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A pat on the back... Empty A pat on the back...

Post by Red Riding Hood on Tue 15 Sep - 11:29:48

Captain Hook wrote:

I was really stressed out and tired lol, but I took a shower and I feel a lot better now.

As you can see I decided to put up Tinker. I just started thinking about things and I think it would be bad to get rid of Jiminy now. I know that there were rumors me/Hatter/Pan have a f3, we don't btw, but I know if Jiminy leaves I become next target for those girls. You were right, that is giving them exactly what they want.

We just have to hope Belle doesn't get HOH tomorrow night.

Jiminy wrote:I think it worked.

You are an angel Red. Sent straight from heaven, to this game with me to be an ally and a potential great friend afterwards.

I would be gone without you right now. I think hook is still thinking about it, but Hatter is giving me the same speech he is probably giving Hook (your words): do not do the dirty work of Belle and Mal.

I owe you everything. i don't know how, but I will pay you back. I wish I was a better writer so I could express it in words, but I.. just thank you.

I don't give myself nearly enough credit as a social gamer. I know I'm pretty okay at comps, but I think I'm finally seeing how good of a social game I'm capable of playing as well. Wink

Be on the lookout for my aexplanation . Warning: it will be long.
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A pat on the back... Empty Re: A pat on the back...

Post by Red Riding Hood on Thu 17 Sep - 0:04:02

I forgot to do Part 2:

Here you go...

After hook questioned me about backdooring Jiminy, I tried to reason with him. I explained to him that it wasn't best for his game to put up Jiminy, as we are getting rid of one of our own. It is true that Jiminy can be a paranoid mess at times, but he's OUR mess, rather, MY paranoid mess. So he can't leave.

Why are we getting rid of someone who A) won't put me up (hook too maybe lol) and B) is a shield for the other alliance (that I'm also apart of). If Belle wins HOH she's putting up Jiminy as one nom... That means my chance of being nominated is not likely. Anyway, I didn't want to push the agenda so much, so after the second PM of him saying "I just hope you'll respect my move." I said "okay. Of course. I trust you completely"... and then I worked another angle: The Mad Hatter. Luckily, hatter approached me before I could approach him (because I don't want hatter telling hook I approached him first). He mentioned what we should do about Jiminy and I fed him the same spiel... Then I said something else. I told hatter that by evicting Jiminy, his target sky rockets as well as Hook's (as I know how close they are, I have to say the same things and talk highly about the other when talking to one of them). Anyway, I mentioned that I would be okay with whatever hook decided as I "trust him so much" but that I do think the boys targets will go up and we're doing belle's dirty work. Sort of like pan did my dirty work with evicting queen Regina. Thanks again for that Pan!!

Then I posted in the kingdom room something about being proud of the alliance and how tired I was. (All strategy). I wanted them to feel guilty about turning their backs on the new alliance... I even made a "mistake" and said "congrats again Pan" when it was Hook who won, which proves that I was "tired". I ultimately wanted them to doubt whatever thoughts they had about backdooring Jiminy and after my reasoning with both of them, I knew that if I went to "sleep" they wouldn't put him up unless they confirmed it with me one final time, and since I wasn't on... Oh well. Wink

I'm very happy that Jiminy is staying. Though I don't think I'll be able to save him a second time. It's time for this baby bird to flap his wings. He listened to me completely when I told him to back off and feign paranoia, so good. I should do a bit of damage control with the boys however... I truly hope he didn't make it obvious. I couldn't tell him much about what I was doing (didn't have time to explain) but he trusted me so I appreciate that. Obviously he wants to stay, but I need him to stay too. He's my #1 and he gives me information from the other side that I could never truly get by myself... Well I could, but I'd lose beauty sleep.

This scare of him leaving has made me realize I need to start getting closer with the Belle's and Peter's of this game. They are smart players so they'll catch onto my game soon, but hopefully when they're evicted. It's why I have to continue throwing HOH's and Veto's... At least until one side is completely gone, and then I can get rid of Peter, Hook, and Hatter. Smile

Disclaimer: I'm not a total witch. I'm not happy about tinkerbell being on the block... However, she is way safer on the block that Jiminy is. I will try to save her, and I will gather the votes for her, but I'm not going to lie...she is scaring me a bit... We'll see.
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