Diary Entry #2

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Diary Entry #2

Post by Pinocchio on Thu 3 Sep - 10:49:13

Another day, another entry.

Things have been going well for myself thus far.

Got a solid alliance with Jiminy and Red Riding Hood. That's the core group I'm trying to stay loyal too. Especially J. He filled me in on my name being thrown out there by Mad Hatter so I messaged Peter right away to avoid the block. Mad Hatters been the most active in the game, he's who I feel is the biggest threat. Not so much in challenges but socially yes. He'll get his, just gotta be smart about my chipping away at his alliance so he doesn't have the numbers to keep safe. Only a matter of time.

Aside from my core alliance, I've managed to secure solid relationships with Mulan, Dr.Whale and Peter Pan. I know Peter is a part of Mad Hatters group, so I gotta be careful of what I say to him. I might be the only player in the game that knows about that big group while not being a part of it. I've dropped hints to Dr.Whale that it may exist. I gave him the pieces of the puzzle, it's on him to put them together. I like Mulan, but I don't know where her loyalties are.

I think we're at a point now, where everyone has their main alliance in place. Gotta move forward in the game with players already in my corner. Surprisingly, I've played a really honest game so far so there's no reason to nominate me aside from not being a part of someone's group. I guess that means my knife will cut deeper when it comes time to stab someone in the back.

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