cricket's thoughts

Post by Jiminy Cricket on Mon 21 Sep - 16:21:44

I don't know if I will ever be found, or if I will ever get to leave this dreadful place.

It takes a brave soul to travel into the unknown. The one who was here before me, her name escapes me though she may have been royalty, perished some time after returning from this place.

I was quite circumspect in my choosing of apples, though it may have all been but a clever rouse with the lot being poisoned. Only time will tell.

I grew hungry, and for fear of death avoided another apple instead resorting to hunting racoons. I fear the onset of the poisoned apple may have given me hallucinations as the racoon I captured began to speak. It said it's name was Meeko, and he was searching for his friend flit. I shook off this momentary mirage  Mad  and skinned it for it's hide  (as a gift for Peter when I see him in jury next round.. so that he may give it to one of his lost boys as a costume), lit a fire and then ate the racoon's tender meat as I warmed myself by the flame.

That is all for now. I grow lonely in this place and with only my thoughts as company, fear I may grow mad if left here any longer. I may have made a huge mistake in coming here. I don't know what is real anymore. What is life? What is the point of online games?! Why must we bicker and lie and backstab one another to claim an imaginary title that might was well read "I have too much free time on my hands and am good at being a trickster"?

Last one is a rhetorical question, we all do it for the bragging rights Razz
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