HOH 5The Twin Peas

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HOH 5The Twin Peas

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Plaing for HOH. Okay this will probaly be pretty bad, it would probaly make a better horror story than fairytale but I had to give it a try. The actors I just used the first ones to pop in my head. Lol

Title:Twin Peas

Annabelle Pea-Mary Kate Olsen
Annalise Pea-Villian-Ashley Olsen
Prince Luke-Hero-Zac Efron
Simon the Sorcerer-Vince Vaughn
Abe Pea-Owen Wilson
King Solomon-Tom Hanks

Biography Prince Luke-Very attractive prince who at a young age lost his mother. Growing up his father was very strict so he could one day take over the kingdom. Brown hair, brown eyes, 6 ft 2 in.
Annalise Pea-Very beautiful, red hair, green eyes about 5ft 4 in. Also lost her mother at a young age, grew up with her dad and twin sister. Doesnt like rules and always very jealous of her sister. Since they lost their mother at a young age like prince luke their fathers decided to arrange a marriage for them because they all had already had alot in common.

The Twin Peas
Once upon a time there lived twin girls named Annabelle and Annalise. At a young age it was decided that one of the twins would marry Prince Luke on their eighteenth birthday. Their father Abe would choose which one it would be on their seventeenth birthday. As the girls grew up Abe and the King Solomon watched the girls to see who would be better for the prince.

Annabelle enjoyed cooking, cleaning, gardening and spending time with her family. She always did her chores and followed the rules.

Annalise was the total opposite. She never listened and did whatever she wanted when she wanted.

On the girls seventeenth birthday there was a big celebration in times square, all the townspeople were there to see who would marry the prince. After everyone ate and enjoyed cake the girls opened there presents. Abe brought out one last present and handed ot to Annabelle. In it was a beautiful blue pearl necklace that belonged to her mother. She was to wear it on her wedding day her father told her. Abe called Prince Luke up to meet his future wife Annabelle. The townspeople cheered and the band started playing. No one noticed Annalise in the corner with fire in her eyes.

Over the next few months Prince Luke and Annabelle got to know each other. Much to their suprise they had many things in common and they became very excited for the wedding.

Meanwhile Annalise was growing more and more jealous. She decided she needed to do something. It wasnt fair that Annabelle got picked. She went into the woods to find Simon the Sorcerer. She knew she shouldnt talk to him but she had to. She found Simon deep in the woods and asked him if he could help her. He told her he could charm a bracelet to give Annabelle and while she was wearing it she would forget who she is and Annalise could pretend she was Annabelle and marry the prince. Annalise was so excited that she didnt even care about the catch to it. She didnt ask and Simon didnt tell.

Annalise took the bracelet to Annabelle and told her it was a gift and to wear it all the time. Annabelle. Put it on and went to bed. The next morning Annalise woke up excited to see if it worked. She founf Annabelle wandering in the hall saying where am I. Annalise couldnt believe it, she called for her father and said there is something wrong with Annalise. So the doctors came and couldnt figure out what was wrong, they said she just had amnesia.

Over the next few months just days away from the wedding Annalise continued to pretend to be Annabelle. At first Prunce Luke couldnt tell but after awhile he knew this was not the girl he fell in love with. He told King Solomon he could not marry Annabelle because something was wrong with her, so the wedding was called off.

Once the wedding was called off the charmed bracelet stopped working. Abe was talking to who he thought was Annalise, she said im not Annalise im Annabelle. Abe didnt know what was going on so he said im going to find Annabelle. He found her in the backyard with someone he didnt know. Simon the Sorcerer had come for his payment. That payment was Annalise, once the Simon explained what happened to Abe he was devastated. Both of his daughters would be married off now. Annalise had to marry Simon since she could not get the prince to love her like he did Annabelle.

One week later there was a double wedding. Simon and Annalise. Prince Luke and Annabelle and they lived happily ever after.
The End

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