Jiminy's Post To Me Before Escaping

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Jiminy's Post To Me Before Escaping

Post by Red Riding Hood on Sun 20 Sep - 0:08:18

Okkkk, so IF I leave... couple of things to remember.

Who knows who won HOH then, probably one of the girls. If so, try and get out Hatter.

I can hook (Wink) Hook. And he would be a beast to work with and out for blood... try and convince Tink of this. Hook would go for Regina or Belle. Hatter would try and be everyone's friend and that's it (and then likely go for me)

If Hook and hatter go up, and noms stay the same, try and get Mulan to be the 3rd vote with the photoshop thing (I guess).


But pleaseeee, only use it if Hatter is still on the block after veto. Otherwise, I will try and use this when I come back into the game.

If for whatever reason the boys win, try for Regina. Don't lose site of these things when people start throwing random unicorn farts at you. Always stick to a plan...

We never spoke about who would be better to have in the game, but I just thought that Hook would be better at comps to get rid of Regina (and you have sway with him if Hatter is gone, as should I).

Other than that, one way or the other try and get as close as possible with Mulan.

those 3 things:

1. Try and get Hatter out (or Regina alternatively)
2. Only use that photoshop info (please) if Hatter is on the block after veto
3. Get in close with Mulan.

IF I go, I will miss you my red hooded friend. Sad

I wish he were here so I could tell him Hatter is considering putting me up. Hatter, you don't think I know, but I have information on all sides (even when Jiminy isn't here). I'm going to miss my partner in crime so much, and I'll be damed if I'm a target this week. I will fight like hell, and I may not win, but I'll make sure to bring everyone down with me.
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Re: Jiminy's Post To Me Before Escaping

Post by Red Riding Hood on Sun 20 Sep - 13:32:21

^^ Jiminy^^

When your number one tells you to "stick to the plan" but nothing is going as planned.


Also, hatter is still onto me and without jiminy to cover for me, I'm going to have to do it all myself. So annoying. I didn't plan on doing any work till like final 4. The most exhausting thing I did was talk Captain Hook out of bsckdooring jiminy. I don't want to work that hard again. I need beauty sleep. Ugh... But I guess if I don't want to be a replacement nom, I will... Then again... Maybe being the replacement nom works in my favor. Gotta think strategical wise.

Also the fact that Regina wasn't nommed is not lost on me. She's good... Too good.

Not sure if I should try for veto or not... But who am I kidding?? Probably will throw this again if I hear hatter is still gunning for me. I will convince him of otherwise, hopefully with my dazzling wit an undeniable charm.

But let's not get too confident... Gotta make sure I have a game plan. Thank god I have everyone trusting me with bits of information. It really helps to play stupid and people just talk talk talk.

On another note, if I win veto.. Regina will expect me to take belle off. Not happening. Noms are the same. This is the week I'm afraid I'll have to pick a side, and I'll end up throwing Tinkerbell under the bus to Regina and blame not having the votes for belle on her if I have to... Hmmmm maybe I shouldn't. I'll figure it out. I don't want to do that to Tinkerbell... This is why Mulan needs to win veto and Regina needs to go up... Or if Noms stay the same maybe I should keep belle... Hatter is already doubting me anyway, as he should.. My vote last week obviously meant nothing to the boys, and this week will be the same. They still won't trust me, so I might as well do what I want, then convince hook that hatter has been throwing my name all around town (which he knows from the room with jiminy and hatter), and I'll obviously have to win the next HOH... Decisions decisions...

Truth is id much rather play with Regina than play with dumb and dumber (i.e. Hook and hatter)


Btw thanks for giving hatter a power. I'm onto you. Better not be my coup de tat.
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