POV #5 Answers

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POV #5 Answers

Post by The Mad Hatter on Mon 7 Sep - 21:52:52

- Actor/Actress from the Monsters Inc franchise (can be Monsters Inc or Monsters University)
Mona Marshall (from Monster's Inc.)

- School supply item
Magic Markers

- High School themed movie
If this counts for double points, even though it's the same "M" word, then count me in for this movie:
"Mirror Mirror"

If that won't give me double points, then go with this instead:
"My Tutor"

- A board game
Mice and Mystics
Amazon Description
It's a coincidence that the manufacturer's info for the product starts with: "ONCE UPON A TIME In the kingdom of Owendale there lived a kind, but lonely, king who had no queen to help him rule the country or raise his son, Prince Collin." hehe Wink

- Something you plug-in to a power supply outlet
Makeup Mirror
Target Link

- U.S. City
Mount Morris, MI
Wikipedia Link

- Fairytale/Disney character not from Monsters Inc or Monsters University
Wikipedia Link

- 4 letter word
The Mad Hatter

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